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Conclusion to – What Is Modern English Culture.

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on February 28, 2007

I thought I had this subject nailed, man was I wrong! So thank you to everyone who left a comment negative or positive and also for contributing to my utter confusion on the subject hahaha. I thought about it good and hard – till it gave me a headache, or maybe that was my anemia?
Anyway the comment that gave me the most to think about was Spice’s – I’m not saying all the other comments didn’t, but Spice’s gave me the biggest headache. Why? – because Spice said in so many words that England was to big to have one perfectly designated culture. And the only perceived culture there is, is the one forced up on us by the media, usually a negative one. And with that well placed blow to my blog’s dangly bits, my view on the subject quickly changed. 
Spice also said most of the the classic English views are made up and just fiction. You  know  ‘fair play’, cricket on the village green, thatched cottages and so forth, that typical view of Englishness that only exists in the minds of the upper classes tourists and foreigners. Well that was what I was talking about when I wrote the blog, it just does not exist – and if it ever did it was only experienced by a minority of the super rich of the time. So now we’ve established that the English view pushed up on us by the media and the upper classes does not fully exist and never really has done only as a tourist selling point and propaganda to cover the real England of grinding poverty as Robin and Spice said – what is there?
Well one thing was unanimously agreed on by four of the commenters, namely Katt, Chris, Connie, Spice and myself too… was that England was number one for music. Yes the scene isn’t to good at the moment, but will get better. Katt and Spice also thought English or British TV was good to. Having not lived outside of the UK I can’t really form an opinion on most foreign TV – but what I have seen is not as good as English TV. But there are some good ones though. There is also the mostly unbiased reporting by the media in this country to. We know some are not perfect and are owned by business men or are run by men and women with certain political agendas – but mostly for the time being they are unbiased.
Spice also said the English have a certain level headedness and sensibility, like the way we avoid extreme political opinion and behaviour. Though I think the majority of the voting population of the country just don’t pay attention to what the politicians say or most of the current events around them.Then again maybe they do but just don’t care as they are wise to them or just go with the flow of voter apathy because it’s the popular thing to do.
I suppose you could say everyone has their own view of what Englisness or English culture is. My view is one of growing up on a council estate with a good sense of community, but bad drug problems on the estate and seeing houses of those drug dealers being raided, stolen cars being burned in the centre of the estate and worrying if my home was going to be taken away from us because my parents choose to pay for food, clothing and heating rather than pay the rent. Remember this was the 80s and early 90s and many people were being left homeless, it’s not as if my father was underqualified, he was a bloody good pipe fitter and was till he had to stop working due to ill-health. But the main problem of the time was the Tory government and it’s miss-handling of the economy and i grew up listening to my dad and other elders turn the air blue when they spoke about them. So that was basically mine, it’s not the full story but it’ll do, and I’m guessing everyone’s will be slightly different.
So on to the question of our culture, we may not have one decisive culture we can take the pulse of so to speak, but, we do all share some basic Englishness. As is outlined above and on Spice’s comments and even others you will no doubt write in the comment body. But still, even now the council estate community spirit we once had all over England and Britain is fading as we all get that little bit more prosperous and then detach from that ‘we’re all in the same boat mentality’. So with this traditional glue of the nation wearing away we are moving more towards the upper class mentality or the American consumer society mentality, where all that matters is material wealth and greed. And to me that is not a country I want to be part of. 

