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Hazel Blears = Monkey Spanker!

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on March 8, 2007

         Yes you are all right I haven’t done a wanker of the week for quite some time.
         And that’s not because there’s been a shortage of wankers, quite the opposite.
         There has been some tremendous wankers as of late, from our beloved Führer
         and all round nice guy and everybody’s best mate Tony Blair to that all round
         greedy bastard Rupert Murdoch and numerous other media junkies and tits.
         Which brings me to the latest wanker, I was going to do this lady some time 
         ago as she has personally shit on my family and lied to their faces. And also
         on many other working class people in Salford especially mothers in the area.
         The reason why Hazel Blears is on my wanker of the week list is her many and
         recent contradictions she has made. The most recent as many Salfordians will
         know is her recent support to Not move the Hope Hospital maternity services
         from their present location at Hope. Now for all the people who don’t live in
         Salford will not realize is that she backed and still does back the Government’s
         wider reforms of the NHS. So in essence she is protesting against the reforms
         she backs and helped draw up. Yes the shortarse hells angel wannabe took
         part in the protesting of the Governments 60 ‘reconfigurations’ across England
         and Wales. Can you believe this women, it’s like Hitler saying he didn’t support
         invading Poland, even though he made the decision to invade.
         Blears said in her defence “I’m not campaigning against Government policy, it’s
         a local decision made be the Primary Care Trust and Strategic Health Authority
         and what I’m doing is trying to make sure that the local decision provides the
         best services for Salford people.”  Then why did she back the policy that lead
         to this happening? Mmmmmm I wonder if it had anything to do with her career
         prospects? Who gives the power to the PCT & SHA? that’s right the people our
         Hazel works for! So the policy she made the decision to back is still to blame,
         so who the fuck does she think she’s kidding?
         And now the increasingly embarrassing minister and chair of the Labour party
         is now gunning for fat shit by Royal appointment john Prescott’s job as deputy
         PM. Well she better start eating now to fill his fuckin’ shoes and get herself a
         bit on the side (watch out Jack Straw!). So two things she has to do then, eat
         and get her leg over with anyone that’s not her partner and the deputy PM
         entails little else as you only work when the PM’s not there, so why the deputy
         PM get’s paid all year is a mystery to me.
         For these reasons and more Hazel Blears is this weeks wanker of the week!
         P.S I didn’t include a picture as i didn’t want to subject you all to the horror
         of her annoying face and her in her leather biker gear trying to be tragically
         trendy. Till next time.

40 Responses to “Hazel Blears = Monkey Spanker!”

  1. Suzzanne said

    Dear Phil
    I am truly sorry if i seemed to be on the attack.  I am a christian yes, and I am proud of my culture.
    The song De Le Ray was never aimed on any political situation in South Africa.  All South Africans should
    be proud that we tried to protect our country!! I was offended that you said the land was not ours to begin with.
    Yes so we did not originally come from Africa, but they were born there. I was born here. That makes South Africa my
    country.  I probably should not be so quickly offended.  I truely hope you can forgive me.

  2. P said

    Hey mr J,I was glad to accept your request. :)Thanks for passing by and your recent comments.Please pass by soon,Take care mate,Phil.

  3. shelly said

    Hello Phil,
          Sorry about last night i did try to get you but you went off i was doing some letters for Hubby that he needed for today
          so i couldn\’t get to you till i had finished then cry you were gone off lol.
           I hope you are keeping well {{hugs}} have a great weekend Love from Shelly xxx
        Strength for the task you have in hand,
             Time for the lovely things you\’ve planned,
        Hope to sustain you day by day,
             Laughter and sunshine all the way.
        Wisdom to guide and light to lead,
            Courage and faith in time of need,
        Health never-failing. Friends to bless
            And love to complete your happiness.
      Take care beause i care with love from Shelly xxx
    H E , -^_^-, .. _, .-\’^ R S , .-^_______S _.. H E , .-^____________H __..,Y.-^________________E ________________________L ________________________L ________________________Y _______________________XXX ______________________isskiss ____________________kisskisskis __________________skisskisskisski ________________sskisskisskisskissk ______________isskisskisskisskisskiss ____________kisskisskisskisskisskisskis _________skisskisskisskisskisskisskisskiss _______kisskisskisskissk666kisskisskisskissk HAPPY EASTER Phil & your lovely family love from Shelly  xxx
     ______isskisskisskisskisskisskisskisskisskiss ______kisskisskisskisskisskisskisskisskisskis _______skisskisskisskisskisskisskisskisskis ____ _______XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX_________
       ♥.·**·.¸(¯`·.¸♥ XXLOVE FROM SHELLY XX ♥¸.·´¯)¸.·**·.♥

