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Archive for October, 2006

The Religions’ Re-establishment In The Politics Of Britain

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on October 19, 2006

As I said in my last blog, religion has more holes in it than a piece of Swiss cheese. More sanctioned rape and death than a South American death squad. More sex than the average softcore porn film. More murders during a blackout in Whitechapel with a buy one get one free sale on scalpels while Jack the rippers on the loose!
Though as Spice-the-cat mentioned and Nicky (see comments) Spirituality is ok in some cases, but if your going  to be part of an organised religion you must follow it to the letter. This means you can’t accept one thing and not accept the other. Example: You can’t be a Catholic and  use contraception, which is what so many Catholics I know of do. There’s also, thou shall not kill in the bible, and what do they do, Kill! Same goes for Muslims it says in their holy book (the Koran), an attack on any person even a non-believer is tantamount to an attack on the whole Human race. (the previous statement may differ slightly to the original line in the Koran). If there’s any religious buffs out there who know, leave a  comment please.
You get the idea of what im trying to say, and I understand that according to Spicy the terrorists in Islam work from a different book. But it’s an organised religious book all the same. Still there are elements in main stream Islam that would still give you a good kicking or worse for having an opinion on their religion.
Anyway back to my comments at the end of my last blog. A year or so ago I read in the paper, as part of Tony Blair’s plan to radically change the House of Lords (or in reality fill it with rich businessmen and cronies to pass any thing he wants!) was going to fill it with community leaders and business leaders (money for peerages anyone?) to make it a true representation of the people. Get this, religious leaders will be included too! Which is what worried me! Why? Just think… a House of commons and a House of lords in fifty years or so down the line full of religious leaders. They could be in the House of Commons and the House of Lords and in all parties by then! Religion in the UK is forcast to make a come back in the next fifty years or so, owning to large scale immigration mostly. If they get over fifty percent  in each house and the population of the country is fifty percent Strictly religious there’s going to be trouble! Just think no party could get elected without pandering to the predominant religious group or all of them, or you would have to be part of a certain religion to even join a party! Just as it is in the U.S.A, and we don’t have a proper constitution to protect us which means all our laws would be open to change by these people! 
I know what your all thinking religious people can’t get on as it is, they wont have to get on because they all have one thing in common! They are all moral prudes, here’s a couple of things they would agree on banning.
First and foremost any attacking questioning or undermining of their religions. Just as they have done now but on a larger scale, this would effectively stifle debate on the subject and effectively strike a blow against free speech too!
Second: Banning of revealing cloths, telling you how to dress because it doesn’t meet their moral code!
Third: Banning of music they don’t agree with, i.e bands such as Marilyn Manson or anything they don’t want subverting them or anything they don’t understand. Even Brittany Spears and people like her, I may not like her or her music but I agree with her right to sing what she likes and dress as she likes! Thus freedom of expression takes a blow too.
Forth: Contraceptives, such as the morning after pill, condoms and abortion ending the right and freedom of women to whether they wish to have children or not! There’s also the conditioning they will receive in school enforced by the state, freedom of thought out of the window! Most of the list compiled above is in force now but not as strict as it will be! I Know what your thinking now where are all the politicians to stop this? Well they are all under the thumb of the religious businessmen who are also part of both Houses. Who by the way enforce all the above i.e don’t let music play on their MTV’s, no proper debate on talk shows no real news on the tele, no exposing documentaries on anything unless it views them in a positive light! Any politician who steps out of line or doesn’t support the system  will be hounded out of office! Thus ends any voice of dissent in the parties or the government!, and the religious tosspots have control once again! 
Of course most of this happening depends on the electorate, which we’re assuming will be somewhat religious or forced in to supporting these laws and moves by Political Correctness and fear.
I’ll leave you with this though: True belief cannot be legislated! So how do people learn it then? Answer: Indoctrination from birth.   

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Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on October 17, 2006

