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Happy Easter!

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on April 6, 2007

It’s that time of year again, yes some people celebrate the supposed fact that Jesus got a stiff one and came back to life and moseyed on back to heaven. Yes the Richard Branson look-alike came back to life to show the true power of God and tell people to spread the word about God! You could say he came, he saw and got killed! And with that little story, some of the human race has used it to cause 2000 years of shit! 
What I’m writing this for is to point out the contradictions in the Bible. You could do the same with almost any religion, they are all basically full of shit anyway(with a few exceptions). I chose Christianity, just because I know the most about that and can’t find a good on-line translation of the Koran. I know I wont convince any passing Christians to open their eyes, in fact they will probably leave my space as soon as they get to the end of the first paragraph. But I’m still going to do it as nothing gets on my nerves more than contradictions and hypocrisy – especially the religious kind! I know there are good points in religion, but there are just as many bad points and a hell of a lot of lies and contradictions, now I’m going to show you those lies and contradictions if you’re new to questioning religion. I will not just pick on Christianity, I’ll do others in the future too, so don’t complain I’m singling one religion out!
Let’s begin! We’re nearly all familiar with the ten commandments, so we’ll start there. I’ll just refresh you memories a little. I would include the punishment for the crimes, but it would take to long, it involved stoning for most (Now we know where the early Muslims got their idea for Sharia Law).
And God spoke all these words, saying: ‘I am the LORD your God…

1: ‘You shall have no other gods before Me.’

anything that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or

2: ‘You shall not make for yourself a carved image–any likeness of

that is in the water under the earth.’

3: ‘You shall not take the name of the LORD your God in vain.’

4: ‘Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy.’ your neighbor’s wife, nor his male servant, nor his female servant,

5: ‘Honor your father and your mother.’

6: ‘You shall not murder.’

7: ‘You shall not commit adultery.’

8: ‘You shall not steal.’

9: ‘You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.’

10: ‘You shall not covet your neighbor’s house; you shall not covet

nor his ox, nor his donkey, nor anything that is your neighbor’s.’


Noticed how rape isn’t in there? But let’s focus on murder. Here is one of the first quotes from the Bible. I’ll do some at random:       

                                      Kill People Who Don’t Listen to Priests Anyone arrogant enough to
                                      reject the verdict of the judge or of the priest who represents the LORD
                                      your God must be put to death.  Such evil must be purged from Israel. 
                                      (Deuteronomy 17:12 NLT)
                                      Kill Homosexuals
                                      “If a man lies with a male as with a women, both of them shall be put to
                                      death for their abominable deed; they have forfeited their lives.” 
                                      (Leviticus 20:13 NAB)
                                      Kill Sons of Sinners
                                      Make ready to slaughter his sons for the guilt of their fathers; Lest they
                                      rise and posses the earth, and fill the breadth of the world with tyrants. 
                                      (Isaiah 14:21 NAB)
                                       Kill Your Neighbors
                                      (Moses) stood at the entrance to the camp and shouted, “All of you who
                                      are on the LORD’s side, come over here and join me.” And all the Levites
                                      came.  He told them, “This is what the LORD, the God of Israel, says:
                                      Strap on your swords! Go back and forth from one end of the camp to the
                                      other, killing even your brothers, friends, and neighbors.”  The Levites
                                      obeyed Moses, and about three thousand people died that day.  Then
                                      Moses told the Levites, “Today you have been ordained for the service of
                                      the LORD, for you obeyed him even though it meant killing your own sons
                                      and brothers. Because of this, he will now give you a great blessing.”
                                      (Exodus 32:26-29 NLT)
What was the 6th commandment again? Oh yeah!.. thou shall not murder? So as you can see the Bible clearly states to kill all of the above because God says so. So God is contradicting itself, and God’s flawless? Sorry people but this is the work of men. And before you start to say it’s all the persons or peoples fault who wrote the Bible, take this in to account… If God is all-powerful why entrust his words to flawed humans? Not a very smart God, is it? And if God was so keen to get his knowledge to the whole of humanity, without Its words being distorted by flawed humans, it would have written the Bible itself, surely? If it’s all-powerful it should be able to magic up some hands, and a good Bic pen that actually works properly?
I’d like to add that Jesus may have lied! Listen to what he says in this next quote. The following quote is about prayer:
       Amen, I say to you, whoever says to this mountain, ‘Be lifted up and
       thrown into the sea,’ and does not doubt in his heart but believes that
       what he says will happen, it shall be done for him. Therefore I tell you,
       all that you ask for in prayer, believe that you will receive it and it shall
       be yours.  (Mark 11:24-25 NAB)
So if I understand this right, Jesus said if I believe hard enough he will throw the mountains in to the sea? Well there’s no chance of that happening for me as I’m not a believer, but for many believers it should be no problem at all! So why don’t the most passionate believers who have done nothing but follow the Bible and their Gods word have their prayers answered? Jesus said he would answer, where is he? Well the answer is this was written by a man, not God or Jesus, so the words are flawed, but they’re not the words of God or Jesus either that have just been twisted by a flawed human, they are just pure human thought! And so is the rest of the Bible and any other off shoot of the Judean – Christian religions!
So when you’re in Church this weekend or the next, just remember you are reading, singing and believing the lies of a man who lived 100s or even thousands of years ago. And more importantly they were not the words of God or Jesus either! They were and are the words of meagalomaniac, money grabbing, tyrannical, twisted, sexually predatorial, brainwashing, lieing con men, that have more in common with Adolf Hitler than they do with you, Jesus or any God!  

