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The Smoking Ban in England.

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on June 9, 2007

From the 1st of July 2007 Smoking inside public places (that are enclosed) and the work place will be banned. This means, no smoking on public transport, indoor smoking rooms for staff will no longer be allowed. Smoking in the privacy of your own home will be permitted (Unless you work from home with a person other than yourself in the home who works with you). Smoking in the privacy of your own car is ok, though I’m not sure if you can light up if you have a work colleague in the car. That’s the basics of it. Here’s a link if you want to read more: Smoke Free England
I’ve been in two minds about this subject ever since it was proposed. The reason why was Government interference in our lives again. Now, I do not smoke, I really detest it, it smells horrible, tastes horrible and not to mention horribly poisonous! Sorry to all my smoking space friends but you all look like fools when you stand there with your cig in between your fingers and then put it in your mouth, it really astounds me intelligent people put this in their bodies! It’s the way they put it in their body like it’s a natural thing they need, like eating or drinking. I know it’s addictive, but it’s also very poisonous, surely common sence must kick in? Anyway, you all know I can’t stand it!  But when the ban was proposed I didn’t like the idea of it at all. It just seemed the Government was telling people when and where they can do something just because of the pressure from the anti-smoking groups.
Surely there could have been a partial ban? Why not have separate buildings for smokers and non-smokers? I can understand stopping it in work places where other non-smoking workers are, that’s ok, but if smokers want to smoke and cough up sputum and blood all over each other in a smokers pub, club or restaurant… then why not? Why does every enclosed building have to be smoke free? Why not just make some premises illegal to smoke in, and if any smart ass breaks the law by lighting up to be awkward, then fine him/her on the spot and kick them out? I think that if a person doesn’t want to be in a room full of smokers, then they should have an option to go else where and do so. I also think smokers should be allowed to enjoy a pint or a meal in the same way.
Either way, I think this ban is just going to be ignored, after all, people already ignore the no smoking signs in certain places today! On public transport around Salford and Manchester, there are numerous no smoking signs and also numerous smokers, smoking! Numerous dimps and numerous annoyed people, I’m lucky, when ever I use my local bus, I stand at the very front and the smokers usually sit at the back and I only get a whiff of it. But, if you dare ask somebody to put their cig out, you are in for trouble! Actually, you better prepair to take your life in your hands if you do. Most people do not smoke on the bus, most people with respect for the people around them don’t, but there is always some big-headed student or track suit wearing pleb that does just because they think they can, or for an argument.
At my local hospital, there are clearly designated smoking shelters for all the smokers, yet they still stand outside the boxes and smoke all over the place. Then again, the shelters are full of spit all over the windows from smokers. There’s another thing that bewilders me at the entrances and exits at my local hospital, the amount of people with oxygen masks on who are struggling to breath as it us, smoking and then putting their masks back on after every puff they take! I’ve never seen anything more pointless in my short life! Maybe this new law will stop them from doing this, then again, they’ll find away around it. Just like the politicians are planning to do! Yet another example of “Do as I say, not as I do” from our beloved leaders! The assholes in Westminster are planning to ignore their own ban and smoke in their offices. Why? Because they do soooooo much hard work! Which is a complete joke in itself. Let’s hope one of the first people to get done for breaking the ban is one of the twats with double standards down in Westminster!
Anyway, I think this ban will be broke in many places all over the country especially in the halls of Westminster, which makes it pretty much pointless, but a minor source of income for the Government, after all, they will be making some money off this scheme wont they?
One more point before I go, if the anti-smoking groups are that concerned about our health and the quality of air we breath, then why don’t they lecture the Government about the amount of exhaust emissions cars give off? Car exhausts contain a range of toxic substances that can have a serious impact on health. It is estimated that air pollution – of which vehicle emissions are the major contributor – is responsible for 24,000 premature deaths in the UK every year. I know it doesn’t compare to the 86,500 smokers who die every year, but to be honest, I think the car emissions play a big part in that to. I think there is a little matter of big business and money involved here, that is why the Government will not slap a ban on car emissions! I’m not talking carbon emissions here, I mean the poisons that cars emit. Double standards again!
While we’re on the subject of smoking, I want to urge all my space friends or anybody who’s passing by to stop smoking! Take a look at the pictures I have posted in my photo album if you already haven’t. So just think about it, is it worth it?

