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Paisly The Tommytanker!

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on November 12, 2006

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                                                 Bigot = Wanker!
The face says it all! Don’t you just want to introduce his face or any other part of his body to your boot!? There really is no end to this mans religious hatred stupidity and bigotry. The Dr Rev Ian Paisley has on numerous occasions has brought to an abrupt end many peace process and started many sectarian riots and spawned many bigots like himself! And let me tell you he aint no doctor! He got his “Doctor” title from a man who is just as stupid bent and bigoted as him. The mans name in question escapes me at the moment, but nevertheless he only has the title doctor for his own twisted bigoted view on religion! Doctor of divinity, my arse!
Through out The Troubles in Northern Ireland he has only served to pour more petrol on the fire. We know both sides can be as bad as each other, but this man is a one man shit stirring machine. So before I start talking about political parties I would just like to say this about the people of Northern Ireland. The majority of both sides of the community have had no actual association with the violent campaigns waged, and most have not supported the violent representatives of their respective communities. Though why some would support this twat boggles the mind.
The regular campaigner against the legalisation of homosexuality, attended a meeting of the Ulster Unionist Party (UUP) in 1956 to discuss and organise the defence of Protestant areas against IRA activity. They formed the Ulster Protestant Action (UPA) to form vigilante patrols, to put up barricades and draw up lists of IRA suspects in Belfast and the rest of the province. So if your lookin’ for someone to blame for the modern troubles blame the IRA and the UUP. Even though the IRA threat never materialised in Belfast, and the IRA’s border campaign was just that, limited to the border, the UPA remained in being. And was later to become in 1966 the Protestant Unionist Party and this organisation would later help “DR NO!” to elevate himself to higher government and then to Westminster. And so began his reign of bigotry!
Now to some lesser known facts about the Rt. Rev Twat face! The Captain of the idiot squad opposed rights for the minority nationalist community (the Catholics). He also opposed the abolition of gerrymandering (basically twisting results of votes in the community to suit his party) of urban and country councils. In 1964 the patron saint of lunacy (apparently) caused two days of riots because he demanded that the RUC (POLICE) remove an Irish tricolour (the Republic of Ireland ‘s flag) from Sinn Fein’s Belfast offices. Fuckin’ unbelievable!
The list goes on and on, for these reasons and more the lanky old twisted  bigoted empty headed gobshitin’, religious practically murderin’ fundaMENTAList and leader of in deep shit city is this weeks wanker of the week!
How does it feel Ian you’ve just been WANKED! Ooopppps! I think im turning gay, you better
get on the campaign trail Ian, maybe go on a march or something with some luck you’ll drop dead! It would be better for all of us concerned. (TWAT!)    

8 Responses to “Paisly The Tommytanker!”

  1. Kathryn said

    WOW he does sound like a TWAT lol

  2. shelly said

    `;;;;;;;;.________________;;;;;;;`;;;;;;;;;;;:_____________, :;;;;;;;;;“:;;;;;;;;;;;`;_________, :;;;;;;;;;;;`_ `:;;;;;;;;;;;`, , _____, :;;;;;;;;;;;`___`:;;;;;;;;;;;;_____, ;;;;;;;;;;;;:____.`:;;;;;;;;;_____;;;;;;;;;;`_______`:;;;;;;_____;;;;;;;:___________`:;;;;., .;;;;;;______.;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;____.;;;;;D`;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;___`;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;____`:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;______`.;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;_________.;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;._________(`*. (`*. .*) .* )Ok, This Is The Sex BunnyIf You Receive This BunnyThat Means You\’re Damn SexyIf You Get This BackThat Means You\’re Even SexierPass This Bunny On To 10Bloggies You find Sexy.Hello Phil
           Iv come on to lift your mood .but you are so right what you say .
            I hope you are keeping well .Take care Love from Shelly xxx

  3. Robin said

    Hi Phil back again ,I realised my error about the M/P not being there later,still trying to get used to the changes in spaces. Okay you need the number one man to really put you right a spaces expert>>>>>HACKS<<<<<he has all the tutorals you could wish for, a great guy he even has his own forum and membership to help people.You must sign up to host such as filelodge to upload your music they provide the code link for you to paste into your space media player.I dont use a host as I use the link that I gave you.Just too bone idle to get one.not too bothered what type of music it is as long as link works after all I dont have to listen to it and if others dont like it they just press esc tab on the key board.Hope you get the music you want on your space and HACKS is the best there is.

  4. Nicky said

    another totally accurate representation of some power-hungry ass muncher out to stir shit. I mean, for fuck\’s sake, when will people realise that the conflict inIreland is even more stupid than many other religious wars- why? BECAUSE IT\’S PRACTICALLY THE SAME FUCKING RELIGION!!!! Not to mention all the hundreds of innocent people who\’ve been killed who have nothing to do with any of that shite. Who would\’ve thought one horny king\’s desire to shaft some other bird would\’ve resulted in so much idiocy?

  5. Robin said

    What happened to your media player you had it the last time I popped in to see progress.I might have confused you a bit .The first bit is wasy its the video bit aint it here is a bit of help go back to the link and save it in you favorites for now.
    under the heading on the page link ROCK&ALTERNATIVES the first song BY  AIKALINE TRIO is "Stupid kid" highlighted in blue right click the title and copy short cut into The media player and save. the media player will only play when out of edit mode

  6. Amanda said

    Hi Phil,
    Robin put me on here cos i need help too in getting music on my space.  But i still cant bollocking get anything on there, i\’m just a dumb shit i\’m sure. Never mind, i\’ll figure it out some day.
    While i was here i thought i\’d read your blogs, or at least some of them as you do have a lot to say.  I was warned about you being hot headed, and i can see you definately dont like religions much.
    Me too.  But don\’t worry, cos one day Babylon the great will fall.
    Then you wont have any thing to blog about lol
    Somehow i get the feeling you could be interesting to talk to.
    Stop by my space if you like, but for now take care and stay happy.  Luv Mandy x

  7. Robin said

    Hi plil videos for media player.first thing first need media player
    1 must be in edit mode
    2 go to customize tab
    3 on scroll menue open tab other
    4 click on media player and save
    now for the video a bit of faffing about to do first of all you will need to find somewere to store your music files the host will give you the music code to copy and paste  in the url on the media player.
    but to get you right away there is a space site with quite a few that you can use.I will put the link in for you at the end of this.
    click on the blue part,the video will play on your own media on your pc that way you check out the ones you fancy.when you have chosen the video for your space site right click and copy,then paste it into the url media player (you must be in edit mode) and thats all there is to it.       .>>> click here<<<<<
    good look

  8. Robin said

    Hi  Phill The fact is none of the so called leaders in Ireland have the right to  lead Northen Irelands self rule government Gerry Adams the big man of the IRA I\’ll tell you something a number of my comrades had their gun sights firmly fixed at his and McGuiness\’s head,all that was needed was our Prime Minister to show some bottle and bang both would have been taken out. I squirm at the thought of them and Paisly holding talks.Many of my Comrades died and  some were peronal friends,so they have a lot to answer for

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