26 Responses to “Conclusion to – What Is Modern English Culture.”

  1. Tony said

    Just came across this blog and it hit quite a few chords with me. I too have lived my life in the estates of Britain but the estates of Glasgow. The issues that should matter are much of a muchness here too. Violence, I lost a brother and almost didn\’t make it myself as a victim of a three on one armed attack. Drugs, there available to anyone who has the cash. Poverty, yes. Etc , etc, etc.
    There have always been evils in communities but there used to be so much more. Community spirit is in a coma. My problem is that there is no forum for change. There are lots of things around me that I abhor and I have tried to be part of the solution through my choice of work.
    I supposedly live in a democracy. I cannot except this as a fact. I have the vote. I don\’t have any choice. In my experience as a voter for the last 28 years, I have always tried to make a choice based on what I perceive would benefit the majority. If this meant a rise in tax so be it. The quality of this choice has eroded over the years to the point that I can find very little to choose from. Getting a straight and honest answer to a question from a politician is impossible (I\’ve tried a few times).
    I like yourself can\’t stand many things about this group of countries we live in. What I also have experienced is that the picture is pretty much the same everywhere I have been lucky enough to have visited or worked in. (Most of western Europe). A small majority is controlling the vast majority. We need to find another way or it is just going to get worse.
    Anybody who has any ideas on how a pissed off Glaswegian, along with all the other pissed off residents of this island, can do anything about the things that really matter that are fresh I would be delighted to here them.

    • WordsFallFromMyEyes said

      Tony, I really feel for your comment. You’ll probably never read this… That you lost your brother & nearly your own life – I am so sorry. That is HORROR to bear. And it was no doubt senseless violence.

      Phil, another great write. You’re interesting, varied & real.

      • Cheers, Noeleen! :O)

        I don’t think Tony will be replying because he left that on my blog years ago and he didn’t have a blog then. It was just a one time comment, which is sad really because I wanted to reply to him. 😦

        I hope you and Dan have a wonderful weekend! :O)

        – Phil

  2. angie said

    i love it and will be back to read more more more
    keep up ur hard wok

  3. ♪CoNni£ said

    Hey mate! , Mom and  I are ace at the moment we both are working on our bussiness plans, and what about you and your family?
    Thank you so much for cheering me about my future projects, i will go 4 my dreams , just like now with this shop im trying to pull!
    I read your onclussion , and gave Spice\’s  comment a look, well ok i agree with him in some points. He\’s rigth lol about the tea, it came from the east and stuff like that….. :S but oh, well
    I think americans have this self-proclaimed perfect nation beacuase of their "Divine manifesto"  or "divino manifiesto" as i learnt it  in 8th here in Mexico, it was wirtten in the 1770\’s, during the 13 colonies, they all thougth USA was/is the choosen contry and they have power of everything . i may critizise thier movies and action Tellie series, all so apocalyptic where they safe the Bloody world…
    I dunno if im labeling, i really feel that i am, still I have nice american friends,they are kind and like to share with others as well as a taste in music… i can stantd with them but mom cant she says their too noise and that they speak of nonseses.
    Its sad to know that we are in some road following the consumist life style, maybe not directly but although we refusse it we are part of a society lead by that ,I will speak about how it is to live like  here in Mexico,  i was around 12 when i moved here so er- I\’ve been passing my teenage here….i dont remember much what my mom said about our lifestyle in the UK. i remeber she was unemployeed some time, and then she got  nice jobs as encounter.
    Any roads back to the global culture its the same over here.people is as well treated nice or bad just beacuse of  what they wear, specially in the inner states , for example punks goths, darks…… so called subcultures are not very tolerated, instead all girls and boys  prefer to be like puppets, recently a serie of books called "quiubole con tu vida para chavas" and "quiubole con tu vida for chavos"(whats up with your life girls/… boys) talk of things that " matter for us" i read it and in my opinon those books  are a guide for "young perfection", telling you houw to crush boys/girl, what are the nice colours to dress,,,,,how a girl looks saying bad words… and so on……..in Mexico public schools are hard talking about the ambient not the system, mom decided to send me to a "colegio"  one of the tops in san lucas and i remmber that my friends parents cared a lot about the money, mothere\’s migth have hisssed behind your back,.. thats what my lady friends learnt and now they cant go into a meeting without talking about some one\’s  look and how "in" she / he is…. I disagree but what do i do to change it? dunno,what do we all do to change and/or avoid  our contry to become more superficial and narcisist?
    I think that when i wrote about "preserving our culture" i got a sick nationalistic feeling .lol, i guess what we have to preserve is more like our personalities, intead  (i repeat it ) of turning into plastic toys, and to read about our historso we canquestion  pour gov ann everything that sorround us.
    well. take care…. thanks for adding me, !!!!!!!! Xoxo!!! :[ sorry if i post 1000 comments.. its the server…

