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Archive for November, 2006

Alexander Litvinenko Dies

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on November 26, 2006

Alexander Litvinenko the Russian ex-spy and former KGB colonel died in hospital on Thursday. The Ex Russian Agent and general pain in the side of the Russian government died of a heart attack caused by him being poisoned with the radioactive metal called Polonium-210. Polonium 210 is a radioactive metal that is 150billion times more toxic than cyanide.
What was it for I hear you ask? Well Litvinenko, who left Russia for Britain some time ago,  was a constant critic of the Russian regime and its anti-democratic leanings and the way it silenced Its critics. One incident in particular was the murder of Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya by the Russian government, she was found dead in her apartment in Moscow in October. She was killed because of her outspoken view on Putin’s war in Chechnya. (A part of Russia that wants independence but Russia won’t let it as it is a great distraction and money-making scheme.)
Litvinenko was poisoned three weeks ago at either the millennium hotel, where he met two people, one a ex-KGB officer, or at a Sushi bar where he met an Italian academic who allegedly gave him papers naming Anna Politkovskays’s killers. None of the above have been implicated in the murder of Litvinenko. Though the Sunday papers have apparently fingered the man who has supposed to have done it, and he worked for the Russian Spetsnaz (special forces). regardless of who did it he never be seen again the Russian Government will make sure of that, whether it be by putting him in hiding or by killing him, he will not be found!
On his death-bed Litvinenko had this to say about Putin “You have shown yourself to have no respect for life, liberty or any civilised value.” He continued “You may succeed in silencing one man but the howl of protest from around the world will reverberate, Mr Putin, in your ears for the rest of your life.
We know politically motivated killings go on in Russia all the time even though it claims to be a democracy, yes it’s wrong and it’s all sanctioned by The President of Russia Mr “It wasn’t me, Honestly” Putin. This man has dictated what can be and what can’t be said by the Russian media for far to long and winning the last election only served to tighten his strangle hold of the media and the country. He has put out of business many independent media companies and papers because they didn’t support him or questioned his government. Not to mention the afore-mentioned murder of Anna Politkovskaya by Putin’s security forces. The man is corrupt and bent to the extreme!
And where is Tony Blair during all this, if the murder was by a Muslim fantic sent by, say Iran to kill a moderate muslim leader here for not following the Koran fully, Blair would have a press conference set up within the hour condemning it. But he’s not, want to know why? In return for Russia’s support on the war on terror Blair and Bush would turn a blind eye to Putin’s murder and rape of Chechnya and it’s people. And people wonder why there is so many British Muslims swelling the ranks of Al-Qaeda, when the government turns it’s back on a small defenceless Muslim country in return for Russia’s support for the war on terror which also gives Putin the chance to cover up his murder in Chechnya as fighting the war on terror, convenient isn’t it?.
Anyway a brave man and women are dead and thousands in Chechnya for opposing a bent, murdering, corrupt politician one of them on British soil and shit bag Blair doesn’t do nothing because his pants are full of shit and he’s locked himself in his toilet till it’s all over. Cowards! Putin and Blair… absolute cowards!

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Farepak Collapse/Go on call me evil

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on November 22, 2006

          Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting                                                      THE FAREPAK FUCKER!

Yes this it the man who has spoiled Christmas for nearly a million families, his name? Sir Piggy Banking “it wasn’t my fault it was the banks” Clive bent swindling basted Thompson!

How did he do it? Well, He  and the rest of the Farepak company board spent millions of the company’s money and hard-working class people’s money too, on loaning it to other parts of the company. How much? £17million pounds! What for? To pay off it’s parent company’s overdraft of £35million, caused by buying a company for £32million which later sold for £4million! Sir shit bag Thompson blamed the banks for it, the reason? They wouldn’t keep loaning them money and not getting a return! Why the fuck should they! 

All this was known back in August but no one raised the alarm, Why didn’t the directors of the company or business watchdogs say something, why let families keep paying money in to the fund? The answer is the financial services authority doesn’t give a shit about poor working class people’s money and companies like Farepak, it aint important enough to em! Doesn’t come under their regulatory umbrella. Big city bankers, yeah straight in there! If you are gonna keep a eye on fat-cating, keep an eye on all of them!

The Answer! The fat-cats that ruin companies and the people who lose money and some times their lively hoods, should pay for it! How? By takin’ it out of their pockets and bank accounts! It’s not as if they are short of a quid or two. For example, Sir ‘lieing pissflap’ Thompson has worked for numerous companies. 

I will name a couple:

He was the Chairman of Kleeneze, he has held Executive positions at Cadbury, Schweppes, Boots, Sheel and the Deputy Chairman of the Financial reporting council. He has also been the President and deputy President of the confederation of British Industry and may I add he must have a pension at every one of em! He also has the money he was paid from each one too!.

