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Blair Talks Sense (for once!!)

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on December 2, 2006

After being in office since 1997 Tony Blair actually said something sensible yesterday. If you didn’t know it was world Aids day yesterday, and it being an important day and also a good publicity opportunity for the washed up power-hungry egomaniac to flash his fake smile and roll out the grown up words to MTV’s wanker extraordinaire Tim Cash.
Yes the brown nosed concocter of lies and forger of dossiers and invader of Sovereign states, said in his words: “The ban on condoms is hindering the battle to stop HIV/AIDs.” Took him long enough didn’t it? He continued: “The Catholic church and all religions should accept of the use of the contraceptive.” Noticed he didn’t mention the morning after pill, that would get him in the shit! He also said: “If we have a sort of a blanket ban (That’s a forced ban!, or you go to hell!) from religious hierarchy then you discourage people from doing what they need to protect their lives.” (If we keep the ban people will die!)
The Pope is said to be considering relaxing of the ban, and while he makes his mind up about the unwritten religious law (which was made by a man!, not God!) thousands get infected. Because of this man and his predecessors and the cult they belong to (because that’s all it is a cult) and their combined indecisiveness and their blind religious stupidity millions will die AGAIN!! thanks to another man and his interpretation of god’s word.
Take your time Ben!!!!! (the pope), it’s not as if it matters to you does it? Because all the people who die from AIDs/HIV go to heaven as a just reward for the suffering you helped inflicted! Come on Ben, even Tony Bliar can see, and he’s as blind bent corrupt and power-hungry as you.
YOU STUPID BLIND DECREPID OLD FOOL, LOOK AT THE STATE OF THESE PEOPLE AND TELL ME TRUTHLY IT’S GOD’S WAY!!!!!!!! You wont though will you because your never down out of your giant mansion. In stead you choose to look from your balcony at all your serfs and thank your lucky stars you got the top job. Once a Fascist always a Fascist!

28 Responses to “Blair Talks Sense (for once!!)”

  1. spice said

    If you don\’t post again soon, Phil, I\’m going to have to assume that you\’ve been liquidated by either the Russians or some of Tony\’s cronies.

  2. ♪CoNni£ said

    Insulting people, isnt an interesting job, Im all rigth and you?, Im thanking God for a nice weather here in Mexico,
    but i still miss the snowy coold british winters heheh.
     Well, I think we have a similar taste for music cos i really like the Sex Pistols, actually it was the first punk band  I ever heard,
    I think what Malcom McLareen did along with the Pistols was inovative, they had a cool mischievous air (specially when they sang
    "God save the queen" infront of the Parlament). You got to lose to know how to win, they got arrested but they got more recognition.
    I like the clash as well, and Ramones although they weren´t  100% into politics and most of their songs are about dancing, and girls, i like their beat.
    Nowadays Im listening to rock in spanish , (such as Mana, mago de oz and  soda stereo) . Of course I cannot forget my roots
    so I love Iron maiden. Other bands i listen to are : Nirvana, Bad REligion,  The gathering, panic at the disco, the misfits,
    old green day, NOFX…
    so what kind of things do you like to do?
    T2Y later! bye

  3. shelly said

    Hello  Phil
           Just come on to wish you a Happy Christmas & all the best for 2007
               Take care Love from Shelly xxx
    PS: Love came down at Christmas;Love all lovely, love divine;Love was born at Christmas,Stars and angels gave the sign.
    Unless we make Christmas an occasion to share our blessings, all the snow in Alaska won\’t make it "white".
    *love**love* *love* *love* *love*you*love* *love*you*love* *love*you*love* ……*love**you* …*love*…..*love*.*love*………*love* *love*………..*love* *love*………..*love*.*love*………*love* …*love*…..*love* ……*love**you* *love*……………*love*.*love*………….*love*..*love*………..*love* …*love*………*love*….*love*…….*love*…..*love*…..*love* ……*love*…*love* …….*love***you* ……..*love**you* *love**you**love* *love**you**love *love* *love* *love**you**love* *love**you**love* *love**love**love**you**love**love**you**love*
    """"If A Fat Guy Grabs U and puts u in a bag, don\’t worry I told Santa i wanted u 4 Christmas!Send this to
    10 people u care about including me!
    1-3= Not So Loving..
    5-6=People like you
    6-7= People luv you
    8-9= DAmn People ADORE you