  4. Amanda said

    Hello Phil,  or should that be Phillipa ? lol !
    Just popping in to say hi.  See you ain\’t done another blog lately.  The world is full of wankers….we wait for your next take on one of them ! lol !!
    Thankyou for your comment on my space.  I can\’t remember what you said though !! hahahahahaha !!!!!
    Still you know you are always welcome, even when you write me a book, lol !!
    Catch you laters on msn hopefully.
    Be happy !
    Love Mandy Marie xx

  5. Pete said

    Hey Phil,
    Don\’t worry about yesterday, these things happen. I am on line all day but I have to work too, so I can\’t always talk. We\’ll get that timing sychranised one day.
    I see what you mean about the money footballers earn but like I said, its what someone is prepared to pay them. I know what you mean about the super rich and I felt the same but I once read an interesting article of how the investments of the rich create prosperity for others. You know, when they invest in housing and commercial developments, invest in businesses so they can expand. There is some logic in there somewhere, look at manchester and salford for that matter, more and more buildings are going up and the money has to come from somewhere and it keeps people working.
    As for wayne, well I wouldn\’t mind being able to kick a ball like him even if I had to shag a couple of grannies a long the way. I think your hatred for football shows through a little bit there!
    I wanted to tell this story of Hyde because it has been the background of shipman and the moors murderers. It still amazes me how much has happened here and I thought some might be interested in it. It seems that the person who livespractically on my doorstep is the only one who bothered to comment!
    Have a good day, take care and love to yours

  6. Pete said

    Morning Phil,
    Hope all is well.
    Ouch, you really do have it in for football. I agree with some you say but firstly Wayne Rooney. I think you are a bit harsh on him cos OK he is ugly and not exactly bright. But he is a world class footballer, albeit struggling for a bit of form at the moment and as for the granny shagging thing, well he wouldn\’t be the first young lad who went to a prostitute when his girlfriend wasn\’t putting out!
    I don\’t actually have a problem with footballers earning so much money, its not really their fault, its the fault of the people who are prepared to pay them the money. Some deserve the obscene amounts they get because of the money they bring into the club through merchandising, others you feel don\’t deserve it because they are rubbish and are clearly only there for the money, but all the while, as long as someone will pay them the money, there\’s not really anything anyone can do about it.
    Hey, if my boss came to me today and said treble your annual salary and we will pay it to you weekly, I am hardly likely to complain am I? It is par for the course now.
    The big problem lies in the young players who are coming through who are being given big contracts before they have even kicked a ball in anger. 20 years ago apprentices were expected to clean boots, mow the pitch, clean the dressing rooms and sweep the stands whilst they learnt their trade. Now they get 10 grand a week and a multi million pound boot deal. They don\’t live in the real world and they are the ones who are giving the rest a bad name.
    There is a breed of young, rich footballers who believe they are above the law and drenched in bling, they live their lives without a care for anyone. I can understand because money and power does seduce impressionable young men but it is no excuse for their behaviour. The women and drink and drugs. They simply think their agent will \’fix it\’ if they have a problem if they step out of line.
    You will always read reports from women who claim to have been sexually assaulted or raped by these men and I see what you mean that some of them ask for it, in so much that they go along with it in the hope of bagging a rich footballer, when they get dumped they go to the papers. There are also gangs of girlsd who sole aim it is in life is to get a footballer so they can simply sell the story.
    This does influence the kids who are trying to become footballers, they see a life of riches and hedonism and the motivation to become a great footballer and win medals is sadly lacking.
    Although there are many shady characters in the game and a lot of wheeling and dealing goes on, I don\’t believe what happens on the pitch is corrupt, if I did I would never watch a football match again. It happens in other countries, of that there is no doubt, but I believe not in England.
    I don\’t but football shirts and haven\’t done for years but I do pay the sky subscription. But I enjoy all football. Although I am a Man U fan, much to my wife\’s annoyance I will watch any game and do get my moneys worth but if the price continues to rise, I will be re-thinking my subscription.
    I don\’t like a lot of things about modern day football. But I am happy I chose man U, at least sir alex doesn\’t tolerate this culture and anyone behaving badly is soon shown the exit door. I work at the quays as you know and some young united starlets lived in the apartments down here. They led the life and some people have told me some stories about them, they no longer play for united. Perhaps if other clubs ensured their young players were better educated in managing their wealth and public profile, we wouldn\’t see some of these players as we do. And let\’s not forget there are many players who give up their time and money for charities and insist on having no publicity for it. My daughter was in hospital for the day a little before christmas. One of the nurses told me that laods of united and city had been to the wards to give the kids presents they paid for themselves. They spent hours with the kids talking and playing with them and they only insisted on one thing, no press. They weren\’t periferal squad players, they were the big stars at the clubs.There are a lot of footballers like that and we should remember that.
    Invitation to speak duly accepted, I very rarely go on line at night but my computer is always on, on my desk during the day so if I am not too busy, always happy to have a chat.
    Take care and love to yours

  7. Kathryn said

    I am currently tring to add you to mesanger yeah! Stupid spaces says I can\’t now…
    Save yourself some sleep and try the beer trick, mate
    No worries they drink left over beer and dead yucky bottom soliders!

