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Farepak Collapse/Go on call me evil

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on November 22, 2006

          Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting                                                      THE FAREPAK FUCKER!

Yes this it the man who has spoiled Christmas for nearly a million families, his name? Sir Piggy Banking “it wasn’t my fault it was the banks” Clive bent swindling basted Thompson!

How did he do it? Well, He  and the rest of the Farepak company board spent millions of the company’s money and hard-working class people’s money too, on loaning it to other parts of the company. How much? £17million pounds! What for? To pay off it’s parent company’s overdraft of £35million, caused by buying a company for £32million which later sold for £4million! Sir shit bag Thompson blamed the banks for it, the reason? They wouldn’t keep loaning them money and not getting a return! Why the fuck should they! 

All this was known back in August but no one raised the alarm, Why didn’t the directors of the company or business watchdogs say something, why let families keep paying money in to the fund? The answer is the financial services authority doesn’t give a shit about poor working class people’s money and companies like Farepak, it aint important enough to em! Doesn’t come under their regulatory umbrella. Big city bankers, yeah straight in there! If you are gonna keep a eye on fat-cating, keep an eye on all of them!

The Answer! The fat-cats that ruin companies and the people who lose money and some times their lively hoods, should pay for it! How? By takin’ it out of their pockets and bank accounts! It’s not as if they are short of a quid or two. For example, Sir ‘lieing pissflap’ Thompson has worked for numerous companies. 

I will name a couple:

He was the Chairman of Kleeneze, he has held Executive positions at Cadbury, Schweppes, Boots, Sheel and the Deputy Chairman of the Financial reporting council. He has also been the President and deputy President of the confederation of British Industry and may I add he must have a pension at every one of em! He also has the money he was paid from each one too!.

At Farepak he was paid £100,000 a year for a three day week! And a big fat pension to go with it! His partner in crime fellow Director immensely fuckin’ loaded Gilodi Johnson should also pay!. It doesn’t end there, there are more directors that are immensely rich who should pay too! So here is what I propose anyone proved to have run the company wrongly should first be sacked if they already haven’t and fined vast amounts of money and give it to the people who have lost their jobs or investments in the company.

They should never be allowed to work at the helm of a business again! So the compensation and debt repayment comes straight out of their pockets which will deter any fat-cat money grabin’ basterd from doing it again, in any company be it financial business or governmental, but as we know the people of Britain will let it happen and another lot of bastards who have spoiled Christmas for millions of people will get off free AGAIN! Just like at potters bar and all the other institutions where people have been screwed out of their money, lively hoods and even their loved ones!  

                                                                       Go on call me evil!

The British tax payer does it again!. I read in the daily mirror this week that the child murderer Ian “i love kids, really!” Huntley is havin’ a ball in prison. The child murderer apparently has his own body-guard that he pays, has a Sky TV package his own pool cue, we all know what we’d like to do with that! And get this… a Teleytubby duvet and curtains. The increasingly child like murderin’ bastard even has his own play station and piles of doodling colouring books. He also openly boasts of the murders he committed and of his apparent gay sex in the showers and reckons he’s set for life! I don’t know about you but that got my goat! Doesn’t matter if it’s true or not, he’s still wasting tax payer’s money and he’s still breathing.

So here is what I propose: If you can prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that the person in question committed a severe violent attack or sexual attack and will do it again or a murder on purpose and I don’t mean in self-defence like if some one breaks in to your house, “kill them!” Yes it sounds bad but you aint heard the rest of it, before they are killed take every harvestable piece of their body we can!

The reason?

For a start it costs a lot of money, second they will never be able to integrate fully in to society again, third, they are murderers child molesters and worse! So! Why not kill three birds with one stone?    

(1) Save tax payers money.

(2) Get rid of the worst of the worst, and free up space for people who may actually be able to reintegrate in to society.

(3) If we harvest their organs and limbs the waiting list for heart transplants, liver, lungs and so on would be cut somewhat. So if by killing a murderer or violent paedophile saves just one innocent life it’s all worth it! After all they have taken a life, why not end their life to save another?

Leve comments please, what do you think?                                                                                                                                                                                                                     


11 Responses to “Farepak Collapse/Go on call me evil”

  1. sas said

    elo, im jus passin thro, well i came thro tonis space………Wot readin on ur page, its great 2 c…….Tc an Happy Blogging! x

  2. Nicky said

    You see this is where all this human rights gone mad bollocks comes into play. It all depends on which side of a very thin line you fall. I\’m like you- of the opinion that prison should be a bloody awful place to be and reserved for people who might actually learn something from a spell in prison.
    I believe in forgiveness and turning the other cheek, but how many times can you accept a child\’s death or mental harm as a side effect of abuse at the hands of bastards like Ian Huntley, who sit in jail living like a king and boasting "if they let me out, I\’d do it again"?
    It\’s probably wrong to have a death penalty, but society is not at a stage where we can live without a powerful deterrant against crime.
    If you were one of these fat cat business men and you were going through a divorce, it\’d be a hell of a lot cheaper to just take out a contract on the missus- plead guilty, lenient sentence, keep your head down and you\’re out in a couple of years for good behaviour; and you haven\’t had to pay out a few million quid in the process!
    Death penalties are wrong because in many ways it lowers decent people to a murderer\’s level, but until society can become a more decent and respectful creature, I think it\’s going to become increasingly necessary.