40 Responses to “Happy Easter!”

  1. Mei's said

    Hello Phil, thanks for your comment and visit, I know roughly what the bilbe said, I\’ve bought up in a christian school in Hong Kong and when I was very ill, I was madly belived it was a god or Juese up there! And one of my friend gave me a Chinese Bible for me to read because I was so mad about Jeuse and God. Well, I don\’t talk rubbish now, I only belived myself, if a person they don\’t hurt people and be kind and honest that is enough, and if any thing happen that\’s just life! or you can call it luck! Mei

  2. Mei's said

    Good morning, I\’m not 100% understand this post, but it\’s enough for me, I love what you written and I agree with you, I don\’t think there is any god at all, "who create human than?" I said this to one of my friend once and she works for the church, I said: "There is no god in this world, human are made by bacteria not GOD", because she is a very religions type, I got told off from her, she said to me: "you are definitely mad", because just minutes ago we\’re talking about something and I just told her I had mental illness, and now she said "I am mad" after she heard what I have said about who create mankind. All this is just some of my own thinking and might not be true, but it make me so angry, is that I have just told her my inside world that I don\’t normally tell a new friend that I have just met 2 or 3 times! Well, anyway, enough of my rubbish, I do enjoy reading your blog, I\’ll come back for more. Hope you enjoy the weekend! Mei

  3. Louise said

    Great read lol.
    Bright Blessings xxx

  4. ♪CoNni£ said

    hey mate, how is everything going over there?
    Personally Hot weather makes me sick (unless i spend my summer days at the beach hehe)….i prefer cold winters. In Fact here in Cabo this springbreak has been windy and cold… what\’s your favourite time of the year?
    About my job: i work at an art gallery called "Fruta Prohibida" or Forbidden Fruit in english, we sell diferent kinds of art (oils, acrylics, watercolours—and so on) made by mexican women artist, but we are not fanatic femenist. I\’ve been working here for 3 years ..WOW,,,the funniest thing that i didnt ask for the job, the boy of whom i\’m the "worst eneny " recomended me with his mother for the job…..To tell the truth i enjoy working with MArcela, she\’s my boss, but more that it i consider she\’s my friend…..
    Oh about your passover blog, it\’s interesting  and i\’m glad you will not just critizise the crhistian church. but guess that im CAtholic born for my mexicangranddad  and greatgrandma who was irish!
    hehehe im a weird kid!
    If you dont like religions cos they\’re all hypocrit , in what do you believe then?
    till next time,,,wish you the best!

  5. Nicky said

    Hey Phil, it\’s your favourite Catholic 😀
    Needless to say I was in church on Easter Sunday doing my religious thing and I\’m going to put something down here which was in the surmon.
    Basically, the Bible promises everlasting life to all those who repent their sins. Everlasting life sounds like a pretty closed defined concept, but not as my local Priest, Father John Catlin had it. His concept of everlasting life was not that we will live forever as we are now and never experience a death, but more that we will constantly change and adapt- rather than this concept on everlasting being unmoving, unchanging and in other words, stagnating, that life, whether as we dwell on earth now or in whatever goes after words, will change and flow like the ebb of water or, if you will, time.
    I really liked that concept. The Bible has millions of flaws in it, which I can\’t begin for one second to deny, but when you say about Jesus\’ comment about moving mountains and all that jazz, think about what you would do if you were God- could you really be arsed day in day out leading everyone by the hand? What kind of a God would you be if you did?
    The Bible has some great guidelines and advice mixed in with all the shit, and you can\’t help but think that God\’s intention has always been that there are some things we just plain have to interpret and figure out for ourselves- you know, all that hippy bullshit about how it\’s not the destination it\’s how you get there thing?
    Man has capacity for both good and evil, but most importantly men have the choice, for which they will be judged accordingly by someone who actually knows what they\’re talking about, rather than by people clouded by corruption, insane laws and concepts they couldn\’t understand, who were unfortunately the only people available who could write.

