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Archive for June, 2007

WLS’s Forced Censorship Part 2 – Return Of The Ol’ Blog Shite!

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on June 24, 2007

Hello friends, yes I’m back! Again! WLS’s gave me my original space back. That was kind of them wasn’t it? WANKERS! Yes, while I was looking around the WLS’s help section for a reason why my new blog could not have a lay-out I wanted (A layout I still can’t get!), I discovered there was a help section for blocked/deleted spaces. Now, in this it says you can appeal to have your space given back, as long as you remove the offending things off the space
when it is returned. So I had 90 days to appeal, I wrote an e-mail saying I only republished the pictures because I didn’t hear back from them regarding the first e-mail I sent, along with many others (Thanks again by the way!). Even if they wrote back and said I couldn’t post them again, I still would have posted them after the deadline was passed.
The only reasons I would have done so was because I don’t think you should have to censor real life images like cancer and I didn’t think the WLS’s would come looking for me or that the same moaning moral minority person would return either. I was very wrong wasn’t I? So now I know the WLS’s don’t have to police the spaces, because they don’t have to when they have the moral minority to do it for them for FREE! I could re-post the pictures and have this blog closed for good and then do the same on my other and have that closed, then keep moving around and being deleted. But that would not get my blogs across to the people would it? It’s hard enough to get readers outside of my friends list while the blog’s in one fixed place as it is! 
So with the moral minority blog monitors doing their self-appointed job as WLS censors I will not bother to post the pictures in their present form. There is something I don’t get though. Why just censor the breast cancer pictures? The other pictures up there are just as graphic or even worse! So all I can think is we are dealing with a person who does not suffer from cancer but thinks a pair of naked breast are more of a threat to young people’s eyes and minds than cancer is! So the person is just a prude, full stop! So whoever you are, get your priorities of what’s right and wrong in life, sorted! You are a sad, moralistic, pathetic drongo!
Anyway, I now have two spaces, I will continue writing politics as well as social blogs here. But I haven’t made my mind up on what to do in the other. I could make it private and show you my ugly mug and write about other things? I’ve wanted more spaces to write my blogs on
while the other collects comments and opinions. I don’t know, leave a suggestion if you like.     

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Windows Live Spaces Forced Censorship

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on June 15, 2007

First and foremost, thank you for everyone who has sent e-mails of support to Windows Live Spaces  (WLS’s)  and for everybody who dropped by to leave a comment of support, it will not soon be forgotten! I will leave the e-mail address for any other people who want to contact the WLS’s support team to show support for the cause. Microsoft Customer Support, I don’t know if you have to include the “MCS” or not, so save your e-mail before you send it and try it with the “MCS” and with out, here’s the rest of the e-mail. [NOTE: Since Publication of this blog the e-mail address has been shut down as has the Windows Live Spaces Network]
For all of you who don’t know what happened or random spacers passing by I will explain now. I recently posted some shocking cancer pictures to accompany the blog I wrote about the impending smoking ban to come in England. These pictures detailed cancer of the Breast, lungs and throat. There were also pictures of women who had undergone cancer treatment such as; mastectomy (a breast removed); double mastectomy (both breasts removed); a women with radiation burns from her chemotherapy and many others. I think I was right to post these pictures and didn’t think anybody would have a problem with them, how wrong I was! Some sad strange person ignored the warnings at the top of my blog that states my space has strong content, or the WLS’s police typed in a key word like “Breast” and came upon my space pictures. Anyway, whoever it was, they reported me, but not before they had finished masturbating over the pictures first of course.
So on Monday I received an e-mail from Microsoft Customer Support, who told me to take the pictures of “partial nudity” off my space within 3 days or my space would be deleted. So I complied, because I thought I might be able to reason with them and argue the point that there is far worse things on the spaces than some cancerous growths on the female anatomy. Some I have seen include a women with her hand in her vagina, a 12-year-old girl topless bragging about how she’s had sex, and many more examples! I sent them a e-mail as did Robin, Pete, Lynn, Gena and others left comments of support. But WCS did not return or reply to any at the date and time of me writing this blog. So because they did not get back to me I am going to repost the pictures again, here’s why:
As I said before there are far more spaces with far worse pictures on it than mine. Also, I believe you can’t censor life or reality! Cancer is a natural part of life, that even counts when you give yourself cancer by smoking, it’s part of life, it happens. It’s not nice to look at or even think about, but it’s an inalible fact of life. You can see as well as read it in the papers, you see it on TV, in your own family in some cases, neighbours, on the net ect. It’s there, just because it’s covered up on a part of a women’s or man’s anatomy that is deemed wrong to show by the moral minority, doesn’t mean it should be censored! If parents are worried about their child seeing it, then why don’t they just block WLS’s or my space out of their PC and not act as a moral guardian for everyone? Why spoil it for me and everybody else? Why can’t these stupid, brainless people just engage their brain instead of engaging their sense of high moralistic righteousness, why not just stop at the warning sign at the top of the blog? What’s wrong with just saying to themselves, “This is sick, I’m not going to look at this, I’m moving on to the next blog!”? But no, they see it, get a stiff one have a wank or flick their bean depending on what sex they are, save the pictures for future wank material and then engage their moralistic part of their brain, that’s assuming they have one at all!… and then report me. Why don’t they just fuck off and get a life?!
These sad fucking idiotic, moralistic twats even censor cartoon angels just because they have a slight cartoon nipple showing? They have also deleted my space friend Chris’s site once before because he had a picture of two men kissing! What’s the deal? It can’t be to make the spaces sex free, because most of the spaces are made by kids pre-teens and post teen! They have some horrendous spaces that would be a pedophiles dream! They never censor them, I wonder why? Could it be the guys  and gals at WINDOWS LIVE SPACES are pedophiles? Or does it have something to do with making money and pleasing the moralistic minority? I think it’s a combination of the above.
It’s just a world gone mad! The big corporations (In this case Microsoft) bow to the moral minority be it religious or otherwise just to get more people using their brand! Oh, and sponsoring their products, stocking their products and advertising on their spaces! It’s a load on nonsense, I said from the very start of my blog this would happen, and it has! Whoever reported me, sad moralistic spacer or WLS’s pen pusher, go away, we don’t need your morals, we can all think for ourselves, so kindly GO AND FUCK YOURSELF!

