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WLS’s Forced Censorship Part 2 – Return Of The Ol’ Blog Shite!

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on June 24, 2007

Hello friends, yes I’m back! Again! WLS’s gave me my original space back. That was kind of them wasn’t it? WANKERS! Yes, while I was looking around the WLS’s help section for a reason why my new blog could not have a lay-out I wanted (A layout I still can’t get!), I discovered there was a help section for blocked/deleted spaces. Now, in this it says you can appeal to have your space given back, as long as you remove the offending things off the space
when it is returned. So I had 90 days to appeal, I wrote an e-mail saying I only republished the pictures because I didn’t hear back from them regarding the first e-mail I sent, along with many others (Thanks again by the way!). Even if they wrote back and said I couldn’t post them again, I still would have posted them after the deadline was passed.
The only reasons I would have done so was because I don’t think you should have to censor real life images like cancer and I didn’t think the WLS’s would come looking for me or that the same moaning moral minority person would return either. I was very wrong wasn’t I? So now I know the WLS’s don’t have to police the spaces, because they don’t have to when they have the moral minority to do it for them for FREE! I could re-post the pictures and have this blog closed for good and then do the same on my other and have that closed, then keep moving around and being deleted. But that would not get my blogs across to the people would it? It’s hard enough to get readers outside of my friends list while the blog’s in one fixed place as it is! 
So with the moral minority blog monitors doing their self-appointed job as WLS censors I will not bother to post the pictures in their present form. There is something I don’t get though. Why just censor the breast cancer pictures? The other pictures up there are just as graphic or even worse! So all I can think is we are dealing with a person who does not suffer from cancer but thinks a pair of naked breast are more of a threat to young people’s eyes and minds than cancer is! So the person is just a prude, full stop! So whoever you are, get your priorities of what’s right and wrong in life, sorted! You are a sad, moralistic, pathetic drongo!
Anyway, I now have two spaces, I will continue writing politics as well as social blogs here. But I haven’t made my mind up on what to do in the other. I could make it private and show you my ugly mug and write about other things? I’ve wanted more spaces to write my blogs on
while the other collects comments and opinions. I don’t know, leave a suggestion if you like.     

16 Responses to “WLS’s Forced Censorship Part 2 – Return Of The Ol’ Blog Shite!”

  1. P said

    It’s amazing that there are people who are affected by the breast photos, they obviously haven’t been around WLS, if they had they would quickly come to realise that your photos were informative, not porn.
    I’m not sure what you could use the other space for…what about gardening or something else personal or close to your heart?I tell you one thing, speaking from experience; keeping two Blogs is a bit of work, especially if you’re not daily tied to your PC.Take care mate,Phil.

  2. shelly said

    Hello My lovely friend,
                      Thanks for visiting me and yes we have had rain for nearly 3weeks & theres ment to be more coming
             so im going to plow my dingy up but ill have to put water wings on my Lulu hahahahah shes sink it.
              Well them plants you got , you could put them in bigger pots till it stops.
                You take care hug lv ya mills love from Shelly xxxxxxxxx

  3. ... Angelwitch said

    evening Phil  🙂
    we\’re back safe and sound lol..
    I go away for eight days and look what happens, you get your old site back again, half of Britain floods, we get a new PM and
    a terror scare, oh and i\’ve only just seen last week\’s Dr Who lol…i wonder if I should have another holiday if all this happens?
    needless to say we had a great time, rain or no rain
    hope you\’ve had a great week xx

  4. shelly said

    Hello Phil my lovely friend,
           I hope you & family are keeping well hope to talk soon on msn if my PC lets me im just hoping i can add this .
                Take care have a lovely weekend hugs to your mam for YOU love from Shelly xxxxxxxxxx

  5. elizabeth said

    hi phil,  sorry i havent been able to return ur visit till now but have had net probs.  hopefully i\’m now sorted and back on spaces.  good to see you back telling it like it is.  love, beth. x

  6. bobby said

    thanks for the comment on my space=hahahahhahahah

  7. Pete said

    Hey Phil,
    Thanks for dropping by….
    Remploy, well it is a bit complicated how it all works and distibution of the money but you got one point totally right, they do make it too good for their employees to even consider going working anywhere else. But when you think that a huge amount of the people end up in the factories because their is nowhere in mainstream employment that would be suitable for the. I have been to several of these factories and I know and have seen the workforces, they really are in big trouble. Remploy will push, which ever avenue the workers go down, to ensure ultimately, they end up off Remploys books. I mentioned in my comment to spice that apparently the original plans for these factories were that they were set up using government subsidies and managed to be streamlinee, productive and ultimately profitable, then the government would back off….never really happened did it.
    There is still discrimination Phil, I experienced in many times during my work with Remploy but in fairness to some of the employers, it was often a forced discrimination because of support needs, training needs or the need to completely re-structure a job to match the abilities of an individual with disabilities. Many employers were simply not prepared to do it and I could understand why.
    In the grand scheme of things, Tony Blair got some things right but unfortunately being remembered as a liar and a murderer is his legacy. I don\’t really want to rattle on too much about him and Gordon Brown, well I will give him a little time to make his mark before I pass judgement……no doubt we will talk about it again.
    Doherty! Someone once dared to say he was a new Gallagher, Weller and Lennon rolled into one…….do me a fucking favour….he\’s a drug addled loser who got lucky and his music isn\’t even be good enough to be described as shit. Hopefully the drugs will get him one day
    Take care my friend
    Love to the family

