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Conclusion To End the torture and vicious cycle. Dec 25th 06

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on January 16, 2007

This is the conclusion to the blog called (End the torture and vicious cycle. Dec 25th 06).  Firstly I would like to thank everyone for their opinion and for contributing to the topic in discussion.
I never really expected people to agree with me, and I guessed what people’s reactions would be before they even commented. Why? Because I hold the same opinion. You can’t give the power to decide whether, when and if a person has children. Especially to modern day governments, even if it is in the best interest of the people it’s meant to help. Though what I suggested was logical, it was also very Orwellian. So as mankind is corrupt and self-destructive in nature, there is always going to be tendencies by certain parts of humanity to abuse the law, and use it to their own political and ideological ends.
The whole reason I opened this topic up was to see if anyone else out there had any other alternatives to the suggestion I posted. Because it’s becoming very obvious that if something isn’t done soon about the population explosion and the weakening of the species due to modern life, we are in for some bad weather politically, socially and literally! Spice the cat did come up with an alternative, but it still involved taking away the right to have children. He suggested that at birth the ability to have children was turned off, by means of genetic manipulation. And only after they fulfill a certain criteria for having children for example, proving they are not addicts, alcoholics and don’t have any violent or paedophile tendencies, then they may have children. There are two problems with spice’s suggestion. One, it’s still the same basic argument of can we stop these people from having children and is it morally justified? Two, the genetic technology to carry this out is at least thirty to forty years away, we can’t wait that long and still, the moral argument is still there.
While I was pondering Spice’s suggestion I came up on a thought of the future. With no population control and climate change, there are going to be famines and diseases becoming more common than they already are. Coupled with destruction of grazing and agricultural land, caused by climate change and an increased population, it wont be long untill governments of the world have no choice but to implement a law like the one we are talking about. For instance, India passed the 1 billion mark in 1999 and is predicted to expand to 1.5 billion by 2050! Each year India is adding 18 million people to the country! So at present in a country where half the children are undernourished, and one-third live below the poverty line, how is it going to be in fifty years time!? Even before hitting the 1 billion mark, India was outrunning its natural resource base! This wont just have disastrous consequences for India and other third world countries, it will also have an effect on the western world too. With starvation in their own countries and no job opportunities, they are going to flock to any first world country they can. Causing considerable strain on the small European countries like Britain. I’m not saying immigration is wrong, what I’m saying is it’s wrong for such a mass of people to flock to one or two points on the globe, which is what they were fleeing in the first place.
So whether we like it or not, governments will soon impose draconian laws on the people of their respective countries to combat the problem of the increasing human population. This will be more so in third world countries than first, because in the first world with a better education and contraceptives readily available and no stigma attached to using them anymore, the population stays low. But sadly, in the third it’s a different story as we know. So the answer is education, and to get that they need money. Which they don’t have, and any they do have is miss managed, siphoned off in to secret bank accounts or spent on arms to secure the bent political regimes in third world countries where the problem exists. So untill the bent politicians in third world countries are stopped and the rest of the third world wakes up and starts spending money on education instead of arms, then there is going to be more mass migration, more starvation and future draconian laws forced on the people of the countries where the problem exists.