  4. Pete said

    Hey Phil,
    Thanks for your words and contribution as always.
    Firstly, I wasn\’t apologising for any insinuation that I might have been discriminative, I was just pointing out that I would never tar your mother with the same brush as these stupid teenage lone mothers who get pregnant so they don\’t have to do anything alse. There are lone mothers who don\’t work for quite legitimate and understandable reasons.
    Thanks for your thoughts about my wife and daughter. Hey, we just get on with life, it\’s tough but in my household we make the best of things, no wallowing in self pity!!
    As usual your thoughts hit the nail right on the head but one particular point really stood out. Let\’s get these lead swingers doing unpaid labour so they can claim some benefits. You\’re right, prison is in many ways a soft option and they would probably learn more about criminal ways. It would be one way to weed them out, if they have to work they might as well get a proper job and get paid for it. Wouldn\’t happen in the real world though, once the human rights brigade get involved.
    Your comments were posted 6 times, I thought I was popular for a moment but hey ho, it\’s a worry because it has happened a few times now. I will e-mail the help service.
    Gotta go, got a date with man u
    Speak soon and once again, thanks for your kind words about my girls, they appreciate it and keep your spirits up
    Take care

  5. Pete said

    Hey Phil,
    Thanks again for your input. A thorny little issue even if I say so myself. Sorry to hear about your problems and I hope you can get some treatment that will give you a good quality of life, if you want to give me more details a little more privately e-mail me. My experience of working in the field of disability gave me a clearer perspective of what people with disabilities have to face, the discriminiation they get from the companies that are proud to put their \’two ticks\’ on their literature, but do fuck all about it in reality. I will cover more on this topic on a later date and share with you some of the situations I found myself in. I understand your reluctance to believe that the big companies will actually get their fingers out of their arses and actually do something positive for disabled people but the truth of the matter is that if the government want to bring the numbers down, they should put the onus on the compnanies to work with them. You can try as get as many people off incapacity benefit as you want, but they have to have jobs to go to. You can see the conversations can\’t you, \’we\’ll give 2000 jobs to disabled people if you give us panning permission for 20 more stores. You get the idea. s for the rest the government need to really get their act in gear and hound the people who they suspect of swinging the lead and stop their benefits. Like you say, you don\’t know everyone\’s circumstances but we all know there are countless people out there taking the piss. The onus is on them to prove they have an illness, prove they are getting the best treatment they can for it and if they can\’t, stop their money.
    My suggestions about loan parents was really aimed at the teenage \’Vicky Pollards\’ that litter our streets. Your mum\’s circumstances are very different and I would not offend her or you to suggest she should get back to work. These teenage baby factories are the ones that need sorting out. I have actually heard a 14 year old saying that when she was 16 she was going to get pregnant so she could get a free flat and all the money she needs. Thats what our society has become and it needs to be made clear to these slappers, it isn\’t a lifestyle choice.
    Yes lets draw a line under the BNP for now but I am sure they will raise their ugly heads in the near future.
    Good luck my friend and speak soon
    PS. Just for the record I have a disabled wife and daughter, my wife last part of her right leg when she was younger and my daughter has downs syndrome. I am not discriminating against anyone with a disability, simply because I couldn\’t!!

  6. Petunia said

    Wrong Phil, but hey… Here I am and saying Hell O!!
    You guys certainly are INTENSE.
    X X XHB

