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Nihilstic Tendencies

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on July 29, 2007

I know I’ve not blogged for a while, but I’ve not been well and I’ve not felt like doing anything because of new medicine. The only thing I’ve done webwise is my Profile On MySpace, it doesn’t require lots of thinking just moving of the mouse. I’ve also got some family problems to deal with too. So basically I’ve been really pissed off as of late so I typed in to google how I felt and came up with this. And it just makes sense, especially the quote: “Society essentially exists to protect us from awareness of our own nothingness“.  I’ve been looking for those words since i was a teen to express my thoughts on society. I’ll get round to replying to comments eventually, so just leave a comment I like reading your opinions. Take care and much love. Phil.
    “A bakery in Maine hires a new clerk.  She’s a very attractive young woman who tends to wear her skirts rather short.  The men of the town hear about her and line up at the bakery the next morning.  Each one asks for raisin bread, knowing she’d have to climb a ladder to reach it.  After hours of climbing up and down the ladder, she finally asks the last man,  “Is yours a raisin, too?” He answers, “No, but it’s a twitterin’!”

I have noticed more and more examples of nihilism in psychology lately, ever since the constructionist view has replaced the old behaviorist view. Erving Goffman wrote a book in which he suggested that, as you peel away the social constructions we surround ourselves with, you eventually find that, like an onion, there is nothing inside.  This bothered him a great deal.  Likewise, terror management theory, a quasi-existentialist minitheory in social psychology, suggests that society essentially exists to protect us from awareness of our own nothingness.

Let me explain:  When I pay for my groceries, I write my name on a piece of paper and give it to the clerk.  Amazingly, the clerk accepts this paper cheerfully in exchange for wonderful edible stuff!  The store sends the paper to a bank, where someone who believes they have the right tells me that now I am worth less than I was before!  Checks, money, stores, banks, jobs, purchasing, and financial worth, not to mention psychology and college, are all social constructs.  You don’t have to believe in them!  That’s what happened to confederate money.  That’s what happened to all those savings and loans a while back.  That’s what happened to several of my jobs.

But then, perhaps everything else is also a social construct.  Male and female for example:  What is it to be male or female?  Chromosomes?  “Plumbing?”  Dress?  Psychological convictions?  In which society?

How about the self?  Is it just a mentalistic construct, as Skinner said?  Or a bundle of perceptions, as Hume said?

Or what is it to be human?

    “Three very-pregnant women are waiting to see their doctor.  The first says “I’m sure I’m having a boy this time, because my husband was on top, and I always have boys when he’s on top.”  The second one says “That’s interesting; I guess I’ll have a girl, then, because I was on top.  The third woman begins to cry, and the other two ask her why she’s crying, and she says “I think I’m having puppies!”

 These kinds of questions give some people (e.g. David Hume) vertigo.  Others (e.g. Jean-Paul Sartre) get nauseous.  Kierkegaard felt dread.  Many feel angst or terror.  To counter these unpleasant feelings, we hold on — some for dear life — to our social constructs.  Reality (hell or not) is other people.  And anything that attacks that social reality must be denied or destroyed.  Criminals, saints, the mentally ill, heretics, foreigners, geniuses, the rude and obnoxious, the truly assertive… all of these are threatening.

Historically, this nihilism is based on the philosophies psychology is rooted in.  Hume said that there is no reality beyond sensations.  Kant said there is one but we can never know it.  Either way, all you can do is construct a reality, and the only thing that provides any solidity to that reality is if others are construing it like you are.  I, of course, believe that Hume and Kant and the last few hundred years of philosophy were wrong.

    “Queen Elizabeth and Princess Di were out driving in the family Bentley when they were overtaken by highwaymen.  The thieves demanded all their jewels, but the ladies insisted that they weren’t wearing any.  After searching them, the thieves decided to settle for the car, and left.  As the Queen and Princess were walking back to Buckingham palace, the Queen asked Di, “Weren’t you wearing a diamond ring when we left?”  Di said “Yes I was.  But when I saw the thieves, I hid it up my… well, you know.  But weren’t you wearing that sapphire necklace Prince Philip gave you?”  The queen answered “Yes, but when I saw the thieves, I put it up my…well, you know.”  They walked a little further and the queen added “It’s a shame we didn’t have Princess Margaret with us; we could have saved the Bentley!”