26 Responses to “Conclusion To End the torture and vicious cycle. Dec 25th 06”

  1. Pete said

    Hey Phil,
    I finally got around to reading this entry. As usual it is forthright and with intelligent reasoning and I suppose although several points are raised and discussed, it remains inconclusive. There is argument to stop certain types of people having children. But why stop at people with low IQ\’s and addictive tendancies. One of the reasons we have gongs of kids roaming the streets at night becoming more and more violent is something we have touched on before, the lack of parenting. Now these parents may well be intelligent people with good jobs but if they are not raising their children to be decent civilised kids, why the hell should they be allowed to breed above a junkie or someone with a learning difficulty. If controlling childbirth is to be a future consideration for government then it is\’nt just about the low end of society, even wealthy families are not necessarily good parents. Although there are valid points to your argument, I feel you have overlooked that victims of child abuse don\’t necessarily come from poor families.
    You state that a child found in a womb with downs syndrome should be terminated. Well it wont come as a surprise to you that I whole heartedly disagree. We didn\’t know our child had downs until after she was born as we opted not to have the test and it hasn\’t changed a thing. We are still committed to bringing up a responsible person who wont be a burden on society regardless of her disability. Saying to end a childs life because it would not be fair to them because of their disability is wrong as a blanket statement.
    There are many tests available during pregnancy now which can pretty much detect most conditions. Even then most are useless given that most brain injuries are actually cuased during childbirth. Furthermore, although there is a small argument that mental retardation as you call it is genetic, figures I have read in the past suggest that both physical and mental disabilities are not inherrent, just slightly more likely to occur in the child of parents with physical or mental disabilities. When tests are carried out and if anything is found it is then up to the parents to decide if they are responsible, caring, loving and strong enough to cope with it and be able to bring up the child. Unfortunately many parents don\’t have tests as they think it wont happen to them and just for the record, the suggestion that older women are more likely to have a child with downs syndrome is wrong, a 19 year old girl is more likely to.
    I have given this a great deal of thought and to be truthful, I really don\’t know how it can be combated effectively. The chinese have limits on children to control the population and in many cases dispose of children if they born girls as they can make less of a contribution than if they were born. That has lead to huge amounts abandoned children and their resources being stretchedbeyond their limits homing these children. Going back to the UK it is beyond doubt that too many people are having children that are simply not fit to be parents. To chemically castrate everyone at birth until they can prove they will be responsible parents is a perfect solution but in our allegedly civilised society of choice and democracy, it simply would not happen. Education should also be a factor but to be truthful it does generally happen through schools and our upbringing although I feel the emphasis should really be on whether someone is actually fit to bring up a child as opposed how to bring up a child. Suggesting junkies, paedophiles and those proven to be a risk to children should be castrated is good. But I suspect the civil liberties treehuggers will have something to say because apparently people do change and become better citizens.In the UK I fear, there isn\’t a clear solution and although it is bolting the stable door after the horse has pissed off, more investment should be made in solcial services so that children at risk are identified and cared for as best we can.
    As a global issue, a whole different stance should be taken. Third world countries suffer as much owing to population explosions as much as anything and India, Africa and other poor continents are really in deep trouble. Education doesn\’t work, the spread of aids and the continuing famines despite all the help from the west are testement to that. Birth control needs to happen and quickly, chemical castration if necessary. They are simple people and would probably not have a solicitors office down the road to claim an infringement of their human rights. Imagine if instead of wasting billions in Iraq, if bush and his poodle overthrew african and indian dictatorships and set about controlling population and making these people self sufficien, we might actually be proud to be british. As for the religious conotations. Well I believe religion is simply ridiculous but unfortunately people do have faith in this stuff and as antiquated as the catholics are, people will continue not to believe in contraception. Another indication of the hypochrisy of religion, when they are in such a powerful position to actually help.
    People have choices in life. They choose to take drugs, be violent, be paedophiles, be bad parents. If they could choose not to have children, we might just get somewhere.
    Glad you enjoyed the thing on Friday, I try to lighten up at the end of the week just so people know I not a miserable old sod all the time.
    Take care and love to yours

  2. Rick said

    Hi Phil
    Just a quick messege to say thanx for all that information on linking the player to play more than one track, I will try to get there ASAP. At the moment i dont know if you saw my messege on my Upgrade well been very busy with that things seem to be working ok. got alot of problems trying to get my excisting software to work not even WinAmp work\’s ..lol and that is crazy these people knew Windows Vista was coming out and it seems no one was ready for it and still not…lol anyway ther both up and running Office 2007 aswell in all alot of money but it is a good operating system but if your thinking of getting Vista i would wait till the price dropes at least and when all the software companys get there butts moveing as well. Anyway thanks for the messege phill that is very usefull and i will get round to doing that soon as this is all sorted yeh?
                                                           Bye for now mate… Aphex7

  3. ♪CoNni£ said

    everything all rigtht mate?
    Im just a little tired cos of the trip, well about being inteligent im kinda, not nerdy but so lazy doing tarks…. actually i wasn\’t exited to see mister calderon as my mom was, or even the rest of the people standing up and hurring toward him,. I think i liked to receive the prize beacuse in this "world made of titles"  its a plus to my curriculum speaking about getting a scholarship. Do you like school, what do you think about the UK programs?
    I think that most of the people who gets such a big esponsability as leading a country , feels scared which turns them into eassy-to-use-puppets, i guess they fear for their lives, but meanwhile they grew  magnificent and avaricious, therefore all the corruption.human temper and actions are hard to understand.
    Anyroads, congratulations beacuse your of the few who like to investigate and read about situations, people or places.. etc… and goes further from the frontiers.!!!!! keep likethat men, !!!!
    nice week!