  6. P said

    Hi  Mr. E.Just seeing if you\’ve done anything new…Thanks for passing by again, don\’t worry, I won\’t be adopting  Mandy\’s nick name for you lol! but you were both right in the points you made.If I don\’t catch you on messenger, have a great weekend mate.Love to you and the fam,Phil.

  7. Pete said

    Hey Phil,
    Point taken about the suggestion no one has been killed, tortured or maimed for drinking a pint. I will have to severely reprimand my researcher!
    Have a great weekend
    Take care
    Love to you and yours

  8. Vivy said

    wish  you a happy easter~~~^-^

  9. ... Angelwitch said

    Into the 30\’s now lol…doing well Phil  🙂
    Katt raised some good points about religion nicking things fronthe old pagan systems…yeah the same ones they tried to rub out of existence with the witch burnings and so on…(i smell hippocrisy) but the Romans did the same their attitiude was \’ohh thev\’e got some gods and we\’ve got some, what if we\’re worshipping the wrong ones? we\’ll incorporate the lot to hedge our bets\’
    I must admit i\’m quite guarded when it comes to hypnosis because of all these people who get a kick out of making people doing silly cheap tricks though i trust and respect richard so i\’ll let him into my mind because i know he\’s trying to help me… besides with regresion hypnosis there are ways of corroborating what you\’ve seen especially if you\’ve got names and so on but it all comes down in the end as to weather or not you\’re willing to believe in such things, there\’s still too much about ourselves we don\’t know about, like whay do we only knowingly use 10%of our brains?
    i used to be a bit of a sceptic when it comes to ghosts but i\’ve experieced so many different things over the last year in particular i believe anythings possible now, both my sis and myself felt a premonition about our granddad at the same time and an hour later we were told he had passed away, this was about 9 years ago now but vivid as anything still…
    Wicca sites… http://www.wicca.com/celtic/wicca/wicca.htm a good one i found on the net
        http://www.mysticminds.co.uk richards own site..he\’s writing  pieces on wicca at the moment
    of course there\’s wikipedia too..
    anyway have fun with the comments lol and i\’ll drop by soon.

  10. Pete said

    Hey Phil,
    Thanks for your comments as always. Yes they really do try it on, and I have found the bigger the purchase, the harder it is to get something that resembles customer service. I am fortunate in this instance that my brother has been in the car retail business for more than 20 years and he has forgotten more than some of these idiots I am dealing with, will ever know. Things have taken a turn though because over the weekend I suggested that it was the car that was making the comonent fail and not the part itself. They dismissed that of course but yesterday they fitted a new part and they took it for a test drive and the part failed again. Not only do they now concede that it is an underlying fault with the car but they also admitted they also had another car in with exactly the same problem. The ball is well and truly in their court now because I have a solid argument that the car should not have been sold to me in the first place. Let battle commence.
    As for your monitor problem, if you have passed the 12 month mark there is little you can do. I think you know you should have took it back straight away and just said it came in that condition. There are a lot of laws regarding consumer rights but basically when you purchase a product it has to be fit for purpose and if it isn\’t at any point during a standard 12 month warantee or beyond if you pay extre for an extended warantee, it is up to the retailer to sort it out. The internet is a gold mine of information on consumer rights and the mention of trading standards, when you have a valid case, usually does the trick.
    Don\’t worry if you don\’t find a copy of the book. I came across it as my predossesor where I work left it. If you have trouble, let me know and you can have mine when I am done with it.
    Love to you and yours
    Take care
    PS Getting comments from someone with no name or return space address. Interesting.

