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Windows Live Spaces Forced Censorship

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on June 15, 2007

First and foremost, thank you for everyone who has sent e-mails of support to Windows Live Spaces  (WLS’s)  and for everybody who dropped by to leave a comment of support, it will not soon be forgotten! I will leave the e-mail address for any other people who want to contact the WLS’s support team to show support for the cause. Microsoft Customer Support, I don’t know if you have to include the “MCS” or not, so save your e-mail before you send it and try it with the “MCS” and with out, here’s the rest of the e-mail. [NOTE: Since Publication of this blog the e-mail address has been shut down as has the Windows Live Spaces Network]
For all of you who don’t know what happened or random spacers passing by I will explain now. I recently posted some shocking cancer pictures to accompany the blog I wrote about the impending smoking ban to come in England. These pictures detailed cancer of the Breast, lungs and throat. There were also pictures of women who had undergone cancer treatment such as; mastectomy (a breast removed); double mastectomy (both breasts removed); a women with radiation burns from her chemotherapy and many others. I think I was right to post these pictures and didn’t think anybody would have a problem with them, how wrong I was! Some sad strange person ignored the warnings at the top of my blog that states my space has strong content, or the WLS’s police typed in a key word like “Breast” and came upon my space pictures. Anyway, whoever it was, they reported me, but not before they had finished masturbating over the pictures first of course.
So on Monday I received an e-mail from Microsoft Customer Support, who told me to take the pictures of “partial nudity” off my space within 3 days or my space would be deleted. So I complied, because I thought I might be able to reason with them and argue the point that there is far worse things on the spaces than some cancerous growths on the female anatomy. Some I have seen include a women with her hand in her vagina, a 12-year-old girl topless bragging about how she’s had sex, and many more examples! I sent them a e-mail as did Robin, Pete, Lynn, Gena and others left comments of support. But WCS did not return or reply to any at the date and time of me writing this blog. So because they did not get back to me I am going to repost the pictures again, here’s why:
As I said before there are far more spaces with far worse pictures on it than mine. Also, I believe you can’t censor life or reality! Cancer is a natural part of life, that even counts when you give yourself cancer by smoking, it’s part of life, it happens. It’s not nice to look at or even think about, but it’s an inalible fact of life. You can see as well as read it in the papers, you see it on TV, in your own family in some cases, neighbours, on the net ect. It’s there, just because it’s covered up on a part of a women’s or man’s anatomy that is deemed wrong to show by the moral minority, doesn’t mean it should be censored! If parents are worried about their child seeing it, then why don’t they just block WLS’s or my space out of their PC and not act as a moral guardian for everyone? Why spoil it for me and everybody else? Why can’t these stupid, brainless people just engage their brain instead of engaging their sense of high moralistic righteousness, why not just stop at the warning sign at the top of the blog? What’s wrong with just saying to themselves, “This is sick, I’m not going to look at this, I’m moving on to the next blog!”? But no, they see it, get a stiff one have a wank or flick their bean depending on what sex they are, save the pictures for future wank material and then engage their moralistic part of their brain, that’s assuming they have one at all!… and then report me. Why don’t they just fuck off and get a life?!
These sad fucking idiotic, moralistic twats even censor cartoon angels just because they have a slight cartoon nipple showing? They have also deleted my space friend Chris’s site once before because he had a picture of two men kissing! What’s the deal? It can’t be to make the spaces sex free, because most of the spaces are made by kids pre-teens and post teen! They have some horrendous spaces that would be a pedophiles dream! They never censor them, I wonder why? Could it be the guys  and gals at WINDOWS LIVE SPACES are pedophiles? Or does it have something to do with making money and pleasing the moralistic minority? I think it’s a combination of the above.
It’s just a world gone mad! The big corporations (In this case Microsoft) bow to the moral minority be it religious or otherwise just to get more people using their brand! Oh, and sponsoring their products, stocking their products and advertising on their spaces! It’s a load on nonsense, I said from the very start of my blog this would happen, and it has! Whoever reported me, sad moralistic spacer or WLS’s pen pusher, go away, we don’t need your morals, we can all think for ourselves, so kindly GO AND FUCK YOURSELF!