  4. Nicky said

    Thanks for your kind words on my space. I\’ll probably never know the truth of what happened then, but oh well, this shit happen! Like we said earlier, all we can do is laugh 🙂
    Well, you said you really wanted to know what I thought about using executed criminals as organ donors. My stand point is that I totally agree with that. To be honest, you could evern look at it from a religious point of view, quoting shit like "eye for an eye" and what have you. In some way, it\’s a kind of active repentance that you give your life in return for one you have taken. It\’s a kind of noble end for someone who thought it was acceptable to kill.
    You\’re totally right that there will always be some bastards out there who steal, or burn shit, or kill people- it\’s just the way of humanity. But if you look at society now, people who might have been "borderline decent people" in another period in history are total assholes in this day and age because there is no serious deterrant to crime.
    I\’m not saying, by any stretch of the imagination that previous judicial systems have been without fault, but at least they certainly had some sense of deterring crime, unlike today\’s.

  5. Kathryn said

    Just dropped by to say, LOVED your comments, talkin religion and politics is awsome, I didn\’t know that about the all peaceful BUDDISTS! I guess EVERY religion has a history for violence! The story about the stone squishers reminded me about Mexicos ancient Aztecs who made people jump into deep holes! YOUCH! in sun/moon festivals, most interesting to me is some of the ROOTS of our religions being Pagan, for example Easter Eggs …eggs in pagan religion in spring was all about fertility, now we eat tasty treats!
    WOW your  recycling over there not so good eh? someone will realize there is money in it, hopefully SOON living in England I would be more concerned with all the Nuclear plants around you! NUTS! http://helios.bto.ed.ac.uk/resman/nrm/images/Image34.gif YIKES!
    Not the best map Ive seen but, thats what I found on short notice .. I am in Toronto Ontario Canada , which is the largest city in Canada. The capitol city of Ontario. We have 2.48 million people in our city, and with all the outskirt towns 5.5 million people! Close to your London England of 6 million, and shocking to me, Hong Kongs population as well! ( 6 mill)
    We live in a town house, right in all the action, a couple blocks from the CN tower and other major attractions. Our city compostes and recycles everythnig for us, all of canada recycles, but does NOT composte…You can get a couple of large garbage bins and add some dirt/plant material then dirt and layer it like that for FAB fertilizer come spring! That may help out a bit, and save your health if you eat some things you grow!

  6. Nicky said

    Well, I feel totally obliged to respond to this because I\’m Catholic.
    As such, I obviously followed the papal elections with some interest, and needless to say, I was as concerned as anyone when yet another ignorant old git made his way to the head of my religion. Catholicism is wrapped up in so much tradition- it\’s something I\’ve never had a problem with and have often found to be quite comforting, but the fact of the matter is that in this day and age you can\’t have a religious leader who turns a blind eye to problems and to inequality.
    My opinion as a religious person, is that God is all powerful- this is what my religion preaches. I went on the Pill at 13 as part of a treatment for a severe medical condition, and subsequently have enjoyed it\’s contraceptive benefits.
    Anyone who visits my space will be familiar with the fact that I recently split up with my boyfriend and am now in a relationship with a good friend- also that my health problems are on-going.
    Despite being on the Pill, despite my ex having less sex drive than a glass of water, I believe I had a miscarriage in March. From a religious standpoint, I can say I conceived because God intended it, and I lost it because God intended it. Sure I might view that differently if I\’d been more than a couple months gone, but the most shocking element to me is that I might\’ve got pregnant at all. No matter how much you think you can control your own fate, if you believe in God, you have to believe that if he truly intends something for you, it will happen.
    My doctors have subsequently taken me off the Pill, and I have since engaged in a sexual relationship with my new partner. I haven\’t thought twice about using condoms- and I will continue using condoms until I can go back on the Pill.
    If God decides he wants me to have Kieron\’s child, it\’ll happen.
    God is all powerful. It\’s ignorant and offensive to even entertain the notion that his omnipotence doesn\’t cover the ability to put holes in latex.
    By the way Mosh, I find some of your comments quite offensive. You have every right to disagree with Phil, and he openly admits he tries to insight argument and thought in other people. You don\’t however, have the right to assume that because you are well schooled and eloquent that your opinions are more valid than Phil\’s.
    As you can see from the people who frequent this space, we all enjoy being encouraged to think long and hard about things that happen in this world and about injustice. We turn a blind eye to profanity, poor spelling and bad grammar for the pleasure of having someone who speaks their mind and will debate viewpoints without prejudice.
    Phil frequently bad mouths religion, yet me, a Catholic, gets on brilliantly with him. Phil\’s space is about his opinion and from my experience, he will listen to anyone else\’s opinion as long as he can learn something from it. That\’s a much more admirable quality than having good grammar.