  11. Pete said

    Hey Phil,
    Hope everything is well.
    Thanks for you comments as always. I agreew that CCTV is not necessarily the answer to all our problems but I do believe that they go some way in helping. Sure people disguise themselves and in many cases would not be a deterrent but if they prevent 1% of crimes or raise the conviction rate by a similar amount, they have some value. My main point, which seems to have got a little lost was that there have been technological advancement in CCTV but they are always met with cries of dirision from the civilliberties group who seem to be more and more intent on protecting the right of the criminals. I agree with your point that you do not want a camera pointing into your garden, in truth I wouldn\’t. But I do put things into perspective, having cameras everywhere doesn\’t mean everyone of them is going to watched all the time but would be useful if persuing criminal activity. It would be impracticle to suggest every square inch could be watched at all times, but in the efforts of crime prevention, crime control and the gathering of evidence for prosecution, if cameras can continue to monitor the activities of suspected criminals then we can only support it. I am on camera all the time I am at work, it doesn\’t bother me, I know I am not being watched all the time and if I face a difficult situation, they are there if needed. CCTV is a bit of a can of worms, it is in many ways lazy policing and not necessarily a more cost effctive measure but if you consider there use was increased when it became clear that a policemans testimoney was not enough to ensure a conviction and more tangiable proof was needed, you can understand why they are relied upon more and more.
    Speaking of cans of worms, I suspected my support of ID cards would not be universally approved. I tend to think of things sometimes a little simplistically. What is wrong with carrying some form o0f documentation to prove you are who you say you are, you are not wanted for a crime, jumping bail, an illegal immigrant or driving a car illegally. In that sense I don\’t see the problem. I agree though with thoughts you and Phil G made about the slightly bigger picture, they will be forged and again they wont stop all crimes. Terrorists will still get in and out of the country and I have no doubt there will be a huge black market for faked ID\’s and I suspect they will only serve to increase the identity theft epidemic we are encountering. But in priciple, I do not think it is such a bad thing but to be truthful, I doubt it will ever happen. As for other businesses knowing our details and them being sold on to others, that already happens mate, their is much more about us known that you would ever think possible, even without an ID card.
    The book I am reading is called Custodians Of The Truth, cant remember the authors off the top of my head but it is the follow up of a book called Rex Dues and both go some ways to dismiss much of what is written in the bible, basically right up your street! It also continues following religion through the ages, the bloodline of jesus, the persecution of the cathars, the holy inquisitions the knights templar and those who protected the secrets of what really happened. I think you would find it a very interesting read.
    Anyhoo, have a good day and no doubtwe will talk real soon
    Take care

  12. spice said

    Ok, the previous comment was my flippant reply – now here\’s the serious one.
    There is no real problem with any of the world\’s major religions, the problems come from those who choose to use the words of religion in order to achieve their own selfish ends. The fact that they can be contradictory is because none of the books which are associated with a particular faith were written as a continuous, coherent narrative. They are a series of individual works, by various authors, which have been collected together to make a single volume and which are simply a guide to a way of living. They are a combination of a self help book and a blueprint for creating a society that has a form of sytematic organisation and law. The Bible, in particular, is a collection made up of various manuscripts written over a period of many centuries. It isn\’t even a complete collection of all the manuscripts that exist in the possession of various libraries and religious establishments. There probably more manuscripts excluded from the Bible than there are that are included.
    The problem with any religion is that it\’s interpretation is subject to the inevitable weakness and fallability of man. Mankind is still influenced by the primeval needs, desires and urges that have been a part of us since before we were walking upright and had cognitive thought processes. The need for shelter, to eat, reproduce and to gain status within the pack. Even the most rational and civilised of us still behaves to some extent, however unconsciously, based on these needs and that is why any religion, or code of behaviour, will be corrupted and distorted. Someone always has to be richer, more favoured, have higher status or feel they are better than their neighbour. Even those who are believers are still subject to these natural instincts, even if they don\’t realise it. If we, as a species, ever evolve beyond the residual animal urges that we retain then we may one day have a chance of creating a society that functions as it should and with the kind of people who behave in the manner that most religious works encourage us to do.

  13. spice said

    Eek! 27 comments – I need to start being more controversial in my posts in order to attract more visitors.
    I think Frank Zappa made a pretty good point about religion in his musical trilogy – Joe\’s Garage.

  14. Adelina said

    I know that the Air Marshall said that like a commentary. But if the situation was require, I am sure it wouldn\’t stay like a single commentary. I consider that you are very brave when you say that yourself wouldn\’t mind to give your life by the others, but since those are the leaders ,who take us throuhought  situations like these, I would say just like that soldier, – behind you, sir-
     On the subject to which I have written in my blog is all certain one. Just only one of things that I had to listen and to stand from my husband of whom luckily I am already divorced, many years ago.
     I agree in that first to which we pay attention when we know somebody is on physical aspect, and normally we look for somebody pleasant one to see. I did it. My husband was handsome, (was English) and I do not mean that all the people with a good appearance are bad people. But it is certain that when arrives the time to face diseases or problems of another nature, all that beauty concerns little and what is really important is to have to your side a person who supports to you and it demonstrates to be found of you and shows respect. I have been sixteen years unmarried and although I have known other men I have not been lucky to know the one who not only looks for a physical admiration and a desire for me that, on the other hand always is good and am thankful. Sex is important, but sex surrounded by love is for sure much better. When the time for the body comes to be less healthy and things turn wrong in some way, then is when real love is shown.
    Is not that what finally we all look for?
    Take care

  15. Kathryn said

    AS WELL Look at to WHEN these religions emerged from and WHEN..thats right WHEN very interesting indeed!