22 Responses to “The Smoking Ban in England.”

  1. jason said

    it\’s a no brainer…….  let\’s face it, these days, more people are non smokers than smokers…… let\’s bring in some legislation that panders to the majority……. you can\’t really miss can you?
    for me, I stopped smoking just 13 short weeks ago, the smoking ban will certainly make things easier for me.
    one thing that does spring to mind is about our "compensation culture" – let\’s imagine the future problems arising from claimants who have had to work in smoky environments…. the claim culture is definitely on the up and this may well be a cost saving measure for the future.
    Just random thoughts

  2. Mei's said

    Hello Phil, long time no see, how are you? Just been ooking back some of my old blog, saw your lovely comment so I popped in to say hi, hope all is well, I love the pics of the puppies, are they yours? Take care. Mei

  3. spice said

    I\’ve obviously missed the excitment generated by the enforced censorship. Are you going to do a post giving the details of what happened?

  4. Julie-Marie said

    Hi Phil 😀
    I\’ve popped over from Petes space regarding the cancer pics you had to remove, I totally agree with all Pete wrote about it, an absolute scandal WLS should be ashamed of themselfs! As Pete says you can go to spaces with young girls and their bits hanging out but DONT mention cancer!!!!! Honestly makes you wonder what its all coming to huh!
    Now Im from Scotland & the smoking ban came into effect here last year! I am a smoker 😦 but I was for it, not because the Government said so but more for other peoples healths & theres nothing worse than breathing in someone elses smoke, but your right in a way that there should be alternatives for smokers dining out & stuff….again PC gone mad…the next ban to come out here is smoking outside altogether…I think I\’ll have given them up by then lol
    Anyway I enjoyed my visit, great space, hope you don\’t mind me giving my humble views 🙂
    Take care

  5. elizabeth said

    hi phil, hope all goes well with the wls farce. have seen you around lots of mutual friends spaces, so you know you have lots of people behind you in this.  if you need any more emails of support, give me a shout and i\’ll round up a posse !
    take care, beth. x

  6. Estella said

    Actually, i don`t mind people smoke.
    The policy is a bit extreme, though it may bring social benefits.

  7. ♪CoNni£ said

    Hey mate! what to say about the cancer pictures, i already sent you an e-mail. Besides that how is everything going?
    Planning to sleep on the garden???? lol . i dont blame you, here im diying of hot as well, literally in everystep you take you melt!!! ten years ago , people here in Los Cabos used to sleep on their rooftops or gardens too, when town wasnt very "crowded" they dont do it anymore cos they got air conditioned in their houses. even at schools we have A/C!
    Im so glad i finished my essay but i have some bad news: it\’s in spanish, i just started today to transalate it… and will post it right now cos  cant sleep either! 
    Hope Lynn does good with the finals….
    PS:who long is the school year in highschools right now in england?
    well take care…. till next time!

  8. jiggy said

    morning phil and thanks for the comment back  twice in one week lucky guy lol sorry i didnt explain better i was refering to "passive" smoking that i am not totaly convinced about as yet. if we all stopped smoking tomorrow there would still be cancer, and as you did say you dont have to smoke to get lung cancer but cant prove it was from passive smoking how can anyone prove that? well hope you get sorted with wls  just wanted to add that there are many clubs closed down as a ban on smoking where is our freedom of choice we dont have one cant even say some words now as they are taken as racist  cant say gollywog its racist oh oh in trouble now lol even the rhymes at my grandaughters nursary have been changed crazy when no one thought of it racist before but now they make a point of it mad!! i tell you my daughters friend is black she  calls herself nigga is she racist lol sorry am off on something els now have a great week will be back to check up on you so behave yougn man lol take care joannie xx