  7. Pete said

    Hey Phil,
    I kind of realised quickly what I have let myself in for just by putting my views on my space. I knew not all would agree and I welcome the challenges to my view and lively debate.
    With regards to the BNP policy, I admit that my memories of their manifesto was at the last general election. You have clearly gone into some detail and fair play to you, some of the stuff you\’ve found is scarey but it is also open to inerpretation. You can look at what you\’ve found in a number of ways and your views are influenced by the belief of them being a Nazi facist party. As I said there a number rising through the ranks at the BNP who totally abhor the facist and racist reputation the party has and are committed to focussing on matters that anger the general populus. Immigration, integration, political correctness and the human rights bill are high on their agenda. I do not support the BNP as I do not support any political party because as you say, it is all about power and self serving grees. The candidates do not care about the voters, only line themselves up with a few profitable directorships or cunsultancy positions when they lose their seats. I have not ticked a box in a poll booth for years and don\’t plan to but one belief I have is that if the BNP clean their act up a bit, dispell with the neo nazi, facist and pure racist links and focus on driving the very matters which the public care about, they may grow stronger and stronger. Mind you that would apply to any political party but none of them have the balls to offend the minorities.
    As a thought, the British culture the BNP refer to is possibly that people who live in England speak english, respect english law and tradition and make a contribution to their community and society in general. Not exactly a culture but it would be a start.
    Have a good day an hope to hear from you soon

  8. 0 - said

    hi phil than thaks for callin by wiv your comment lol, well im tryin to please everyone@the mo wiv a pic and a table wiv wotever in it lol so hold tight sweety keep hopping bk ave a good day see you soon oxo

  9. 0 - said

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    great blog 😉

  10. Pete said

    Hey Phil,
    Thanks for getting back. I was bit busier than planned today so I couldn\’t see more of your blog, but I will.
    Of course the culture which the aristo\’s and upper classes put forward before the war didn\’t exist. Even though it was restricted in 40\’s and 50\’s the media are still to blame because they wouldn\’t put anyone on the TV unless they spoke in an upper class accent and would never dream of making films about normal people. It took until the sixties for people around the rest of the world to realise that not all Englishmen lived in castles, had butlers and drank tea on the lawn whilst playing croquet. But the english have always been good at hiding the truth haven\’t they??
    We are now living in a ridiculous society where the minorities get preference. Tell me another country where a religious or cultural minority would even have the nerve to ask their hosts to remove traditional things such as christmas trees. Its a fucking joke that more and more councils up and down the country are banning christmas and promoting eid and ramadam just to please the minority. The religion they are bending over to pacify is the most outdated and suppressing form of worship. Can you imagine working in india and saying you objected to everyone fucking off every four hours to pray, you would be shot. To me all religion is bad, they all supress information and in most cases the truth. I respect anyone\’s right to lead the life they chose and pray to whatever diety the want, but I don\’t want to be told to \’celebrate\’ the festivals of these religions. I don\’t really celebrate xmas, I buy my daughter and wife a few pressies and hope it will go away as soon as possible!
    The law is a mess. Now everyone can claim for something on the human rights bill the criminals have won. I mean even prisoners are even claiming loss of liberties when they are inside, for fucks sake, I thought prison was meant to be a loss of liberty. If it isn\’t the facist religions that take over it will be criminals. One I really feel strongly about is when someone enters your home or car or business. If they break in somewhere with the intention to steal and you catch them you should be able to give them a good hiding, even kill them if they come armed with a dangerous weapon. No way should they have any rights at all, they are the thieves, they are the bad guys. If they can do the crime, they should do the time. But no, you so much as lay a finger on someone if you catch them , you get done for assault, if you detain them you get done for kidnapping. Sometimes I wonder why I try to be a law abiding citizen because I know if I am a victim of crime, I don\’t seem to have any rights.
    You mention the BNP. If their leaders weren\’t such obvious racists they would seriously start to challenge the establishment. Some of their policies are really good and make a lot of sense, unfortunately their hierarchy have too many links with the national front and although people want to see tighter controls on immigration and an end to this ceaseless political correctness, they are reluctant because of who is in control. I know a couple of active members of the BNP and they are working on it. There are people rising within the party who aren\’t racists, they just want britain back and money going to where it should. Watch for the rise of the BNP.
    I work in salford but live in Hyde which is either in greater manchester, cheshire or Stockport. Don\’t ask I have no idea either??
    I know there is a difference, having always lived in Manchester I know that. I actually work at the quays, not a high powered job with perks, just a decent job to keep a roof over our heads and food on the table.
    I heard Danny John Jules talk a couple of times about a red dwarf film. It seems to have been a hot subject for a while and grant and naylor don\’t seem to be doing anything at the moment. I\’m not sure I would like to see it, the momentums been lost a bit now but a ninth series wouldn\’t go amiss. Big fan, I saw a couple of episodes being recorded, great nights.
    Thanks for your thoughts and support. I certainly enjoy your views, very direct, honest and more importantly real. You see through the hypochrisy of religion, government, classes and say it exactly how you see it. Unfortunately some don\’t want to hear it but I welcome it and respect it.
    Keep up the good work and I look forward to more of you work and comments on mine and you\’re right, I do have a laugh and try to inject some humour cos sometimes all you can do is laugh.