  16. Kathryn said

    s well, on a more interesting note, the ONLY holiday we where asked to celebrate was his death, and even with that, is is not the correct date..His death follows the Nican 14 calander, which was by SEASONS which puts it almost a week sooner then it was planned this year, the catholics( I have a real problem with them, for so many reasons, start with they backed hitler! and they are so rich with jewels while there flock starves) set the standard for religious holidays, AS well without peoples knowledge, along with celbrating the incorrct DATE they are also in essance paying false witness to idols, you see, the pagan religons celbrated FERTILITY around spring, giving eggs a a meaning of new life…Catholics incorperated alot of religous holidays to appease the pagans..
    It gets even more intersting than that, ask me around x-mas! Open your eyes to all sides, be open minded and impartial then only the TRUTH comes to light..
    Start with looking at history, and when major events occured and the differences betweek BC and AC eras.

  17. Kathryn said

    I think your overlooking some important facts..for example, before these ppl where put to death by moses , they where idolizing false gods, in a rather large ceremonies endlessly, and partaking in unholy ceremonies..that was after the red sea was parted as a miracle from god for these ppl amoung other things, like providing them with food and water in a desert that was barren. God spoke to Moses from a burning bush, the commandments where given, then these people where given a decision, and once more forgiven for there shortcomings, should they follow the god that was leading them through the wilderness. It helps to read the entire thing in it\’s context.. Granted, he did put them to death, but they had been given many chances, and left Egypt (they where saved from the 7 plagues as well) to follow god not a false profit.
    Don\’t get me wrong, I\’m not a bible thumper, but I do appreciate Christian values..If we did follow the 7 commandments, think of how peaceful it might be..I think some people just take it all to literally, and go insane, as with anythnig. Every religion has it\’s redeeming qualites. I look forward to being the devils advocate again. I\’m quite knowlegeable in world religion ;o)

  18. ... Angelwitch said

    I\’ll start off by saying \’damn I missed Dr Who..lol\’
    Hope you\’ve had a happy easter 🙂
    That\’s the perk of omnipotence, changing the rules, isn\’t it? Have you seen a film called Dogma? you should because it pokes so many questions about christianity and so on..
    admittedly some of the commandments like thou shalt not murder have been useful in forming our justice system..whatever that is these days
    If people want to believe in this then fine just leave me alone and stop trying to convert me every time i walk down the freaking road…I\’m very happy knowing i sleep with men, have a faith in wicca and knowing that my uncle is in fact satan (lol just joking about the last bit) I can live and let live and get on with my life so what can\’t you lot with your bibles.?
    between the peadophila, lies, witch burnings, homophobia  and general persecution of anyone who has an ounce of free will and ability to see through the smokescreen religion has a hell of a lot to answer for…
    oh and there\’s the holy wars…Christianity and Islaam believe in the same god through Mohamed was a prohet given his visions by god beause he believed christianity has lost it\’s way so i find the wars hilarious in a way..
    Most fanatical christians wouldn\’t leave here they\’d do ll they can to sweep you under the carpet Phil because they find the truth more than a tad inconvenient…
    anyway rant over… hope you have a fab day and if you get time giz a summary on what happened on dr who the other night..
    xx take care mate xx

  19. Pete said

    Hey Phil,
    Hope you had a good weekend and it is good to see you are back on form. The hypochrisies of the bible holds no bounds and you could fill the whole of hyperspace with the nonsense that leaps from its pages. I have gone a little further recently and have been researching religion in the middle ages and in particular the catholics surpression of the Cathar movement. Cathars posed a threat to catholism because they lived a simple live but were tolerant and happy to integrate with other religions and many people joined the movement because it was less demanding than catholism. Of course the catholics did not like this and over a period of 30 years they were basicallly exterminated and we are talking hundreds of thousands of people, and it wasn\’t just Cathars, they killed the any catholics who consorted with them. Of course the bible said love thy neighbour and thou shalt not kill. Hmmmmmmmm.
    Thanks for your comments about the video games, I don\’t think there is anything to add to that because the feeling is pretty much the same, bad parents!
    Take care of yourself and hopefully dpeak soon.
    Regards and love to yours

  20. Greg said

    Phil, Your thinking (your writing) comes across with a lot of passion to your beliefs. As for debating over your convictions and my faith there is no need. Your convictions will take you down the road you have chosen.
    Take care, Greg

  21. larry said

    HELLO       PHIL       BE    A   FRIEND    TO   MANDY      BUT    STAY  AWAY   FROM   MY   FRIENDS     TRUST  ME    ON  THIS  

  22. jiggy said

    hi phil haha you do get a bit of stick eh!! anyway cheers for return visit an pinching my pictures lol dont know how i had them they were on my pc i prob nicked them too lol cant put stuff on net and expect no one to touch eh ?? sorry havnt got time to comment much at moment but i do see a few blogs that i might get stuck into lolso will be back till then take care joannie xx

  23. Faery said

    sudden spare thought…Richard Branson lookalike….so Jesus was a white man…???Drowning Pool….yeah…lead singer from Soil took over…..chuckles…wonder if my friend invite will ever be accepted…… :o)take care..

