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A Plausible Exit Strategy From Iraq And Why The Coalition wont take it.

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on August 18, 2007

                                                  The Exit Strategy
Following all the car bombings, suicide bombs and all the other general resistance activity the coalition forces in Iraq has endured since the 2003 invasion I thought it was time I should offer up some kind of solution as I usually do and then let people ignore it.
Firstly lets look at why the coalition forces are hated so much. I think the majority do not feel that strongly towards the forces, they are protection and another target for a bullet from a religious extremist as far as they’re concerned as it’s one less for them… especially for the minorities. If the population is upset it’s because of the lack of advancement and progress in the country. Then there’s the religious extremists who stir up all the shit and make the population feel like they are betraying their God and country by not doing anything (Don’t ask me why it works and people listen, ideology just brings out the stupidity in people and undermines logical thinking!). Can I also just say at this point that whenever the extremists set things back by a roadside bomb or insurgents targeting oil pipe lines, the population blame the coalition instead of blaming themselves and the extremists for doing it or letting it happen! Anyway… back on topic… There’s also the fact that the troops there are Christians and Muslims don’t like that!
Here’s what I propose, with all of the above reasons and more we need to get out of Iraq. The population is hostile towards the troops because they are Christians and in their minds, because of the extremist and their shite religion telling them they are invaders! So, what to do? Take out nearly all the coalition troops leaving only a small force. Then we get the UN to invite muslim nations of the UN to send their troops there to patrol, secure and teach the authorities what they need to know till the insurgents have been dealt with or disbursed. My thinking behind putting only muslim troops in is because the population will not feel as strongly towards them because they are their fellow muslim “Brothers and Sisters”. Why they don’t mind foreign muslims who speak a different language beats me. In fact why the muslim world let Saddam go around killing his own people for so long by gassing and other methods gets me too! He even used to kill people he didn’t like by putting them in to a shredder head first… if they were lucky! Where were the insurgents with their roadside bombs then? It’s all ok when a fellow muslim blows a muslim away but when it’s a Christian, Jew or some other non-Muslim it’s all different? The answer is their religion. If there’s any young people reading this don’t do religion kids… it’ll fuck you up worse than drugs!
Anyway… so with only their fellow “Brothers” to blow away it should calm down. Then again they’ll probably start blowing each other away because of religious sectarianism within the population.                                                                 
                                                                The Reason It Wont Happen
I think it’s obvious now that the war in Iraq, lead predominantly by the US and UK, is just not working and hasn’t worked from day one! The whole point of “Operation Iraqi Freedom” HA!! Was to remove Saddam Hussein from power and to, by the US’s and UK’s extremely wrong, flawed and most likely fabricated intelligence, get rid of his weapons of mass destruction. That was the official line anyway, we all know the real reason was to assure the United State’s petrodollar survival by taking Iraq’s oil reserves, which are the second largest in the world! Let me explain a little what a “Petrodollar” is, I got this from a site…
The strength of the dollar since 1945 rests on being the international reserve currency for global oil transactions (i.e., “petro-dollar”). The U.S. prints hundreds of billions of these fiat (Fiat = “money that is made legal tender by the decree, or fiat, of the government but that is not covered by a specie reserve”) petro-dollars, which are then used by nation states to purchase oil and energy from OPEC producers. These petro-dollars are then re-cycled from OPEC back into the U.S. via Treasury Bills or other dollar-denominated assets such as U.S. stocks, real estate, etc. The recycling of petro-dollars is the price the U.S. has extracted since 1973 from oil-producing countries for U.S. tolerance of the oil-exporting cartel.
So basically the US can print as much money as it wants because its currency is used by everyone to buy everything… especially Oil! So back in November 6th 2000 when Iraq switched from selling its oil in dollars to Euros it set alarm bells ringing in Washington! They thought that if Iraq switched to selling its oil in Euros that maybe then OPEC would? What if the Saudis had enough of the US or were taken over by a new Government of extremists? The US would have nowhere to go would it? If OPEC then decided to sell in Euros the US economy, as would nearly all connected economies, would collapse if it was switched all at once! This would be the ultimate attack and would destroy the US! And I have no doubt that some people in OPEC would do this for spite amongst other reasons! Ultimately it’s not in OPEC’s best interests to destroy its own market, that would just be stupid. But a gradual transition over to the Euro would push the US out of the picture and make it a bit player thus ending it’s dominance in the world. So to stop this nightmare from even starting the US and UK whipped up a storm and some poorly put together and old UN resolution, intelligence and used it to justify an invasion of Iraq under the false pretense of liberating the people from Saddam. When the coalition took power they switched the sale of oil back in to dollars thus assuring the US’s dominance… as long as it holds on to Iraq via military force or by puppet/friendly Government. 
This little story also shows why the European Union, especially France and Germany, didn’t want the invasion to happen, they had everything to lose. Firstly they already had contracts with Iraq as regards to oil, secondly they had the Iraqis buying and selling oil in Euros, thirdly they had their probable future on the line as regards to their currency. So all this nonsense about France, Germany, and other EU and non EU countries like Russia, China etc and all the rest who opposed the invasion being on the side of sense and reason is a load of bollocks! They would have joined at the drop of hat if they knew they would get a piece of the money and action out of it! They’re all just bent, greedy, selfish fucking murderers!
So there you go… it’s better than all the other ideas that the US and UK have thrown at the situation. It wouldn’t end all the violence that’s just stupid to think that… but it’s a start! And if you still think the forces went there to “Liberate” Iraq and it’s people… well… you’re a fucking stupid moronic brainless tit that needs garroting with cheesewire! If you’re that stupid and thick you deserve to die.