  3. Kathryn said

    I\’m with you, and eye for an eye, we don\’t have the death penalty at all here in Canada, in fact or legal system i too leanient all together.. I think child molsetors should be raped, then killed ;o)

  4. Robin said

    Hello Phil many thanks for your last comment.Sad to read about your dads Heart failure at such a young age.I see my cardeologist every month to check on the old ticker,fluid is a big broblem after heart attacks,so far with all the drugs I take it just about controled.I stopped work after my second attact and even when I had the quadruple by pass they would not let me go back.
    You can tell your mother to forget all rubbish people come out with about cremations.We had three furnesses each with one chamber with slots down each side  and one bigger at the rear (thats our working front)to enable remains to drop down to the lower chamber it is impossible to put a body in each as the lower chamber has only a small inspection door.It takes about 80/90 mins to do one cremation it depends on size and amount of body fluid.We rake all of the remains into the lower chamber when all the body matter has been burned,thus leaving only bone and any inplants(hip joints),it is then brought forward into cooling section,dropped into a metal tray and placed into a cremulator(a bit like a spin drier with heavy granite balls)to crush the bones to a powdered state and placed into a plastic urn.
    Hope that puts her at ease Phil.

  5. Robin said

    back again Phil couple of things having been laid up for 12 hours we all took turns to do guard after I had done mine it was time for a kip,having found the next man I got lost going back to my patch nackered fell asleep, I  was not aware of the little buggers there like an army and follow my leader and I was in there way.The Aussies did a good job on me.
    Now the fat cats it would be some kind of justice to freeze their assets and make them make a massive contribution,but the financial fat cats stash their lot in off shore havens many single parents are going to struggle this year .The money men always win and will do so as long as we have ETON type schools that breeds them.
    take care.

  6. ♪CoNni£ said

    i just read the message blog u sent me. well this is my point of view of punk
    as every punk knows the scene of the movement began at england in 1970it all started beacuse of the economical problems that england was facing
    in which some of the most afected were young kids ,by the roads this kids were tired
    of listening to the now"over produced" rock n roll bands  as well, therefore they decided to make
    a  messy  fast change called :punk. (quick story)
     when the 80\’s arrived, punk was replaced with the glam metal and goth, all the bands that came after
    (llthough they might have had a punkish sound) were clalled post punk, and they still.
    later on in the 90\’s grunge appeared and it had the roots of punk. in fact i agree with you
    to say that " real punk" was just a period, and now it is just a "way of being"
    (and something im happy to be) . the nowadays punk music, is
    not anymore what it used to be, its "distortioned" but still some of it is good (but please fuck those punk pop bands)
    if my blog or the music i listen to is not 100% punk is cos my mom\’s  inflencemade me recognize awsome hard rock and metal bands, as by myself i have
    always been atracted to this "dark/goth" art and lyricism.
    but i still proclaim hat :  PUNK\’S NOT DEAD
    so tell me what bands do u like?

  7. Robin said

     I Phil
    I hate fat cats more so when people who save their money and find out its been used to prop up another company he wont be short thats for sure castrate the bugger. If you have read the Saturday Mirror its about America\’s toughest jail. Its where that pervert should sent to or we should build one over here all the best mate

  8. spice said

    Hi Phil.
    Of course I remember you – How could I forget a man who is on a mission that is so close to my heart? If you don\’t mind me saying this you could do with making a slight change to your posts – Try to break up the text into shorter paragraphs and leave a line of space between them – it makes them a lot easier to read on a computer screen.
    And since you asked, and as the old 1970\’s comedian Dick Emery would have said, – Ooh, you are evil… but I like you.

  9. shelly said

    Hi Phil
                         I forgot to ask you to have a read of one of my blogs called "I just wont to get it off my chest " Dated 2 Nov
           I put it there because of my love of Animals .Take care Love from Shelly xx

  10. shelly said

    Hello  Phil
                    Thank you for getting back to me so soon .
          Well i do agree with some off what you say i dont think think id won\’t that monsters organs inside me i dont think there would be many volunteers do you. but may be life or death maybe .
     But what make me so Mad is a lot of people will think well that Bast— is getting all this protection & life of luxury, 3 meals a day everything layed on for him but they forget what hes in for the MURDER of two beautiful little Innocent Angels because that\’s what they are now sadly .. & we are paying  hared earned money  to keep him like that the TAX payers.
    I honestly think if they bring back Hanging it would be a deterrent dont you .. WERE is the deterrent in giving them life\’s of luxury  .
           Take care Love shelly xx

  11. shelly said

    Hello  Phil
          Well before i get to you blog i just wont to say a big thank you for you lovely visit & for trying to leave me …well something but you did try LOL ((( BIG HUGS)))  I hope you & yours are keeping well Love from Shelly xxx
         As for that as- hole that stole all that money from then people that were only putting a few pounds away each week to give there family\’s a better Christmas makes me so bloody mad ..were do you think its all gone in his bank account makes me sick  .
     As for that low life that should have been hanged ..for taking the life\’s from them Beautiful little Angels why -why – dont all them do gooders see we need to take action now I\’m all for bring back hanging expressly for killing Innocent children , every day you pick up a paper & how many MERDERS are they ,but it gets to your heart when its a poor innocent child whats happening to this world humans that\’s what we are destroying it .
    I don\’t have eneything to say about "religious" i just don\’t understand it really, people are meant to love your fellow man but you can murder Men -Women- Children all in the name on "religious " When people like me can\’t even stand on a spider & not feel guilty .
     Well iv got off my soap box sorry about that .

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