  24. Adelina said

    http://www.20minutos.es/noticia/219743/0/Londres/combatir/terrorismo/ Shit!!! I forgot to put it on..
    Here it is

  25. Adelina said

    Hello Phil.
    I hope you are alright after all you\’ve had to explain to everybody…
    Welll I come to give this address to you.It is where  I saw the new about Kamikazes.
    It is spanish,but you can always translate on Google.
    I am looking forward to "hear" what you think of this.
    Take care

  26. Amanda said

    Hello Phil.
    Hey, i knew you would come back with an answer, although i kinda expected something a little different from you. 
    Anyway, we both made our point, and we still mates.  That to me is important.  You are right though about the use of our brain.  Why it is that we only use 10 to 20 % is beyond me.  But really could you imagine how scary it would be if we could use it in it\’s full entirety ?  Erm, i think it best we only use a small portion.  There\’s enough bigwigs in this world, give them the chance to use more brain power and their heads would be well and truly up their backsides !!   Mmmm, ok, maybe thats a good idea afterall !!!!!
    Ok enough said from me, i\’m talking a load of shit here anyway.  And i gotta go to work soon.  No rest for the wicked eh ?
    Be happy, and have a nice day.
    Love Mandy Marie xx

  27. Greg said

    Have a good Sunday Phil and a splendid week, Greg

  28. Amanda said

    Hello Phil,
    Well you do pick \’em don\’t you ? hahahaha !!!  This topic is and always will be one of those that stir up thoughts and reasons for justifications on one\’s choice of belief.  You have been brave to air your feelings here.  Some would consider it stupid, but like Phil.G, Greg , Robin and others have all said, at the end of the day we all have our free will. 
    I also believe that if an unbeliever does not belive then he/she will look for flaws to designate.  Very often a scripture can be read, and be totally misunderstood.  Sometimes what we read in the bible is not actually as it reads to our way of thinking, but it is more of a symbolic meaning, or is used for illustration purposes.   It isn\’t always a literal account of certain events. 
    You say that the bible was written by man, it was.  But it was only inspired to them through God.  He chose certain faithful ones to write down prophecies to future generations.    2 Timothy 3:16  in the new world translation bible will tell you that all scriptures were inspired of God.   I guess that if you or others do not have that belief then it would make sense that you have no belief in other issues also. 
    I do agree with you though Phil that basically religion has a lot to answer for.  Many will kill their neighbour in the name of their god.  They will do all kinds of things like worship false icons, be queer, lie and cheat etc etc.  Yet these ones do not realise that they are not worshiping anything other than the devil himself.  
     In 1914 the devil was hurled from the heavens knowing he had a short time.  Woe to those living on the earth.  Revelation 9:12.   Yes since the time of Adam and Eve, mankind has sinned, worshipped false gods, laid with same sex, murdered, commited adultery etc etc.  That is nothing new to us.   But since 1914, under the influence of satan, mankind has become more evil to each other.   2 world wars are proof of that fact.  In fact the 1st world war broke out in 1914.  They called that one the Great War.  And it was.  Because since then we have progressed to a level where we have no or very little values or morals.  It is common belief to the worlds leaders that if they can\’t have the monopoly, then they will just go right in and have a war.  But these wars are becoming a constant threat to a total world destruction, by the use of nuclear weapons.
    So you see, satan has his grip on manking in a big way here.  He roams around blinding the eyes of people.  Those people become like sheep in wolves clothing.  They are the false prophets of this world.  They are the ones who claim all kinds of untruths because that is what they believe.  They claim to have a knowledge of the bible, yet they do not understand it in it\’s entire form.
    Really, all we need to be concerned with now is the book of Revelation.  Like robin or Phil . G said, we still live by the rules of the old testament.  Some of us do try to at least.  But the book of Revelation is chronologically the time period we are living in now.  God had the bible written for our benefit, for reproving, for setting things straight and for displining in righteousness…2 Tim 3:16
    Anyway, i\’m not trying to make excuses to leave it at that, but my eyes are really playing up here.  Looking at your page with tiny white writing on a black background  is making me feel blinded now !!
    Listen, i know you Phil.  You will probably come back with a reply of some kind.  And fair play to you.  I actually was\’nt going to make a comment on this subject because it can get into a heated debate.  But we are grown ups here.  Not little kids arguing over  who gets a lick of the lolly.  I listen to you, you  listen to me.  At the end of the day we agree to disagree.  But please take time out to consider that not all religion is a bad thing.  And also, please try and read those scriptures above.  See if you make sense of them. 
    Anyhow, i\’m off.  Got me a sore throat from all the talking !! lol !!  No really i do have a sore throat.  Woke up feeling like shit.  Think i\’m coing down with something.  Maybe that why i been having them headaches this week ?
    Hope you have a lovley day.  Catch ya later on msn hopefully….if you still mates with me now !
    Love Mandy Marie xx