  4. shelly said

    Hello Phil, 

    I hope that you don’t mind me putting this on your space. But this is very important and we can all make a difference and it only takes a minute. Many Thanks  lOVE Shelly xx

    Hello friends I am trying to get this message across to as many people as possible.

    Please read this is very important to all motorists.
    Sarah Kennedy was on about this proposed car tax scheme on the radio,apparently there is only until the end of the month left to register your objection to the \’Pay as you go\’ road tax.The petition is on the 10 Downing St website but they didn\’t tell anybodyabout it. Therefore at the time of Sarah\’s comments only 250,000 people had signed it so far and 750,000 signatures are required to stop themintroducing it. This is legit… 10 Downing Street\’s website. Once you\’vegiven your details (you don\’t have to give your full address, just housenumber and postcode will do), they will send you an e-mail with a link init. Once you click on that link, you\’ll have signed the petition. Democracyin action?The government\’s proposal to introduce road pricing will mean you having to purchase a tracking device for your car and paying a monthly bill to use it.The tracking device will cost about £200 and in a recent study by the BBC,the lowest monthly bill was £28 for a rural florist and £194 for a deliverydriver (per month!). A non working mother who used the car to take the kids to school paid £86 in one month. On top of this massive increase in tax, you will be tracked. Somebody will know where you are at all times. They will also know how fast you have been going, so even if you accidentally creep over a speed limit in time you can probably expect a Notice of Intended Prosecution with your monthly bill. If you care about our freedom, please sign the petition on No 10\’s new website (link below) and pass this on to as many people as possible.http://petitions.pm.gov.uk/traveltax

  5. Amanda said

    Hey Phil,
    Wanted to say hi as i been missing you on msn.  Things a bit busy here, you know how it goes.
    Catch you soon on msn i hope.
    Love Mandy Marie xx

  6. Rick said

    Hi Phil. That joke was ok good one..lol about your site its great!! And the BankRobber by the Clash remember that well. The days of the space invader machines …lol 1979 i think. Ive still got alot of work to do on my space but your welcom to leave any coments mate. As for the Aphex Twin and the Orb there\’s Lemon Jelly and Boards of canada aswell to name a few but i will be adding a hell of a lot more when i get this space up and running. So once again thanx for the joke that will go out on the cell phones privided it\’s not been heard of all ready yeh? Maybe speak soon bye for now……Aphex7

  7. Toni said

    Hi phil thanks alot 4 all ur help 2day. Catch up soon in the mean time take care m8.x

  8. ♪CoNni£ said

    Hola Phill, still doing all rigth?
    Well, how am i ? SHOCKED, FREAKED OUT, MESMERIZED; shoul i say moody but definetely HAPPY? you see, it comes that last year i made a test along with my school mates (every year the goverment here in mexico evaluates the students\’ range and mental abilities)so today they called mom today and told her that i have to go to mexico city to meet our BIG BOSS mr. president Felipe Calderon, cos i was one of the highest score at school and one of the tops in the state where i live…. wow cant believe it.! im not so illusioned about seeing Felipe calderon , i dont like the goverment much, like every punk so i was thinking about the impression of going dressed as one with an anarchy pin LOL,,,,, but  the thanks for asking, mom is glad…..
    about the technology, you made me remember that movie of "i, robot" , i do think that our society is becoming more dependent of technology which is , in some way, letting us turn into lazy people, cos now we put machines to do our counts, among other things as simple and stupid as changing the tellie channel with a remote control instead of standing up and change it by our own…. so i give a 1/2 against tech and 1/2 pro it , for i think , as well,  it\’s easier to do a lot of things (like chating with many poeple at the same time and meetng new friends like rigth now! 🙂 ) save time and lifes. Totally agree with what you say about the virus in computered- managed arsenal or life support  machines, even bank transactions..etc…
    But what to do?, at least not letting ourselfves flow with the rest of society mania…
    Oh, thank you so much for th music web page, it works perfectly, and so i uploaded music to my msn profile and myspace (Y)
    i like the changes of my blog as well, that pink colour did not fit my personality lol,,, hahaha
    i have always liked your space with all the warning signs! and i gotta spend time reading blogs… instead of just looking for nime
    well, cya soon! and have a nice week,& weekend,XO Connie 🙂