  8. Kathryn said

    OZ? Where is that?
    I find it really odd you have concrete under soil ? Builders ruble? What is that all about? That shit doesn\’t happen here? Is it just that your country is so much older and they bulid on top of old building sites? In that case I\’ll swing by your house and HELP you dig it up, maybe we will find treasure? You\’d be surpised how much I grow on my rooftop! I have three shurbs, a hard maple tree lots and lots of flowers and a vegtable garden, its a BIG deck! And with the amount of 1 ft of soil you deal with, we are doin about the same thing!
    PS, I get ot plant and dick around LOTS at the cottage this year to make it pretty for the wedding! OH BOY I will need to rent a big mother to tear up soil!
    Do you have issues with slugs? I heard parts of the UK that is a problem, real easy to deal with, put margerine tubs with beer in them, they go for it everytime! Pesky earwigs? Chop an old garden hose about ruler length and leave them out, oddly bugs go in, but they an\’t get out? Fun part is checking for bugs, slam the hose on rocks, out jump dead bugs! PS: THE UK IMPORTED THE FUCKING EARWIG to Canada, yeah, thats A LOT!
    hee hee

  9. P said

    LOL! Phil, you crack me up…I had a feeling you were going to say what you did about the USA…lol!Take it easy mate,Phil.

  10. Amanda said

    Hello Phil,
    You know i was going to ask you about that too, what Phil G said about USA being english speaking too !!  Seems he beat me to it ! lol.
     Anyway, i cannot comment on your blog since i began to read it and my eyes started to go all fuzzy and i gave up with the rest.  I was sure it was to do with a wanker of the week…
    Talking of wankers, you know that guy i had on line yesterday ? well he has tried to contact me all this morning !  I have blogged about him, but not revealed his name…not yet at least.  Seems he doesn\’t want to give up his quest for cybor sex !!  If he comes back on line again, me and you will do our \’thing\’ we were gonna do ?  Is that ok Philipa ??  hahahaha !!!
    Anyway, hope to talk to you soon.
    Take care,
    Love Mandy Marie xx

  11. P said

    I meant to say \’hounded\’ by the over zealous reps. 😉

  12. P said

    Evening Mr. J. :)Thanks for your recent comment…lol! what are you like??? HAhaha.Haven\’t you heard  of back-packing or self catering….hahah.
    You don\’t have to take a package holiday and be nadded by the over zealous holiday reps…You\’re right, they can be toooo much. lol!
    As usual, you gave me a good laugh, you also don\’t need to do a sand & sea, you could do the country or mountain/forest type of holiday :)..Something to think about \’maybe\’ when you\’re back to your regular self. :)PS: I noticed you didn\’t mention the USA on your list…do I have to ask why? lol! Thier English \’is\’ as good as the Canadians…lol!Have a great weekend mate,Take care,The G Man.

  13. Pete said

    Hey Phil.
    Thanks for your compliments about going with my beliefs. I simply could not be part of it. I rightly believed that the success of integrating individuals into jobs was in the support, for both employee and employer, during recruitment and crucially those first few months in the job. That became something of a nusience for remploy and was not seen as a priority. They failed to grasp that if an employer decided to employ someone with a disability and it all fell through because of lack of support, advice, training  and assistance. They were hardly likely to go down that road again. One more potential avenue closed for the disabled.
    In my earlier years with remploy I did help many poeple get jobs and some compnies took many of them on because they had faith in the support I gave thenem and the individuals. Once that was taken away, it really was time to go.
    I have to earn money to exist, but I have principles.
    One of the vibes I picked up from companies is that they assumed that disabled people would have constant sick problems and would be off a lot. Of course abled bodied and able minded people never have time off sick, do they? Companies simply didn\’t want the resposibility of it, they didn\’t want to deal with difficult situations, and yes I agree, some clearly felt that having people with disabilities in their work place,in the public eye, would frighten off customers.
    Your completely on the money about the kind of people remploy were taking on, graduates without a clue and boy were they dumb.
    Here\’s a thought. Apparently we are invade by so many immigrnts because there are large labour shortages in low skilled jobs, yet we have a ready made labour pool to pick from. Hmmm.
    I know John Lydon did it for a charity and maybe it was me who missed the irony of what he was doing, I am sure he had a laugh though.
    Have a fine weekend and I\’m looking forward to your next rant.
    Love to you and yours

  14. shelly said

    Hello  Phil,
    I hope you are keeping well my friend
    hope to catch you on msn soon missing you all Take care {hugs} Love from Shelly xxx
    Why GOD Gave Us FriendsGOD knew that everyone needsCompanionship and cheer,He knew that people need someoneWhose thoughts are always near.He knew they need someone kindTo lend a helping hand.Someone to gladly take the timeTo care and understand.GOD knew that we all need someoneTo share each happy day,To be a source of courageWhen troubles come our way.Someone to be true to us,Whether near or far apart.Someone whose love we\’ll alwaysHold and treasure in our hearts.That\’s Why GOD Gave Us Friends!

