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Ideas Anyone?

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on April 15, 2007

A couple of weeks ago I had a comment in my conclusion to what is English culture blog. It struck a chord with me, as it echoed a blog I was going to write about voting. But owing to recent events such as the Iran Hostage Crisis and the Easter holiday blog, I never got round to it. So here is his/her comment:
                           “Just came across this blog and it hit quite a few chords with me. I too
                 have lived my life in the estates of Britain but the estates of Glasgow.
                 The issues that should matter are much of a muchness here too. Violence,
                 I lost a brother and almost didn’t make it myself as a victim of a three on
                 one armed attack. Drugs, there available to anyone who has the cash.
                 Poverty, yes. Etc , etc, etc.
                 There have always been evils in communities but there used to be so
                 much more. Community spirit is in a coma. My problem is that there is
                 no forum for change. There are lots of things around me that I abhor and
                 I have tried to be part of the solution through my choice of work.
                 I supposedly live in a democracy. I cannot except this as a fact. I have
                 the vote. I don’t have any choice. In my experience as a voter for the
                 last 28 years, I have always tried to make a choice based on what I
                 perceive would benefit the majority. If this meant a rise in tax so be it.
                 The quality of this choice has eroded over the years to the point that I
                 can find very little to choose from. Getting a straight and honest answer
                 to a question from a politician is impossible (I’ve tried a few times).
                 I like yourself can’t stand many things about this group of countries we
                 live in. What I also have experienced is that the picture is pretty much
                 the same everywhere I have been lucky enough to have visited or
                 worked in. (Most of western Europe). A small majority is controlling the
                 vast majority. We need to find another way or it is just going to get worse.
                 Anybody who has any ideas on how a pissed off Glaswegian, along with
                 all the other pissed off residents of this island, can do anything about the
                 things that really matter that are fresh I would be delighted to here them.”
                 04 April 21:42 2007
What would be your solutions to the problems and issues raised here? I’ll write mine another time, because as you know I would take up a hell of a lot of space and it would make for more reading, so, let’s have your ideas and opinions! I also hope the man/lady who wrote this comes back, and I’m sorry for the late reply.

36 Responses to “Ideas Anyone?”

  1. Gena said

    ~Hiya..Phil hunni..!!
    ..I thinking of U..what are U doing?!!?
    ..Luv to U..Well have a awesome week LOL..~
      ,,=;-=e.                    ,-=;?uc;`????=n,                   ;cr=?{?{?{?c;3b;;"c                 .} b$$$b4-\’;;L3e;?;?r               4"u $$$$$$$u^/;uh`$u);lr                :c 3c=$$P""$e.x.;?cu;;.     ,nMMMMMMMP=      "e.           h ,$$.,,3$$b u4;/    xMMTTCMMM=-       d `\\.        $$???$$$$$$$->" . .nx4MMETMMMM=      J     ".       ?,  d$$P" ,c$$$$$c. 4MMCCCMnn,     x"       `\\.     `"??",d$$$$$$$$$$$$ MMTTC3M"`    4F           J,     ,$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.""""??     $       _,-\’ .c$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$u     `R$._,-\’ .,$$$$$$$$$$$$$$PF ,ze,<$$$$$$      _-\’z$$$$$$$$$$$$$PF\’ c$$d d$$$$$$$$$$$ __,-\’  \’?$$$$F      t     4$;\’d$$$$$$$$$$$$$;z4         ,u        `.    `\’\’d$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$h            $         (      c$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$b.             "n,_     `.    <$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$c                `"?c,_ t     $"$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.                     ""q     $$$$$$$$$$$$$"?$$$$$$$$$$.                        ^     ?$$$$$$$P",c$$$$$$$$$$$$                               ?$$$$F c$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$                             u$$c.`" $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$"                            $$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$F                           $$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$$$$P"                          $$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$P"                         d$$$$$$$b $$$$$$$$$$$$c                         J$$$$$$$$c ?$$$$$$$$$$$$u$$c                         $$$$$$???"   =c$$$$$$$$P$$$P                         $$$$$$$$F          "  z$$$$                        <$$$$$$$c             c$$$$$                         $$$$$$$%              "  "                         `$$$$$"                    _,ue$$$$$$c                   ^`????" `"??"LOVING YOU ALL MORE TOMORROW

