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Muslims Quite On Darfur

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on October 1, 2006

Yet again there’s another problem in another country and yet again Tony Bliar’s pledged not to stand aside and let the rape, torture and murder continue. The country in question, Sudan or to be more precise the western Darfur region. OK Tony we believe you, just like the last time! To a rapturous applause he pledge not to stand by and watch it happen yada yada yada *big grin, wave, walk off stage, back to the hotel smack balls across Cherie’s face go to bed* We all know you’ve got the balls to smack Cherie across the face but you aint got the balls to take on the U.S. or the system in general because your just another bent politician!   
But wait a minute, a Muslim country with a problem? No! Never! Why were there no muslim protesters slaging Bliar off for interfering in another muslim country? If you’ve been reading the papers you will probably already know because the Muslims are causing all the trouble.  Let me lay it down for you, the Darfur region is majority black African with a minority Arab population. The government is run by Arabs and the black Africans of Darfur say they are being oppressed by the Arab government in Khartoum. It started in 2003 when the The Sudan liberation Army (SLA) fighting for the natve black population in Darfur, attacked government targets claiming they were being oppressed in favour of the Arabs. Since then the government has sent out armed militia to fight the rebels including, although they deny it, the Janjaweed, the ones who are doing all the rape, murdering, looting and setting fire to the village thing. Classic! Never gets old, does it?
What I’m trying to say is why is it when it’s not muslims being raped, murdered and killed the muslim world doesn’t give a shit! Why aren’t they on market street in Manchester or as they probably do in every city centre stand there with a microphone and amp and tell you whats happening, like they do about Palestine and the rest of the muslim world? You know what im talking about Israel’s killing children in the west bank or American soldiers bursting in to muslim houses in Iraq or something else where some  person or another gets a good hiding for being a muslim. Why doesn’t the muslim world shout, march and protest about all the other problems in the world? For example; the starving children in Africa, the starving children in north Korea or even the north Korean government and what about south America? The only muslims interested there are in O.P.E.C and that’s only for the oil! There’s south-east Asia and so on, why doesn’t al-Qaeda declare holy war on them to get some positive change? We all know the answer because muslims like all other religions are only interested in saving the world within their own religion! That’s not counting the minority who feel obliged by there religion to go out and help people no matter what religion they are.
So whats the answer to the problem? well I think there will probably never be an end to it, there’s always some cunt who doesn’t like some other person because of the way they look act or talk and so on. As for Tony Bliar’s speech WHAT A LOAD OF SHIT! all that cunt is gonna do is leave government and piss off to the states and get paid to talk shit to a room full of dicks who’ve paid for the privilege to listen to him talk balls!. 

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