  11. Pete said

    Here\’s the rest of the comment…………no idea what happened there. Read the previous entry first.
    About the only common demoninator I could come up with to define our culture is a lack of respect. People don\’t care any more. They don\’t care about the law, (Do the crime, get a lawyer, find the loophole, claim an infringement on human rights, get a slap on the wrists), no-one cares about each other, no one cares for government (Fight a pointless war that cost enough to build a hundred new hospitals, put tens of thousands of coppers on the beat and thousands of teachers in class rooms) There\’s no nrespect and a lawlessness that leaves me fearing for the future of this country and our children.
    I have enjoyed what I have read so far, you have some very strong beliefs and put them across well but more importantly you are willing to consider others opinion which is important. I am trying to carve out a career as a writer and it is important that I write balanced pieces in terms of opinion or else no-one will buy my work. My beliefs may appear a little powder puff at times but it is not always the case in my heart, I use the blog to showcase my work and range of topics and styles I cover but believe me, sometimes I really want to let go!!!!!
    Keep up the good work

  12. Pete said

    If I can just add my few pence worth to the discussion.
    Spice is right, there isn\’t one description of the definition of English culture. We live in a country that is evolving and has been losing its identity for many decades. The fall of the empire, the open door immigration policy and the media have all contributed to this country becoming what we see today as we look around us. I thought long and hard about the questions you posed about modern culture to try and nail a description down to one sentance but it\’s impossible. I only have to look up and down my street to see how diverse our culture is. On one end a community of asians who wont integrate and are being brainwashed into believing their promised land is full of bigots and have a sack of potatoes on their shoulders, never mind the odd chip. Thir failure to integrate, their perceived arrival in this country for free money, housing, education and benefits and their ridiculous religious beliefs are the reasons for the bigotry. Down the other end of the street there are single mums, chavs, small time drug dealers who think they are big time gangsters in their ten year old corsa\’s with big exhausts and ridiculous LA/manc accents.  

  13. bobby said

    hello,phil,thanks for your chinese but google translation is very bad~~hahahaha~~few sentence is correct~~hehehe,but thanks for your effort!
    by the way, english culture is glorious—xxx
    take care

  14. Pete said

    Hey Phil,
    Thanks for dropping by, always welcome new visitors, especially those who leave such great messages. You are right of course, the royals don\’t really serve much purpose apart from eating away at our tax pounds. The royalist will always make an argument for them but I can\’t see how the country would be any different without them. It will still be a mess.
    I agree that the royals do have influence over the politicians, I\’m quite well read on a lot of the conspiracies regarding the royals, wilson, diana, even mountbatten. I believe they are shadier than the cosa nostra but noone ever really believes it. Look at Harry, it\’s as clear as day his parentage is in question yet no-one ever talks about it, no-one publically questions it and I\’m sure it wouldn\’t be impossible to get a sample of his DNA so a match could be made. Even hewitt doesn\’t say anything. If they can silence a big mouthed twat like him, there\’s no limit to what they can do. They say muslims are blindly led, ha. NO matter, nothing will change, not in our lifetimes anyway.
     You seem as prolific as me in your blog but I will have a good look at it tomorrow and share my thoughts with you.
    Take care and keep up the ranting
    By the way I work in Salford