  7. Kathryn said

    Good points, I caught your comment on spicey\’s blog..
    The #1 thing I hat about catholicas is that they  are all RICH in jewls while thier followers can\’t afford bread, does that seem fair? Organized religion is FUCKED
    Luv the moterhead pic in your album, his tounge is a penis, lol

  8. spice said

    Bloody hell, Phil. You do manage to get a reaction, don\’t you? Interesting range of opinions here, but I\’m going to keep my trap closed on this one.
    Did you read the BBC news item on Brits fleeing Britain at the rate of around 2000 per week? If you missed it it\’s here. Thought it might interest you.
    It would be interesting to see how the ethnic demographic of the population has actually changed over the last 50 years.
    Anyway, keep up the good work – I like to see a good argument going on. Makes me miss being back in the UK.

  9. Robin said

    Hi Phil dropped into ask how was your weekend.Is every thing ok as you dont seem to have been on line for a few days.Thought I\’d let you know Mandy gets her new pc on Wednesday.talk to you on line when your free.

  10. ♪CoNni£ said

    Hey lad , all right?
    actually i dont mind what this lads you warned me about think, if they want to reply and argue they are free too
    anyroads, i totally agree with the last comment u put on my space about the emo people,
    life is just as good or bad as you want to view it,
    and there are so many things worth to live for.
    Another pain in the arse are "rapers" (hip hop lovers), In México they\’re called "cholos"
    i dont remember if there were as many in london as they are here
    but still, some of them are nice kids that do not critizice if ur punk or whatever.
    others are totally against punks and/or rockers and  come into our hunt …
    this cholos listen as well to a type of latin american music called"reggeton" ,
    which has a contagious beat but just that the lyrics are awfull!!!!!!
    so what kind of bands do u listen to, and what do u think are the best punk bands ever?
    take care,,,,,! thanks for the warning i hope not to be F***ed up! 🙂 bye

  11. Jonathan said


  12. Jonathan said

    I didn\’t say "force people OFF the dole". I said make them do at least some work for the community in which they reside.

  13. Jonathan said

    Abolish all religion, sort the government out, allow less immigrants, force people on the dole to do at least some sort of work even if it\’s just very basic stuff now and then. You know, generally getting people up off their arses and improving the country.

  14. ... Angelwitch said

    *kin ell you don\’t mess with your words eh? If i had my way all major religions would be banned anyway (too much trouble for what the are, thats one thing iv\’e leaned form history) but i can only dream…at any rate you\’re right on the money about paisley and co, and the sooner they sod off and leave the rst of ireland to the irish i\’ll be a lot happier in the world, likewise with the papelcy, the blood of millions are on their hands because of their inaction (*kay i\’m biased but i\’m sure anyone who has any sense of decency would share the same view on that particular issue…
    Motorhead rock by the way..

  15. Jonathan said

    He\’s changing his mind now. And, to be fair, if you\’re stupid enough to do what some old bloke in a hat says, you deserve being taught a bit of a lesson.
    "All in the Name of Tragedy."

  16. Lee said

    You would be tried, and found guilty of treason.
    I used examples of your grammar and spelling in school today, when asked how old my pupils thought you were the general consensus of opinion was "A marginally remedial 11".
    And as for you not being worthy, correct, you\’re not!
    Now go away and learn how to construct a grammatic prose correctly you obtuse piece of flotsam. 

  17. Jonathan said

    When did I say I agreed with the BNP? And there\’s only an epidemic of AIDs in Africa due to a lack of knowledge and contraception. It\’s nothing to do with religion. Thankyou and goodnight.