One quality of humor in general, and especially off-color humor, is its leveling quality.  Even the queen has private parts.  Even the president has to pee.  We all eat, excrete, have sexual desires, die.

There is, supposedly, a South American tribe where they believe that men do not defecate.  Obviously, the men can’t really believe this.  And I can’t believe the women would fall for it, either.  But they teach their kids this:  When a boy becomes a man, his anus grows shut.  This seems ridiculous to us.  But didn’t many Victorians believe they were above sexuality?  Don’t many people in our culture believe in eternal youth?  And why do we hide public rest rooms in America?  Do our architects believe we are exempt from the need to urinate?

    “A young couple had a hard time talking about sex, so they went to a marriage counselor for advice.  He said they should think of some silly, neutral word they could use when they wanted to have sex.  They picked washing machine.  One night they were in bed and the husband said “Washing machine!”  She said “I’m sorry, dear, I’m just too tired right now.  Perhaps you could wake me up later”  Two hours later, he tries again, whispering “Washing machine!”  She says “I’m still tired.  Could you give me another hour?”  Later that night, she wakes up, now refreshed and says to him, “Washing machine!  Washing machine, honey!”  And he tells her “Never mind, dear. It was a small load, so I did it by hand.”

Off-color humor destroys your social expectations, so you are “falling into nothingness” — but only for a moment:  Then you are caught by the soft mattress of sensuous reality!  It’s very primitive, really.  Little babies like to be thrown into the air and caught again.  We like to scare ourselves on roller coasters or with scary movies — because we are supported by a realer reality.  And we laugh!

    “An inventor comes to the president of General Foods with a peach.  The president says “What’s this?” and the inventor says “Taste it!”  The president tastes it and says “It tastes like a peach. So what?”  The inventor says “Turn it around!”  The president turns it around, takes a bite, and says “Incredible!  It tastes like a banana.”  But the president, hoping to steal this idea, says to the inventor “That’s pretty good, but if you really want to impress me, make one that tastes like a woman!”  The inventor promises to try, and goes off the his lab.  A month later, he’s back at the president’s desk with another peach.  He says to the president “Taste it!”  The president tastes it…and then starts to gag and spits it out.  “It tastes like shit!”  he screams at the inventor.  And the inventor says “Turn it around!”

Why are so many people turned off by off-colored jokes?  Why do so many hate them?  I find it bizarre, for example, that the TV Guide, which actively promotes a highly sexual and aggressive media, repeatedly notes its offense at any occurrence of mooning on TV.  What’s so bad about mooning?

One answer is that a culture that survives is one that successfully convinces everyone that, without it, you are nothing.  So the culture needs to condemn, first, all other social or cultural realities (e.g. “other religions are wrong!”), and second, any reality that is stronger than itself — i.e. sensuous reality.  So our cultures often forbid us from talking about sex or digestion or other pleasant things….

    “Jacob needs to rebuild his outhouse and dig out his pit.  Some of his cronies tell him he can save a lot of time by using dynamite.  “That way, you destroy the outhouse and clean out the pit at the same time!” they say.  So Jacob sets up the dynamite under the outhouse and runs a wire out to the barn.  As he pushes the plunger, he sees his dear wife running to the outhouse and going in.  He runs after her, but it is too late.  Everything goes sky-high.  Miraculously, his wife survives.  He asks her “Are you all right, Rachel?”  And she says “Ya, but I’m sure glad I didn’t let that one go in the house!”

Another answer is that some people are simply more scared than others.  Perfectionists (i.e. anal retentives!) seem to build personal structures that they need to defend in the same way that authoritarians need to defend social structures.

We joke about what scares us.  But it isn’t just whistling in the dark.  I’m suggesting that jokes directly, explicitly tell us that there’s nothing to be scared of!  Behind the relativity of social reality is the solidity of a sensuous reality. As Fritz Perls once pointed out, sometimes we should lose our minds and come to our senses! 