13 Responses to “Windows Live Spaces Forced Censorship”

  1. P said

    Hey Mr E,I\’ve finally got round to you 🙂
    Glad to see that you’re back up and running again, although I hear you’re being greedy mate, are you now keeping 2 spaces going? Lol!Anyway, thanks for your visits and comments, they are appreciated…I have sent those cancer related photos to everyone I know, I have had a few replies, one person has printed them out to give to her ‘persistent smoker’ mum.I’ll have a look round before I leave.The G Man.

  2. Kathryn said

    Well they are all wankers most obviously not LOOKING at the content…wankers!
    Keep up the good fight!

  3. Adelina said

    Helo Phil
    I believe that reality is the best way to make people aware of what is going on and pictures are much better too.
    Cancer is one of the worst diseases we have in this world and I am sure that some people doesn\’t like to see the effects of it.
    I don\’t feel bad to look at these kind of pictures as I have seen cancer very close as I was looking after of the children of a woman who suffered it.It was long time ago but I still remember her.She died very young-40 she was when she died- and more that her ilness,I remember the sadness of her children.She knew she had cancer,but after the doctor told herstill she kept smoking.She realised how serious the disease was when it was too late.
    If she probably had  seen this pictures, she would have stopped smoking …
    This society is full of hipocresy,only look for beautiful things,beautiful bodies..and to look at reality is something not everybody can take.They live in a world of lies.
    So,if someone has felt upset about it,well as I always say..
    ¡¡LIFE IS HARD!!
    ¡¡So fuck them all!!
    Take care my friend

  4. Pete said

    Hey Phil,
    Good for you for standing up to WLS. I agree with spice that it is certainly the result of someone complaining about the pictures originally, I mean why would WLS want to police their pages….just rely on the good old fashioned method of people complaining because they have seen or read something they don\’t want to see, rather than looking at something else.
    Your words demonstrate your anger, not only at the request to take off the pictures, or the pointless complaint some people made, but also that WLS don\’t appear to have any form of appea or means to state your case or for people to state your case on your behalf.
    Yes people are shocked by the pictures but I have yet to read of anyone who actually objects to them…they send a strong message out. Pinky has even seen things differently and if one person stops smoking through seeing these pics, then it has all been worth it hasn\’t it?
    We all know that there is much on WLS that is far worse than what you put on display and it really needs to be dealt with, but I am not going to be space hopping just to find something to complain about and I am damn sure you aint too.
    Keep it up, you know you have much support although the suggestion people at WLS might get off on pictures of little girls is a bit extreme…..but I do understand your anger and frustration.
    Take care now and good luck…you know where I am
    Love to the family

  5. jiggy said

    hi phil am becoming a habit lol shoot me hehe!! thanks for your reply and yes i do agree with some of what you say was just trying to get the point over with the links that passive smoking may have been made to look more dangriouse than it is and wish i could stop tomorrow lol but not easy as i say and it is nothing more than bad manneres to smoke in front of anyone who doesnt or kids no way would i do that any way am glad you goty your pics back on good!! said i be back young man lol take care phil hope you are well jiggy xx


    Good Morning Phil
    Just dropping by after Chris told me of our blog and problems with msn censorship
    I wish to congratulate you on your stance
    If only more people had the guts to stand up for what they believe
    These pictures are pretty hard hitting
    But surely that is the point
    My father died of lung cancer
    And I struggle everyday to give up
    So thank you for reposting these pictures
    Cause I can honestly say you have made the battle a little easier
    Next time I intend giving in and lighting up
    I will remember you and your pictures
    Well done you absolutely have done the right thing
    More people should follow your example
    Take care
    Love and hugs
    Shelly x

  7. ... Angelwitch said

    haha take that MSN lol..
    Morning Phil 🙂
    you\’ve survived the night then I see
    usually if i find something that offends me i click that strange red button at the top of my browser
    it\’s a lot less hassle than messing around filling in one of those abuse forms for WLS and usually more effective too
    cracking Dr Who last night although there\’s one burning question i\’d have to ask but i won\’t just yet in case you\’ve not seen it yet, think you can guess what it is if you have seen it though.
    have a great day and keep on blogging, the world\’s a lot porer with out people who\’ll actually stand up forwhat they thinks right.

