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Jesus does it again!

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on October 7, 2006

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                        WHAT THE FUCK!

I read this Bible passage from a religious news paper that gets put through the door every now and again. Listen to this, Jesus said: “He who comes to me will never go hungry, and he who believes in me will never be thirsty.” WHAT! Are these people taking the piss? Is it just me or do the people on the left look malnourished!? HUNGRY, FUCKIN’ HUNGRY AINT IN IT!!!!! I aint saying my balls are big but these poor sods could live on them for a week.

I know what all the Christians are gonna say:  “This is the work of evil men and gods powerless to fight evil unless you have him in your heart”. Or he can’t intervene because it’s up to us to help our selves. My answer to that is this:

Firstly, these people are brainwashed with religion as soon as there old enough and it’s the only kind education they get in most cases and is the only thing they know. So I would say their belief would be unwavering even though they are starving to death, the only thing they have to look forward to is heaven.

Secondly, if the Christian god knows everything before it happens why doesn’t he stop it from happening? What the fuck are these people learning from starvation. What does a child not old enough to comprehend the meaning of god learn from starving to death or a child being raped and killed learn!?        


                                            THE ANSWER 

As for the rest of the twats who really started the problem, i.e arms dealers and old colonial powers they should get a taste of what they’re creating. All the AK-47‘s floating about wonder where they came from? And the jets tanks ect… As for the government, poor? Explain to me how they can find money to buy military hardware to fight over where the border is between them, for examaple the Ethiopia and Eritrean War. I kid you not these assholes were actually fighting over a border 800.000KM where barely anyone lives! The words stupidity, corruption and boost to the economy spring to mind!

I was going to go in to how it all started there with Haile Selassie (another religious cunt who’s revered throughout the world) unilaterally abolished the Ethiopia-Eritrean federation and imposed imperial rule throughout Eritrea and caused more shit! (TWAT!). I would rather go in to why regardless of aid, is the economy still not getting better, we know the trade system doesn’t favour Africa, ow wait yeah we do the armed conflict, corruption and general mismanagement of supplies and the economy by bent politicians! Then they get on to their mate Sir Bob (all emphasis on the SIR!) Geldof who shows us pictures like the one above and we get the cash out. I’m not saying don’t give to charity, we are the only friends these people have got, but if it wasn’t for the help of religion the problem wouldn’t be so severe.

let me explain. At the moment the pope is telling these people if they use contraception it’s a sin, hence Aids/HIV and so many mouths to feed. If the pope wasn’t here or religion then the problem wouldn’t be as bad. Because you could send condoms and all sorts of contraceptives hence the population stays at a sustainable level. Eliminating the need for your money even if the politicians are corrupt (TWATS!).

Look at most of the western world where contraceptives have been available for the last couple or so decades, the population has stayed the same except for migration from poor countries like the one we are talking about. If these people don’t get the green light to use contraceptives soon there’s going to be a humanitarian disaster on an unimaginable scale and have a guess who will not get the blame, that’s right, the pope and his tool of control, religion!     


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