  2. ♪CoNni£ said

    Hey, mate!!!!! all right?
    I dont know if i already added you to my friends list, i hope so cos the msn says i did. but dunno. I\’d be glad to talk to your sisters, you know  i  like to speak with people but not many of them replay, and i see and talk to my cosest days almos daily …
    about your idea of a hot-weather mexico, er- have you eer seen a mexican film ? . cos most of the mexican films recall that climate, but it is not like that everywhere. as i took geography in 8, the nothern part of mexico has an extreme weather with high temperatures on summer and freezing in winter. the central part is more like temperate, just like england\’s, and the southern  states are humid- and hot.right now in cabo is cold in the afternoons and very windy!
    the earth purification lol. i emember why i wrote that…long time ago  i heard my mom discussing somethng like that with me, and i took it as part of my ideology in someway.
    AI think you can take your children to anything about the cult that you follow and you can intoduce him/her to it, and as he grows up, let him brwse other religions, ideologies. he has base and so he an make a critic about what he is "discovering".
     I dont know about you… but if mykids would like to chance to anotherreligion i will present the pros and cons of it. i\’ll try to make them feel as part of their religion :cathoics, but if after all they decide to take another road. the only thing left for me would be to pray fr their happiness……
    I have to say that i was born catholic , but i wasnt raised lie that totally.mom was into new age and stuff like that so i kinda believe in that,rhen in my early years f punk  i believd in Gd but i hated church and all relaed to it. now i just aprachd to catholicism and read abut the history and i know it has done a lot of bad stuff, like ki8ieng pople or being one of the richest 
    assocations, of the world. but what religion agaiin has nt its black things..
    whatever i have this friend that says that punk, emo, metal.rok, goth is from the devil ad who can a girl who\’s into acristianteen groups candrees like that and listen to such music?—- thats the kind of people that i cant stad! and in my point of view FAATICS!!
    about the "love" word—– lol lets say i was feeling very moody and have had a breakup during those days………
    so never mind about it-…… well till next time take care! 

  3. Gena said

    ~Hi..Prince Phil..
        How are U doing today?..Im waiting to catch U today!!
    ..Still have fun with a garden or busy about new blog..cant
    wait to see what will U writing..LOL..come come..i will catch U!!
    Well..having a happy time & wonderful weekend..
    Take care & Big kissessssssssss~

  4. Amanda said

    Hello Phil,
    Was hoping to catch you on msn before i head off this afternoon to my sisters for a few days break.
    I am looking forward to it, maybe i won\’t come back home !
    Anyway i hope you are feeling better ??
    Will look forward to catching up when i get back next week.
    Say Hi to Lynn for me, and love to you and all the family.
    Take care,
    Love Mandy Marie xx

  5. Gena said

    mmmm..i think i know..which one your msn and i sent you email just now
    you are on my list but it tell you are offline..

  6. Gena said

    ~I accepted already nd online now..are you online?
    Im not sure which your msn..~

  7. Gena said

    ~hey..Phil..nice to hear from U..I just go around Bangkok..
    It\’s so nice that U thing to do so not much think of it.. 
    ..Happy happy U not forgot me!!..lala..Plz dont say like that
    ..Im not feel have to but..I would like to talk to U soon..
    ..So add me on your MSN..Hope hear from U soon!!
    ..PS:..I hope my boyfriend he think like that!!..maybe not
    Lots of  luv..

  8. Pete said

    Hey Phil,
    Thanks for keeping the comments coming even though my input has been reduced this last few days. As you know It will remain so this week whilst I spend the next few days at Pendlebury Childrens Hospital, but I will try and keep an eye on whats going on.
    Hope fully we can have chat in the next couple of days, until then take care.
    Love to you and yours

  9. Gena said

    ╔════════════════════════════════════════╗   ¸.•*´¨`*•.¸¸.•*´¨`*•.¸¸.•*´¨`*•.¸¸.•*´¨`*•.¸ ♥ ♥ ♥ *´¨)♥ ♥ ♥ ¸.•´¸.•*… ¸.•*¨) (¸.•´ (¸.•` * *´¨) ♥ ♥
    ~Hiya..Prince Phil..!!
        Gena come back!!..LOL..I was glad that I see Ur message when Im back…..
    How are U doing?!!?…Feel ok?….Missed U so much……I hope you not forgot  me!!
    Have a nice time..see U soon..Much luv…..Big kissessss

    ♥´¨*♥.¸¸.«♥»-(¯`♥´¯)-»♥».¸¸.♥*¨`♥´……██████…..♥……………♥….██████….█████████…♥♥……….♥♥…█████████.████@███████..♥…….♥..██████@████….████@██████…♥…♥…█████@█████……████@██████..♥♥..████` 08;@█████…………………##############……………….██████████.♥♥.██████████………..████████████..♥♥..████████████……█████@███████.♥♥.█████@███████…….██████████…….@……..██████████…..███████…………..@…… …..███████…….████………………………………████………..█……………………………………█…. Gen@..

