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Thank You All…. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on December 24, 2007

Hiya everyone… Yes I’ve been absent but you all know I’m too to. I will hopefully get back to blogging in the NewYear and get around to all your blogs! Sorry for not being around. So thank you to all my on-line blogger friends those there from the beginning and those new ones I’ve made! You are all truly great and epic people of good character and friendliness!

I may not be religious but I’m going to say it anyway….


All the best for 2008!



21 Responses to “Thank You All…. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year”

  1. Adelina said

    Hi Phil and welcome back.
    I\’d rather not to think about last Christmas and last month.I hope your had been much more relaxed than mine.
    I am looking forward for your next writing.
    Maybe the comment before me is a good thing to start with..:)

  2. Philip said

    Osuji… you\’re not a con man are you? Oh course you\’re not……… For anyone wishing to
    to take part in Osuji\’s "LEGITIMATE"!!!!!! HA! Orgy… contact him on the e-mail below.
    Mags, Pete, Robin, Dave, Beth and Jigy this is right up your ally! LOL

  3. CAP'N said

    Benson Productions, LTD.
    announces a new world attempt
    for  the worlds\’ biggest sex orgy
    to date!
    In Oct 2006, Japan successfully
    set a new world record. Having
    paired up 250 men and 250
    women who commensed to have
    sex in same place and same time,
    completing the world biggest
    orgy ever!
    This April, we will attempt to set
    a new record with 400 couples!
    The Orgy will be held in a
    warehouse with a professional
    camera crew taking pictures and
    recording the entire event!
    I can assure you, this is not a tawdry gangbang,
    nor is it a \’sexapalooza\’ of sorts.
    But a genuine, legitimate
    attempt at a sporting record.
    A pre-orgy lab test will be
    required, safe sex shall be
    practiced and there will be actual
    nurses on duty, as well as
    attendants. A Guiness Book of
    Records representative will be
    This orgy shall consist of a
    compulsory 3 position event!
    missonary, cowgirl and doggy
    Entry tickets are a mere £ 25
    British, € 30 Europe and $48
    US. The orgy will take place 5
    April, 2008 at a large warehouse
    in Southampton, UK.
    Contact me for ticket availability
    and all applicable rules. First
    come, first served.* Sponsored by-The Hellfire Club                          Club Aphrodite

  4. spice said

    Hi Phil,
    Good to hear from you again and great to know you\’re still alive and kicking. Anyway, what\’s wrong with a bit of grindcore now and again…
    …did someone mention Napalm Death?
    And don\’t even get me started on Melt Banana, although, technically, they would be come into the \’noise\’ category, not grindcore. Also the band I mentioned on the blog, Agathocles, actually term themselves mincecore.
    OK – I admit it, I know far too much about these sub-genres for someone my age – but I don\’t care. it\’s fun – but so is listening to old Hawkwind albums – like I\’m doing as I write this. Try In Search Of Space – it\’s awesome. 
    Right, I\’ll stop now.

  5. The Divine Mrs M said

    yaaaay phil
    thanks for dropping by.  I miss you loads. I look forward to your next  blog! Take care buddy (hugs)
    mags x

  6. elizabeth said

    hiya phil,  thanks so much for your words of encouragement on my drawing.   appreciated.
    its such a burden to be brainy, beautiful and also talented,  but i guess you and me have learned to live with it, lol.
    love, beth. xxx

  7. Amanda said

    Hey fuck face, i had my volume up a little too HIGH and nearly blasted my ears off with your Motor Head music.  It FRIT the fucking life out of me !! LOL !!!!
    Anyhow, thanks for popping over and having a gander at my post.  No moaning from \’angry Mandy\’  truth is i love snooker !  Always have enjoyed it.  Can\’t say i\’m the best  player in the world, but i\’m pretty close,  hahahahahaha !!!!! 
    So when you gonna get blogging again ??  I know you a little busy with things lately, so i guess we see you when you ready….
    Chat on msn soon i hope
    Keep happy and love to all,
    Love Mandy Marie xx