  8. Amanda said

    Hiya Phil,
    Yeah what wankers…..  Whats the point of having spaces if you cant express certain subjects that are real and important to others.  So what, a pair of boobies !  I have seen far worse things in peoples blogs, only recently i was left the most vulgar comment on my space by some sicko.  It seems to me that wls pick and choose at random who can have what on their space.  And i thought we were living in a time where we still had freedom of speech, surely that must include other kinds of expressing your point across by way of showing photos to back up your subject matter ??
    Anyway, so now you have 2 spaces… let me have your addy for the other and then i can have a good old nose around !
    Hope all is well for you my friend.  catch up soon on msn eh ?
    Take care for now,
    love Mandy Marie xx

  9. Adelina said

    Hey Phil!!
    Hello intelligent creature from that planet called UK…he he
    Well,I kept your blog anyway.Good things should  be kept for the memories,that is what I think,but I am glad you still have your blog.I suppose someone realise that after all is nothing wrong showing real life.
    I have looked "drongo" in the dictionary,but I am afraid it has to be one of those words banned on it,becouse it must be something painful as to look at cancer pictures..?
    I wait for you to take me out of this misunderstanding brain mess..

  10. shelly said

    Hello my lovely friend ,
     I hope you are well & your lovely family,
    As you will see from your statistics iv been on your
    space but i didnt add i seen the lady sitting on the bed
    that was me at the age of 12 iv got that scare on my back
    but i didnt smoke & still dont.
    But if them photos help just one person from smoking you have dune
    a good job my friend i was in hospital for nerly 1 year it was so painful
    but them photos are sad but thought there habit look what they have dune
    to there selfs & to the people that have been inhaling there smelly SMOKE.
    I hope you have a lovely day tomorow lv ya mills love from Shelly xxx.
    I sent this to phil & i got a lovely reply & then i got to thinking i will put this on
    his blog if it helps just one person your lifes PRECIOUS LOOK AFTER IT

  11. Gena said

    ~Hey love,
        Welcome to Ur space really cool U got them back!!..
    Yeah its kind of WLS..U flight by Ur hands…….. hmmm but
    I dont think image before and now it is different at all???
    Anyhow much better U have them again and not lose all Ur friends
    too that was important I think…
      Oh yeah!!..That is true!!..Stond Cold  he will fall madly in love with me HAHAHA!!
    ….OH Stone Cold will not mad me tooo..HAHAHAHAHA
    Talk to you again tomorrw..nigth night and dream of me…Mauhhhhhhhhhhh

  12. Pete said

    Hey Phil,
    Good to see you are in great form!!
    I was as surprised as you are to to learn that spaces have an appeals procedure and that it appears to work. I hope they don\’t stick their heels in over the pictures although I largely suspect they wont and move on the the complaints of the next moral crusaders. Some people really have nothing better to do do they? Fair play to you though, you have stuck by your guns and its an admirable quality in someone to stand up for what they believe in. You had a lot of support but you know it was always down to you and how far you were prepared to take it.
    Going back to your comments on my blog……I do actually agree completely with yours and spices beliefs that this is not the solution. My thoughts were really based on a little credit where credit is due and to highlight the fact that active policing really does have a positive effect. I know these little bastards will only move on somewhere else but in truth, I am being a little selfish here but I just want a peaceful life and whilst I have it, I will enjoy it. 
    I doubt the police will invest in more bobbies on the beat, it simply isn\’t cost effective is it? I wish they would, although I am not foolish enough to believe for one moment that it will end all crime, I do believe the police do represent a deterrent and make the world a little safer for the little people like me and you. Your ideas make perfect sense as to where to source further resources for the streets but the reality is it is far to simplistic and effctive a plan for the boys at whitehall to get their numbskull heads around and besides, they need more man power to empty the speed cameras of films.
    Maybe to look good the police did target hyde for clear up to look good….there were problems but none as serious as some areas so perhaps it was an easy hit to make their mark and get people off their backs a little but it has made things a little better for me and it has proved bobbies on the beat does work.
    The inherrent problem of course is the family unit which we have both discussed at great length and wont cover old ground…….the government simply need to make it harder to be a loser but again……too simple, too effective.
    Have a good day and love to you and yours


    Evening Phil
    Wonderful to hear from you
    And no apology needed
    Its rather sad that people are forced into being conformists
    In a so called democracti society with a right to free speech
    And there simply is no sense in someone being horrified by a breast
    But thinks images of cancer are anything less then horrific
    Maybe they should visit some cancer wards and ask the patients
    What they would rather be exposed to
    Naked breasts or the disease which is killing them
    I personally applaud you for bringing to people attention
    The horrific effects on the body due to cancer
    And if 1 person has looked at your space and chosen to change there opinion
    On smoking then you have succeeded a job well done
    Welcome back to spaces and long may you have your right
    To an opinon even if it is a little restricted
    Take care
    Love and hugs
    Shelly x

  14. Sheena said

    Hello Phil.,thanks for calling round….and no apologies necessary. I know you\’ve had a fight on your hands…So, two spaces to choose from…spoilt for choice…I\’ve toned down my drinking habit (almost to a fullstop), thank goodness…..\’cos like anything else , once it becomes habit forming it\’s dangerous…healthwise & dependency wise……bye for now…..and take care………………Sheena………….xx

  15. g said

    Wow…you really had to fight for your space.  Good for you.

  16. Robin said

    Hi phil I have a picture of a chap who is tattood head to foot including his man hood guess where i got from yup WSL now this bloke was a native of the Amazon Jungle i will send it to you why not pass it to WLS and ask what the difference it in the two.
    WANKERS you have toned down hahahaha.TTFN ROBIN

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