  9. bobby said

    hello,Phil, thanks for  ur  comments and it is cool that u can write some chinese~~welcome back!! I agree with ur opinions~~i have just added u to my list,hope u accept it~~
    take care
    Bao zhong

  10. Amanda said

    Hi phil,
    Just wanted you to know i was here.
    catch you on msn tomorrow no doubt.
    love mandy xx

  11. Kathryn said

    BLair does sound like a knob!
    Good luck with that! I can\’t recall in my memory one GOOD CDN PM, but…alas we survive somehow, someway, and we are both in the same boat that, we are really lucky, in comparison to A LOT of other countries..consider that we are allowed to bash our leaders and have great fun with it, among other Freedoms we take for granted..I\’d love to visit the UK, but first, Scotland, come July!

  12. spice said

    Hi Phil. Thanks for the link to the music site – some pretty cool stuff when you dig about in there – although there seems to be a high number of links that don\’t work. 

  13. Nicky said

    sorry about the long delay in getting back to you here, but I\’m moving house 😛
    I don\’t know whether you are familiar with a manga film called "Appleseed", but some elements of the plot do kind of reflect on the "whatifs" you\’ve raised here.
    If people\’s ability to reproduce could be turned off, and threatening and undesirable behaviour could be turned off, it would only create other problems, rivalries and perhaps create beings lacking the genetic diversity to adapt to new environments.It\’s impossible to guage what impact such a thing would have on society, although you\’re absolutely right that things simply cannot continue as they are.
    As was rightly said earlier, the Chinese have taken drastic action to try and control their population, yet the fact that most families choose boys will inevitably lead to other problems. Will it work ultimately in the long run as a few generations of men die without sireing a child? It may do, it may take too long, it may create problems in the future that will be deemed much worse.
    My attitude to this is that as you rightly said, man has always been self destructive even in it\’s desire to breed and survive. I think we were always heading for this end and it\’s all a bit late to start trying to stop it now. Sorry to come over all "the end is nigh" but to be honest, can anyone really think of solid proposals to reverse all the multitude of damage this species has caused in the last few thousand years, and if they could, would it even be executed in time? I think whatever happens will probably always be too little too late.

  14. shelly said

                         / . – .       \’ – . )                               ( . – \’ –  .   . – . \\                     \\ \’ ,              \\                                  /                , \’ /                         l               o \’ – – D                  c – – \’ a                  l                           \\             /         l                    l         \\              /                          ; . _     _ \\   \’ – /                       \\ – \’   / _     _ . ;                       . \’         _ _   ` \\ `      HAVE           ` / `       _     \’ .                      . \’         . \’     \’ . l \’            A             . \’          \’ .         \’ .                 /             \\           \’ . _ ,                , _ . \’           /               \\               ;                 \’ – . _           \\             /           _ . – \’                  ;              ( l                       / \’ – . _  /            \\ _ _ . – \’ \\                     l )               \\     _ _           , \’                                        \’ ,           _       /                 ` /     ` \\ . – \’ l              Lovely                  l \’ – . /        \\ `                   l         l     \’ – .                                      . – \’       l           l                   l         \’  – .       )       WEEKEND            (       . – \’           l                    \\               ) – \’                                      \’ – (              /                     \’ – – – – – \’                                                   \’ – – – – – \’
                                                    love Shelly xxx

  15. spice said

    Oh dear! Katt\’s last comment is typical of the mangling of the English language that is so common here in Canada.  We give them a country, we give them a language to speak and we save them on numerous occasions from being French. And what do you get in return? Insults – and badly mangled insuts at that.
    It\’s B-O-L-L-O-C-K-S, dear, absolute bollocks, eh?

  16. Kathryn said

    In a word you\’ll understand….BULLOCKS~!!!!