  18. Lee said

    Naziism failed, that was the German way.  
    We will be victorious. You and your commie pinko liberal friends will stand trial for your unpatriotic stance.
    God bless Britain.
    God bless her patriotic children.
    God smite those who stand against her.
    We are strong, we will survive.
    Britains enemies will be smote.
    God save the Queen….

  19. Jonathan said

    May I offer you my deepest condolences, falling at the first hurdle, that\’s got to be some sort of record. Who in Allah\’s name is "Bliar"? Or was this some sort of witty joke to call him a liar? If so, don\’t do it, it makes you look like even more of an idiot than a mere typo because I\’m quite sure that little pun was on some alleged newspaper such as The Sun. Now we move on to the matter of religions, who actually listens to what they tell them to do? Not even muslim extremists do. No one listens to the Pope. No one listens to anyone except the law and in a lot of cases, that get\’s ignored because let\’s be fair, no one gives a shit about anyone else. I especially don\’t. I would have thought that someone of 22 would have some idea of punctuation but you seem only to be able to manage full stops. Have you no dignity? Thought not…"Check this riff, it\’s fucking tasty!"

  20. Lee said

    Its spelled Blair, you retard.

  21. Lee said

    You are a lost boy, you hold to some happy clappy mentality that cannot possibly exist, ever. I gave you my solution, prehaps you had to stop reading before you got that far, too many words for your tiny brain. I also regress to my former statement, you are indeed an un-educated fool. I have taught 9 year olds who have a better grasp of the Blessed English tongue than you. You cannot see the civil war that looms before you. When the revolution comes, its people like you who will be first against the wall and I will be there to toast and cheer, to herald in the new age of glorious Nationalism. Rivers of blood? I can see it coming. I am prepared, are you.
    I look forward with supreme indifference to your next garbled, incohesive hash of misplaced phonetic meanderings and liberal minded vomit.
    This will be my last response to you, you are not worthy of my attention. Even that Scottish idiot, \’tehrealnathan\’ (correct spelling), manages to muster the decency to use the correct spelling when responding.
    May your life be short, painful and filled with dark fears..

  22. Lee said

    Firstly allow me to apologise for suggesting that you are inarticulate and un-educated. True your spellng is not the best but then neither is mine, that having been said, my response.
    The invaders are those who would wish to come to this country and change it to their own wants. These people should be stopped at all costs and before you tell me Im colour prejudiced,read on.
    When Enoch Powell first suggested that peoples from around the remainder of the Empire, come to these shores and build themselves a life devoid of the hardships and poverty they were used to, many people rallied against him. However, these people came here  from Trinidad, Tobago, Jamaica, Barbados, and many other parts of the globe. They did the jobs most of the existing populace didnt want but they earned a living that would have been impossible for them in their home countries. 50 years later the vast majority of these people are retired and enjoying the generous benefits of retirement that they so rightly deserve. Their children and grandchildren now hail themselves British through and through. Its not the colour of your skin that determines patriotism but the intention of mind towards your home country. Here now is the difference between the patriotic immigrant and the invading force we are faced with today. Those who came here from the Empire were Christian people. People with the same belief system as the host country. Hate it or not, Britain is a Christian nation by act of parliament. They came here and intigrated. Those that come here today, in the vast majority, are from countries with a belief system of moral and law based philosophy that is totally at odds with the system of belief that has existed in this land for 1500 years. Islam poses a very real threat to our way of life, it is a religeon of forced conversion. If you will not convert then you will be stoned to death. So many Muslims are now in this country that they are placing their own people into local council, local government and even into national government. The wards they serve are predominantly Islamic therefore, their own people get voted in. They are already calling for sharia law to be implemented in their own \’communities\’. The very existance of these communities is a glaring reminder that they are unwilling to integrate into our culture. No country can exist with a two tier system of law. Our way is the British way. Under sharia law women would be allowed no jobs, people would be stoned to death in the streets, amputations for thieves, in other words a medieval and backward thinking, bigoted system of religeous law. To say each is entitled to their own theology is one thing, when that theology preaches that it is expected that every adherant will convert others by force it has no place here. Where is the freedom of choice our soldiers fought so hard for over the centuries.
    Many people hated the idea of sending our troops into Afganistan to root out the Taliban. I had no problem with it, after all, they have been sending their troops here for years. I did disagree strongly with the Iraq invasion but that is a very different discussion.
    As for the terror tactics they use, this is just another example of conversion \’by the sword\’. It cannot be tolerated, our very freedoms in law define us as a people and a nation. It is these freedoms that have allowed these islamists to preach hate and become strong. They have labelled their actions a war against the west. If this is war then let us take prisoners much like we did with the Germans and Italians who lived here during the second world war. Yes, I know it sounds extreme but if we start to give up our freedoms then we lose our liberty, I dont doubt there are those in the government who like that idea.
    The actions of these British born islamists is no less than treason, the death sentence for treason was repealed in 1999, this shows our own evolved sense of justice whereby a life taken is no punishment to the perpetrator. Under sharia law, they would be dragged into the streets and killed in a way that has\’nt happened in this land in over 600 years. We now have no choice but to imprison these individuals at a cost of over £45,000 each per annum. A 95p bullet or a length of cheap rope would have a much better effect in preventing the criminal from re-offending after their use Im sure, but we are above such things in the 21st century.
    The solution? Very complex, very complex indeed. If I could come up with a solution succinct enough to be placed in this comment or indeed between the pages of a weighty volume, I would be the sort of statesman this country has needed since the days of Benjamin Disraili, that great Jewish prime minister to Queen Victoria.
    An immediate deportation program for all those Muslim clerics who freely stand in the streets preaching poisonous ideology to impressionable young minds would be start. The British people need to make a stand and be diligent through the forthcoming times of strife, regardless of the colour of their skin.
    I have to work away for a few days so if I dont respond to any points you raise, dont think Ive cried off, I\’ll just be in the middle of the countyside about 40 miles from the nearest pc.

