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Iran Arrests UK Navy Personnel

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on March 31, 2007

I was going to write about another topic but can’t seem to find the info on the particular subject. So sorry for making you all wait, and sorry to Pete, for hyping it up and then not delivering sorry mate but I will eventually do it. And thank you all for your comments on the last blog, I got a new record of 39! Yes, count them, 39! comments, so thank you all! But then again it’s not about the number of comments it’s about the content.Well well well… what’s Iran been up to? For any people outside the UK or people who just can’t be arsed to follow the news, Iran has taken 15 British sailors captive for being in the right place at the wrong time.
The crew were seized by the Iranian forces on the 23 March in the Gulf, and apparently were in Iranian waters. The British Go to the point where they were seized with a GPS (Global positioning system) and prove the Iranians were in the wrong and the 25 sailors were 1.7 nautical miles inside Iraqi waters. So this then set Iran off on a game of telling the captive sailors what to say and write so the people of Iran would believe the capture of the 15 sailors was justified and any future charges brought against the sailors would have the people’s support. Once this was aired on Iranian TV the rent a mob soon turned up for the TV cameras and news. Then the religious leader and supreme ruler of Iran Iyatollah Ali Khamenei.. I know it’s a mouth full so we’ll just call him Fred. Fred had his say and the people were soon saying ‘Allah Akbar!’ (another prime example of religious stupidity and interference).
Now if Iran can prove the sailors were in the wrong place then why don’t they prove it? Well they can’t can they, they changed the location of where they say they picked up the sailors twice! And later showed on TV a map of where they picked them up along with footage of the sailors being arrested. Then again the British can’t really say ‘we’re right look at our GPS’ they could have gone to a different place and taken the picture of the GPS and coordinates and say that’s where the sailors were. How do we know the sailors weren’t spying? We know both sides are as bad as each other for spying and accusing each other of being in violation of the UN and human rights.The fact is both Iran and Britain are guilty of violating UN and human rights. In fact the whole situation in the gulf and middle east is practically bad because of their religion and western powers interference over the last 50 or so years, even further if you want to go back that far. And this current situation we find ourselves in is just another product of that interference. Before Iraq was invaded by the coalition of the greedy, Iran was nowhere near as powerful and influential as it is now, and with the US’s recent verbal attacks on Iran regarding its nuclear ambitions peaceful or not, Iran felt the need to show how it will not be bullied. Also Iran has had trouble at home with the population getting fed up with the Islamofacist regime, so what better than a big distraction from all the troubles and get all the people behind the Government they despise? Well it worked for Margaret Thatcher.

And the words that are coming out of Tony Blair’s mouth are nothing less than a joke! It’s “Wrong and unjustified” and all the rest of that shit, I wont bore you with his drivel. But Blair saying it’s illegal? ha ha ha ha what a laugh!! Blair’s no stranger to illegal activities in the middle east is he now… come on! What a fuckin’ cheek! from the man who illegally invaded Iraq. Iran is just reaping the benefits of what Blair and Bush have done in the area, ever since the US and UK removed Saddam Iran has been getting bolder, vocal and more powerful. So it’s nothing more than a ploy by Iran to destract its people from its problems at home and to flex it’s muscles on the world stage and show how powerful it has become.

What else is Iran trying to achieve by these recent actions? Well, my thoughts are it wants to try to negotiate for the release of its military personnel who were caught in Northern Iraq. Having seen what happened in Afghanistan recently where an Italian soldier was traded for some Taliban fighters maybe they thought they could have the same. But it’s more likely they wont a confrontation with either the UK or US or even the UN collectively. This would further cement the Islamofacist Government’s control on the country and make it stronger and look as if its needed in its peoples eyes. Thus assuring the religious leaders of the country and hold on the hearts and minds of the people. So as per usual the politicians and religious leaders have created the situation and the people of each country are led by the nose to what ever they want them to believe.