  17. spice said

    Hi Phil,
    You make some good, and astutely observed comments, and unlike many people who express opinions you also seem to have some flexibility in your views. Those who stick to their memorised dogma always miss the best part of any discussion, the alternative viewpoint.
    Ultimately I don’t think that an increasing world population will be the direct cause of the planet’s coming crisis. The problem will lie with the control of usable energy sources. We can already see the lengths the major Western powers will go to in order to secure oil supplies – and also the levels of duplicity that are involved in order to justify these measures to their electorate. We’ve seen the Russians starting to act like bullies when it comes to the supply of gas into the neighbouring countries – and as they are also becoming a major supplier to the rest of Europe I’d make a guess that we haven’t even begun to understand their long term plans in using this as a bargaining chip.
    Back in the 1990’s China used to be self sufficient in oil, now they’re the second largest importer after the USA and India is also now a rapidly growing economy with increasing energy needs. As we start to reach peak levels of energy usage and as we also start to come close to the point where the current resources will start to decline – estimated to be around the next 15 years when oil production will peak and start to decline – there will be one hell of a rush to take control of what remains. The USA are doing it in Iraq while China and India are busy signing contracts with Iran and also with oil producing nations in Africa and then there is Russia is standing somewhere in the middle. Add to this the ideological war between extreme Islam and the West and I would be very surprised if we don’t see a major world conflict in the next 10 to 20 years.
    If you think about when Queen Victoria died back in 1901 and the British Empire was the major power in the world – do you think anyone imagined that the great industrial and military might that Britain then was would be reduced to that of a small country hanging onto the coat tails of the USA? I doubt that they even considered it could happen, but it did. We tend to assume that the world we live in will stay the same as we know it, but history, from ancient Egypt, through the Roman Empire and then the British Empire, tells a different story and we’re living through the early stage of the next chapter of this. I doubt there is anyone who can predict the outcome.

  18. ♪CoNni£ said

    hola Phill, how is everything going for you?
    well i\’ve to say that the vids sucked!!!!! but not beacuse of the content, more like my attempt to look at \’em sucked so i cant really give my opinion about them, you see, once i said my computer and net were giving me problems, rigth? well my computer is "diying", it restarted itself several times last friday, meanwhile i\’ll look at the videos on the other Pcs.. just to give advise to of my courrent status with this things about music ….
    OH, about manipulating images there are a couple of nice programms the very best are: photoshop and corel graphics, they have (like almost ev\’ry program) a tutorial and they\’re way easy to use!
    the black & white of things: dont you think that sometimes  technology gives us more problems than if we were "free" of it?
    talk to you soon, take care!

  19. Kathryn said

    That was a pretty damn funny comment! The Yukon has so few people us here in Southern ON in THE GTA (Toronto and greater area)we  have more than LONDON UK so… bring it on we\’ll be waitin with our T-shirts and shorts in -30 degrees weather with weapons only being hockey sticks , you see that\’s all we need… once you step off the plane we\’ll pull your shirts over your head classic CDN hockey moves  and proceed to thump you with our sticks! Of course we may say  sorry while thumpin ya but still! If one women who makes fn chocolate (Laura Secord)over a hundred years ago can manage to stop a war by warning our natives who brought us all together to kick USA ass outta town  and burn down the white house we can take care of a couple Brits! Hey, we already kicked you out once , but stiill we hold onto the Queen…I mean she is a Queen and we are so polite, how do you tell a Queen to get the fuck out? CANUKS can be crazy, in a nice way eh? Take off ya hoser! AHAHAHAAAAA
    BTW BUDWISER IS PISS SWILL AMERICAN BEER Hoser! HAHHAHAAAaaaaaa You like drinkin piss?
    PS: Isn\’t the name Beble from Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy?
    PPS: I know Spice pretty well, he\’s fittin in well with the Canuk way for sure, even bravin the cold weather set upon us now with no complaints….pretty soon he\’ll be out there with shorts in -30 holdin a hockey stick waitin fer ya too!

  20. Kathryn said

    Hahahahaaaaaa That was a cute question, how much of Canada is TUNDRA? Well contrary to popular belief, we do not scoot around on dogsleds and live in igloos during the winter! Some of our native peoples do, way up North in the 3 most Northern territories you may see this in Nunavut, NWT , or The Yukon (right next to Alaska)..mostly just natives live that far north. Most surprising even further, is how little people there are this far north say, in the Yukon the population is a mere 31,500 and the land mass is 482.433 km 2..the problem with our most Northern regions for habitation is the COLD ball busting weather ALL YEAR LONG I think to memory the warmest it gets there in the SUMMER is if your lucky 11 C, and the wierd daylight of lack of there come spring and winter….They are rich in mineral deposits, and unfound oil though ;o)
    IF you look at a map of Canada, you will see these three most Northern Territories and a line drawing the seperation between them and the PROVINCES…Our provinces are all utailized, for different purposes. I live in the province of Southern most Ontario , in the provinces capital Toronto, which is actually more South then the most Northern town in California in the USA..Yes we do still get snow mostly in December, Jan, Feb and into March, but we have a beautiful spring season and a hot summer season..which is great for swimming in the copous amounts of fresh water lakes. As for the bears and bobcats, LOL!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAAHAAAAAA
    Your too funny! Different provinces have differnt wildlife, in Ontario we have brown bears, fox, coyotes,wolves… bobcats are more mountain creatures and tend to be more the province of British Columbia in the mountains.. I think you\’ve sparked me to blog about Canada, a lot of bloggers ask me about it!
    3 most important things never to do with a Canadian;
    1. Don\’t call us AMERICAN!
    2. Don\’t make jokes about Hockey
    3. Don\’t make fun of our beer!