  9. Pete said

    Hey Phil,
    Well I hope WLS see a little sense and let this one go but it seems whereas they have the power to tell you what to do, there is nothing in place to at least let you appeal the decision. It would be interesting though to try things another way. Say you had written a blog about cancer and used the pictures within your blog to demonstrate what you explaining, would anyone have complained or seem them. Most space hoppers only look at the pictures, I get about 20 a day and because I don\’t have any pictures, they stop long enough to find out what I am all about.
    I hope they don\’t take you off but like you said, it wont be long before you return, just make sure you remember my address.
    Yes the government have chucked a few bones and although they are little bones that don\’t do nearly enough. It is a start, not so much a start in terms of righting a few wrongs, but a start in an election campaign. I am also cynical enough to believe that many of these wont see the light of day once they are back in power and it also interesting that the provision for holidays will beginn to take effect in October, well at least half of the new ruling anyway, maybe there is a tiny bit of hope.
    I too will give Brown a chance, maybe having a disabled child might make him a little more humble and family orientated and he might even be big enough not to get envoloped into the corruption of power, but as you say, if he fucks up……….
    I remember the election night of 97 quite vividly and it really filled me with hope for the future after so many years of the tories and I also feel that over the years, many factors of life have been better under labour, but the Blair years have been blighted by the Iraq war, immigration and social disorder issues, which incidently, have all come to prominence in his third term, his biggest mistake I daresay. We will have to wait and see.
    Good luck with the campaign and you know you have my support
    Take care and love to you and yours

  10. ... Angelwitch said

    Morning Phil  🙂
    good plan, i\’ve got a new site up and running just in case i ever get zapped again as an insurane policy but one thing you can do is save all your freinds spaces on the favorites list on explorer then you don\’t have to think later on, "what was that url again…?"
    they never do get in contact with you when you know you\’re right and they\’re wrong as i\’ve found
    apologies ain\’t that hard you know WLS..
    anyway got to go now so see you later somewhere,
    you take care of yourself now xx

  11. jiggy said

    hi phil long time no been lol but am here to support your pictures and i think they are offensive but real!! hay what can i say im a smoker but i am still waiting on the real truth as to weather they are the main cause of cancer as i have read many articals without the concrete proof but we are sucome to the media and what they say is the" gospal "mabee its potatoes that cause cancer dont mean to make light but you are a realist after all?? but i do back you up on the pictures if they dont like p off!! you have stated that your site may be offensive what more can you do?? am with pete on the fact that trade has went down talking from scotland where we imposed before england as usual lol guinee pigs we are as was the council tax etc try out on us first eh!  lol but seriously joking aside it has been hard on some publicans but after time its accepted now but we have beer gardens heated too so we are not totaly punished and folk will get use to it no one wants to smoke but it is addictive as is any other drug  by the way do you smoke grass lol ?? am kidding you on but you know wha i meen bet you have a pint and it deffinetly causes kidney and liver disease proven in fact  anyway phil keep doing your stuff and i will keep a comment when i think you rattled me lol take care hope your well joannie xx

  12. Gena said

    ¸.•*´¨`*•.¸¸.•*´¨`*•.¸¸.•*´¨`*•.¸¸.•*´¨`*•.¸ ♥ ♥ ♥ ~HIYA..HUNNI!!..
    (¸.•´ (¸.•` * *´¨) ♥ ♥ ……HAVE A LOVELY WEEK MY LOVE..
      ————SHOWING U SOME LUV—————–
    ………………………***********……….. ………..***********…………….******************……………..******************……….***********************………**********************……..***************************************************…….*********************Gena Love U********************……****************************************************…….**************************************************………************************************************………….********************************************……………..***************************************…………………**********************************………………………***************************…………………………….*******************……………………………………************……………………………………….*******…………………………………………..***
    ———TAKE CARE  & BIG KISS———– ¸.•*´¨`*•.¸¸.•*´¨`*•.¸¸.•*´¨`*•.¸¸.•*´¨`*•.¸

  13. ... Angelwitch said

    Morning Phil  🙂
    I thought someone would have issues with those pics, though to hear about someone getting turned on by them is rather disturbing, i would like to think they were being sarcastic but in this world..well…
    I have issues with WLS too, they seem to find pictures of angels offensive for some reason and have given several of my friends grief about them recently, not there was actually anything offensive about them, unlike the one i\’ve got a link for lol..
    but yeah they do have issues with people making a point about things, my old space got shut down because i had a few pics of guys kissing ages ago, they never did get back to me when i e-mailed them accusing them of being homophobic…
    seriously though, someone has somplained about you and your card is marked as they say so i\’d watch your back on here if I were you, but you don\’t give me the impression of being someone who\’s afraid of a few deskbound pen pushers..
    if you\’ve got bbc digital you can press red and on the menu there\’s a thing called catch up tv and you can go  through there and find last saturday\’s Dr Who…I had to do it the other week, it\’s a lifesaver
    anyway have a great day and watch out for the PC brigade haha..