Either the situation will drag on till no one’s interested anymore and then one side or the other will climb down. Or it could end very quickly with a SAS style extraction if they can find out where they are. Then there is the UN way by sanctions, but that’s more the long and drawn out result and not likely to work because Iran has been under sanctions since the Islamic revolution in the late ’70s.. Then there is the military option, which I think is very unlikely at the moment. So I think it’ll be the first suggestion. What are your thoughts?

20 Responses to “Iran Arrests UK Navy Personnel”

  1. angie said

    oh hell yeh it totally back fired. the MoD were going to brief their personel on what to say and what not to say, as did Iran, the service men and woman are just merely porns in the wider picture.
    i did feel for Faye though, as a mother myself i understood why she syhed away from the media on her return, but as she sold her story, maybe she was told not to talk to the media untill the MoD knew she could cope with the grilling questions and were sure about what she was going to say.
    funny how as soon as she sold hers the MoD then decided no one else should.
    cash incentive dont you think to put the right story across
    and sadly some people are dumb and will not really think about what the media feeds them. after all we only ever hear and see what is in the goverments best interests for us to know.
    least we have the www now
    but yet again, maybe it was just all how it was and we just love to turn it in to something much bigger.
    must keep an open mind and find out as many facts as poss and make our own minds up
    freedom of speech and freedom of thought

  2. Kathryn said

    This stuff brings me to tears, read "Skinny legs and all" ..trust me well worth it.. a funny light read with some very seroius business, well before it\’s time!

  3. angie said

    oh and i dont even listen to tony blair anymore, its just yada yada yada with him. your lips are moving but i dont care what your saying.
    i just hope our next priminister can hold my attention.
    we  need someone we have faith in and has a bit of passion. how can anyone listen to anything someone, whose is about to leave his job, is saying when you know their heart just isnt in it
    the can make promise, he can pretty much say the biggest load of dribble over the next few months, he can even stand up and say he wears his wifes knickers to work and i still wouldnt give a dam.
    come on tony move over. you havent deliever what you have promised. dont drag your stay out any longer

  4. angie said

    hello. i totally understand what you mean about the invite and blog thing, i only really blog on msn when i really have something i need to get off my chest. i am on livejournal too, but this blog is more for other issues.
    the hostage\’s and iran and britian thing has been interesting to watch unfold, like most things i sit back, watch them decide to talk about it.
    i just find it funny that our press and their press have now both put the hostages all over the world\’s media, but our press decides iran\’s press and leaders are wrong for doing so.
    i watch the press conference when they got home, and i had to grit my teeth as i watched these people grilled.
    as far as iran and britain, whose right and whose wrong, i dunno, i really dont.
    but i feel our press hounds are just as bad as the rest of the world.
    did they need to camp outside peoples houses?
    but are we wrong for watching it. do we feed the machine?
    it just totally amazes, or dumb-founds me
    anyway. i will attempt to make more effort, but i do understand if.. well you know
    take care and enjoy your bank holiday

  5. Kathryn said

    WOW this is heavy, I\’m a flake brain at the moment I\’ll be back..

  6. Adelina said

    Hello Phil
    Thanks for the words you wrote on my blog.
    I appreciate a comment about this matter from someone is not from my country as I know there is plenty of people from Spain who doesn\’t agree at bullfighting,so then I am glad to hear what people from outside thinks about it.
    And coming back to your blog,as you know probably already know,the soldiers have been released and now everybody shows a nice face after all what have been said.
    Well,but what it really surprise me is a new i saw yestarday on the newspaper.Apparently someone from the British goverment(I think the  Defense secretary)asked to the british soldiers if they wouldn\’t mind to be Kamikazes in case there was a terrorist attack.A soldier asked to him this  -after you,Sir-.
    Have you heard anything about it?Becouse if it is true,I really believe that people in the goverment is really sick.
    I hope to hear from you soon

  7. P said

    Hi Mr E, Thanks for the recent comment and thanks for keeping it a \’family show\’ with the language…lol!There was no need to apologise for the comment, apart from the S*** word….hahaha.I agree with your comments and not wanting to sound like a scratched record, I have said on someone\’s Blog, that most, if not all, nations have slavery in their history…and as you and others have said, it is \’sadly\’ still with us today.Religion, Politics and the love of money over people are responsible for many of the ills of mankind.
    Take care buddy,The G Man.