11 Responses to “A Plausible Exit Strategy From Iraq And Why The Coalition wont take it.”

  1. Pete said

     Hey Phil,
    I actually have a few proposals in terms of \’answers\’ to the problems I write about – I should publish that next Monday – if I finish it!!
    Thanks for the offer of decorating my space but really – it\’s fine, I will let everyone else adorn their space with photo\’s, gadgets and backgrounds……I am happy with my words – thanks for the offer.
    Have a good day
    Take care

  2. Pete said

     Hey Phil,
    Thanks for execise advice, but I have to be mindful that 25 years of smoking has left me very unfit and I will have to ease myself into it. Of course i am piling the pounds on too, but I wont worry until after my holiday…..then I think some cycling, walking  and a little football will be the order of the day………never really been into gyms and gym equipment!
    Thanks for the offer to brighten up my space but to be honest, apart from the odd colour scheme change, I don\’t really want to make any changes – its all about the words
    Have a good week and love to you and yours

  3. Pete said

     Hey Phil,
    Thanks for your words of encouragement – it hasn\’t been easy but each day it gets a little better. I know I will be looking for substitutes andd food is the obvious one. I aint going to worry about it so much until after my holiday – then its on to the rabbit food and excercise – d\’oh!
    Like you I hear how parents \’communicate\’ with their kids and I am sometimes absolutely appalled at what I hear. There ia woman who lives down the road, has a couple of kids and is reputed to be a drunken alcoholic – she has also been spotted giving manual sexual relief to a kid – for money – on her door step. So, not only does her behaviour leave a lot to be desired but her kids – who I guess are in their early teens – are not being parented and having heard the way she speaks to them – are only being taught that her ridiculous behaviour, is the norm. I daresay as they get a little older they will use this profound knowledge of life to great effect and make someone elses life a misery……This is only what I see but I can imagine this kind of family set up is replicated throughout the country and is destroying society – in some ways I feel a little sympathy for the kids because it is really all they know.
    Getting guns is easy, everyone knows that and the government are kidding themselves if they think otherwise – and when you read reports like I have just read that there are more guns in the UK than there are in Iran – then you know we have a serious problem – enough with the amnesty\’s and soft soap appraoches – stop and search and make carrying a gun a criminal offence that carries a 20 year sentance because I believe if you have a gun, you intend to use it – but that will never happen eh!
    Gangs are another indication of how kids are influenced that somehow a life of crime is glamourous and acceptable – thanks to our american cousins – but the irony is that it also gives them a sense of belonging, camaraderie and love – something they clearly didn\’t get from their parents!
    Have a good day and love to you and yours

