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Alexander Litvinenko Dies

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on November 26, 2006

Alexander Litvinenko the Russian ex-spy and former KGB colonel died in hospital on Thursday. The Ex Russian Agent and general pain in the side of the Russian government died of a heart attack caused by him being poisoned with the radioactive metal called Polonium-210. Polonium 210 is a radioactive metal that is 150billion times more toxic than cyanide.
What was it for I hear you ask? Well Litvinenko, who left Russia for Britain some time ago,  was a constant critic of the Russian regime and its anti-democratic leanings and the way it silenced Its critics. One incident in particular was the murder of Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya by the Russian government, she was found dead in her apartment in Moscow in October. She was killed because of her outspoken view on Putin’s war in Chechnya. (A part of Russia that wants independence but Russia won’t let it as it is a great distraction and money-making scheme.)
Litvinenko was poisoned three weeks ago at either the millennium hotel, where he met two people, one a ex-KGB officer, or at a Sushi bar where he met an Italian academic who allegedly gave him papers naming Anna Politkovskays’s killers. None of the above have been implicated in the murder of Litvinenko. Though the Sunday papers have apparently fingered the man who has supposed to have done it, and he worked for the Russian Spetsnaz (special forces). regardless of who did it he never be seen again the Russian Government will make sure of that, whether it be by putting him in hiding or by killing him, he will not be found!
On his death-bed Litvinenko had this to say about Putin “You have shown yourself to have no respect for life, liberty or any civilised value.” He continued “You may succeed in silencing one man but the howl of protest from around the world will reverberate, Mr Putin, in your ears for the rest of your life.
We know politically motivated killings go on in Russia all the time even though it claims to be a democracy, yes it’s wrong and it’s all sanctioned by The President of Russia Mr “It wasn’t me, Honestly” Putin. This man has dictated what can be and what can’t be said by the Russian media for far to long and winning the last election only served to tighten his strangle hold of the media and the country. He has put out of business many independent media companies and papers because they didn’t support him or questioned his government. Not to mention the afore-mentioned murder of Anna Politkovskaya by Putin’s security forces. The man is corrupt and bent to the extreme!
And where is Tony Blair during all this, if the murder was by a Muslim fantic sent by, say Iran to kill a moderate muslim leader here for not following the Koran fully, Blair would have a press conference set up within the hour condemning it. But he’s not, want to know why? In return for Russia’s support on the war on terror Blair and Bush would turn a blind eye to Putin’s murder and rape of Chechnya and it’s people. And people wonder why there is so many British Muslims swelling the ranks of Al-Qaeda, when the government turns it’s back on a small defenceless Muslim country in return for Russia’s support for the war on terror which also gives Putin the chance to cover up his murder in Chechnya as fighting the war on terror, convenient isn’t it?.
Anyway a brave man and women are dead and thousands in Chechnya for opposing a bent, murdering, corrupt politician one of them on British soil and shit bag Blair doesn’t do nothing because his pants are full of shit and he’s locked himself in his toilet till it’s all over. Cowards! Putin and Blair… absolute cowards!

5 Responses to “Alexander Litvinenko Dies”

  1. shelly said

    Hello Phil
              Thank you for your lovely visit to my space your always welcome xx
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      Take care , I hope you are having a good day (((Big Hugs))) Love from Shelly xxx
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  2. shelly said