  8. Pete said

    Hey Phil,
    Thanks for your comments. I kind of knew this one would spark a rant from you and you didn\’t disappoint!
    I know you have very strong feelings about religion and amany of your points are very valid/ Religion is based on blind faith and the inherrent instinct people have, to follow. Religious leaders took advantage of this and added a little fear for good measure and we have what we have today.
    I know the catholic church is not solely resposible for the state of africa and like you I believe they could do a whole lot more to help rather than shove a bible in their hand and tell them that death is not such a bad thing. But being pro-active is not a catholic strength, being responsible is not a catholic strength and being useful in times of crisis is not a catholic strength. Ram raiding the vatican sounds like fun but I fear futile. Much of the wealth of the catholic church comes from owning land that they fought over in the middle ages, it is claimed they own pretty much most of europe and as a result, pretty rich.
    They could do a whole lot more, not just for the people of africa but for the people of the world.
    I know that the bible in the main is a load of tosh. We only get to hear the good bits but people who stidy bibles know it is full of violence, oppression, war, incest and most of all, hypochrises. I have never read it and never will because it is not a record of our history, it is what some people have chosen to be a record of history.
    Must go, lots to do today. I am off for a few days after today and I wont be too upset if I don\’t go near a computer until next week so take care of yourself and no doubt we will have plenty to talk about when I return
    Love to you and yours

  9. P said

    Hello Mr E, As promised, I\’m back…I think you \’ve summed things up fairly well, it could have been a spy mission gone wrong, it could be that the Iranian waters zone, "miraculously" increased overnight to include the area where they captured the British sailors or maybe they allowed themselves to be caught for other motives. (I know, a bit far fetched but hey, you never know).Who is really telling the truth? I just hope that they sort things  out with negotiaition and not bullets and missiles… I wish the governments would stop manipulating situations to gain "points" over their opposition.Mr E, you are absoloutely correct, the volatile situation in the middle East was and is being caused by a desire to posses land and the oil & minerals, religion & politics.Take care my friend,The G Man.

  10. ... Angelwitch said

    I\’ve meant to send you an invite for a while..lol thats me being blonde i suppose
    yeah the new sereis was off to a good start..well we\’ve had giant wasps and ants in the past so why not move up the animal kingdom somewhat..wish we had that sort od justice even if it is just tosort out all the asbo seeking chavs down our way…teach them to vandalise the car again…
    anyway back to Iran..yeah i forgot how corrupt and useless the UN has become and thus being the reason for us and America to go it alone in Iraq, the UN sanctions are about as useful as a cat flap in and elephant house anyway, Saddam found ways around them and i\’m sure Iran will too, I\’m predicting Israel to kick things off anyway they didn\’t tolerate iraq having any sort of nuclear potential and i believe them when they say they\’ll do something to curb Iran\’s even if no-one else will..
    anyway i\’m off to work so take care mate and i\’ll catch up with you soonish..

  11. spice said

    Phil, me old mate. How\’s it hanging?
    The hostage crisis is very much world news and has even been raised above the hockey results here in the Great White North – which is saying something for a nation where people can name more scorers from last week\’s games than they can political leaders.  This whole affair has an air of underhand games being played by both sides and I also suspect that the British government are being economical with the truth. When Iraq was still under Saddam\’s rule the nation acted as a buffer between the extremist Islamic elements and the more moderate Arab world. Now that it\’s in chaos the balance in the region has tilted dramatically and Iran suddenly found itself in a very strong position – this threatens the stability of many Arab nations and is a situation which can\’t be left unchallenged. I have a real suspicion that this is a carefully orchestrated attempt to push Iraq into doing something stupid – which it has – and to provide more \’evidence\’ of it\’s evil intent.  I feel that we\’re all being primed for an escalation of military activity in the area and that all of this is just the opening move of some dangerous long term political strategy cooked up by the UK and the US. Suddenly the British government have got the support of almost all of the nations in the world – something that they haven\’t had for some considerable time – and it would be very easy for Iran to jail the hostages, or something even worse, and provoke an all out attack. The US would be only too happy to support any British action and would then find themselves in a position to do the very thing that they\’ve wanted to do for some time – and to have a justifiable reason for doing it.
    I hope I\’m wrong – but since the situation in Iran is stalled and the Democrats in the US want a commitment to a withdrawal date, then the only way for the current Republican administration to maintain their commitment to the occupation, and to retain public and cross party support, is for the situation to become even worse.