  29. P said

    LOL!Hi Mr E.Just read your comment,No, you have not been relegated to \’a back room\’ lol! I just like reply comments and comments which are not related to a specific Blog, to be made in my guest book, it\’s much neater and gives better continuity to the Blogs, comments etc.Wow, that was a long explanation you gave to Robin, I understand your viewpoint…you know you will still be welcome at The G Spot. :)If I was Religous, I would be going into a long debate/argument with you,  but as I\’m not, I prefer to take the \’Jesus\’ approach… that is, to listen to others understand them, share what I believe, then leave it to them to accept or reject my point of view… i.e. exercise their free will.Greg came by and shared his thoughts on Slavery, when you have the time feel free to pass by and have a read.Have a great day mate :)Much Love,Phil.

  30. jiggy said

    lol i have just came over from phils spot and read your blog in the guest book lol i just dont understand why the so called religiouse people get so anoyed and defensive about their religion didnt it also say turn the other cheek? i dont believe in a god of any kind i think it should be taken out of our schools as part of education and should be kept to the home if that is their choice to teach their kids religion keep it to yourself. i am sick of being frowned on because of my lack of belief i must be a bad person because i dont follow god bull!! i dont care if anyone wants to believe thats their choice i dont have a problem with that so why do they have a problem with me? religion has caused more deaths murder rape wars etc etc is that the way of a god am confused anyway have a happy easter loll c yah joannie

  31. Greg said

    Came by for a visit from my friend Larry and Mandy
    Our free will allows us to believe what you choose.
    Take care, Greg

  32. Faery said

    Hello there. Thanks for stopping by at my space and thanks for the er, compliment on my musical tastes lol (Drowning Pool tomorrow). I\’m all too aware of the foundation for and validity of your comments…like I said, not Catholic any more…..!!! For myself two of the major turning points were to do with my kids and my mother. On announcing the expectation of my first my mother tried to force me to wear a ring to make it look as if I was married (oh the shame etc) and to take my new born child to church to thank god for my healthy child (my argument of hang on, who did the carrying, achey boobs, pushing and shoving to get him here didn\’t go down well) and was beside herself when told there would be no christening. When my second was due I was told by my loving mother that I was "no better than a common prostitute" (child of a second and again unmarried relationship you see…). I found all this very interesting as an example of how brain washing by Catholicism works, she having been raised a strict Catholic by a convert father who in her own adult life only ever went to church for weddings and funerals….but suddenly became very Catholic when it suited her and showed that the lessons drummed in never quite went away.  Another point on religion dictating to the majority is the one about Britain being a western "Christian" society…hang on, aren\’t we a multi-cultural, multi-religious, with the tolerances to fit society nowadays….?? again, doesn\’t all quite add up does it…?The debate will no doubt rage as long as we are able to think coherantly…and will no doubt continue to be therefore, a source for endless argument, conflict, war and strife…hmmm… again, if people read up on the subject and did a bit of research, I don\’t think that was supposed to be the intention of "christianity" but, in the hands of unscrupulous men who saw it as a usefull tool for keeping the uneducated masses in their place, well, kinda got just a little twisted didn\’t it….Anyway….tis eleven of the clock and I gotta be in work for five am (moans and wails…bloody bands who need to load in shed loads of gear lol) so Goodnight…take care.

  33. Adelina said

    Hello again Phil.
    Your comments are always welcome and also comforting.
    As we see,religion it is going to be an arguable topic.We are going to stumble across for long with feelings  that are really hard to fight,but I keep thinking and believing  what life is giving to my mind,is called reality.
    I believe in the human being after all,and though this world seems to drift down,I still hold on to the human intelligence.
    Well,probably all what we argue here is only the begining of something. Something is going on ,people is starting to understand,more than ever that we can be slaves of others manipulation.
    I understand a big change is coming up,and some people can be afraid about future.But ,my faith is to believe that the future will be much better for humans once they free themselves from the past.
    Thanks for being here