  10. shelly said

    .Hello  Phil,
          Thanks for the email lol …..I hope you have a great weekend & enjoy the garden center hahaha.
        ((((Hugs)))))  Love from Shelly xxx
     . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .*. . . . . . . . . . .*. . . . . . . ** *. . . . .. . . . . .*** . . * . . *****. . . . . . . . . . .** . . **. . . . .*. . . . . . . . . . ***.*. . *. . . . .*. . . . . . . . . .****. . . .** . . . ******. . . . . . . . . ***** . . . .**.*. . . . . **. . . . . . . . .*****. . . . . **. . . . . . *.**. . . . . . . .*****. . . . . .*. . . . . . *. . . . . . . .******. . . . .*. . . . . *. . . . . . . .******* . . .*. . . . .*. . . . . . . . .*********. . . . . *. . . . . . . . . .******* . **********. . . . . . . . .**.*******. . . . . . . . *. ******. . . . . . . . * *. .***. . *. . . . . . .**. . . . . . .*. . . . . *. . . . .****.*. . . .*. . . *******. .*. .*. . .*******. . . *.. . .*****. . . . *. . .**. . . . . .*. . .*. . . . . . **.*. . . . . . . . . **. . . . . . . . .*. . . . . . . . .*. . . . . . . . .*. . . . . . . . *. . . . . . . . *. . . . . . . . *. . . . . . . . *. . . . . . . . *  

  11. P said

    Hello mate,I\’m back, well sort of. ;)Mr. E. you deserve a round of applause…(clapping my hands).A BIG THANK YOU, for your visits while I\’ve been away and your comments,  especially on my promotion Blog.I appreciated everyone\’s comments but yet again, yours was one of the few which got to grips with the subject in your \’unique\’ way.What I like about you mate is that you often say the things others think but are afraid to say, I remember what you told me earlier about placing a photo on your profile…You probably gathered that my Blog on Photos wasn\’t directed at you, lol! and don\’t put yourself down mate, your mug isn\’t that bad…hahaha.I look forward to your next Blog….I\’m off to bed, I have my rounds to complete later….Why do you always seem to get more visitors when you are away than when you Blog regularly????Love to you and the family Buddy,The G Man. 😉

  12. ... Angelwitch said

    Hey Phil  🙂
    thanx for contacting Katt for us, typical really I managed to get on there myself a couple of hours after..
    I\’d never had guessed you were a man of profanity Phil..lol… but to say i was on the warpath would have been spot on the other day…there\’s the small matter of a door i put my hand through the other day , haven\’t done that for a while..didn\’t realsie i still could, but seriously though we\’ve got cctv installed now so we\’ll get the buggers now, even if it is only to serve a poxy asbo, but it\’s something I suppose
    Dr Who, yeah that was cracking (sorry Katt) though scary that the daleks were having an ethical debate about wheather what they were doing was right for them, though Richard pointed out how are they going to take on the world now they\’ve left their pepper pots behind and jump time and space when things go wrong at the last moment?
    I met that guy the other day, he seems like a lovely guy but i\’m not up for anything like that at the moment, the wedding\’s taking up a lot of time and keeping me up at night now lol..(i realise that could mean more that one thing)
    anyway i\’m off now, you take care mate and don\’t miss the other part of Dr Who on saturday (as if you would )

  13. Pete said

    Hey Phil,
    Thanks for your comment as always. I did say this would be a treat but it is also very, very scary to realise that there are seemingly sane, intelligent people in this world, who think like Bill does. Not matter how hard I tried to get him to realise the stupidity of his words, the futility of his actions and the consequences of his and his tree hugging mates combined efforts, he would not budge. The man is clearly insane. You were right, I knew all along where he lived but I thought the impact would be more effective in the interview because of his blindness to what is really going on. I honestly felt like burglaring his home just so he could see what it is like to be a victim of crime, but to be honest, I doubt it would have made any difference.
    It was a very disturbing two hours in my life and to be honest, I feel people like Bill pose a bigger threat to society than the key holders to nuclear bombs.
    I totally agree with everything you said, I cannot go any other way and I have printed it off and I will send it to him.
    Take care and love to you and yours