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The Smoking Ban in England.

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on June 9, 2007

From the 1st of July 2007 Smoking inside public places (that are enclosed) and the work place will be banned. This means, no smoking on public transport, indoor smoking rooms for staff will no longer be allowed. Smoking in the privacy of your own home will be permitted (Unless you work from home with a person other than yourself in the home who works with you). Smoking in the privacy of your own car is ok, though I’m not sure if you can light up if you have a work colleague in the car. That’s the basics of it. Here’s a link if you want to read more: Smoke Free England
I’ve been in two minds about this subject ever since it was proposed. The reason why was Government interference in our lives again. Now, I do not smoke, I really detest it, it smells horrible, tastes horrible and not to mention horribly poisonous! Sorry to all my smoking space friends but you all look like fools when you stand there with your cig in between your fingers and then put it in your mouth, it really astounds me intelligent people put this in their bodies! It’s the way they put it in their body like it’s a natural thing they need, like eating or drinking. I know it’s addictive, but it’s also very poisonous, surely common sence must kick in? Anyway, you all know I can’t stand it!  But when the ban was proposed I didn’t like the idea of it at all. It just seemed the Government was telling people when and where they can do something just because of the pressure from the anti-smoking groups.
Surely there could have been a partial ban? Why not have separate buildings for smokers and non-smokers? I can understand stopping it in work places where other non-smoking workers are, that’s ok, but if smokers want to smoke and cough up sputum and blood all over each other in a smokers pub, club or restaurant… then why not? Why does every enclosed building have to be smoke free? Why not just make some premises illegal to smoke in, and if any smart ass breaks the law by lighting up to be awkward, then fine him/her on the spot and kick them out? I think that if a person doesn’t want to be in a room full of smokers, then they should have an option to go else where and do so. I also think smokers should be allowed to enjoy a pint or a meal in the same way.
Either way, I think this ban is just going to be ignored, after all, people already ignore the no smoking signs in certain places today! On public transport around Salford and Manchester, there are numerous no smoking signs and also numerous smokers, smoking! Numerous dimps and numerous annoyed people, I’m lucky, when ever I use my local bus, I stand at the very front and the smokers usually sit at the back and I only get a whiff of it. But, if you dare ask somebody to put their cig out, you are in for trouble! Actually, you better prepair to take your life in your hands if you do. Most people do not smoke on the bus, most people with respect for the people around them don’t, but there is always some big-headed student or track suit wearing pleb that does just because they think they can, or for an argument.
At my local hospital, there are clearly designated smoking shelters for all the smokers, yet they still stand outside the boxes and smoke all over the place. Then again, the shelters are full of spit all over the windows from smokers. There’s another thing that bewilders me at the entrances and exits at my local hospital, the amount of people with oxygen masks on who are struggling to breath as it us, smoking and then putting their masks back on after every puff they take! I’ve never seen anything more pointless in my short life! Maybe this new law will stop them from doing this, then again, they’ll find away around it. Just like the politicians are planning to do! Yet another example of “Do as I say, not as I do” from our beloved leaders! The assholes in Westminster are planning to ignore their own ban and smoke in their offices. Why? Because they do soooooo much hard work! Which is a complete joke in itself. Let’s hope one of the first people to get done for breaking the ban is one of the twats with double standards down in Westminster!
Anyway, I think this ban will be broke in many places all over the country especially in the halls of Westminster, which makes it pretty much pointless, but a minor source of income for the Government, after all, they will be making some money off this scheme wont they?
One more point before I go, if the anti-smoking groups are that concerned about our health and the quality of air we breath, then why don’t they lecture the Government about the amount of exhaust emissions cars give off? Car exhausts contain a range of toxic substances that can have a serious impact on health. It is estimated that air pollution – of which vehicle emissions are the major contributor – is responsible for 24,000 premature deaths in the UK every year. I know it doesn’t compare to the 86,500 smokers who die every year, but to be honest, I think the car emissions play a big part in that to. I think there is a little matter of big business and money involved here, that is why the Government will not slap a ban on car emissions! I’m not talking carbon emissions here, I mean the poisons that cars emit. Double standards again!
While we’re on the subject of smoking, I want to urge all my space friends or anybody who’s passing by to stop smoking! Take a look at the pictures I have posted in my photo album if you already haven’t. So just think about it, is it worth it?

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