  15. Robin said

    Just to let you know I aint dead yet .take care

  16. Pete said

    Hey Phil,
    Hope you are well. Funnily enough the only time I was tempted to watch one of the shows was when the great JOhn Lydon was on the island thing, but then I thought this icon of 70\’s anarchy and youth, a true star was demeaning himself for the sake of exposure. I can even forgive him for earning moey out of property because everyone has to earn a living somehow, but being on a reality show, it was a little unsettling although I believe he was good.
    I am not offended by anyone using any termanology to describe disability, it was just my preference. One old boy I know refers to my daughter as a \’mong\’ Not very pleasant but in his day that was what people with downs were refered to and well, he doesn\’t mean any ill. I am not offended easily so don\’t worry about it but my guess is your research took you to a stateside website because retarded is a bit of an americanism.
    I have a principle that I am writing stuff that may well offend people and in return people will write offensive stuff, I have a thick skin and am very pragmatic.
    I did read your entry and the conclusion, it was my mistake. Not everything I read sticks in the finest detail so apologies for my error. When I am reading a lengthy entry I do prefer to print them off and study it, but I can\’t with yours as they are written in white and believe it or not, I don\’t really like staring at computer screens. I will pay more attention in future.
    I am lambasting employers attitudes towards the disabled again today, you might find some interest there.
    Looking forward to your next entry
    Take care and love to yours

  17. Kathryn said

    Hey hun,
    Everythnig is in defrost mode here.. There is the odd spec of snow still lingering but not much to speak of, soon the tulips and grass will start coming up ..There is an abundence of trees and gardens here, even in the city..down the street is a rather large park called trinity bellwoods two blocks north , and I am a couple blocks from a large park on the water (Lake Ontario) as well two blocks south .. I grow a tremndous amout of green stuff including herbs, trees and veggies on my rooftop, mostly growing up we lived rurally so we always had large gardens with plants and vegtables, so many vegtables we could eat off them for an entire year. The one thing that shocks people most, is the amount of untouched wilderness in Canada, you don\’t have to go very far for a forest.. and there are gigantic greenbelts inbetween the cities.. Amongst all the trees and wilderness as well is a copious amount of fresh water lakes, lagoons, rivers and swamps in fact, Canada has the largest supply of fresh water in the world, most of the water needs to be treated though sadly even up north with a boil before you can drink for fear of the "beaver fever" … You can eat a lot of the fresh water fish, and there are seasons for it. However with most lakes you need to keep to the smaller personal sized ones and throw back the mammoth ones as they have higher mercury counts, some of that due to pollution, but mostly from lures in there stomaches from getting away. Most of my family have summer homes. My father has his very own island and there is a large bass fish we see every year , for at least 10 years now, he will follow you around the island as you snorkel for you to hand feed him crawfish, he\’s one lazy bastard, even when I tell people about Freddy, most let out a scream when they see him as he is so big and he FOLLOWS you, lol he also usually has a little buddy.. My mother just bought a lodge resort, and my finacees family has a summer home on lake simcoe, you can walk out about 4 miles without getting your head wet before it gets deep with large sand bars very nice.. So, we do very mush enjoy outdoor life here! I swear I was a fish in another life and live for the water!

  18. STU PIDIDIOT said

    lmao, good blogs, I\’ll have to add you to my friends, especially when I read the last blog about sterilizing idiots, god, that would be me too then…woulda saved me a world of post-marital/divorce woes!!! lmao
    Stu Pididiot

  19. P said

    Hey Mr J, You are always welcome at The G Spot especially when you leave comments like that. :)Thanks for sharing mate, it was really good to learn a bit more about you from your comments…I especially agree with concerning family and friends.I will never knock a lengthy \’in-depth\’ comment…that would make me a hypocrite…lol! I\’m still working out which of you 3 (i.e. Sheena, Pete & your good self) actually leave me the most detailed…lol! I love it. ;)Thanks again for sharing…I know you wasn\’t looking for sympathy but I do hope you recover soon. You and I have a few things in common…You\’ve touched on a subject that I\’m going to Blog about very soon.Take care buddy,The G man.