C. George Boeree


18 Responses to “Nihilstic Tendencies”

  1. bob said

    "Why are so many people turned off by off-colored jokes?   Why do so many people hate them? ….What\’s so bad about mooning?"
    Greetings, great blog!  Just surfin\’ thru…
    There will always be someone who finds fault or takes offense and the more mature the theme the thinner the ice you\’re skating on gets.  And example being I had a friend on Spaces name me if a tag-game; if you\’re tagged you have to answer the questions they pass on… this test was a mature conversation about sexual preferences and experiences so in reply i posted "mature content" with a warning the material was of a sexual nature.  There was nothing rude, lewd or graphic but that didn\’t stop one christian lady from commenting "you\’re discusting", dude you can\’t even have a mature adult conversation between friends without someone sticking their nose in and figuring their opinion matters – heaven forbid you say the word \’sex\’ or admit it exists in some circles.
    The point being there will be someone who takes offense, irregardless of everything… it\’s just the way of the world.
    That said I don\’t think the problem is with off-coloured jokes so much as it is in the person telling them or the delivery – with mooning being a perfect example.   Just like some off-colour jokes, the problem with mooning isit just ain\’t funny.   If someone tells a good joke – off-colour or not i\’ll laugh my face off; but also i\’m a bit past the pee-pee and wee-wee stage… someone saying the word penis doesn\’t make me laugh nor does seeing someones butt, if i were gradeschool well maybe i\’d giggle, but i\’m not.   Someone dropping their pants in reply to someone is a person plain out of ideas, and in my humble opinion I really don\’t want the sight of some guys butt-ugly hairy ass in my face…. i\’m more inclined to hurl than find it entertaining.
    There\’s nothing wrong with off-colour humour, it\’s just gotta be funny to work – if your dealing with mature content you gotta remember you\’re dealing with a mature audience who for the most part have \’been there/done that" my thinking is people (ie the critics at tv guide) see a lame attempt at humour for what it is.
    It\’s not so much \’off-colour- is bad as it is the lack of intelligence or genuine humour in the joke itself.

  2. Pete said

     Hey Phil,
    Glad you understood the entry I did……it made me think of you when I heard it.
    In many ways I understand when you are coming from and admittedly on a couple of brief occasions I have thought to myself \’come on phil, get over it\’……but then I remember a very significant point and that is that I am some years older than you. I have had the time to see things and change my perspective and embrace what I have around me.
    Although I doubt you will remember but certainly will have heard of, in the early eighties, the tory government introduced the poll tax……it was the grossest and most unfair tax introduced…..basically everybody over the age of 18 had to pay a levy to the local council just for their existance. I refused point blank to pay it………I demonstarted, wrote to MP\’s, joined marches and defiantly stood in court refusing to pay the tax and the fine for non-payment. In a way it was safety in numbers as just about everybody at the court that day was prepared to go to prison, we largely suspected that the JP\’s wouldn\’t do it. But it was something I beleived in strongly and acted upon………..within two years it was scrapped and replaced by a slightly fairer and equitable system that we know now……the council tax.
    You are right Phil, all over the world corrupt governments deprive their citizens of basic needs so they can live in opulence, our government is also corrupt, crime and social disorder is ridiculous, immigration is a farce………it goes on and on and on but despite all of it hurting you and making you angry……….you cannot do nothing to change it. Life is life and there is far too much going on in this world for one man to make a difference to every aspect of the cruelty, hatred, pain and corruption in society and by letting every factor of it get you down, you could only turn into a very angry and bitter person……something I am sure you don\’t want.
     That\’s the point where I jumped on the merry go round, I can only make a difference in my life so I will focus on that.
    Feeling the pain of others is a very commendable quality because for too many people don\’t really care but you wont cure all ills, as a thought….why not commit yourself to one cause, something you feel especially strong about, perhaps by focussing your energies on one issue, a difference can be made and don\’t worry about everything else, at least you are doing some good and making your mark on life………just a thought I may add…..somewhere to chalnnels your energies and passion…..because it would lose its potency if it were to be spread so thinly.
    I know I do not do enough, especially for someone who has views such as my own, but in truth I do not worry about it, I have my own to think about, selfish yes!…..but I am always happy to write about it and discuss it.
    Have a good day and be well
    Love to you and yours

