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Don’t stop me now….

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on October 31, 2007

Hello everyone.

I was going to write this blog yesterday to accompany the new pics of the garden and cats I have added to the album, but, what a fiasco it was trying to add the pics, change them about and delete some of the others!

First off I had to down-load a new Active-X control to upload the pictures to WLS’s! I’ve had to do that three times now… why? Before I even did that I had to delete the pic album of the last wanker of the week who appeared there for some reason! Some thing to do with Windows Live Writer! When you publish a blog from WLW with pics in it makes a blog album automatically. What’s the point in that? To delete that it took me fifteen minutes! Then took me another fifteen mins’ to see if the picture I posted in my blog was still there because I didn’t know that if I deleted the blog album then the blog pic would go too? It was so slow it was unbearable… I wanted to put my fist through it… I really did! I’m still not finished with the pictures either, I have to put captions in some… how long that will take I don’t know… maybe I should open a betting pool for how long it will take to make and make some money while I’m waiting?

 WLS’s really does get on my nerves… does it get on yours? How many of you people are having problems with slowness and up-loading pictures, writing blogs and comments? I have problems writing blogs inside my space so I write them in word pad now, I do the same with some comments. On some of my friends spaces I can’t write comments in their comment boxes because it just goes so slow! Chris, yours is the main one mate! LOL. Now people who I’ve had no problems leaving comments with is going the same way, that’s you Pete and Dave. I’m having trouble with nearly all my blogging friends I talk to actually. I know I blog fairly intermittently but these persistent technical hiccups make me not want to bother even more! Do any of you have problems getting in to my site at all? Does it go slow or crash? Because when I view it in “Your Space” mode it does. I’m only still on here for the on-line friends I’ve made, if they weren’t here I’d have packed up and deleted my WLS’s site all together. In fact I may stop writing in my second blog, I can’t keep up with two sites on WLS’s and one on MySpace… it’s too much. I may just leave my second WLS as a back up in case the moral minority feel like doing their bit for slipping standards of the country again. Actually it’s their fault I ended up with two WLS’s sites in the first place!

Anyway, on to the Pictures I posted. The pictures are of the back garden in 2005-06… mostly in early Spring or November. I did have a couple of it this year but I took the pics on my sisters mobile phone and she deleted them! I did take more in Summer but she’s dropped her phone so much the pictures came out all wrong! I know gardening isn’t most mens idea of fun, to me it isn’t, I just like the feeling of accomplishment I get from making, designing and growing things myself. It’s also nice to have something nice to look at when you’ve lived in the middle of a large run-down Northern City all your life too!

There was also the heavy rain earlier this year that killed off a lot of my plants and made the soil waterlogged so seeds wouldn’t grow! The wet weather also helped the resident slimy sods i.e slugs and snails along too! So all in all it aint been a good year for the garden. I hope those of you who enjoy plants and gardening like the pics, er… some are blurred because I’m not handy with a camera! There’s also some pictures of my cats… So feel free to comment on the pics… I know you secretly love gardening, Pete, so go nuts! LOL


9 Responses to “Don’t stop me now….”

  1. Pete said

    Thanks for the extra \’so trues\’ they were good
    Now GTA3, you are talking my language.
    How do you get away from the cops? Easy – if only one star is lit on the wanted level then you can just out run them and they soon get bored of looking for you – but 2 or more wanted stars and you have to \’bribe\’ them.
    Around Liberty City you will find icons that you can walk or drive through – health(heart), Rampage (skull) and a police bribe is a sheriffs badge – drive or run through one of them and your wanted level will decrease by one. Another way is to get to your hideout and save the game.
    Anyone who is new to GTA should really get some help because there is really so much to do in the game and it would be a shame to miss out on the fun – either get a walkthrough book or get or get one off the internet – it will give you information on all the main missions, side missions, challenges, races and other mean to earn money………..one word of warning – there are many cheats for this game and some stay stuck if you enter them and sort of spoil the rest of the game play – try and finish it without cheating first….I did, then have fun. Oh and the police get pissed about you pinching their cars because they are a little selfish like that sometimes!!
    Take care and have a good weekend

  2. Pete said

    Hey Phil,
    Me? A secret garderner – you are having a giraffe surely??
    Your thoughts echo some of the points I made regarding spaces on a blog I wrote recently about people defecting to other sites. I really don\’t know what the problem is with spaces – i get really frustrated with it sometimes especially when I am using my PC at home because that one is turbo charged and gets through everything very, very quickly………….. except spaces!!!
    Ultimatly there will only be one outcome – people will leave spaces and they will only have themsleves to blame
    Have a great day

  3. bobby said

    heheheehheehhehhehehee—the pics are very nice,well done!!!