  20. Pete said

    Hey Phil,
    Good to hear from you as always. Thanks for your comments on my entry. It is really an unbelievable situation but it also sums up the attitude of retailers in particular. I will be doing a piece on the challenges I faced when I spent three years helping poeple with disabilities find work, you think some of this entry is surprising, wait till you read that one.
    With reference to your blog entry I think the subject is beginning to split into two directions. People who are clearly not fit from having children being prevented from doing so and preventing children being born who may be a burden on society.
    On the first subject I have thought about it for a couple of days now and it is hard to come up with a workable solution It would be hard for even the most ardent tree hugger to object to paedophiles being chemically castrated, although that is too good for them, but it terms of everyone else, it\’s a very difficult call. I do agree that something needs to be done. I was only at the maternity ward of my local hospital the other night as my brothers girlfriend had a baby and the amount  of scrotes and low lifes hanging around the place was unbelievable, all I could do was feel for those poor kids and the sad little lives they are going to lead. Spice is right, castrate everyone at birth and then they have to prove they are fit to have kids, its really the only way but you and I know it is never going to happen. About the best we can hope for is my view that changing the way we educate people, not how to have babies, but what it means to have a baby, the responsibility, the financial needs, the skills of parenting. Couple that with a much stronger and effective social services and although it probably wont make a great deal of difference it might offer hope to a few.
    On the other matter of children with disabilities I am disagreeing with you again. During pregnancy many conditions can be identified and if the parent feels that they are not in a position to cope or deal with that, a termination is fine, I would respect that. But to make someone have a termination is completely wrong, no matter how much severity can be detected at that stage. In the case of mental disabilities (I wont use retarded any more, it\’s not political correctness, I just think it\’s an ugly word) It could takes a few years into a childs life to accurately ascertain just how much of a disability it could be and how much help and support they would require through life. Even then you have to look at the big picture. A person with autism or asbergers may be physically able to undertake any task but their mind prevents them from doing so. They would need just as much care as someone who was severly physically disabled. It terms of being a burden to society well let me ask you something. Would you rather see your tax pounds spent on providing adequate support and facilities for children and adults with disabilities or would you rather see your tax pounds spent on war or on supporting illegal immigrants who are staying in the country whilst a decision is made on the entry to the country or supporting bone idle yobs who wont get their fat asses off to work. I know where I am happy for my money to go.
    It\’s wrong to say it\’s not the parents choice because it isn\’t them who have the disability. Obviously I spend a lot of time with children and adults with disabilities and even the ones with the most severe disabilities have a good quality of life. Their home life, education, sure they might need looking after, but if you spent an afternoon in a classroom with a dozen kids with disabilities and see how happy and content they are to learn, be with other kids and how smart some of them actually are, you may well see things slightly different. Don\’t forget, someone with a disability would have completely different expectations from their lives than you or I will and some are like my daughter, an inspiration. The kids will need to be cared for and maybe some of them for life, but don\’t all kids have to be looked after anyway and some of them will prove to be more of a burden to society that a disabled child would ever be.
    10 years ago I would have agreed with you more on this subject but my life has changed greatly in that time, I seen more and come to appreciate more. We\’ll just have to agree to disagree on that subject, but hey, if we agreed on everything we would soon get bored with each other!!!!
    Shame you have gone off writing your blogs at the moment, they do challenge people and I am sure piss some people off but we are all entitled to an opinion and a view and thats the right we exercise.
    Have a good day and love to yours

  21. Kathryn said

    Yes, lol to your comment, DO YOU GET THOSE CHOCOLATE MINI EGGS from cadbury? OMFG with the candy coating?
    ohhhhhhh they are so going down well now! UK chocolate would be BETTER MY O MY it sure is!  We can get some of it over here, it\’s as good as swiss in my books! mmmmmmmm chocolate mmmmmmmmm like those cookie ones with caramel covered in chocolate? Over here we have somethnig called TWIX not half as good as the UK version mmmmmm

  22. Kathryn said


  23. P said

    Thanks for passing by Mr J,Good to hear you love your mum…lol!Have a great week mate.The G Man.

  24. ... Angelwitch said

    judge, jury and executioner again..lol…I almost forgot about that little incident in amongst all the other icebergs that have make the ss new labour look like a swiss cheese now…yep looking around at the political scene these days we really are screwed one way or another…
    how\’ve you been keeping lately Phil?
    hope you\’re having a good week

  25. shelly said

    Hello  Phil,
            How are you doing i hope you didnt forget it was Mother\’s day today i forgot to remind you yesterday but i no you\’d never forget your lovely mother . you take care my friend {{hugs}}Love from Shelly xxx

  26. lynn said

    Hello phil its lynn hahaha. your sites a bit boareing because it has boared me to deaft so i cant be bothered reading anymore. i dont
    understand polltic shit anyway cos really i dont care and im not intrested.
    good bye hahahahahhahhahha

  27. P said

    Hi Phil (AKA \’Mr J\’)Thanks for your light-hearted comments on my castaway thoughts. :)Sometimes I think it\’s good to keep it light, I\’ll be back to my \’heavier\’ Blogs soon.Most of the comments did make me chuckle, but I must admit, yours gave me the biggest laugh.Have a great weekend mate.The G man.PS: I hope you cleared the little misunderstanding up with Bunny…she\’s a lovely lady…really she is…lol!