At Farepak he was paid £100,000 a year for a three day week! And a big fat pension to go with it! His partner in crime fellow Director immensely fuckin’ loaded Gilodi Johnson should also pay!. It doesn’t end there, there are more directors that are immensely rich who should pay too! So here is what I propose anyone proved to have run the company wrongly should first be sacked if they already haven’t and fined vast amounts of money and give it to the people who have lost their jobs or investments in the company.

They should never be allowed to work at the helm of a business again! So the compensation and debt repayment comes straight out of their pockets which will deter any fat-cat money grabin’ basterd from doing it again, in any company be it financial business or governmental, but as we know the people of Britain will let it happen and another lot of bastards who have spoiled Christmas for millions of people will get off free AGAIN! Just like at potters bar and all the other institutions where people have been screwed out of their money, lively hoods and even their loved ones!  

                                                                       Go on call me evil!

The British tax payer does it again!. I read in the daily mirror this week that the child murderer Ian “i love kids, really!” Huntley is havin’ a ball in prison. The child murderer apparently has his own body-guard that he pays, has a Sky TV package his own pool cue, we all know what we’d like to do with that! And get this… a Teleytubby duvet and curtains. The increasingly child like murderin’ bastard even has his own play station and piles of doodling colouring books. He also openly boasts of the murders he committed and of his apparent gay sex in the showers and reckons he’s set for life! I don’t know about you but that got my goat! Doesn’t matter if it’s true or not, he’s still wasting tax payer’s money and he’s still breathing.

So here is what I propose: If you can prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that the person in question committed a severe violent attack or sexual attack and will do it again or a murder on purpose and I don’t mean in self-defence like if some one breaks in to your house, “kill them!” Yes it sounds bad but you aint heard the rest of it, before they are killed take every harvestable piece of their body we can!

The reason?

For a start it costs a lot of money, second they will never be able to integrate fully in to society again, third, they are murderers child molesters and worse! So! Why not kill three birds with one stone?    

(1) Save tax payers money.

(2) Get rid of the worst of the worst, and free up space for people who may actually be able to reintegrate in to society.

(3) If we harvest their organs and limbs the waiting list for heart transplants, liver, lungs and so on would be cut somewhat. So if by killing a murderer or violent paedophile saves just one innocent life it’s all worth it! After all they have taken a life, why not end their life to save another?

Leve comments please, what do you think?                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

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Paisly The Tommytanker!

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on November 12, 2006

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
                                                 Bigot = Wanker!
The face says it all! Don’t you just want to introduce his face or any other part of his body to your boot!? There really is no end to this mans religious hatred stupidity and bigotry. The Dr Rev Ian Paisley has on numerous occasions has brought to an abrupt end many peace process and started many sectarian riots and spawned many bigots like himself! And let me tell you he aint no doctor! He got his “Doctor” title from a man who is just as stupid bent and bigoted as him. The mans name in question escapes me at the moment, but nevertheless he only has the title doctor for his own twisted bigoted view on religion! Doctor of divinity, my arse!
Through out The Troubles in Northern Ireland he has only served to pour more petrol on the fire. We know both sides can be as bad as each other, but this man is a one man shit stirring machine. So before I start talking about political parties I would just like to say this about the people of Northern Ireland. The majority of both sides of the community have had no actual association with the violent campaigns waged, and most have not supported the violent representatives of their respective communities. Though why some would support this twat boggles the mind.
The regular campaigner against the legalisation of homosexuality, attended a meeting of the Ulster Unionist Party (UUP) in 1956 to discuss and organise the defence of Protestant areas against IRA activity. They formed the Ulster Protestant Action (UPA) to form vigilante patrols, to put up barricades and draw up lists of IRA suspects in Belfast and the rest of the province. So if your lookin’ for someone to blame for the modern troubles blame the IRA and the UUP. Even though the IRA threat never materialised in Belfast, and the IRA’s border campaign was just that, limited to the border, the UPA remained in being. And was later to become in 1966 the Protestant Unionist Party and this organisation would later help “DR NO!” to elevate himself to higher government and then to Westminster. And so began his reign of bigotry!
Now to some lesser known facts about the Rt. Rev Twat face! The Captain of the idiot squad opposed rights for the minority nationalist community (the Catholics). He also opposed the abolition of gerrymandering (basically twisting results of votes in the community to suit his party) of urban and country councils. In 1964 the patron saint of lunacy (apparently) caused two days of riots because he demanded that the RUC (POLICE) remove an Irish tricolour (the Republic of Ireland ‘s flag) from Sinn Fein’s Belfast offices. Fuckin’ unbelievable!
The list goes on and on, for these reasons and more the lanky old twisted  bigoted empty headed gobshitin’, religious practically murderin’ fundaMENTAList and leader of in deep shit city is this weeks wanker of the week!
How does it feel Ian you’ve just been WANKED! Ooopppps! I think im turning gay, you better
get on the campaign trail Ian, maybe go on a march or something with some luck you’ll drop dead! It would be better for all of us concerned. (TWAT!)    

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