  12. P said

    I hereby call thee Mr.E. lol! ;)Feeling tired now mate, I\’ll be back later to pay \’proper\’ attention.The G Man.

  13. Adelina said

    Hello once again Phil.
    I agree with one of the things you say about all this matter and is that a country as Iran ,led by those really clever men who always find a way to keep their people amused on something it hasn\’t anything to do with their own problems,makes always a fuss of anything.It doesn\’t matter whether someone has been sailing in their waters fishing octopus,or if  the british have been spying on  them.They want to keep their power in some way and a good thing is agitating the people.They believe themselves untochables and even nobady can make a joke on them.Look what happened with Mahoma caricatures.
    It is also true that occidental leaders take a chance on all these matters always thinking on how they can go up in popularity,if it is not for them,score a point for their Party.
    Take care

  14. Nicky said

    Hey Phil! I\’m still without internet, in case you\’re wondering where the hell I am these days, but I\’m around 🙂
    You\’re 100% right about the problems casued in the Middle East by everyone else trying to get in there and sort it out. To be honest, we should have learned to keep ourselves to ourselves after the bloody crusades, never mind the shit that came in the subsequent centuries.
    I don\’t really know how all this business with the captured soldiers will end. Again you\’re right that it\’s 6 of one and half a dozen of the other. All I know is that it will be an unholy mess as bloody usual and it\’s most likely the decent and innocent people who will suffer the most from any action taken.
    One thing I\’m interested to know, is how you view all these media campaigns to get these people released.
    Have you heard some of the shit they\’re spouting because one of the prisoners is female?
    They\’re all harping on about this woman because she has a child, but what about the 14 other guys in there who probably all have families of their own?
    This woman has at some juncture, made the decision to join the armed forces and put herself at risk of being sent to the front line, leaving said child in someone else\’s care, and now people are saying she should be released to be reunited with her child? What utter bullshit- would the media actually just say "screw you" to the rest of them?
    This kind of sexism pisses me off royally. I know you\’re always keen to discuss things at the root of a problem, but I\’d love to know what you make of this little side note on the latest middle eastern debacle.

  15. Pete said

    Hey Phil,
    Back with a bang and not sitting on the fence!!
    The stand out point for me is the hypochrisy of Blair. He is such an idiot if he believes that people can\’t see right through his utter nonsense. All he wants is for the kidnapping to drag on another week then he will have an excuse to invade yet another country.
    On the one hand Iran have always been a bit of a strange country, have an amazing history but always seem to be on the peripheral of anything that ever happens in the east, never really get their hands dirty. Now they have kicked off a diplomatic incident, who knows what their intentions are but one thing is clear, their behaviour is remeniscent of saddam but we really could do without another war!
    I see what you mean that footballers, actors and film stars seem to get away with murder but they can affords the best lawyers, ha! I have an admiriation for people who are good at their jobs whatever they do but I would hardly define any of them as a good example and I agree that some of them are despicable in their actions away from their professions. We\’ll agree to disagree about Wayne Rooney, but I am only interested in what he does on the pitch wearing a manchester united shirt.
    Well I couldn\’t agree more with your sentiments. There are far more dangerous things than need to be censored in the world than a sex scene, radical religion being one of them. As for someone not dying watching a sex scene, I don\’t know. I nearly died laughing watching the sex scene in team america. Couldn\’t agree more, if you don\’t like it, don\’t watch it!!!!!
    People should be free to put on the screen whatever they choose and as in as much detail as they choose, then its up to the public to decide if they want to watch it.
    Short and sweet today, have much to do but I am sure we\’ll speak soon.
    Love to you and yours