  14. Pete said

     I thought the pictures were shocking and provocative but you shouldn\’t have had to take them off, it\’s real life and WLS are wrong to make you do that…..you have my support.
    I think something that has proved interesting over the last few weeks is that people have actually stopped to consider the long term implications of a smoking ban. The irony is that it is nigh on impossible to smoke in most public places now without being kicked out so in truth, the only aspect of society that will be affected is the pub, which is why it has been the focal point of my ramblings about tis subject. It does affect trade Phil, some may report that trade has actually increased but this ban and others before it have been introduced at a time when trade is high anyway and the increase is only what would have been expected for that period, the truth is, trade is affected in the long term which will result in smaller, local establishments, closing their doors. Now I can see why it doesn\’t bother you, and in some ways it wouldn\’t bother me but that means a little less work and prosperity in the area.
    My point about queryingwhether the legislation would have been introduced if the only smokers were from some minority was tongue in cheek but it does enforce my true belief that simple, northern, working class tax paying folk are being hit once again….surely within touching distance of a nanny state now.
    One thing I firmly agree with is and I note that one or two others have also made this observation too is that incidents of violence and criminal damage will rise as a result of this ban as mindless yobs beat the crap out of anyone who dares challenge them if they light up in public and we both know thats going to happen and I guarantee landlords up and down the country will leave casualty having had their injuries attended too, only to find that they have been fined for allowing people to smoke in their establishment. As an ex-public house landlord, I am so glad that I am no longer in the business.
    One thing no-one seems to have touched upon is that with on the spot fines and businesowners and landlords being easy targets, is it just another way to generate cash??
    Anyhoo, I think I will draw a line under the matter now but for me, I wont be going to the pub as much, not that I go much anyway but I look at the big picture. If I want to smoke I would rather sit on my own back doorstep rather than stand outside a pub and secondly, beer is much cheaper in supermarkets anyway…….Tesco getting richer too..
    Take care and love to you and yours

  15. P said

    Good morning mate,Thanks for the joke on the video…hahaha… It cracked me up.Many would say, due to my beliefs, I shouldn\’t find it funny, but as you know I have a sense of humour….so I took it in the way in which it was meant…:)Yes it was sad, her cancer was drink related, years of, \’drinking away problems\’ caused an even bigger one…Cancer.And you know what Phil, all her children (my 3 cousins) all smoke like chimneys, after having what happened to their mum…can you believe that?I can\’t believe your photos were reported… if people think that that photo was pornographic they need help.It was a reality that I wish more people would see, can you please send me them via email so I can send them out to my mailing list.Well Mr. E, I\’m off for now.Thanks for passing by mate.Have a great day.Much Love,Phil.

  16. Adelina said

    Good morning Phil
    Oh no!!Not everything is so good in Spain.Yes the corrupted are in evrerywhere,but it seems that they found a paradise here…
    There are many other things are still wrong,contracts at work,no even halph of price free when you go to dentist and is still expensive .Well many things.And as I read on the blogs,we have many things in common about youth behaviour,low level at secondary..many thingsBut it is true that have been done good things.I rather have your goverment and get rid of smoking at once!!
    And well,my flat is not very big,but for sure that I would find a place for you!!
    You are welcome!
    Take care