  4. ... Angelwitch said

    Hey Phil  🙂
    haha what a F*&^ing idiot, i\’ll have to send that one to the Darwin awards site,yeah we\’ve got an alleyway behind the house where we have similar problems with loudmouths and flytippers also, well it is medway lol
    Our garden\’s  like my music collection, a bit of everything, quite a lot is edible haha and I\’ve even convinced richard to let me dig up a part of the lawn for a proper veggie patch, it\’s only a 2ft by 10ft plot but it\’ll do for me, i won\’t use an allotment, it\’ll just get trashed and I like the appeal of just being able to walk outside whenever i like rather than having to mooch down the road.
    Nah i\’ve never bothered with MTV, there\’s too much trash on it, same with Kerrang, seeing as they now think the likes of Emimen and co are often played on what i thought was a rock/metal type channel, in fact the only thing i listen to on the radio is the rock show Bruce Dickinson does on one of the bbc channels
    without those old bands most of what i like wouldn\’t be around  but hey i\’m probably one of the only people out there whohas a collection that apes his dads and thinks it\’s cool, but that\’s me though eh?
    anyways i\’m off and about so I hope you\’re having a great weekend, should be alright you\’ve told me about the free entertainment around there haha

  5. The Divine Mrs M said

    Hiya Phil,
    Ive jumped straight to this blog so Ive not looked at your pics yet (sorry Promise I will look soon) Ive not added any new photograph albums since the infamous Teddy Bears Picnic Album. But i am due to add my halloween Picture Gifts… so i do thank you for afore warned potiential uploading difficulties?   …
    "WLS\’s really does get on my nerves… does it get on yours?"
    I guess i only got one thing to say to that Phil? Did Ye read my open letter to MSN? lol
    I fully understand your technical grievances with msn,  but if you ever feel compelled to leave spaces altogether? please dont disappear on me Phil… ive got a MySpace   account and a Face Book  I {{stalled}} at the Bebo gate  … but if ye get mah drift… just dinnae disappear on me….lol
    right? i\’m away off now to look at your flowers… have a lovely weekend Phil! (hugs for You!)
    mags x

  6. Robin said

    Hi mate I saw the up date so I came over to have a look. the first ting that caught my eye was the album ay up has he gone all flowery I said nar cant hav. Must have run out of wanker of the week pics hahaha. I under stand your frustration Phil and just maybe Beth has the right answer deep breaths count 10 then pray for some help. see you later on msn missed you yesterday, when i came on you were not logged on and vice-versa

  7. ... Angelwitch said

    Hey Phil  🙂
    glad to took up gardening… i know it always helps me calm dowm when i need to
    though  what i really love doing is growing my own veg…haha lol I\’m not going to enter the shows for longest parsnip and so on..
    that\’s just pointless, come to think of it the only pics of the garden i got this year was whei it snowed and only because i thought the sight of the palm tree we\’ve got clad in snow would be funny…
    nice to see I\’ve got another mention in your blogging  haha i\’ve never knowingly used that live writer.. i scribble all i want onto a note pad \’ve got lying around then hammer it onto the blog page and away it goes somewhere..
    anyways I\’m off so i hope you\’re enjoying the week, i\’ve got to clean up after halloween amazingly htere\’s no eggs to clear up for a change..
    take care

  8. elizabeth said

    hi phil,  loved seeing your garden… looking good.  ( even the blurred ones ! )
    i have no probs getting onto your space but i agree with you about uploading photos.  every time i use the new \’improved\’ method of adding a photo album, it knocks my net off and i have to reboot.   guess there are always teething troubles in the name of progress !
    deep breaths hon and count to ten.  take care.  love, beth. x

  9. spice said

    There\’s nothing wrong with a man gardening – Have you ever noticed that it\’s usually the gardeners who last well into old age – and it\’s the couch potatoes and the boozers who drop dead early.
    Blogs which take ages to load are usually the ones where there are too many pictures, backgrounds, media players and a whole load of other stuff that slows everything down. I actually don\’t have a problem with Chris\’s space but I do with some others. Maybe it\’s a combination of the space and your computer.
    I find Live Writer to be OK (not perfect, but it is ok) and all the pictures go into the same album each time. You need to look at what you\’re doing and at your settings since what you describe isn\’t the programme\’s fault. Just a thought for what might be a simple solution  – do you leave your computer switched on permanently? If so try shutting it down each night.
    Your pictures – very nice, Phil, but instead of making excuses for not being handy with a camera use a small portion of that thing that\’s called your life and pick up the manual, or get on the internet, and learn how to use it. Actually it is refreshing to see someone making an effort to improve their environment, in spite of the chaos that surrounds it. Gardening is all about patience and planning, so if this year hasn\’t worked out too well, get yourself prepared well in advance for next year. There are lots of resources on the net and there\’s a lot you can be doing right now that will help the next growing season. You could start off with a compost heap to help with recycling. 

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