     Hello  Phil
                   Well the tv & papers are full of all that radioactive i hope all them people that have been on them planes are ok.
                            its getting scare to even walk the streets .
                                  Hope you are keeping well (((Hugs))) Love from Shelly xxxx 
                                          ,;;!!!!“\'<                                       -\’\’\’\’!!!!!!: `!!;;                                   ..zeeeeeec.. `\’\’\’ \’!!!!:                                 z$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$beu. \’!!!!>                                 u$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$k `!!!                               :$P"` .,,,. “"??$$$$$$$$u`\’!!:                              .. ,d$$$$$$$$$$shelly x,`"$$$b. \’`;                             d$P C\’_"?$$FC__"?$$$ ?b$c."?$$ `;.`;                            ;$$N Y"`""9$$F""?$$$$u ?$"??+ ?  \’!;!!:                .          ^`=?^:Lp==\’)$$,,,u.$$$$$ B$$$ ?e=  !!!!!:               "?              z$$\’4$$$$$$$$$$$$$$-:$$$$$$$e  `!!!!!                `b          _,,cccu,",uu,""??$$$":d$$$$$$$$P\’  !!!!!!                 `L         `"""""????????$ber ;e$$$$$$$$$u    \’!!!`!                  ?r        z$$$$$>.. db$beeed$$$$$$$$$$$P"   .;`!\’\’                   $       ;9?9$$$bezd$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$" zecee.`\’\’                   `b     /"$>$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$" $$$$???$b                 n$bc  u :;4$<$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$T$$" $$$$be.uc :               -be."?$c`$ =?$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$>$$$b.`?$$$$$"".!!:        …   bc,"$$b " " e 9$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$?$P"      .:!!!!!;         `:::::……:::  $u $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$"$h  !!!!!!!!!!!!!          .. “\’::::::::: 9$b "$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$F)&ud  ;!!!!!!!!!!!!!!;         "u`??bc,…       $$$."$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$e$$P" :!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,       .e  "hy."??$$$$$$$$$$$$$ "$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$F z    :!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!      :$$$    "??c.$"?$$$$$$$$$  ??$$$$$$$$$$".udP" >\’` .!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    , $$$$$  -c,_ "??$?bcJ$$$F.eee,.`"""??)$+P"uF    ;;!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!   i J$$$F" ::  `"=?$$e$$$$$" $$$$$$$$$$bc.  4E"    ““`\’\’\’\’!!!!!!!\’\’!  i\’.$$$$ :::\’.d$  ;.. "??? d$$$$$$$$$$$$$"         `\’\’!;;;;!!!!!!!! \’\’  ! 9$$$b ::  $$F  “`!!: .d$$$$$$$$$$$$$F:!!!!;;      -!!!!!!!!!!!! \’  ! $$$$$ \’ x$$F ;  .   ` $$$$$$$$$$$$$$".!!!!!!!!;<; ,. `!!!!!!!!!!  `.`$$$$Lud$$F !> $$$$$ 4$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!; `!!!!!!!!     ` $$$$PF";!! d$$$$$ `$$$$$$$$$$$$P <!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!        "" .;!!!\’.$$$$$$b."?"$$$$$$$$$ \’!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!\’          :!!!!  d$$$$$$$$$be.  \’"?$$$ \’!!!!\’!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!           !`\’! d$$$$$$$$$$$F :!!;..      “-  `\’!!!!!!!!!!!!!i)!!               4$$??$$$$$$$$ !!!!!!!!\’\’\’!!::.  `  \’`!!!!!!!!!!!!\’                      `"love \’\’\’\’`  .:::!!!!!!!:.      `!!!!!!!                xx      x         “\’!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!::> . \’“                x       x              “`\’\’\’\’\’\’“`     “                HO ! HO! HO!!!!  

  3. ♪CoNni£ said

    Hey em,,, Im glad u replied as well, i will write down all the answeres ,
    right now mom is asking me for the computer, anyroads
    Im glad i could find someone whos interesed in music,
    here at LOS CABOS MEXICO most of the "so called punks" are emos… others are wanna bees
    and the rest are gothic/dark or fashionlovers.
    write to ya later,,,, cya !

  4. spice said

    Hi Phil – Your blog is easier to to read now you space it out more.
    By the way – keep an eye out for suspicious looking men in furry hats and carrying umbrellas when you go outdoors – they might be coming for you next.

  5. Robin said

    Hi Phil have reduced the number of blogs settings to 10 have taken some glitter out should be a bit better.About this blog not sure whats going on.Its a polical murder and a lot has not yet been revealed.Very little from the home office but for sue they know more than whats out in the puplic domain.A bit scarey with all that radio active stuff involved,lets hope truth  comes to out

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