  16. ♪CoNni£ said

    lol, i meant to ask: How are you……

  17. ♪CoNni£ said

    hey mate, Who are you?
    Im alrigth. the news are that  mom\’s snack bar is closed , she says she\’s worn out of it and decided to keep teaching accountancy at the university (thats what she does after attending her own accountancy clients). as we shared the same space for the cyber-cafe my friend and i had to close it too therefore i wont have Internet for like a month……
    About last 2 comments i remember you told me about your BRAT dislike, i dont like those eerie dolls neither, i think they have a distortioned body,. in that case i\’d choose to play with barbie! …
    talk to you later… im at work and my boss will arrive in any minute……cya!!!!!

  18. Robin said

    Well now what have we here Phil plenty of argument to ones teeth into so here we go. lets het one thing clear first the sailors were captives, now there are hostages and are being used as pawns. The Iranians have not got the technology that the U.S.A and U.K have the satellite system  that we use is far superior than theirs, so the co-ordinates we publish can be taken has Fact indeed its used by the SAS. now you don\’t want them outside your front door when they should be at this blokes Ali Khamene do we.Not sure where you are coming from when you quote UN and human rights violation We have a mandate form the Unitd Nations to board any vessel who we suspect could be carrying arms and supplies to the insurgents in Iraq and thats what these sailor were doing.The softly approach was the correct response at the start, but it soon became clear the rhetoric had to be hardened along with the sanctions in place Iran is beginning to hurt , we must pile on the pressure all the time and if need be back our stance with a firm warning. That if these hostages are not returned forthwith then she will have to bare the consequence  of our actions . A road many may not want but then its not their Mother,Son,Husband. or Daughter who is being held and humiliated on Iranian television by religious  fanatics.I will end it here as I think the rest of the blog was irrelevant to the points you raised in the first 5 paragraphs See you later mate tace care  

  19. ... Angelwitch said

    Hey Phil  🙂
    I get the same somedays 90% of the time I\’m ok and over things then out of the blue i get an off day but nothing like as bad as I have had…make sure you watch Dr Who tonight…it\’s well worth the wait
    Ah the Iranian question…once again my idea of scrapping religion pops into my mind but we\’ve already been ther with that one…Now i don\’t follow world affairs so much these days, call it apathy or being worried about things closer to home, but what has annoyed me is the fact we were doing the UN\’s bidding by patroling Iraqi waters yet they were about the last to swing into action and come out with any sort of statement after the capture of our soldiers…even the EU beat then to it…
    but what are cheap words to a bunch of mad mullahs anyway, I can\’t see us backing down, or them to be honest so I\’d get the tin hats out and prepare for the worst…
    anyway, if i come up with anything more to say i\’ll be back, take care and have a good weekend mate.

  20. Amanda said

    Hello Phil,
    In my opinion All the worlds leaders are all to blame for all the world\’s problems because they all want to be the reigning country, the most powerful, the most supreme, the one that has the monopoly or control over the rest of the world, be it politics, religion or commercial trades etc etc etc.   Untill they all wake up and let each other live there will be no peace.  These hostages are just another pawn in a global game of chess.  Yes it is sad they got captured, and it is no doubt going to end ugly in some fashion or another  as it sually does.  Like you say, who knows what the truth is anyway.
    Right that\’s enough from me as i am in danger of talking a load of bollox about a load of nothing that has nothing to do with your blog !!  I don\’t really follow the world\’s madness much as you can see ?
    Talk soon on msn,
    Love Mandy marie xx
    P.S…Fred is a good name for Allah whatever his name is……lol !!!!

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