For most of humanity’s short but violent existence on this fragile world there has always been religion in one form or another. Usually established, lead and dominated by men. All for one purpose, the absolute dominance and control in every part of human life possible! Whether it be economic, social, political or sexual the men who run religion have a say in it all. It aint the words of God that these religious people live their lives by, it’s the words of a power Hungary man or men.                                                                                                                                   
You could easily imagine how these men or man could take control. They carefully chart the seasons working out when the rains come when to plant the crops and so on. So he then says: “God (or the Gods) have told me the rains will come soon and we have to plant our crops, anyone Who doesn’t help, God/the Gods will be very angry! and you will be punished!” He then proceeds to hold a fake meeting with God (in the largest building or mud hut of course) to work out a suitable punishment for all the people who planted their own crops or generally intelligent people who just know he’s taking advantage and stating the obvious in some cases. Then he says, “God wants all the people who disobeyed him to be put to death!” The people don’t believe him they want more evidence before they kill the non believers. So God’s chosen man knows there is a solar eclipse due so he tells the people: “God will punish everyone so he’s (noticed how Gods a he?) going to send a demon to eat the sun.” The eclipse arrives everyone who disobeyed God’s chosen man is killed hence the chosen man has all the power, women, influence and money he wants!
Though most modern religion is more based on blind faith you can see how it came about? Still most modern ( if you could call them that) religious people’s lives are run according to what someone wrote hundreds if not thousands of years ago. These people are still controlled in every aspect of their lives by this nonsense! You don’t need religion to tell you it’s wrong to kill (though in some cases it is ie self-defence etc…) blowing up buildings (Osama!) and invading foreign countries (George!) because your religion says so is!
These religious books are so open to interpretation you can just about justify anything! Listen to this quote from the Qur’an:”And fight them until there is no more persecution, and religion should be only for Allah” (8:39). In short you could say kill all the non-believers or keep fighting against persecution of people (though the end bit of the quote spoils it.
Here’s another this time Christian: “They must be dividing the spoils they took:there must be a damsel or two for each man, spoils of dyed cloth as sisera’s spoil, an ornate shawl or two for me in the spoils (Judges 5:30 NAB). Either they’ve just got a big bag of clothes from a charity shop or they’re dividing  the spoils of war and the “damsels” are about to get raped. Which one do you think it is? And why the fuck does their god need “an ornate shawl or two“? You see what im saying? How can they believe this stuff?
These books are also full of contradiction check these out. “You must kill those who worship another god”. (Exodus 22:20). What about “Thou shall not kill!”. Heres another.”Chrisians are “of God;” everyone else is wicked”. (1 John 5:19). Judge not lest ye be judged! Heres one of my personal favorites, “Everyone will have to worship Jesus–whether they like it or not”. (Philipians 2:10). It goes on like this throughout all religious holy books and people actually live their lives this way. Here’s a link if you want some more, Evil Bible.com. As for Islamic quotes, go here
I haven’t got a problem with these people living like this. I just have a problem when they have influence on my life! For example taking away my freedom of speech because they feel offended when I dare to question their religions! The way they get TV programmes off the air because comedians are making fun of them. The way if they could, would stop contraception because it goes against their beliefs! I’m just waiting for the House of Lords to be filled with Business men and religious dickheads. Why? That’s my next blog, but before I go… 

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Kim Jong-il The Second Is A Wanker!

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on October 12, 2006


                                                               Jong-Il Relaxing With A Bit Of Murder (Not my photo)

Another man with a small dick has a big destructive toy to make up for his own shortcomings. And I do mean short! Dr Jerold Post, a former CIA psychologist says the 5ft2 behemoth has to put 4inch lifts in his shoes. The leader of the bankrupt isolated Stalinist North Korean state supposedly exploded his first nuclear bomb earlier this week.

Why? To increase his bargaining power with the rest of the world and extort more money out of the international community. So basically he’s like some of the gun-toting Hoodies and wannbe gangstas trying to make up for a lack of parental love, attention, self-esteem and small stature, oh! and a small dick.

The weird 65-year-old short arsed wannabe cowboy (That’s right a cowboy!) spends millions on his nuke programme while he’s people starve and his economy collapses. What a dear leader (that’s what they call him by the way). The stumpy little pasty-faced fat bastard life-sized Asian foot stool also has a taste for expensive $630 a bottle cognac. He has spent $700.000 yearly over the past 10 years on this shit while the country faces frequent famines!

Also the Leprechaunesc annihilator of buffets and poor defenseless bottles of cognac, (with the help of senior officials) siphons off millions of the country’s wealth and puts it in bank accounts in Macau! How very Communist! We can also add to the list forced rape! The hamster faced pint-sized human cum stain sends out people to pick some of the prettiest women and girls (some still underaged!) to ‘entertain’ ( you know what that means ) the party and senior officials. And he calls them, get this “Joy brigades” how about “rape victims!”.

For these reasons and more Kim dong-il 2nd, the evil, heartless, cruel not to mention incredibly short and fuckin’ ugly is the WANKER OF THE WEEK!

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Jesus does it again!

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on October 7, 2006

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                        WHAT THE FUCK!

I read this Bible passage from a religious news paper that gets put through the door every now and again. Listen to this, Jesus said: “He who comes to me will never go hungry, and he who believes in me will never be thirsty.” WHAT! Are these people taking the piss? Is it just me or do the people on the left look malnourished!? HUNGRY, FUCKIN’ HUNGRY AINT IN IT!!!!! I aint saying my balls are big but these poor sods could live on them for a week.

I know what all the Christians are gonna say:  “This is the work of evil men and gods powerless to fight evil unless you have him in your heart”. Or he can’t intervene because it’s up to us to help our selves. My answer to that is this:

Firstly, these people are brainwashed with religion as soon as there old enough and it’s the only kind education they get in most cases and is the only thing they know. So I would say their belief would be unwavering even though they are starving to death, the only thing they have to look forward to is heaven.