  28. Pete said

    Hey Phil,
    Hope you are well and enjoyed the gardening. Not really green fingured myself, I just get to assemble all the new furniture my wife likes to buy!
    I remember listening to James Stanage, I believe he is still around. I used to listen to a guy called James H Reeve on Piccadilly (Now Key 103) He used to be on in the late eighties and he had a great mind and I learnt a lot from him, shame his personal life got in the way of his career.
    It not so much a case that I don\’t want the big time charlie\’s done, I know there is a connection between the drug warlords and low level crimes, I just feel that there needs to be a greater emphasis  on the day to day crime we all have to endure and see. When these gangsters are brought down you read that hundreds of coppers and millions of pounds were used in the investigation, why cant that kind of resource be thrown at day to day policing? It was astatement to question where the priorities of the police lie, yes big criminals need to be brought down but not at the expense of the keeping yobs of our streets. The jibe about using the bent coppers was really another way of saying the big gansters have a way of dealing with people who cross them, put bent coppers on the investigations and they will get theirs!
    Big bosses of crime organisations are notoriusly difficult to bring down and put immense amount of layers between them and their crimes. Surely it feasable that focussing on the low level crimes connected to them would lose them a hell of a lot of income and lost revenue, disrupt their work. I once read a book on the mafia and after years of attempting to bring down the dons unsuccessfully, the task forces focussed on those on the bottom end of the scale and were actually more successful in securing convictions and ultimately it lead to their leaders via athe back door. A lesson to be learnt methinks.
    I wouldn\’t suggestor one moment we should let the big time charlies get on with it, tackle the problem a different way and also focus more on commmunity policing.
    I will look at your entry about the vicious cycle, I misunderstood and thought it was your latest entry. I will be writing about rehabilitation and family units at some point in the near future, we can discuss that in more detail then.
    It is always good to talk to someone who takes their blinkers off and sees the big picture.
    Have a good weekend and love to yours

  29. Kathryn said

    Holy fuck batman she sounds like a hoser!

  30. ♪CoNni£ said

    Hey Phill,  how are things going? I hope that you  and your family can find peace. I hope that your parents get well soon!. personally  i dont\’ know what would i do without a movil phone, try to live with that i guess or get one as fast as i can … the bad thing about loosing phones more that the item is the information that we tend to store…
    About my my family, wich comprehends mom and I, is having a hard time. All \’cos of  this bussines We are starting, do you remember that long time ago i told you mom had like a cyber- cofee shop? well she stop with it and keep with the cofee and she put an snack bar .. but suddenly this friend with whom i had a "sentimental" trouble reapeared in our life. he is a Computer geek so he and i are pulling up this cyber bussines again, then I want to start with an underground shop you know, selling band t-shirts, pins, stickers, posters,  bracelets with spikes  and all related to the Punk, Goth, Metal, Grunge,Rock stuff. there is just one shop here in los cabos and one in la paz so i guess its a very good bussiness cos subcultures  are growing here!
    Therefore we are all stressed, mom and this lad friend have a bit of trouble working toguether…… i\’m
     even having a hard time with decoration, any suggestion for a cool store mate?
    As for my mother she has Mexican heritage from my grand dad, but she was born in england just like  me, anyroads she had to face a bad time when she divorced my dad cos she had my grandma taking care of me, an all the jobs she had were not very well paid , one day she meet a mexican lad and came to be a long-life friend , he told us once that he was moving  to a city called los cabos, a year later we came on vacations and keep coming like 3 times for hollydays \’till mom said: "i love this place its safe,  quiet , i think i can find a nice job and as connie is turning into teenage i guess it would be nice for her"  
    i moved one year after mom did, blue time beacuse i was very far from her , to tell the truth i didnt want to leave england at first now i can say i\’m really happy here its an awsome place obvioulsy with its prons and cons  ….
    Oh about mom liking British more than Americans she DOES for sure ;
    well Mate thats part of my story…. are you originally from Saldford?
    See you lad \’till next time nand take care…. 🙂

  31. Pete said

    Hey Phil,
    Thanks for your comments. I looked for your new blog entry but it doesn\’t appear to on yet. I hear what you are saying about dislosure in court and that the big criminals not having records and layers between themselves and their crimes, but to be honest, I am more interested in having the crimes that directly affect me, dealt with and adequately punished. The young thugs, anti social behaviour and the violent crime that is on our streets all the time, each and every day. Big time charlies will get theirs. Let them mix with the bent coppers and leave the decent ones to clean up our streets.
    This sociaty does all stem from the home. Kids need love, not toys, games and ipods. They are no substitute for interracting with your family, sharing time and experiences together and feeling loved and wanted. Single parent families, long working hours and people who just simply allowed to have kids all contribute to kids wandering the streets looking for what they don\’t get at home, however it manifests itself. Like yourself, thats where the answers lie but for many, it would be too little to late for now but I hope as parents bring their kids into this world, that they have to devote everything to them, at a sacrifice for themselves, to ensure they are bringing up decent, civilised people. Can\’t see that happening can you?
    I think you are very wise for your years and have a deep insight. Your opinions are intelligent and clearly from someone with a good brain. I enjoy reading your entries and comments. Keep them up.
    Take care and I\’ll try and read your entry later