  23. Lee said

    I didnt claim the content was mine although I share the intent. Its not as if I was trying to claim any credit for composing it either, bit stupid to have put a link to the website if I was dont you think?
    Fascism and religeon the same thing? You\’ve got that right at least. Just take a look at Islam, pure evil.
    If invaders came to this land would you fight them for it or would you be one of the \’conshies\’ with a candle and no meat in your sandwiches. Guess what, they are already here and they have an agenda.
    Wake up to it!!!
    I will respond to the other blinkered comment when Ive done a days work..

  24. Lee said

    That is just the sort of un-educated, ill informed, shallow, inarticulate, mindless discourse that I have, unfortunately come to expect from the vast majority of wet minded leftists. And as for the BNP sending around a death squad to kill you, cast your mind back to the socialist regime you appear to hold so dear..  Ever heard of the KGB?  I rest my case, and all without resorting to profanity..

  25. Robin said

    phil your right about the music,but it adds spice to your site,Rome was not built in a day so to speak. At least Mosh likes it,you should listen to his, its his taste but this old bugger likes nice and easy talk later

  26. ♪CoNni£ said

    Its 2 am in the morning on a saturday-sunday night  its funny that im still online anyroads
     About the emos, everywhere is the same, cos there in london and here at san lucas,
    emo kids belong, as you just said , to middle and high class families, sometimes i think that although they seem to have no problems, we cannot tell if they are suffering some kind of emptyness caused my his parents\’
    indifference , i mean you can have all the money of the world but if the persons who are suppose to love and care
    about you, doesnt notice that you exists  i guess you might feel  devastated.
    i g2g, i\’ll write soon

  27. Lee said

    I have to say, I agree with almost everything you have to say here. And congratulations on your fine taste in music..

  28. Robin said

    I don\’t think it makes whole lot of difference What the Pope thinks, it all boils down to Education,Africa is the hot spot for Aids and babies are concieved whatever the situation.The catholic church has washed it under the table,when you are considered to have commited a sin by wearing a rubber it closing eyes to the real world.
    I have to disagree with your discription of Tony Blair having lived and tasted live under the Tories,consider this Shipbuilding reduced to just one major player thousand on the scrap heap,mining industry obliterated shousands on the scrap heap just to name two,believe me the Tories knew how to look after the have\’s and leave the have not\’s scrapping for the leftovers.don\’t start me off on poitics Phil I just love a good soapbox .talk later mate

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