  3. Adelina said

    Hello again Phil
    I used to feel like you when I was younger.I still have those feelings but not so strong.Do you know why?
    Well,some day I read something of someone who felt like me when he was young..funny isn\’t it?
    He said that he felt the world should need some more hands to help and some more good and intelligent brains not so interested in filling their pockets and some more caring feelings too about the poors and their necesities.He felt down about all of that becouse he wanted to do anything and he couldn\’t.But after a few yeas later,he realised that to be mourning about it it wasn\’t the right thing.He thought that first of all he should start to care about him,about his life,to find a way…And he did.He dis first something for himself and feel happy although he new there was a lot of people suffering out there.He realised that by himself he couldn\’t do much about to change the world but yet to be a part of something that in a future could give him a chance to do something.
    He never said who he was or what he was doing,but I am sure he felt happy becouse he was fighting at that time by humans rights in some way.
    What I learnt from that is that we first have to find a way in our lives to feel that we are doing something for us and when we feel well about our lives try to change the world around us.Our own strenth is the other\’s hope.
    As Pete says,you are a very intelligent young man and for sure that you will find a place in this world.You are only figthing against the child you left behind and the real world is in front of you.One day you\’ll realised that if you want to get your dreams you\’ll have to start by doing what now you don\’t like,and that is to be part of the sistem .Slowly and without knowing one day you\’ll be doing what you feel you should do.
    The world goes very slowly making a progress though the news show still the worst.But that is why there is people in this world like you to change that.I am sure we all here want the best for the world and their people and in some way we are doing something about it,like writing what we think of all of this is going on.That shows that even if we have our own lves and go to work and pay mortgage and all of that,we care about the world and we say so,like you do.
    I am sure you\’ll finally find your way.
    Your friend Adelina XXXX

  4. Pete said

     Hey Phil,
    I have dedicated my blog to you today, hope you enjoy it.
    I do think it\’s sad but wholely understandable that many youngsters including your good self have such an apathetic view of life and what it has to hold for them……I can see why you are so angry. More is the pity in your case because you are clearly an intelligent young man who would be a credit to any organisation……a far cry from the mass majority of them who are nothing more than fuck wits!
    There is a place in life for you phil…..whether it work or otherwise……..you will always feel you are being fucked over and cheated….I suppose it is just a fact of life but you can either get bitter and twisted about it and waste what you have to offer or put that needle sharp brain of yours to good use………the nihilism is also an effect of helpnessess, banging the same old drum and getting nothing in return…….there is nothing wrong in believing but unless a career in politics is to your chosing…….which in your case, I rather doubt!!
    Anyhoo, take care……looking forward to your next effort…and enjoy the words for you today….hopefully you will see the significance.
    Love to you and yours

  5. jiggy said


  6. ... Angelwitch said

    Hey Phil 🙂
    back again lol…not wearing the glasses at the mo, i\’ve not been reading or anything lately until i get the glasses
    you bet i\’l have a new display pic, i love the ones I\’ve got coming…
    lol I\’ve forgotten how many people lately think I look like David Bowie, i\’m flatterd, he\’s a legend..
    Glad you\’re feeling a bit better now, with my problems i find anger to be a uniting force, insomuch that both sides of me aren\’t trying to tear me apart for once lol..
    though I can control my anger until those i care about are far away from me, especially Richard
    as for Myspace, i\’m not on there too often and i\’ve noticed my messenger tends to junk messages and alerts that I actually want it to keep, so if I\’ve missed anything then I\’m sorry because i spend 90% of my time on here instead
    anyway \’nuff rambling hope you\’re having a great weekend

  7. Bob & April said

    Hello Phil!!!
    Just popping in to let you know we have a new event up and running!!! In case your interested 🙂
    We hope to see you there.
    And you have yourself a wonderful weekend! 