  14. ♪CoNni£ said

    hey, I\’m glad you\’re having a higher temperature than last days, i saw you lads are like  in 20 celcious! thats a very nice weather. Here In Cabo we are having cold mornings and nights but "hell-like" noons. As in the rest of the world, I guess our weather was afected after the  Asian Tsunami .
    Most people says nature its wise so with those catastrophes our earth "purificates" itself from over population. sounds cruel doesn\’t it, buy how many ill don\’t we cause it to it?
    About your bolg about easter.  In my piont of view  in the Old testament HE was HArd an tended to punish his "tribes" with plagues and slavery when they were so foolish to step out of his coomandements. In the New testament, Jesus paid with his blood, he was the lamb who rredempted us from punishes like OT. In fact the worst grumble that we might have on earth is our own consience and cause-effect.after dead ….HELL provably!
     i believe ,as well ,that God stablished this rules for no other porpuse that our own happines… the first three were made to  praise our him and the others to "live happy & in peace"with other people-
    Actual society has a lack of moral so they catalog this guide as "boring", "old-fashioned", and so on…to explain the frustration feelings and injure that each sin brings takes time &space  as well…
    I cant stand neither with people who try to force an ideology on the others. I cant stand fanatics!
    BUt oh well. Till next time! Im at work again.
    PS: i\’ve spoken to mom aboutyou my Brit friend and she says hello! best wishes!

  15. Adelina said

    Hello Phil
    Ha ha ha..well,I probably don\’t explain quite well my self,but doesn\’t matter.
    Looking forward too about your opinion on your blog\’s answers.
    Thanks for your nice words

  16. Carlos said

    G\’day Phil,
    You have a nice space with bright colours and rock music :). Keep the good work up! I would love to comment on this entry but Ihave never been in England so I am just taking the information you wrote and have my own reflexion about it and thanks for that.  I hope you do not mind I also take this opportunity to plead for your vote in a competition named "The Space of the year", you can see my Space  ->  here <-     and if you like it and you do not have another favourite (can have a look to the others if you wish) , then please cast your vote for me by clicking -> here <- and copy/paste the below 2 lines as a comment: 
    I vote for Carloshttp://creyes1.spaces.live.com
    No hard feelings if you do not do so but a sincere Space friendship if you do. You only vote once.
    Have an awesome weekend!
    Cheers from devil\’s land

  17. Adelina said

    Hello Phil
    It is ok.I\’ve added you already.
    I go to work now!!
    Take care

  18. Gena said

    ¸.•´¸.•*¨) ¸.•*¨)(¸.•´ (¸.•´ .•´ ¸¸.•¨¯`•Hugs & Kisses
    ~Hiya..Prince Phil..!!
        Yup Im on tour but just a holiday..heheh & many thx for ur
    wishing….Oriental?!?..heheh..so sorry I dont think  U insult..
    My english not well..*^_^*..just misunderstand that U meant
    about cloths..heheh..
        I read Mandy\’s comment.U are not feelings good?!?..what\’s up
    Prince..I believe anything U can deal..dont worry..Im beside U..
        Well..I wishing U having a happy time & Get much rest time
    on weekend..Take care & Big kissesss~
        PS:..I will come to see U smile when Im back..But if U miss me
    alot..cant wait..So Im smiling for U on my space..

  19. Adelina said

    Hello Phil my friend.
    I read here that you haven\’t been feeling well.I didn\’t know so I hope you get on well soon.
    Thanks for your comments
    Take care

  20. Kathryn said

    aww shit I can\’t read the comments! Your talking about WHO no?

  21. Kathryn said

    Looks like a lot of people in need of moral compasses mate. Sad, jus plain sad how really evil people are these days, most of them getting away with it through politics!