  8. g said

    Good for you to stand your ground.

  9. Sheena said

    Hiya again,I seem to have repeated myself…actually deliberately?..*cough* about if one person is put off by your Photo\’s?…I must feel very strongly about it!!!  don\’tcha\’think?… Then again…could be.that it needed underlining? Yeah sounds good to me!!!..Bye …………..xx

  10. Sheena said

    Hiya Phil, .

    I haven’t
    been on your site before…I hope you don\’t mind ,but .I heard from Pete of the trouble you’re having
    with WLS., and thought I’d call round to see what the outcome was…I see nothing
    is settled.?….
    You know, the case of minority against the majority is not ethical neither is
    it democratic….strange really, maybe one or two, strangely anonymous,  people have complained for
    their own sad reasons and are taken note of….The big wheel turns & the
    decision is made, just in case there’s a chance of legal action, no thought that they\’d win,  strange that!!.
    I see no reason why a complaint should be made, the pictures are shocking, true.  But they are real life & real life IS shocking, ….they are cause and
    effect…You shouldn’t hide from real life, or is this the future, a nanny state personified?  If only one person is put off smoking by seeing these pictures then all to the good surely?…… As you say, there are plenty of titillating
    sites for the do-gooders (?)  to ‘shoot their ammunition’ at…Hah!!  more than plenty!!I hope they see sense, and leave you alone………………….Take care……………………Sheena………………xx

    I don’t
    smoke….but if only one person is put off their habit by your photo’s then that’s
    all to the good surely?  Yes? Or am I
    missing something?

  11. spice said

    A word to the wise, Phil. The warning from WLS was almost certainly the result of someone making a complaint – WLS have no interest in proactively policing the spaces they host – they will only react to someone contacting them and only if they feel they themselves are going to be damaged if they fail to do so.
    Whoever complained will almost certainly complain again – they might even have some justification if that person had a good reason for being upset by the picture – themselves a victim of cancer, perhaps?  You are highly likely to have your space deleted and that would be a shame, because you do make some good arguments and provide a lot of entertainmet for a large number of people – as proved by the large number of comments you get (I\’m jealous).
    The best course of action would be to remove the pics – there is no shame in doing this, it\’s simply a matter of discretion being the better part of valour – and then you can still fight your battles. In this day and age it\’s not worth trying to take on a faceless corporate giant like Microsoft in a head on assault. They don\’t care about indiviiduals or their rights and one more space deleted from the blogosphere is of no more importance to them that killing a fly is to the rest of us.
    Take a lesson from history – don\’t fight a regular battler with a superpower. Stay hidden in the bushes and use guerilla tactics.

  12. Julie-Marie said

    Hiya Phil 🙂
    Go you for reposting the pics….having looked at them I dont see why you were asked to remove them, I had my old space closed down a few months ago for displaying a pic of whats under a Scotsmans kilt which was fair enough, but your pics FFS real life, real tragedies & a health warning intact…I was coming over here then gonna go outside for a ciggie, not now…as of now Im giving up, seriously…you may have just saved my life ya know :)) The pics ARE shocking, and they hit home, but they are real people & this real person thinks you should have a round of applause for this blog & the pics 🙂
    Im glad I got to see them & Im so glad I came by here today….I came here a smoker & Im leaving without them 🙂
    Ooh scary thought lol wish me luck 🙂
    Thanks for your comment too, my life saver :))
    Have a fab weekend

  13. Gena said

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