  15. P said

    Hear Hear,Well, Mr J (Taken from Robin\’s Phil J has run off wtih my… statement) lol!I totally agree with you, the Thatcher era did promote the \’me culture\’ and create desparity between, the have\’s  & have nots, breaking down the community and stealing the hope away from the youth.I also do not  want to be part of a society that grades worth by postcode, the car I drive or my annual income.
    Thanks for passing by Mr J, I hope you had a good week-end.Have a great week.
    The G Man 😉

  16. Robin said

    Bloody hell Phil you done it again lol your comment was 10 inches longer than my blog. I always thought it was hard for you to raise to the occasion hahahahaha. Talk to you on msn on Saturday mate chow babe hehehehe,

  17. Kathryn said

    Oh, and I haven\’t seen the Dr from the 95 movie? Is that the DR that only did one movie and thats it? If so, its not availble for sale yet :O( maybe thats a good thing? I like all the Dr\’s I find so far from what I\’ve seen of Colin Baker (blonde short curley hair 80\’s)..he\’s a bit of a bore, all the other Dr\’s have a very unique quirkiness about them! GOD I never can get enough WHO!
    I\’m such a geek!

  18. Kathryn said

    Your SO off the mark with the swindle movie,really WATCH IT..
    I own both the filth and the Fury
    and the swidle
    If anything, it points out that Malcolm IS in fact, one big wanker..
    Watch it…..
    YOU will LOVE it
    Trust that!
    All the songs come in clearer context when you watch the movie..
    Friggin in the riggin was just one fun song they did as it was part of a cartoon part in the movie…a bit of a spoof, there are a couple spoofs, on purpose, LIKE Disco pistols, but it\’s on purpose to blaightly say, that disco sucks…..
    Watch the movie!

  19. Robin said

    Hi phil i am not going to do a mandy as she so right what she said. All I am going to say the Tories have ruled this Country for far many more years then labour They have ruined our culture of work hard play hard we are now a nation of shopkeeper, take aways and supermarkets. druggies consumer lead industries.I may well leave this place in a box .but I do hope its a plane with a one way ticket British culture British life you can stuff it

  20. Kathryn said

    You also said you may pick up a Neil Young album, try the classic "Decade" double CD
    MY FAV song is;
    Needle And The Damage Done"I caught you knockin\’at my cellar doorI love you, baby,can I have some moreOoh, ooh, the damage done.I hit the city andI lost my bandI watched the needletake another manGone, gone, the damage done.I sing the songbecause I love the manI know that someof you don\’t understandMilk-bloodto keep from running out.I\’ve seen the needleand the damage doneA little part of it in everyoneBut every junkie\’slike a settin\’ sun.

  21. Kathryn said

    Oh and as for the NIN I\’m not exactly SURE what album that version of HURT is on, you see he often repeats songs on albums HURT is on at least 4 of the albums, all different versions, but "The downward Spiral" is a good place to start with NIN… The radio always plays only the one version, also the LIVE album is very good…

  22. ... Angelwitch said

    haha glad I\’m mentioned here  🙂 even if we did screw your mind up a bit lol..Spice does have a huge point about the media influence..I\’m sick of hearing a bout how nobodies like Jade get famous for being human garbage while the hard working majority of folk have to live with thee people lording it up…until they fall, theyn I just laugh…(yep I\’m an evil sod )
    I know of the hardships of unemployed parents, my dad was made redundant when I was seven and that year my mum had to borrow money form my nan to get us some xmas prsesnts, it\’s taught me to value money in a way no school ever could.
    kids? several reasons why we don\’t want them, both me and Rich remember how babd we were as kids and we don\’t want to be on the recieving end of that, Rich doesn\’t like the resposiblity that comes with it either, he worries about the kid making false allegations, he\’s known it to happen to someone..and finally we have a mischevious parrot as a pet who has the behavoiral paterns and mentalitiy of a toddler anyway, but he\’ll never grow up…lol..
    ahh thanx for including me mate.. you take care of yourself and have a great weekend