  22. Pete said

    Hey Phil,
    Cant say I disagree with anything you say. OK, I have the odd fag when I drive but some people either think they are so superior they can smoke, drink coffee, change the CD, apply lipstick, iron a shirt and still drive all at the same time, or they think the car actually drives by itself.  Cameras are good but there to make money but if they are there to get bad drivers off the road, I am all for it. I forgot when I was writing that piece but a few years ago I saw a woman breastfeeding her child whilst she was driving down the motorway, beggars belief doesn\’t it?
    I would break out into a cold sweat if I had to use public transport. Over crowded, dirty. useless. The government should invest more in either public transport or roads and not keep penalising the motorist. We pay far too much as it is!
    Take care and love to you and yours. Hope you feel better very soon

  23. Amanda said

    Hello Phil,
    I\’m just popping in to say hi, and to wish you well.  I know you haven\’t been feeling too good lately.  We all miss you,, can\’t wait to have you back in good health.
    Have a happy day !
    Love Mandy Marie xx

  24. shelly said

    Hello My Lovely friend .
             Sorry iv not been visiting of late iv been away to a friends for a lovely long week
             had a great time ,I hope you & yours are keeping well
              Take care {hugs} love from Shelly xxxxxx
    (`*•.¸(`*•.¸ ¸.•*´)¸.•*´)                         «´`•.**.. ** .•´`»                     (¸.•*´(¸.•*´ `*•.¸)`*•.¸)                                         *                                         *                                         *                                         *                                         *                                         *                                         *                *   *    *            *          *    *    *            *                  *       *      *                  *          *                      *          *                      *           *                       *   *                           *            *                         *                           *              *          Just dropping by             *                *          To say Hello !!!            *                    *                                      *                         *                            *                              *                 *                                  *        *                                       *        I do hope you are feeling a lot better my lovely friend xxxxxxxxx

  25. ... Angelwitch said

    Hye Phil 🙂
    hope you\’re alright today..
    you know Katt\’s space (katt169) could you let her know i\’m not ignoring her, my pc keeps on crashing whenever i get to her site, i\’ve tried about 10 times now and it\’s getting annoying, i just want her to know i\’m not blanking her or anything…I\’ve also sent her a request to join my msn list so i can e-mail her instead…
    read a comment Spice  the cat left…haha don\’t get me STARTED on my local council…bloody tories are hellbent on ruining medway for us all…and they\’re doing it the most expensive way to us poor sods who have to pay council tax….have to change that next month..lol..

  26. Gena said

    ~Hiya..Prince Phil..~
        Yup..I know U already!!..on April 18..when I saw ur first comment..heheh
    ..honest I never listen Punk before..so I have no idea about it..Green day them is
    Rock Star for me but when I download song of them..anyweb will tell them is Punk..
    so then make I think like that..anyhow..I luv them as well..mmmmm….Oriental?!?.
    …how its Oriental on your mind..I wear like U..like Western..Well….even if U think ur
    week is far but for me is another day..So I wishing U have a wonderful week & weekend
    ..I will on tour 1 week & I hope U will come to see me & leave a massage..I will get U back when Im come back
    ….Take care & Big kissessssssssssss~

  27. P said

    Hey Mr. E.I\’m glad you\’re back on WLS good to hear you\’re feeling better 🙂
    You made some valid points, as usual but I don’t think it is only limited to couples, I think siblings can be like that, mainly for reasons that Pete mentioned.I think it’s sad that there can be such a golf between cousins, I’m beginning to understand that it is more widespread than I thought, perhaps it’s cultural.I didn’t expect you to reply to that mail so don’t worry about that, I know you contribute, once a subject is of interest and you ‘mainly’ stick to the point…lol!Anyway, I’m still doing my rounds, if you haven’t already done so…try to get some fresh air, don’t sit in front that PC all evening. ;)Be well,Much Love, Phil.

  28. spice said

    Hi Phil. Don\’t have much time to do justice to the latest post, but I\’ll add a quick comment and come back later. Is there anything that can be done? Of course there is – there is always a solution to a problem, it just depends if there is the political will to do it. Democracy in the western world is no longer an effective means of getting the will of the people converted into social change. Politicians are too far removed from the electorate to be truely accountable and it would be better if the local tier of government, i.e. local councils, had more accountability for managing (and reversing) their own social decline. If the mayors and the police chief constables were made to stand for re-election every two years and if re-election were based upon effective performance standards you would very quickly see a changes. Any position of responsibility for society should be one where the position holder is at risk of losing his or her job if they fail to deliver. Simplistic? Yes, it is. But the alternative is to continue as we are and for society to deteriorate to the point where there is an underclass who control the streets and the housing projects – and where the only people who can live in safety are the very rich, who can insulate themselves from any danger. We\’re not all that far removed from this situation already. I\’ll try and comment in more detail later.

