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Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on October 17, 2006

For most of humanity’s short but violent existence on this fragile world there has always been religion in one form or another. Usually established, lead and dominated by men. All for one purpose, the absolute dominance and control in every part of human life possible! Whether it be economic, social, political or sexual the men who run religion have a say in it all. It aint the words of God that these religious people live their lives by, it’s the words of a power Hungary man or men.                                                                                                                                   
You could easily imagine how these men or man could take control. They carefully chart the seasons working out when the rains come when to plant the crops and so on. So he then says: “God (or the Gods) have told me the rains will come soon and we have to plant our crops, anyone Who doesn’t help, God/the Gods will be very angry! and you will be punished!” He then proceeds to hold a fake meeting with God (in the largest building or mud hut of course) to work out a suitable punishment for all the people who planted their own crops or generally intelligent people who just know he’s taking advantage and stating the obvious in some cases. Then he says, “God wants all the people who disobeyed him to be put to death!” The people don’t believe him they want more evidence before they kill the non believers. So God’s chosen man knows there is a solar eclipse due so he tells the people: “God will punish everyone so he’s (noticed how Gods a he?) going to send a demon to eat the sun.” The eclipse arrives everyone who disobeyed God’s chosen man is killed hence the chosen man has all the power, women, influence and money he wants!
Though most modern religion is more based on blind faith you can see how it came about? Still most modern ( if you could call them that) religious people’s lives are run according to what someone wrote hundreds if not thousands of years ago. These people are still controlled in every aspect of their lives by this nonsense! You don’t need religion to tell you it’s wrong to kill (though in some cases it is ie self-defence etc…) blowing up buildings (Osama!) and invading foreign countries (George!) because your religion says so is!
These religious books are so open to interpretation you can just about justify anything! Listen to this quote from the Qur’an:”And fight them until there is no more persecution, and religion should be only for Allah” (8:39). In short you could say kill all the non-believers or keep fighting against persecution of people (though the end bit of the quote spoils it.
Here’s another this time Christian: “They must be dividing the spoils they took:there must be a damsel or two for each man, spoils of dyed cloth as sisera’s spoil, an ornate shawl or two for me in the spoils (Judges 5:30 NAB). Either they’ve just got a big bag of clothes from a charity shop or they’re dividing  the spoils of war and the “damsels” are about to get raped. Which one do you think it is? And why the fuck does their god need “an ornate shawl or two“? You see what im saying? How can they believe this stuff?
These books are also full of contradiction check these out. “You must kill those who worship another god”. (Exodus 22:20). What about “Thou shall not kill!”. Heres another.”Chrisians are “of God;” everyone else is wicked”. (1 John 5:19). Judge not lest ye be judged! Heres one of my personal favorites, “Everyone will have to worship Jesus–whether they like it or not”. (Philipians 2:10). It goes on like this throughout all religious holy books and people actually live their lives this way. Here’s a link if you want some more, Evil Bible.com. As for Islamic quotes, go here
I haven’t got a problem with these people living like this. I just have a problem when they have influence on my life! For example taking away my freedom of speech because they feel offended when I dare to question their religions! The way they get TV programmes off the air because comedians are making fun of them. The way if they could, would stop contraception because it goes against their beliefs! I’m just waiting for the House of Lords to be filled with Business men and religious dickheads. Why? That’s my next blog, but before I go… 

4 Responses to “Religion”

  1. spice said

    I don\’t know why it doesn\’t strike people as being odd that here in the 21st century there are large parts of the world\’s population that allow their destinies to be directed by what is essentially a load of medieval claptrap.
    If you want more proof of the foolish nature and stupidity of anyone with a religious leaning (and this applies to all religions) just ask a Christian what \’Heaven\’ is. I\’ll give you a guarantee that 99% will  tell you it\’s where good people go when they die. If you read the Book of Revelations you\’ll see that this is not what the bible says.
    Similarly with the Muslim concept of a martyr going to paradise attendeed by 72 virgins. This is not in The Koran – it comes from a later publication which is not part of the work that Musilms consider sacred.
    There\’s nothing wrong with someone who uses a revered text as a guide to living a good and honest life. The problems arise when that most corrupt of creatures, the ambitious man, starts to instill them with meanings that suit his own ends.
    Nice post, by the way.

  2. Nicky said

    Sure mate-would be delighted to be affiliated with you! Add away 😀

  3. Nicky said

    You are, by my reckoning, a pretty interesting person

  4. Nicky said

    You know summat? I\’m a spiritual person and I believe in God and shit, but I still agree with practically everything you said up there- religion is an excuse and exposes the greed and hatred of humanity

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