  34. Faery said

    Debate on religious belief always makes for interesting reading.  I was raised a Catholic. I\’m not any more. I\’ve chosen my belief system based on what I feel able to believe in. People can ask me about that if they want to. Any religious system is about something that is totally untangiable and therefore untouchable…Faith. The one thing I can\’t stand is the apparent need for some religious movements to attempt to recruit you into their system because they\’ve been indoctrinated and wholely believe that you are eternally doomed if you don\’t join them.  But Faith is a strange thing. I believe I will go to bed, that the night will pass into morning and I will wake up to another day….but if another person wholeheartedly believes differently to that, nothing I can do or say will change their faith in their own belief…because it might just be the only thing that keeps them going or makes any sense to the madness they see around them every day.If people really did read the Bible thoroughly they would find many things that just don\’t add up or make sense. And it is meant to be a whole book, a code of practice if you like, so picking out the bits you prefer or suit you best isn\’t on is it.There are many things about Christianity that I simply can\’t come to terms with. There are many books out there that try to explain these things (and no, not the Da Vinci Code). Like I said…Faith. But I wouldn\’t knock another persons right to their faith.  It\’s like the quote… "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it"  (Voltaire)

  35. shelly said

    Have a lovely weekend & Peaceful Easter  Love from Shelly xxxxxx
    ______****__________**** ______****__**_______**___**** _____**__**__ *_______*___**___** ____**___***__*______*__**__***__** ___*__**____**__*____*__**_____**__* ____**______**_**__**_**________** Greetings____________**___**__** __________*___________* and_________*_____________* ________*____0_____0____* a________*_______@_______* _________*_______________* nice__________*_____♡_____* _____________**_____** day
    …Happy(\\…/)    (\\…/) Easter            ( *.*)   (\’.\’= )            (")_(")  (")_(")

  36. P said

    Mr E,I forgot to mention…whenever you need to comment on anything I have said on your Blogs, please use the guest book at the top left of my space.
    Thanks mate,The G. Man :0)

  37. P said

    Hi Mr. E.I noticed that Robin has said most of what I was going to say in his second comment…so I won\’t repeat any of that.I know that Easter was originally a pagan festival to celebrate spring and \’new beginnings\’ and was taken over by the Church in England, to celebrate the death, burial and resurrection of our Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ.Biblically, there is no stipulation to have a \’specific\’ celebration like Easter, however, as Christians, the way we practically celebrate (the fact that Jesus died and rose to take away the sins of mankind…i.e. to become our living sacrifice) is to apply our belief in the Word, become baptised and walk in faith following the teachings of Jesus Christ.That\’s how I remember what he went through for me… I think of it on daily basis, not just at Easter…So I personally don\’t celebrate Easter (the religious way) but I don\’t knock those who do… Mr. E you are entitled, in my opinion, to express your feelings… I won\’t try to make you believe…that\’s the beauty of free will, God has given us all the choice…believing will be up to you. ;)In the same breath, I don\’t expect you to try to put me off what I believe with your rants…lol!Enjoy your holiday buddy :)God Bless you,Phil.

  38. Robin said

    Hi phil
    As an after thought I felt it right to add to my previous comment, all your quotes are from the old testament but most christians prefer the new testament thats not to say that everything in the old books is irrelivent  The ten commandments God issued to Moses we still live by today.
    They are very relevant. In fact, many people don\’t know our laws of jurisprudence are based on the laws and ordinances found in the old testament. New testament apostles quoted from the law of God when teaching new believers in Christ and establishing principles for daily living. But as new testament believers, we are not required to offer blood or animal sacrifices for our sins as they did in the old testament. Jesus became our sacrifice

  39. Adelina said

    Hello Phil.
    Good one this pic.
    Well I understand some peopleis not going to agree with you .I argue all the time with people becouse this reason.
    What it really doesn\’t like about these called christians is their hipocrisy.They are acting the most of the time as we all do,I mean for example,envy to the neighbor,wanting more comfortable things,being greedy.We also hate to everybody who behaves bad on us.
    Many many of the named christians,are the big businesmen who most of the time are stealing to their workers in some way.
    And what about all those who have very dirty mind and also have sex even with children ?
    Then,of course they go to church to find peace,and pray  to redeem their sins.
    I find peace my self when I go to the wood and I don\’t listen anything but the silence and go away from all the hipocrisy i have been brought up in.
    I do find peace when I see a child who is happy fed and loved.
    I find peace my self when someone loves me and cares for me,and accept me as I am.
    I don\’t fear if I do wrong becouse some men,long time ago said what it was right or wrong,and I don\’t fear any God.
    If there was a God,he shouldn\’t let many bad things that happens in this world.
    Have a nice day

  40. Robin said

    I know you are not a christian but why mock it .If it brings  strengh to people is that wrong. If man wants to kneel down and face Mecca is that wrong.Its about faith that carries you through live. Funny how people turn to god in their last hours of life, strange that for none christians. I dont need to be reminded why I go to chuch every one go\’s for diffent reasons some find peace,solitude, feeling. No my friend you can quote from the Evil Bible.com as much as you like. This web site is no different to the BNP tunnel vision.  You should  read the  bible all of it,it may enlighten you
    Take care

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