  4. elizabeth said

    hi phil,  dropping in to catch up as i\’ve not been round for a while.
    hope alls good with you.
    hugs, beth. x 

  5. ... Angelwitch said

     Hey phil  🙂
    I\’m back lol…I see the regulars have come up with some great points too
    especially Spice, i\’ve wondered that one too, about human nature…
    lol i read that bit about the poem…it\’s more to do with me as a person, my twin personalities
    one calming, stable and the other reckless and hot headed, If i was born when  i was due I\’d be an aquarius, a water element
    but being me I was near three weeks late so an Aries a fire sign, like half my family, i suppose being philosophical in a way
    coo…..read in the news about the russian bombers, WTF are they playing at? last thing we need at the moment is a second cold war, the idiots, still nice to know our Typhoon fighters might not have been a waste of money eh?
    oh well i\’m off and away, been a rough start to the week and now i\’ve got a kidney infection again lol…third one of the year lol, they say things come in threes..
    hope you have a good week

  6. Pete said

    Hey Phil,
    I am really surprised you have never heard of the internet film about the conspiracy of 9/11………I wont say anything else about the oil and other matters about Iraq until you have seen it…….www.loosechange911.com. Just watch the latest version…..It will, I guarantee….give you much to think and write about….
    As for the royals….here\’s the funny thing, they do have their own money…..whilst we may have a chuckle at all the ridiculous titles the senior royals have…..duke of this, duchy of that, earl of twatsville…….the titles all come with land and the land gives them money and lots of it!! Then of course they get their civil list money and all the freebies they could ever want. No, I wasn\’t winding you up, its fact!!
    The problem with trying to make any sense out of what the royals are about is the simple fact they do not understand anything other than the upper class, privileged and spoilt life they know….they don\’t know about the rising crime, immigration problems, housing, etc etc etc……..they only know what their advisors tell them about or what they choose to care about with a view to improving their profile…..Even before the Diana years they used the media to gain public support because when the public are supporting them, they are not thinking about how much money it costs us to keep them………and I bet not one of the staff at any of the royal houses in the south is an eastern european immigrant!!
    Enjoy loose change and have a great day…….I suspect there will be much to discuss..
    Take care
    Love to you and yours

  7. spice said

    Have you ever considered all of this may simply be because the human animal actually enjoys fighting, maiming and killing? That all of the politics, religion and various other excuses behind the bloodshed are nothing more than a smokescreen to hide the bloodthirsty nature of a large part of our species and that perhaps it\’s the desire to kill which drives the politics, and not the other way round.

  8. Adelina said

    Oh well well..here we are again.
    I think that intelligent people who reads and watch the daily news and know  about what the power is about and who is the one from long time that is manipulating the world,hasn\’t believed a word of what the yanks have said all this time.We all can see that the rest of countries that decided to get into the lousy and strange war and the ones that didn\’t,had many interest behind the courtain.
    And if the religious people all over the world let me say this,their beliefs,all that rubish someone long time ago sold to the poors has only been a lid for them to hide what in fact is moving the world -power-.
    I hate watching the news everyday and see how many people dies without understanding why this is happening to them while others bury them with the conviction that is teir God\’s intentions…ô?
    The funny thing is that they,the ones up there still think that we believe them.
    The good thing about the technology nowdays is that if someone still lives in the dark about those lies,this marvellous thing that is internet can awake them.
    You Phil are helping with your knowleged to knock on people\’s head if there is still someone over there who doesn\’t know what is all that hit about.
    So then…don\’t tell me that you are not doing anything!!
    Great you my friend
    XXXXXXX Adelina