Secondly, if the Christian god knows everything before it happens why doesn’t he stop it from happening? What the fuck are these people learning from starvation. What does a child not old enough to comprehend the meaning of god learn from starving to death or a child being raped and killed learn!?        


                                            THE ANSWER 

As for the rest of the twats who really started the problem, i.e arms dealers and old colonial powers they should get a taste of what they’re creating. All the AK-47‘s floating about wonder where they came from? And the jets tanks ect… As for the government, poor? Explain to me how they can find money to buy military hardware to fight over where the border is between them, for examaple the Ethiopia and Eritrean War. I kid you not these assholes were actually fighting over a border 800.000KM where barely anyone lives! The words stupidity, corruption and boost to the economy spring to mind!

I was going to go in to how it all started there with Haile Selassie (another religious cunt who’s revered throughout the world) unilaterally abolished the Ethiopia-Eritrean federation and imposed imperial rule throughout Eritrea and caused more shit! (TWAT!). I would rather go in to why regardless of aid, is the economy still not getting better, we know the trade system doesn’t favour Africa, ow wait yeah we do the armed conflict, corruption and general mismanagement of supplies and the economy by bent politicians! Then they get on to their mate Sir Bob (all emphasis on the SIR!) Geldof who shows us pictures like the one above and we get the cash out. I’m not saying don’t give to charity, we are the only friends these people have got, but if it wasn’t for the help of religion the problem wouldn’t be so severe.

let me explain. At the moment the pope is telling these people if they use contraception it’s a sin, hence Aids/HIV and so many mouths to feed. If the pope wasn’t here or religion then the problem wouldn’t be as bad. Because you could send condoms and all sorts of contraceptives hence the population stays at a sustainable level. Eliminating the need for your money even if the politicians are corrupt (TWATS!).

Look at most of the western world where contraceptives have been available for the last couple or so decades, the population has stayed the same except for migration from poor countries like the one we are talking about. If these people don’t get the green light to use contraceptives soon there’s going to be a humanitarian disaster on an unimaginable scale and have a guess who will not get the blame, that’s right, the pope and his tool of control, religion!     

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Muslims Quite On Darfur

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on October 1, 2006

Yet again there’s another problem in another country and yet again Tony Bliar’s pledged not to stand aside and let the rape, torture and murder continue. The country in question, Sudan or to be more precise the western Darfur region. OK Tony we believe you, just like the last time! To a rapturous applause he pledge not to stand by and watch it happen yada yada yada *big grin, wave, walk off stage, back to the hotel smack balls across Cherie’s face go to bed* We all know you’ve got the balls to smack Cherie across the face but you aint got the balls to take on the U.S. or the system in general because your just another bent politician!   
But wait a minute, a Muslim country with a problem? No! Never! Why were there no muslim protesters slaging Bliar off for interfering in another muslim country? If you’ve been reading the papers you will probably already know because the Muslims are causing all the trouble.  Let me lay it down for you, the Darfur region is majority black African with a minority Arab population. The government is run by Arabs and the black Africans of Darfur say they are being oppressed by the Arab government in Khartoum. It started in 2003 when the The Sudan liberation Army (SLA) fighting for the natve black population in Darfur, attacked government targets claiming they were being oppressed in favour of the Arabs. Since then the government has sent out armed militia to fight the rebels including, although they deny it, the Janjaweed, the ones who are doing all the rape, murdering, looting and setting fire to the village thing. Classic! Never gets old, does it?
What I’m trying to say is why is it when it’s not muslims being raped, murdered and killed the muslim world doesn’t give a shit! Why aren’t they on market street in Manchester or as they probably do in every city centre stand there with a microphone and amp and tell you whats happening, like they do about Palestine and the rest of the muslim world? You know what im talking about Israel’s killing children in the west bank or American soldiers bursting in to muslim houses in Iraq or something else where some  person or another gets a good hiding for being a muslim. Why doesn’t the muslim world shout, march and protest about all the other problems in the world? For example; the starving children in Africa, the starving children in north Korea or even the north Korean government and what about south America? The only muslims interested there are in O.P.E.C and that’s only for the oil! There’s south-east Asia and so on, why doesn’t al-Qaeda declare holy war on them to get some positive change? We all know the answer because muslims like all other religions are only interested in saving the world within their own religion! That’s not counting the minority who feel obliged by there religion to go out and help people no matter what religion they are.
So whats the answer to the problem? well I think there will probably never be an end to it, there’s always some cunt who doesn’t like some other person because of the way they look act or talk and so on. As for Tony Bliar’s speech WHAT A LOAD OF SHIT! all that cunt is gonna do is leave government and piss off to the states and get paid to talk shit to a room full of dicks who’ve paid for the privilege to listen to him talk balls!. 

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