  32. Pete said

    Hey Phil,
    Thanks for your words once again. I appreciate hearing your perspective.
    Sometimes I write this stuff when I am working and because from time to time I am interuppted I do lose my train of thought so so sometimes I do go to make a point but lose it part way through. I think that came across when I mentioned the police having decisions to make. I know there are many bent coppers around and know of many instances like the one your family experienced. I couldn\’t trust a copper to wash my car, never mind such serious judgements of people. The point that got lost was the bottom line is a copper knows the difference between a scumbag who should be off the streets. You know who I mean, the mindless vandal, violent thug, perpetual thief. And the petty, maybe one time offender who would probably learn quickly from the experience, never to be seen again. There is a fundemental difference in your class of criminal at this level and a copper should at least be able to differenciate. Hope that makes it a little clearer.
    I believe all these thugs have been bred by the lack of discipline and parenting at home and I agree education is the key rather than just locking them up and throwing away the key (although that would be too good for some of them!) But the problem is where do you start? I am planning a blog about this but was just doing a little research on stats etc. Well I like to get my facts right from time to time! The reason why is that I am intrigued by whether it is environment, peer pressure, the media or upbringing that causes this anti social behaviour we are all being affected by at the moment. And of course, how can go about tackling it.
    By the way, I am a firm believer that if you catch someone in your home, car or property, it is at their risk! Like you said, smart thugs will find a way to work around the boundaries of the law but who would be stupid enough to go to the home of bunch of yobs anyway? This where innocent until proven guilty and non dicsclosure of criminal history doesn\’t work for me. If a gang invite someone to their home, give him a good kicking and then claim they caught him committing a burglary wouldn\’t wash if the victim was just some poor Joe who the came across outside a pub, especially if poor Joe doesn\’t have any form.
    I believe in disclosure because of a personal incident which I will quickly bore you with. Years ago I had a pub and I rented one of the garages of the pub to a couple of the lads who came in, I thought they were just using it to tinker about with cars. It turned out they were stealing cars and stripping them down in the garage, I only found this out when the police raided it and parts of about 10 stolen cars were found in the garage.
    I was charged with handling and all along I felt that my clean record, my position as a licensee and the fact that I was a decent, upstanding citizen would see to it that it went no further. One of the gang was also caught and we both ended up standing trial. At the end of it, and all the usual crap from the other guy\’s defence lawyer, I ended up getting the same community service order the other guy got. Obviously after the trial our respective criminal records were available and the other guy had something like 50 convictions for theft, car theft and so on. Half the jury apologised profusely to me realising they had got it all wrong. Why shouldn\’t someone\’s criminal past be made public at a trial. I am told it is because it may influence a verdict, well course it will, influence it to be the right decision.
    Must do some work now.
    Have a good day and love to yours

  33. Adelina said

    Hello Phil.
    Let me introduce my self.
    I am Adelina and you probably have seen my comments on Pete\’s space.
    I am looking these photos you show from England and though i can see what you mean with them i tell you that I still think of your country as a wonderful place.
    It is true that the best photos of a country or a town are shown to catch people\’s minds and  seduce them.But that happens a lot in Spain.You probably see the best beaches you\’ve ever seen on photos and also green places.
    It is true that those places exist but they are not so close as we would like to .
    That\’s why it is good people go to travel and see them or even better to live in those countries for a while,that should be the best.
    In that way we all could see that there are also horrible places that  iin a package tour is never seen.
    But that is what are we here for,aren\’t we?
    We are people who see the goods and the bad things that media,politicians or other people make the rest of the world to believe is the real thing.
    Good blog.
    Take care

  34. spice said

    Hey Phil, welcome back.
    I don\’t know anything about this specific issue even though I do take most of my news coverage from the BBC website. Despite not having any knowledge of it the antics of the politician in question it all does sound depressingly familiar. I suppose it\’s just another example of the level to which society has sunk – self seeking, self serving and thoroughly hypocritical people fighting their way to the top of their particular tree and using any means available to get there. I remember an analogy I was given some time back about monkeys climbing up a tree. The one at the top looking down sees a crowd of faces all threatening him for the the top position. The ones at the bottom look up and all they can see is a bunch of arseholes ahead of them.
    With which I\’ll wish you a good week and head on down the road.