  8. Pete said

     Hey Phil,
    Hope all is well……you definately sound as angry as ever!!
    I think we are agreed that money is a necessary evil…….your thought on capitalism with a conscience actually makes perfect sense. We need money even if just for our basic needs to exist, nothing wrong with earning a few bob and still following and believing in your ideals….because the truth of the matter is however strong your beliefs and your commitment to them, however right you may be…..you still need to eat and keep warm.
    In terms of what you actually do…..its a bit narrow minded to think that all you have to look forward to is a stint in tesco or a pen pushing morale crushing job behind a desk……there is much more than that around and with a bit of imagination and good guidance, you might actually be surprised what the workplace has to offer and some employers wont touch graduates with a bargepole so you don\’t need a degree to get a half decent job…..when the time comes for you to start looking, your eyes may well be opened.
    I do know its difficult to make ends meet, I struggle sometimes but we just soldier on and accept what we are and what we have…..my thoughts for the future are just a pipedream and my earning potential can improve in time, but until then…….we survive. I have sympathy with families that really do struggle though and find themselves having to tell a few white lies just to get a few extra quid……that is something else with the system that needs a radical overhaul, the money isn\’t nearly enough and the genuine cases are being shortchanged by the fraudulent claims and the costs of persuing them…..you\’re right….the lazy scroungers, the bone idle…..they are the ones that need to be targetted….sad thing is, when I worked for Remploy, I worked closely with the job centre…..they know who they are and there is little they can do about it….why? ……You guessed it…..civil liberties.
    I remember the great Johnny Rotten asking if we ever felt we\’ve been cheated…..I always do….I felt cheated that I couldn\’t get a better education…..the family needed me to get money, not certificates, I felt cheated that people far less competent and capable than me have prevented me from getting a better job and earning more money….I feel cheated by my council and my government………but where we differ phil is really simple…..when you have chidren, your perspective will change too…..and don\’t say you wont, because I said that too!
    Unless you have a very old and rich favourite uncle with a bad cough, or choose to take the hippy option, being a slave to the wage is about the best it gets….but its not all bad.
    I admire your forthright views and beliefs and it is sad that you feel so pissed off at 23 but I understand. Like me, you see beyond the end of your nose, you don\’t conform and have an intelligent opinion which you are not afraid to share……hopefully through me you will see that the balance is still possible.
    Have a great weekend
    Take care and love to you and yours

  9. Pete said

     Hey Phil,
    No….you didn\’t comment on that blog before……..your imagination must be playing up.
    I wrote that blog (The bit about the cribs show at the beginning, although I did see it, was for effect) basically because I believe that everyone and I mean everyone, would like to be richer.
    OK, not to the heights of the rap star who\’s house I saw…..and although I agree in some ways about the \’look at me, I\’m rich\’ attitude, I also think the do it because they can…….but at least just the means to have a better quality of life. Let\’s be honest, how much of your right arm would you give to get off that estate and live somewhere a little less crime ridden and not completely occupied by scum……..I am sure you would love to…..if not entirely for you, at least for your family. That can only be acheived with money………
    I agree with you…..the lottery good causes are a nonsense and not nearly enough is going to the areas it is needed……the politically correct awards really piss me off when I read about them, the immigration centres, the art works, paying for an african poet to spend 6 months in africa for inspiration……..it\’s insane. But hey, what can I do…….I once applied for a job with camelot….one of the people who decides who gets the money…….needless to say I didn\’t even come close.
    I work hard and make many sacrifices just to put a roof over the head of me and my family……but I don\’t sit in hope of becoming a lottery millionaire, I enter and life goes on….if I win a few quid….bonus. But I would like to give my family a better and bigger home, in a better area…..a bigger garden for my girl to play in and be safe in………sadly that would all take a little money…which I haven\’t got……..but it would be nice.
    Have a great day and take care
    Love to you and yours

  10. Pete said

    I ahd a general idea about Nihilismand I must admit, from time to time I feel a bit like that too….but here\’s a thought….first step towards the acceptance of life as it is, conformity, embrace the machine that is our lives. I will go to the wikipedia link when I have a few moments…..trying to use my grey matter to get through a couple of writing assignments I have…..don\’t want to use it up getting my head around nihilism though because the matter is so precious and in short supply.
    I think its safe to say we agree on society and its need to structure and make a little sense out of our lives…..like you, the hippy shit doesn\’t appeal to me so I have to play my small part in society and society needs to play me……
    Missing the interuptions…..the connection is coming and going at the moment…..and not getting any time to do anything at home but I am sure we will catch up sometime soon.
    I trust you are finding the weather agreeable and gardening is being done….
    Take care and love to you and yours