  17. ♪CoNni£ said

    Hey how is everything over there mate?
    How fun, inmediatetly after i received your e-mail i replayed it, you got a comment and short after i got one comment of yours. hahaha,,,,,,, well you see i\’ll be doing some sort of schedule for the blogs. Rigth now i\’m having final exams, and i have to hand an essay for tomorrow tuesday, i dont complain about it instead im very exited, i chooose the topic of Rock music and how it became a paralel culture of  actual pop and hiphop industry. what do you think about that?
    You know , I got a couple of surprises,like finding out  a lot of subgenres in metal music,  the development/evolution of jazz till it mutated into rock and other styles… A lot of Band names…and probably heaps of technisisms.  So i guess for the next blogs i\’ll be updating part of my essay …. heheheh .
    Your blog is very interesting, i think last year i heard of USA Banning smoking in public and enclosed areas as well, but dunno if they finally put that on law…… Ok its a good point to care about non-smokers (more like :passive smokers), everyones heatlh and enviroment , but  to be realistic  who\’s going to be watching your step, will the owners of restaurants, pubs  or whatever you go will be brave to tell ya to stop smoking, will they face a devaluation on their incomes, cos as you mentioned cigarrets are addictive and  a thing of live or dead just like water and food for some smokers, so sincerly between going to whatever place where they can\’t smoke and dating someone or simply sepnding a little more time at home or others friends houses where they CAN, what option will they take? spend money in a place where they cant do what they want or keep some bucks and do what they pleace? ,,,,,I think its worth to keep the divisionts between smoking and non-smoking areas, and include air exractors to keep the steam away.
    Well, take care so much and hope the familly is ok…..   

  18. Pete said

    So you don\’t like smoking then?? Kidding, I know you don\’t and you are right to question the wisdom of people who stick them horrible little things in their mouths and suck…….and I am one of them. On that point, it\’s a bit hard to explain, there is a physical addiction and it is habit forming too. Remember Phil, 20 years ago, when I was a little younger than you, attitudes towards smoking were very different. When I started my first job after leaving school, the first thing I was given was an ashtray for my desk!! Unfortunately I still haven\’t overcome the habit nor the addiction too, but I will do when I am ready.
    But I am glad that you come out in support of smokers in respect of the fact that it is the government once again telling us what we can and cannot do when it comes to living our lives.
    Now I ain\’t going to say to much because my blog today is about the smoking ban, obviously from a slightly different perspective, we can exchange the views then.
    The pics are chocking, I will look at them again when my breakfast has settled!!
    Take care and love to you and yours

  19. ... Angelwitch said

    Morning Phil  🙂
    oh so that\’s why those pics are up…not just to startle me and throw my cornflakes over the keyboard lol….joking..
    we live with someone who had smoked for 50 years but stopped about four years ago now, just in time by the sounds of his chest
    he wheezes away all the time now and is short of breath, he can walk up a set of stairs and then have to rest for five minutes because of the damage done to his lungs, we\’ve likened it to permenantly working in the death zone on everest
    needless to say that\’s deterrant enough for me
    Sseriously though I can\’t wait for this ban to come into force, I\’m sick of breathing second hand smoke everywhere and it\’s no laughing matter for Rich because after his surgery years ago his lungs are fragile enough as it is without this sort of abuse everyday whenever we go out..
    smokers have a choice weather or not to spark up in a public place, it\’s us non smokers who have no choice when having this abuse foisted on us by an inconsiderate arsehole who can\’t go five minutes without thier nicotine hit right next to us
    that said they know about how i feel when they do it lol.."cheers you swine i\’ll have my lungs back now\’ haha
    I can see the arguement for a little leeway in so far as to have some places where people can have a smoke at smoker\’s clubs but from an enforecment point of view it\’s easier just to hit us with a blanket ban I suppose..
    the other arguement that i find funny is the arguement that the revenue generated by tax from smoking that would be lost if we banned smoking outright tomorrow, but surely if that was the scenario there\’s a flaw: if smoking was eradicated then the NHS wouldn\’t be spening a large amount of their budget treating you idiots who are slowly commiting suicide by smoking when you\’ve destroyed your lungs and riddled with cancers?
    oh well this is something i suspect will rumble on for a while yet…
    glad your hamster clan\’s declared a truce for now, wish i could say the same for our bird lol..nah i wouldn\’t really change him if i had the chance, loved Dr Who the other night even if it was a bit b movie horror like..
    anyway have a great week mate and well done for another thought provoking blog..

