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Kim Jong-il The Second Is A Wanker!

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on October 12, 2006


                                                               Jong-Il Relaxing With A Bit Of Murder (Not my photo)

Another man with a small dick has a big destructive toy to make up for his own shortcomings. And I do mean short! Dr Jerold Post, a former CIA psychologist says the 5ft2 behemoth has to put 4inch lifts in his shoes. The leader of the bankrupt isolated Stalinist North Korean state supposedly exploded his first nuclear bomb earlier this week.

Why? To increase his bargaining power with the rest of the world and extort more money out of the international community. So basically he’s like some of the gun-toting Hoodies and wannbe gangstas trying to make up for a lack of parental love, attention, self-esteem and small stature, oh! and a small dick.

The weird 65-year-old short arsed wannabe cowboy (That’s right a cowboy!) spends millions on his nuke programme while he’s people starve and his economy collapses. What a dear leader (that’s what they call him by the way). The stumpy little pasty-faced fat bastard life-sized Asian foot stool also has a taste for expensive $630 a bottle cognac. He has spent $700.000 yearly over the past 10 years on this shit while the country faces frequent famines!

Also the Leprechaunesc annihilator of buffets and poor defenseless bottles of cognac, (with the help of senior officials) siphons off millions of the country’s wealth and puts it in bank accounts in Macau! How very Communist! We can also add to the list forced rape! The hamster faced pint-sized human cum stain sends out people to pick some of the prettiest women and girls (some still underaged!) to ‘entertain’ ( you know what that means ) the party and senior officials. And he calls them, get this “Joy brigades” how about “rape victims!”.

For these reasons and more Kim dong-il 2nd, the evil, heartless, cruel not to mention incredibly short and fuckin’ ugly is the WANKER OF THE WEEK!


4 Responses to “Kim Jong-il The Second Is A Wanker!”

  1. Agree 100%. Wipe the wee greasy despot warmonger piece of north korean willy wonka fantasyworld piece of shot of the face of the earth. USA just needs to press a few buttons & their wont be a fuckn cockroach living in his wee pisspot country. NUKE THEM ALL

  2. spice said

    Estimates are that 2 million North Koreans have died in the famines. It\’s interesting to note that all of this is ignored by the international community and very little is said about it and even less is done, but as soon as he starts testing nuclear weapons he suddenly becomes a major issue in world politics. If the Korean dictator has has done nothing else of value, he has at least shone a bright light on the hypocritical nature of international politics.

  3. Robin said

    Thanks for the return comments its refreshing when when speaks one\’s mind.People dont have to agree whats written but thats the idea of blogs, it stimulates debate and most, make up their own minds whats right and wrong. Most of your blogs are mostly long and would benifit using the wider format.You asked me to be brutal if need be.Just one major issue,I can understand the reason for head lines but just be carful, your swearing should be toned down or better still put stars in between ,that way you have less chance of being reported .When I have had time to read your comments more carefully,I will come back and let you know.Your link is now on my site  

  4. Robin said

    You came to my site  at some point to-day,not sure why,maybe you were just browsing other spacers,anyway I thought it would be prudent of me to at least leave a comment on one of your blogs

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