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The Religions’ Re-establishment In The Politics Of Britain

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on October 19, 2006

As I said in my last blog, religion has more holes in it than a piece of Swiss cheese. More sanctioned rape and death than a South American death squad. More sex than the average softcore porn film. More murders during a blackout in Whitechapel with a buy one get one free sale on scalpels while Jack the rippers on the loose!
Though as Spice-the-cat mentioned and Nicky (see comments) Spirituality is ok in some cases, but if your going  to be part of an organised religion you must follow it to the letter. This means you can’t accept one thing and not accept the other. Example: You can’t be a Catholic and  use contraception, which is what so many Catholics I know of do. There’s also, thou shall not kill in the bible, and what do they do, Kill! Same goes for Muslims it says in their holy book (the Koran), an attack on any person even a non-believer is tantamount to an attack on the whole Human race. (the previous statement may differ slightly to the original line in the Koran). If there’s any religious buffs out there who know, leave a  comment please.
You get the idea of what im trying to say, and I understand that according to Spicy the terrorists in Islam work from a different book. But it’s an organised religious book all the same. Still there are elements in main stream Islam that would still give you a good kicking or worse for having an opinion on their religion.
Anyway back to my comments at the end of my last blog. A year or so ago I read in the paper, as part of Tony Blair’s plan to radically change the House of Lords (or in reality fill it with rich businessmen and cronies to pass any thing he wants!) was going to fill it with community leaders and business leaders (money for peerages anyone?) to make it a true representation of the people. Get this, religious leaders will be included too! Which is what worried me! Why? Just think… a House of commons and a House of lords in fifty years or so down the line full of religious leaders. They could be in the House of Commons and the House of Lords and in all parties by then! Religion in the UK is forcast to make a come back in the next fifty years or so, owning to large scale immigration mostly. If they get over fifty percent  in each house and the population of the country is fifty percent Strictly religious there’s going to be trouble! Just think no party could get elected without pandering to the predominant religious group or all of them, or you would have to be part of a certain religion to even join a party! Just as it is in the U.S.A, and we don’t have a proper constitution to protect us which means all our laws would be open to change by these people! 
I know what your all thinking religious people can’t get on as it is, they wont have to get on because they all have one thing in common! They are all moral prudes, here’s a couple of things they would agree on banning.
First and foremost any attacking questioning or undermining of their religions. Just as they have done now but on a larger scale, this would effectively stifle debate on the subject and effectively strike a blow against free speech too!
Second: Banning of revealing cloths, telling you how to dress because it doesn’t meet their moral code!
Third: Banning of music they don’t agree with, i.e bands such as Marilyn Manson or anything they don’t want subverting them or anything they don’t understand. Even Brittany Spears and people like her, I may not like her or her music but I agree with her right to sing what she likes and dress as she likes! Thus freedom of expression takes a blow too.
Forth: Contraceptives, such as the morning after pill, condoms and abortion ending the right and freedom of women to whether they wish to have children or not! There’s also the conditioning they will receive in school enforced by the state, freedom of thought out of the window! Most of the list compiled above is in force now but not as strict as it will be! I Know what your thinking now where are all the politicians to stop this? Well they are all under the thumb of the religious businessmen who are also part of both Houses. Who by the way enforce all the above i.e don’t let music play on their MTV’s, no proper debate on talk shows no real news on the tele, no exposing documentaries on anything unless it views them in a positive light! Any politician who steps out of line or doesn’t support the system  will be hounded out of office! Thus ends any voice of dissent in the parties or the government!, and the religious tosspots have control once again! 
Of course most of this happening depends on the electorate, which we’re assuming will be somewhat religious or forced in to supporting these laws and moves by Political Correctness and fear.
I’ll leave you with this though: True belief cannot be legislated! So how do people learn it then? Answer: Indoctrination from birth.   

7 Responses to “The Religions’ Re-establishment In The Politics Of Britain”

  1. Kathryn said

    WOW another heated blog, I love this space. YOu forgot Buddist, although I am not a buddist, they accept ALL religions and are the only organized religion that does not condem you for not being "one of their ilk" I think , that a lot of 3rd world countries have such issues with organized religion BECAUSE the people are only taught FROM religion, the majority of the population use organized religion as their form of INFORMATION all information particularly when you look at places like the middle east, soooo that are easily brain washed as FREE THINKERS are often KILLED.
    I can\’t imagine not having the CHOICE to ALL information, some of it is CRAP like Britany Spears, but hey, I choose not to listen to that so…its nice to have choice!