  29. Gena said

    (`*•.¸(`*•.¸ ¸.•*´)¸.•*´)                         «´`•.**.. ** .•´`»                     (¸.•*´(¸.•*´ `*•.¸)`*•.¸)                                         *                                         *                                         *                                         *                                         *                                         *                                         *                *   *    *            *          *    *    *            *                  *       *      *                  *          *                      *          *                      *           *                       *   *                           *            *                         *                           *              *          Hey Gena visiting            *                *           CooL space !!!            *                    *                                      *                         *                            *                              *                 *                                  *        *                                       *
        ~many thx for droppin by to visiting & luvly words..mmmmm..France??
    what make you think that..Im from  Thailand..But doesn\’t matter..coz..
    Most important..I know you….already!!..LOL..
        ~Pink Pink..that cool color I think..heheh.I ware many time..Life lots of pink
    since wake up till go to bed..NEVER BE BORED..luv luv
        ~Punk..mmmm..my luv is Green Day.."Boulevard Of Broken Dreams"..Cool song forever!!.."Punk Princess"..Oh really nice luvly word…But I think Im sweet girl..heheh
        ~Well hope you doing good..Having happy time & wonderful week..Take care & Big Kisss

  30. Pete said

    Hey Phil,
    Good to hear from you again. I think the I have written so much about the cause of anti social behaviour that I am now thinking what are we to do about it. I agree completely with you that useless parents who cannot control, badly influence or simply have no idea what their kids are up to, are to blame. But we are here now and something needs to be done.
    Prisons are full, justice is useless and as I have shown, the police don\’t seem to want to know because their powers are diminshing. I can\’t see any other alternative than national service, we need to do something with them before this whole society spirals out of control. It wont solve every problem, but it will go a long way to establish that this country will not tolerate this current mess. But as you quite eloquently put it, it just aint going to happen.
    I am not going to say much about tree huggers simply because I have secured an interview with a bona fide, card carrying civil rights activist and having only spoken to him for 2 minutes on the phone, I know this is going to be good. Needless to say i will be publishing the interview in full. Any questions you want me to ask him?
    Take care and love to you and yours and thanks for asking. my little girl is almost fully recovered and went back to school today. I hope your discomfort has improved… a lot

  31. Adelina said

    Hello Phil.
    Hope you are fine.
    I think nowdays people is leaving all matters for the leaders to do and that is the problem.People should complain a bit more when things are wrong.Go out to the street and tell them"here we are and we are not going to let you do whatever you want but what we really need and demand".
    But that is the problem.The most people don\’t want to get in trouble and don\’t want to complain about nothing,even if they see things are not good.People only complain when someone they know have been killed,but they don\’t care when an old lady was beated in the street or a child was kidnapped and tell to the goverment to do something about it.
    They don\’t complain if there are countries where the people is so poor they have to leave them and look for a better life in another place.But we yet complain when our town it is full of inmigrants.Why don\’t we go to the embassy and tell to the leader of thosse places not to spend so much money to keep a King living so wonderful and do something to give a better life to the ones who need it?
    Why ,for example the Americans don\’t go and complain becouse there has been a masacre in a university and tell the goverment they don\’t want anybody to have weapons in their country?
    Why the indians don\’t go to their leaders and complain becouse they are fed up to be soo poor?
    There are lots of things people cand do to change the world,but the question is if we do really want to do it?
    We all have to move to do something and not to wait for someone else to do it.
    Take care

  32. P said

    Hi Phil,I hope you had a good weekend. 🙂
    What is the solution…very good question, part of the problem is the ‘many different voices’ contained within a democratic set-up.Do we move over to a communist dictatorial state, where everybody toes the party line and says the same thing? I think not…I’m sure you and I would be amongst the first to get locked up if we lived (for example) in North Korea.
    I think there are too many ‘ideals’ and too many opinions to ever achieve unanimous agreement from everyone. I feel most political parties (barring the extremists) all contain agendas that, ‘combined’ would help the country.I don’t know if you read my comment on Voting at Robin’s nest, but I stand in agreement with both of your arguments.
    I don’t believe that the British public want differing things, I think, in general, we all want the same peace, safety, health, financial topics etc. addressed.The problem is we all have different views on how the party in power, should go about addressing those issues.
    Mr E. I think you could do a whole series of Blogs on this subject it’s just loaded, you will get as many varying perspectives on those issues, I’m sure…With the Elections coming up, you may even be visited by an MP or two…you never know…lol!
    Take care mate,The G Man. 😉