  8. ... Angelwitch said

    Heya Phil  🙂
    Lol yeah my back\’s carrying on the family tradition to say the least.
    I trapped a nerve near my shoulderblade ages ago and every once in a while it gets trapped again like the other day.
    I\’m glad to say it\’s popped back in place now. oddly enough i\’ve not long taken up doing swimming again as well as a few exercises to strengthen my back, nothing i haven\’t done before but this just came back from out of the blue while i was sitting on me arse lol
    Lol we\’re evens then because i can\’t really remember what my reply was, I know i did reply though 🙂
    Rich\’s over the moon at the moment because he got his hearing aid today so now i don\’t need to repeat every other sentence i say to him anymore. As for me? not much change really, had good days and bad days but hey.
    Couse i\’ll give it a read when you\’re done, It\’d gotten all too easy winning debates over on bebo so i\’d jump at the chance to see some intelligent writings that aren\’t  Pete\’s flashbacks  haha.
    You take it easy mate

  9. Pete said

    Hope you are well and looking forward with interest to your first blog of the year…..
    As I said, it was something I wrote last year and was just reflecting on where the last 12 months have taken me in terms of my beliefs and thoughts on the world……The focal point is about the English language…….the statement itself – we will cut immigrants benefits if they don\’t learn to speak English…..what the fuck?
    I know that the complexities of immigration mean that just simply insisting on the use of the English language is not nearly enough and I understand where you are going but let\’s face it – at the very least it would be a start……..
    Not really hiding from anything………just like to come here to get away from it all.
    Take care
    to you and yours

  10. ... Angelwitch said

    Heya mate  🙂
    I\’m calling search and rescue to come find you  lol…
    seriously though i hope you\’re alright mate.

  11. elizabeth said

    just me, dropping in.
    love, beth. x

  12. Gena said

    ~Hello darlin.. where\’ve you been?? I cant catch you on MSN, are you ok??
    I luv the photos and cool cats!!.. hope you had a great time on new year eve..
    well.. Wishing you beautiful things & good luck in 2008, take care & big hugs.~
    Lot of love,

  13. Amanda said

    hiya Phil,
    Just dropping by to say hi and wish you a happy new year and also heres looking forward to another year of me and you giving verbal gob shite to each other all in the name of fun !!!
    And also i am thinking of you and your family as you face tough times ahead, keep strong my friend
    Take care and much love to you and your family
    Love Mandy Marie xx

  14. shelly said

    Happy New year my lovely friend,
     Well i hope you had a great year full of fun, love, laughter, & most of all good Health to you & your lovely family 
     Love hugs from Shelly & Lulu xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  15. jiggy said

    hi phil just popped in to say all the best for 2008 and hope you are well i know you dont drink so jigsta will have your pmsl o i say no bad lol take care phil keep in touch in the new year ypu always make me smile hugs from scotland jiggy xxx

  16. Pete said

    Hope you are well and I didn\’t know you have a new job – dining table doesn\’t really sound like a career for an intelligent young man like you but whatever rocks your boat my friend….
    I trust you got a least some enjoyment out of xmas – mine was OK, dogged by the usual family disagreements etc…… just glad I got out the other end without actually killing someone…..my preference to at least see off the old year in a haze of alcohol has been disrupted by by a bout of tonsillitis and some rather large anti biotics………why do they do that? Do they not realise one of the main symptoms of tonsillitis is the throat the size of the eye of a needle!! So soft drinks and jools holland tonight – but I will make up for it some time soon……..
    Have a good 2008 Phil and sincerely, I hope things especially health wise get better for you
    Best wishes to you and your family

  17. spice said

    And as my mother used to always say at this time of year "may the testicles on your pet monkey always hang loose" We didn\’t have a clue what she meant by it, though.

  18. ✿Livvy said

    Have yourself a Merry X\’mas and a Happy New Year! ^O^

  19. The Divine Mrs M said

    Hi Phil
    aw fantastic to hear from you..
    have a lovely christmas, and I hope you will be feeling a lot better soon. (ive really missed ya) HUGS
    mags x

  20. Adelina said

    Hey !!
    Best wishes for you these days and  thanks to you too..

  21. ... Angelwitch said

    hahahaha and a wonderful xmas and new year to you to mate
    take it easy ok?

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