  2. shelly said

    Hello Phil
        Just loved what you said on another blog so followed you hope you dont mind
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  3. Unknown said

    thanks for the comments on my site – i like ur site – i like ur veiws – i think religion is hypicrytical i dont follow any religion cos of that fact but for all those who do i think it is ok too – everyone needs something to cling to i guess even me i guess only i chose other things to cling to – like ur space take care ANGEL OF DESTINY

  4. Hairy said

    Hi Phil,
     Cheers for your comments on my space, im surprised i hadnt come accross your space before now…
     I have to agree with your views about religion, its a man made dictatorship in itself… a cage to keep people in fear so they do as they are told… i like the fact you are a free thinker, its a pity theres not more of us then maybe we wouldnt have to fear the religious nuts.
     My own emotional problems have come from losing my family and fighting for many years to see my son… i failed. and now i am trying to regain my spirituality i have neglected while ive been fighting in courts, but the pain of never seeing my son has clouded every attempt to get back to where i was spiritualy before it all happened, i will get there eventualy.
     I hope nothing happens to dull your passion as it did to dull mine. I had the same sort of passion once upon a time and yet occassionally it makes an appearance just long enough to piss me off at the political dictatorship we live under now.
     One thing though, if religion is so norrow minded as to not accept others beliefs…then dont fall in to the same trap, and try to understand why people will follow religion… in most cases its been a personal search for answers that has lead people to find religion… i personaly find man made doctrine to be masively floored because its one mans view not many… and they all come down to the same thing anyway, and that is that the original people of this earth did have a spiritual connection with nature and over time have disagreed to the point of argueing then to wars… because as people they always believe they are right untill proven wrong…in religion there is no proof either way so there is no way to debate religion without stiring peoples annoyance at someone saying they are wrong… i say \’\’ Fools do as fools will\’\’.
     This may seem a little disjointed but i hope you see what im trying to say…
     As for my blogs… well i did used to blog properly but found that people i care for kept taking things the wrong way, so now i just put my feelings in poetry to stop being lambasted by those i love.
     Take care,

  5. Nicky said

    Am STILL trying to add you as an msn contact but hacing no luck. Maybe you could add me manually? duffgroupie@hotmail.com 😀

  6. Nicky said

    lol, of course I\’m going to keep visiting your space!
    Everything you said is totally valid, but it all comes down to the big question of how much control do people actually have over their own destiny? Whether you believe in God or not there will always be an amount of things that will happen to you and the people around you during your lifespan which you had absolutely no control over. Sometimes, you will even have reactions to these situations that you have control over.
    You can say all you like about the influence of others on a person\’s action, for example parents raising children, and a lot of that is true, but sometimes things just happen and people just react, either in a good way or in a bad way. Fate, God, whatever, it is a simple statement of fact.
    For example, my dad died when I was 10. No one killed him, he wasn\’t ill, he just dropped dead- had a heart attack.
    This was a completely isolated incident- there was no influence from any person or thing in what happened. I can say, because I believe, that this was just meant to be, and the effect it had on me was obviously just meant to be a part of who I am.
    I\’d love to know how you view this concept to fate- do you have any explanation of these kinds of incidences?
    Think about what\’s influenced you to be the way you are.

  7. Nicky said

    lol, funny you should mention contraception- I was raised a Catholic and I still attend church on holy days, yet I\’ve been on the pill since I was 13.
    As a spiritual person, and someone who kind of loosely follows an organised religion, the thing that\’s always pissed me off about the contraception thing is that if you truly believe in God and in his supposedly infinite power, how can you claim that God doesn\’t have the power to make you forget your Pill (easily done) or to break a bit of latex?
    As someone who does believe, what ever is intended will happen, regardless of what I try to do to prevent it.
    A dear friend of mine is 6 months pregnant. She conceived whilst on the Pill AND after having taken the morning after pill. Call it fate, call it act of God.
    ps. yeah, I did send a messenger contact invite- guess it didn\’t work 😛 Will try and add you manually or something 😀

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