  33. Amanda said

    Hello Phil,
    What\’s the solution ? Who knows, but my idea would be to teach our kids from birth that it is not ok to do injurious things to others or theirselves.  That would include not speaking hurtful words, not participating in abuse of any kind, and not to focus on negativities.  Respect has to come into play here, so teach a child to respect his/herself, then a natural progression to respect others and their surroundings should follow suit.
    Anyway, i don\’t really have the answer.  I\’m just making this all up as i go along so that it looks like i\’m giving you a lengthy comment !! hahahaha !!!
    You know me well enough by now Phil, yes my theory above in essence should prove to solve many propblems in the world, but if you have a cold heart, then how you going to warm it if someone else dose\’nt show you how to.  We can all learn from each other in life, but at the end of the day, people will always carry on doing \’their\’ thing in a blinded fashion.
    Hahahah…now you know i am making this all up as i go along !!
    Is my comment getting really long now ??
    Where was i ?…oh yeh, erm. …. I forgot . LOL !!   Hey i think you get my point here anyway.  It all boils down to attitudes, and if you have a bad one then you will be considered scum of earth.  And we all know that scum never mixes too well with water. (good attitude people)  So then there will always be divisions that cause the world\’s problems.
    Right, now i\’m just talking bullshit here.  I see i still have a long way to outdo you on a lengthy comment, but one day Philipa, just one day i might just make you reach for your flask of coffee and picnic hamper and give you the read of your life !!  hahahaha.
    Gotta go now, i can\’t keep my eye open.  Too bad i have to go to work soon. 
    Maybe talk later on msn ?  Oh by the way, thankyou Phil for your kind words in your comment to me.  As you know i am going through tough times right now, but knowing i have such wonderful friends here who genuinely care and offer me support is the best feeling right now.  Really, i would not have coped so well if it weren\’t for you, and a few others too who have shown me how to have strength and determination.  So thankyou again, my lovely friend.
    How am i doing here ?  You fancy that coffee yet ?  Hahahaha, i\’m bloody starving now too, and think i\’ll go get a coffee, might help keep me awake today !
    Bye for now, take care too
    Love Mandy Marie xx

  34. ... Angelwitch said

    if i remember right the patches were around brfore the virus came and when it did come and wipe out everyone on the world above the people in the senate were to blissed out on one of thse patches to be aware of what\’s going on…..hang on, does this sound familiar? lol..
    yeah we do the sest sci fi thinking about it though i\’m still thinking of the sisters gag…"you know full well we\’re not sisters we\’ve been married 27 years…" brilliant..
    shit…hope katt doesn\’t read this…

  35. Angkana said

    Hi Phil ..
    Great  that to heard from you.
    Welcome to my space and thank you for visiting.
    Your comment  so nice .. thank\’s
    Take care.

  36. ... Angelwitch said

    where to start really? some honesty, transparency and accountability for one\’s actions would go a hell of a long way…and when will pigs learn to fly?
    I like the idea of having a system where there are three main parties who have different ideas and viewpoints on how to run the country but  they are increasingly out of touch with what the vast majority of people want, between the pointless bitching between the parties you see on pm\’s questions every week and all this focus on terror and wars abroad and climate change the local problems seem to be swept under the carpet…yes i apreciate we need to take a stand in these wider issues that affect the world as a whole but not to the extent our own country\’s going to rack and ruin…
    I\’d like to slim things down personally, still have the oportunity to vote and so on but not for a parliament in the sense we have at the moment but something along the lines of a council of elders where a dozen or so members of differing politcal backgrounds debate and discuss any political issue in a sensible and mature  maner, brought up by local mp\’s (yes i\’d keep them just so every local constituency would still have its voice) and come to a consencus without all the song and dance of a chlidish playground brawl we have in parliament at the moment…admittedly my idea might need fine tuning but it\’s something i\’ve been thinking of…
    that aside at any rate thanx for looking out for me Phil, i\’m not going any furthur into hypntherapy until i\’ve done some meditation exercises to help me control my mind a bit better 9me rushing into things in other words lol)
    cracking Dr Who last night by the way..i won\’t give anything away in case you haven\’t seen it yet..
    have a great weekend

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