  21. shelly said

    Hello  Phil .
          I hope you are keeping well & cool  LOL take care my friend ((Hugs)) Love Shelly xxx
    Good Morning Blessings If it stops with you, then the blessing will disappear. The blessing will only keep working if it is continuously passed around. If you are a recipient of a blessing, keep the blessing working by being the source of blessing to other people.
    Good Morning !!!! This morning when I wakened  And saw the sun above, I softly said, "Good morning, Lord, Bless everyone I love" Right away I thought of you And said a loving prayer, That He would bless you specially,  And keep you free from care. I thought of all the happiness A day could hold in store, I wished it all for you because No one deserves it more.   I felt so warm and good inside, My heart was all aglow. I know God heard my prayers for you, He hears them all, you know.        You have two choices…smile and close this page Or pass this along to someone else to spread the good feelings. I know what I did!!

  22. Kathryn said

    It\’s an odd thing at differnt parts of the globe, we have a lot more green space than people, and PAY people to have kids with child bonus!

  23. Amanda said

    Hi Phil,
    Got me a real face ache going on here as i just spent ages on a comment for you, ( for once i thought a very intellectual one too !! )  regarding your topic on ridding the world of all bla bla bla\’s etc etc) but then i accididently left clicked my effing mouse and lost it all !!!!!!!
    So now i sulk, cos i can\’t remember what i said (cos i got shit memory) and i am way too tired to be bothered aswell  now !!!
    But don\’t worry, if it all comes back to me, then you will be the first to know. ha ha ha.
    Anyhow, catch you soon on MSN hopefully.  Maybe we can have a yak about this then.
    Take care, love Mandy xx

  24. ... Angelwitch said

    hmmm an interesting topic here Phil.. I was going to point out about China having such laws though it appears Robin has beaten me to it…religious interference has done little to help either, combining high birth rates with extremely high levels of std\’s such as AIDS wiping out all the adult population then having the knock on effect of there being very few left who are capable of sustaining the economies of those countries and so on…
    we\’ve stuck two fingers up to the principles of evolution where the strong survive and the weak/ genetically tainted (for want of a better word) perish. we all survive and do all sorts of damage to the genetic wellbeing of mankind so I believe before too long there will be a virus or disease so powerful it\’ll decimate us. It\’s happened before and it\’ll probably happen again.
    Our days are definitely numbered.

  25. Owen said

    You made some good points Phil.The reason families in "developing" countries are so large is because:1) The chances of a baby surviving beyond a few months is very small, so the "larger the litter", the better.2) Agrcultural/subsistance based economies, like rural India are labour intensive, so they need a fresh turnover of workers.3) Parents expect their children to look after them and their farms when they are old, so the more children the better.4) Religious interference, especially the Catholic Church. Africa is dangerously overpopulated but they follow religious doctrines to the letter (i.e. no contraception) putting their health and future in jeopardy.In Europe, we have the reverse problem. Birth rates and fertility rates are low for various reasons. The only people having children are immigrants and those who can "benefit" *wink wink* from it. Nature has a tendancy to balance itself, so maybe immigration isn\’t such a bad thing necessarily. People will simply move from areas of high density to low density.

  26. Robin said

    One areas I find difficult to under stand is the number of children women and young girls are carring  some only days old. You see famin in Africa and other impoverished countries yet the women are carring babies. Why do they have them,  knowing the little mites will never see adult hood. The women have no milk to feed them no men folk assume they are all dead  and what for oil, diamonds ?.
    China introduced one child per family good idea at the time, only the only child was a boy and in some areas of China  the ratio 6:1 so thats not the answer either. No atomic WW3 yet  to reduce the population. Your right dracconion  law may well be the solution.

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