  20. Adelina said

    Hello Phil
    Very well done!! I like the subject and I agree with you.
    I don\’t smoke,I never did,and I ever will do.And as you say a really don\’t like how the most of smokers smell.
    As you may know I take the bus every day to go to work,so I can see how from the morning and very early people stand at the bus stop with their cigarettes,sucking like mads that thing in their hands.I say this,becouse here in Spain is banned already smoke in the bus.It is for long now.But it is funny to read that you have problem there in England,becouse people don\’t care and they smoke in the bus.Here,as  soon as the bus driver sees that someone is going to get in the bus with a cigar,he doesn\’t alow him .In the case he or she are smoking he will stop and call the police.Since last year nobady can\’t smoke in public places,but the goverment also gave the chance to restaurants to choose if they will be a smoke place or not,which I think is fear.I respect people and though smokers have been doing what they wanted for years and smoking in front of our faces.Now they complaint becouse they feel everybody is against them.
    I supose that to ban things that people has been doing for so long is difficult to accept and in some way the goverments have to do this becouse nobody is going to care and do it by them selves.
    Good work my friend,very intelligent as always.
    Take care

  21. P said

    Hello Mr E,How are you doing mate? :)Thanks very much for your comments and visits, you are so right, there are other things in life other than WLS but I still missed being around you and my other online friends.Those \’graphic\’ photos would certainly put me off my cancer sticks (if I smoked) yuk….I\’m sure there are smokers out there who are so addicted, it wouldn\’t make a bit of difference to them.I think I remember commenting on Pete\’s Blog about smoking… I too have a hard time when Governments want to force people to do things they don\’t want to.I also think smoking is vile and due to the negative knock on affects on others I have to agree with the ban in public places but not in peoples homes (unless they are irresponsible and smoke around young children)…people should be free to go out and breath smoke free air and if others want to slowly kill themselves in the privacy of their own homes, it\’s up to them.As for the car sitaution, well I am a driver but havent had a car since 2002, I have been cycling for a while now but it\’s hard to put a family of 7 on a bike to go out.I am pro car, and I think if people are being forced to stop smoking in public places, then car manufacturers should be forced to produce clean alternative fuel vehicles, they do exist but they should be the norm rather than the exception.I contacted Toyota to ask if their large alternative fuel 7 seater will be sold here as it is in Japan, and you know what they told me? They have no plans to sell it here.Not to be put off, I asked them, if I imported it myslef would they service it, Toyota GB told me to speak to my local dealer, I contacted my local dealer and they told me…No….Now how does that help, the car manufacturers and the Government are still putting profit above peoples health.You are right Phil, this ban will be broken and will cause the odd argument or two and dare I say fight, or two, but if enough people stand up we can help towards creating public spaces with less poisonous air.It\’s good to be back…great Blog Mr E.The G Man.

  22. spice said

    I come to this from the opposite end of the scale, Phil. I\’m a smoker who is in favour of smoking bans… up to a point. Here in Ontario the ban has been in force from before I arrived. I don\’t have a problem with it and I fully support non-smokers who don\’t want clouds of noxious fumes around them when they\’re eating and having a drink. Workplace bans – absolutely… but I don\’t want any of the pious preachers telling me that smokers are less productive – I spent years in a non smoking workplace and one thing I did see was that the smokers often bonded into better groups of teamworkers than non smokers. And I\’ve never been in a smoking room where people weren\’t discussing work – some even brought their work in with them while they had a cig. There are just as many non-smoking slackers as smoking ones, probably more.
    The problem I do have with the ban is the government\’s method of actually shirking the responsibility for enforcing it. They\’re enacting a law and then pushing the responsibility for upholding it onto business owners. It won\’t be smokers who pay the biggest percentage of the fines, it will be the publicans, shop owners and restauranteurs who have to deal with those ignorant members of the general public. They are the ones who will have to confront the chavs and halfwits, risk verbal and physical assault and probably have their windows smashed at the end of the night. Of course the police will be too busy to respond and the local authority \’smoking wardens\’ will be nowhere to be found – no doubt having finished their working day just as the chavs head for the pub. 
    This has the same offensive odour surrounding it as previous Labour legislation – like the ban on hunting with dogs, making it illegal to use a mobile phone while driving and the one that everyone has forgotten about, on-the-spot fines for riding a bike on a public pavement.

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