  9. Pete said

    Hope you are wel and got the message i sent……hope you understand too….
    Anyhoo, brilliant blog and absolutely spot on…..I for one never believed that the attack on Iraq and the deposing of saddam was about the liberty of the country\’s people…..it was all about the oil and I wont see it any other way……I even have a believe that in someway ties in with the events of 9/11…….I have never accepted the ease with which these people managed to fly their planes into those buildings…..and the internet film, blimey, that makes you think!! The fact that you rightly identify that panic stations were in abundance when oil currency was changed to euros, is a fact that escaped me and it all makes perfect sense now, especially when it was the first thing that was rectified when the coalition took over.
    I also take your very fine and very valid point that religion has much to do with the perpetual activities of the extremeists and little to do with who runs their country…..again, I didn\’t quite look at it that way. Your suggestion, worthy of several high powered think tanks and at a fraction of the costs makes perfect sense and in many ways, very, very simple….but here\’s the twist….it wont happen because of its simplicity and reason…..it wont happen because it is not the reason they are there and is not part of the master plan……the deaths and injurues to the coalition are acceptable collatoral damage because it all goes to the greater good……in Iraq, its all about the religion, in the US….it was always about the oil…
    The war undisputebly should never happened and provided a significant smoke screen for the main agenda of the US…..knowing the yanks that is all about power and wealth. I raise a glass to you my friend…….and excellent and intruiging blog….
    Back to mine….I think its fair to say we both agree that euthenasia should be a choice and there is a dash of hypocrisy in the whole process of thinking behind it…….it again should be simple……if someone is in sane mind and wants to die…they should be allowed to with dignity andf if they aren\’t, someone to make the decision for you…………the y religious aspect doesn\’t even warrant a mention on my part……
    Take care now…..
    Love to you and yours

  10. Robin said

    Hi Phil as ever you dont mince your words
    don’t agree with what you wrote here other than that no exit policy was not really thought out properly. The biggest mistake the Americans and the English made was disbanding the Iraqi army and then not securing all the small arms in the country, thus making the security situation in a precarious state. The collation consisted of many countries including Muslim and not just Christians. The first move before war is entered into is to put in place a political solution for when the war is over and this did not come about until 18 months after hostilities were over. However this is not working as there are too many factions involved who just cannot agree with each other. That’s another reason for the delay.
    To day most of the insurgents are coming from Iran who trains and arms them, entering Iraq from unsecured border regions. I believe its time to mass troops on the Iran-Iraq border to show them we and by that I mean Iraqis also will defend the sovereign state of Iraq. We are still in Iraq at the request of the Iraqi Government, when its safe to bring our boys home we will do I have no doubt that.
    bye nate

  11. ... Angelwitch said

    Hey Phil  🙂
    shooting from the hip as always then?
    we won\’t pull out simply because we would lose face in the international comunity,
    "oh look at the Uk/ US… they got bullied out by a motly gang of armed thugs and they\’re (the US) are supposedly a  miltary superpower?" it would be as embarrasing as Vietnam was in the 70\’s
    we\’d also be frowned on for the chaos we\’ve whipped up then not bothered hanging around to sort out aftrwards, i know Geneva would take a dim view on that to say the least
    the \’Muslim only\’ approach to policing the aftermath would definitely fail because of the sectarianism there…they make the Republican/ unionist struggle in Northern Ireland look like a \’handbags at dawn\’ contest in a primary school playground in comparison, besides even that has taken 80 years to nearly resolve itself to a point everyone\’s reasonably happy with now, i can\’t see the probelms in Iraq resolving themselves any faster and if they do calm down it\’ll probably because there\’s no-one left alive there to stap on a bomb to themselves anyway….
    if this is going on now then imagine in 40-50 years time when oil becomes scarce?
    welcome to the future people..
    grim predictions aside ragers to your last comment anger is only a temporary fix for me, truth be told i\’ve resigned myself to living with my illness rather than endlessly fight it and just take the highs with the lows rather than bottle things up again..
    the strange thing with mspace is that most of the people i see everyday in the real world are on there so it\’s useful to keep in touch with them all…
    and as for your dad? I had something similar with my Granddad years ago, we were round to see nan because it\’s her  birthday and he came in complaining of a pain in his side and went upstairs, we thought he\’s overdone things at the allotment, he was  fit and healthy but 2,3 hours later he was prononced dead at hospital with an anneurism
    anyway change of subject glad you\’re feeling better with the exercise and i hope you\’ve had a great weekend
    take care of yourself

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