  23. Kathryn said

    "Counsil estate community" I can\’t wrap my head around the meaning of that? COuld you please elaborate what that is exactly?
    Spice is a very wise man, he does have quite an ability to make a point! "Bringging in the rigging??" LOLLLLLLLLLL
    Songs called Friggin in the Riggin…
    It was on the good ship VenusBy Christ, ya shoulda seen usThe figurehead was a whore in bedAnd the mast was a mammoth penisThe captain of this luggerHe was a dirty buggerHe wasn\’t fit to shovel shitFrom one place to anotherChorus:Friggin\’ in the riggin\’Friggin\’ in the riggin\’Friggin\’ in the riggin\’There was fuck all else to doThe captains name was MorganBy Christ, he was a gorgonTen times a day sweet tunes he\’d playOn his fuckin\’ organThe first mate\’s name was CooperBy Christ he was a trooper.He jerked and jerked until he workedHimself into a stuporChorusThe second mate was AndyBy Christ, he had a dandyTill they crushed his cock with a jagged rockFor cumming in the brandyThe cabin boy was FlipperHe was a fuckin\’ nipperSo he stuffed his ass with broken glassAnd circumcised the skipperChorus ( Chorus is Friggin in the riggin! Friggin in the riggin friggin in the riggin there was FUCK all else to do!)The Captain\’s wife was MabelTo fuck she was not ableSo the dirty shits, they nailed her titsAcross the barroom tableThe Captain had a daughterWho fell in deep sea waterDelighted squeals revealed that eelsHad found \’er sexual quartersI think you really NEED to watch The Great Rock and Roll Swidle, FK the god damned reviews it\’s an awsome album…WHY? Well for one they ALL sing a tune or two on it, it\’s raw pistols, and the movie gives you a good indication of the TRUE feel of the punk movement and the PISTOLS..and the TIME…..You will hear Sid sing more than MY WAY..Its a must see, if you know that much about Lydon, I can\’t believe you haven\’t seen it! I KNOW its very easy to find in the UK, well the DVD anyways, the CD is VERY difficult, as it was only cut on CD once back in the eighties, took me 5 YEARS to find one used copy from france..
    I\’m so with you with the new so called "punk" the word your looking to describe these tossers is called "Emo" it\’s stupid, Drop Kick Murphys rock… My fave song is "Kiss me I\’m shit faced" I DO LOVE METAL and old punk too, with a lot of other stuff… I never claimed CDN punk wasn\’t a little off its rocker, but some of it is very good..
    Take care, mate

  24. Amanda said

    Hello Phil,
    I think the country went tits up when the Tory\’s got voted in, and every other government before and after.  They are all liars, promising us thin air and we believe them all the time.  Some people in this country have lost everything, their homes, their jobs etc etc…as a  result families have split, and more and more divisions are occuring across the board.  We are in grave danger of losing even our identities because of all the immigrants that have been allowed in.   We are not a british country anymore, rather a multi race anything other than english ! Sure we have great tv, great music, but it\’s being taken over by bollywood bigwigs every day.  We are losing everything british to private companies who are not even english speaking some of them, let alone share our skin colour.   If you go to streets of london, in certain areas it is a case of spot the white man.  Where are we all going to?? We are gradually being squashed out of our own country to make way for the rest of the world who\’s own country has gone to pot, now they come and wreck it for us too.  We once had many heritages, but over time they disappear too.  The red buses and phone boxes, traditionally english, have all gone etc etc.  Council estates are a living hell hole for most people today because the government likes to put paedophiles and teenage mothers all together.  Schools have no authority anymore.  Years ago our schools were known for their strict disciplinary actions.  Today we have the kids ruling the teachers.  Uniforms are hardly worn like back in old days.  We have no identity anymore as like being an english garden full of pretty flowers and colours.  Instead our country is like a barren wasteland full of dirty filthy mostly foreigners, with no respect for our traditions and culture.  They are trying to take over and turn our country into their own.  Soon Britain won\’t even be on the map as we know it….we will be called the \’Has been\’ country.  \’Has been\’ good, \’has been\’ faithful and loyal etc etc, \’has been\’ fun.  But now it \’has been\’ taken over !!
    Right i have to go…i have said enough.
    Talk soon on MSN i hope. 
    Hope you feeling ok. Love M&M xx

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