  35. Pete said

    Morning Phil,
    Thanks for your input once again. I agree in some ways that candidates for parliament being borna nd bred in their constituancies doesn\’t necessarily mean their wont be corruption and power mongering but I do have a little faith in human nature and there are decent people around who do have the interests of others above their own. The biggest problems with MP\’s is that they are institutionalised politicians (like Bill Clinton) who work through the ranks of their respective parties so they can stand for election, but along the way a few poles will have been greased and a few bargains struck and once they are in power, its payback time. The current system in the policy and law creation process does allow lobbying but as we all know, in many cases thats practically legal bribary. That\’s when the MP\’s and ministers come to realise how much power they actually weave and of course, some begin to crave more. That\’s the area that needs to be looked at and changed. 
    Speaking of local MP\’s, mine is a chap called Andrew Purnell. He isn\’t a local boy and to be fair to him, he had a very tough act to follow as his predossessor, Tom Pendry was the MP for well over 20 years and a highly respected and revered man he was too. He has actually moved into the area and regularly holds surgeries in our town and is easily accessible. I contacted his office wonce out of sheer desperation when, having been made unexpectedly redundant a few weeks before xmas, the benefits were taking an age to process and we were on the verge of poverty. I contacted his office and within 24 hours we were sent some money and 48 hours, the benefits were processed. I have to say, I was very impressed and he even called me personally a few days later to make sure everything was OK and to thank me for the note I left for him and his staff at his office. I have heard other similar stories about him too. I know he holds a junior minister post and I have seen him described as potentially a future star of the cabinet. Locally I think he is proving his worth. I am monitoring his career and hoping that he maintains this decent reputation he has locally when he finally advances into national politics, being against the Iraq war probably will hinder his career a little, but otherwise he doing OK. Perhaps there is a little hope after all.
    Short today, got to work on a writing project that might actually earn me a little cash but I will be back. Much to rant about!!!!
    Take care and love to yours

  36. Amanda said

    Hello Phil,
    I can\’t really comment here as i never heard of Hazel Blear.  But if she\’s like any other politician then i dare say she\’s out for her own interests mostly. 
    I would like to know though Phil, if she\’s your \’wanker\’ of the week, then how does she manage that with her leathers on, being a woman and all ??? LOL !!!!!!
    Catch you soon on msn.
    Take care, love Mandy Marie xx

  37. Pete said

    Morning Phil,
    Good to hear from you again and as always your observations are acutely observed and emotionally written. Hazel Blears, a self serving MP who advocates government legislation then appears to defy it. Surely there isn\’t a leadership contest on the horizon is there. She will want to be seen by her constituants to be doing the right thing, hell she wants a job for another five years. MP\’s a re greedy, self serving bastards who care little for what the people of their constituancy acutally care about. Her appearance at the demonstration was nothing more than a publicity stunt, she\’s a hypochrite, they are all hypochrites and no wonder you are spoilt for choice for wanker of the week. It would be interesting to introduce legislation that requires candidates for elections to have been born and bred in the constituancy they wish to represent, not a rising star within a political party parachuted in. I am a great believer in that and would like to see that happen.
    As for the lead swingers, you are absolutely right and I believe it is workable. The money to run the department would come from the money saved from fraudulent benefit claims and surely we have the technology to manage it. I also like the idea of it playing a part in cutting immigration, the government try to have us believe that immigration allowances are based on labour shortages, well like you said, it will two birds with one stone.
    This government are happy to throw money at a pointless and illegal war, an olympics that the vast majority of the populus don\’t want and of course voting whopping big pay rises for themselves. There are far more important local issues that need to be addressed and properly funded. Health, education, crime fighting, the benefits system, all woefully short of the funds they need to be more effective.
    I remember the labour win of 97 vividly and I really thought it was the dawn of a new era of people focussed politics rather than the greed and sleeze of the thatcher and major years. I had faith in Blair and although there have been a few positives, in the main the country is in a complete mess. I am sure we will discuss plenty in the time to come.
    All the best and love to yours

  38. Robin said

    Hi Phil Hazel Blair really is in a no win position,as a local MP she is duty bound to help her constituants after all they voted for her. In her place of work she has wear another hat. that of a minister in HMS government and has a colective responsibilty to fpllow policy. She may well throw here name in the hat for the Deputies position, she aint going to get it mate
    might not get chance to talk to you on Monday as I am in Leeds and its going to be a looooooooooong day.

  39. Petunia said

    Hey Darling!
    Thanks for the visit!! I really did not mean that YOU were wrong.. I meant that "I had the wrong phil !!" I confused you with Phil G, but decided to leave a message anyway!
    I would NEVER suggest you or your feelings, or your thoughts are wrong. I may not always agree darling, but NEVER (Phil G, back me up?) actually tell you you are wrong – My philosophy in life – "There\’s too many idiots trying to tell you already what to feel, so why the (polite version) heck should I try and be one of them?!"
    So, all in all, nice to have met you "Wrong Phil" = Not the Phil I thought you were!!
    Please, accept my apologies!
    Kind Regards

  40. P said

    Lol!Don\’t hold back there Phil. :)Seriously, I\’m sure you\’re aware of the fact that the mjority of people in the political parties and councils will only move on things which concerns the majority of the public when they have a personal friend or family member with a particular need.When a situation personally affects them, that\’s when you see them act to make a positive change.
    Take care,The G Man.

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