  11. ... Angelwitch said

    Hey Phil  🙂
    got back round here eventually…lol..
    seriously though, I\’ve had a thumping migraine for a few days and a whole lot of other things to deal with so the pc\’s been fairly dormant, but i\’m back for the mo…
    we are in the deep end today then with your blog..
    I suppose i\’ve always drawn strength and comfort from things that are intangible i suppose
    and I guess that\’s why  so many people write me off as a hopeless dreamer, but as far as they\’re concerned
    they can keep living the lie that money and power is the be all and end all of life eh?
    i\’ve never really been one from hiding what i think and how i feel and i won\’t stop acting and dressing as i feel
    because society dictates so..
    as for the glasses, i\’m getting reading glasses of my own this week, I\’ve been borrowing Richards lately, but yeah I\’m no longer the odd one out in the family…
    anyway I\’m rambling now so i\’ll be off and hope you have a better week than last week eh?
    take care of yourself

  12. Pete said

     Hey Phil,
    Hope you are feeling a bit better and the family situation is subsiding a little.
    Thanks for your comments as always and the input into my thoughts.
    I notced Mr Brown visibly declining before our eyes over the problems in the early days of his tenure….I was worried about it because in the grand scheme of things, a bit of flooding a couple of failed terrorist attacks are small fry compared to what is to come…….but then I also believe he has been working overtime trying to do too much at once….he knows he hasn\’t got much time to restore the faith that has declined in the labour party and government in recent years, maybe he is trying to do too much, too soon. The jury is still out but in my mind I decided I would wait 12 months before I passed judgement. He cannot do years of problems and cock ups in a few days…….I am prepared to be patient.
    The BBC is tosh……thing is…I know people who know people who work at the beeb and they are so complacent about what they put on our screens and the quality of the progamming. You\’re right, the public gets what the public wants……..but just how well do the BBC know their public. When we were in a 4 channel situation, they could put what they wanted out because they knew people had no choice…….now there are a cocophoney of channels and other means to pass the time……internet….games consoles….they do not have the power any more and before people turn off from the beeb full stop, they need to have a good hard look at their so called progammes………I agree in principle that at least the media is free, the news is unbiased and we are not spared anything….I say in principle because the beeb is accountable to the government…..how can we be totally sure that everything we see is free??
    Old folk should be banned from driving and the smoking ban is an oppressive piece of legislation that never should have been permitted…..where\’s the compromise? Sadly, people will lose their jobs and lively hoods and for what? So a few non-smokers get their way? I agree that smoking in public areas is unpleasant and even as a smoker, I have always been careful about where I smoke and with whom, but surely, surely a compromise could have been reached…….clean air can be provided and every pub I have been in has got more than one room………..
    As for your blog…..blimey
    I am going to read it again but for now……
    I believe in the social construct…….I have only this morning suggested to someone they should surround themselves with more, so she does not feel empty and alone……but it does prove the point that if you peel everything away….work, family, social life……what do we have….no point…no reason….no meaning……..nothing
    I like the view portrayed in your blog and wouldn\’t mind investigating it further…..any suggestions on some good reading…nothing too heavy though……….
    Take care my fiend and hope life gets a little better for you
    Love to you and yours

  13. spice said

    Hey Phil. My Simpsons avatar isn\’t missing a cig – I actually quit three weeks ago and I\’m having no problems whatsoever thanks to the magic of Zyban. I just decided that I wasn\’t going to make a big song and dance about quitting in case I fell by the wayside. My blog is now a definite smoke free zone. Feel free to enter without coughing.

  14. April said

    Hello Phil!
    Hey thanks for stopping in! I did have a myspace at one time but decided I disliked it enoguh I no longer wanted to continue it, I like spaces, way to used to it  to be bothered with anything else. So ya I may be able to help you if you still need help?
    Im willing to atleast give it a try! 🙂
    Happy hump day and hugs

  15. spice said

    While I\’m on the anagram kick did you also realise than an anagram of George W Bush is….
    Wait for it…. wait for it….
    He grew bogus 
    How brilliantly apt is that?

  16. spice said

    Did you know that an anagram of C. George Boeree is Greece Ego Bore. I\’m not quite sure what to make of that. 

  17. Robin said

    Hi Phil where do I start yes the jokes all very funny and worthy of a blog on their own as for Mr G  Boeree im not so sure about him. The one thing i do not understand is people who try to analyse things are so far of the mark. Who is he to say that people are turned off by coloured jokes. Humor is what it is and no one should take offence in doing so it only shows the weakness on the human mind.
    take care

  18. penelope said

     Hi Phil, Your space is very interesting and entertaining, I\’ll pop back another time if I may   Pen x

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