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Archive for February, 2008

There’s Me Thinking I Was Original?

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on February 10, 2008

I am not a believer nor a advocator of human invented religious ideology and will forever continue to take every opportunity to decry, dispraise and dismiss it as a mentally and socially restricting way to govern a life, community or country. I hold it and the people who follow and put its teachings in to actions to be utterly and completely responsible for the past, present and future deaths, war, diseases and social suppression caused or laid down in its name. I will always maintain and put forward that human invented religious ideology is similar if not the same as human invented fascist ideology. Those similarities are, worship of a central idol or symbol; extortion of money, land or possessions from the population via fear or force; wars or restrictive social planning executed in the name of their ideology or central idol or symbol; unwarranted arrest, imprisonment or death in the name of the ideology; suppression of free speech and death of those who attempt to question the ideology. Invention or exaggerated threats to the country, central idol/symbol or ideology; flawed ideology that is not debatable;  withholding or suppression of knowledge; control and dominance in every facet of life possible. I am sure there are more similarities, but the ones listed are the most prominent in my mind at the moment.

In the last seven or six decades the western world has freed itself from the religious leader in each town or city as the main source of influence and education, thus the population is no longer poorly educated and dependent on living their lives by religious leaders or their doctrine. Even though the majority of the west now only pay lip service to their individual religions there is still a general consensus that religion is good, respectful and a valid way to live your life. I have no interest if someone wants to live their life by a religious ideology, just as long as it doesn’t affect my life or my rights to express the way I wish to. That sadly… doesn’t happen, they continuously force their religious morals on the rest of the community or country, they have TV shows banned or edited, continually complain and have a say in what is right and wrong, what you can and can’t say. So, to get my point across to people that religion is a complete load of nonsense with more in common with Adolf Hitler’s ideals than Jesus’s perceived ideals, I wanted to make something that would get that across. I wanted something that would show how I see religion and that wouldn’t need words to explain it. I came up with this:


         UPDATE: The Pic above is an Updated version of an earlier and similar work.

I called it the ‘Crucifiedswastika’. To me, it combined both religious and fascist symbology and ideology, as the majority of the western world is Christian I made it a crucifix with the arms of a swastika pointing off clockwise around it. I will be making others for different religions. I was happy with it ’till I found out it had already been done to some degree by a ‘Dadaist’ anti-Nazi called John Heartfield, hence the title of this blog. Before I continue let me explain what “DaDa” is. Dada was a cultural movement in the early nineteen hundreds in response to the Capitalists society at the time that was heading to war, the Dadaists used visual arts, or as they called it “anti-art”, literature and theatre to protest. John Heartfield was an active  member of this, and no one felt his wrath more than Hitler! Which brings me to his photomontage that beat me to it sixty years before.



The above picture of Heartfield’s is titled ‘The cross was not heavy enough’. I think Heartfield was aiming for something different from what I was. I can’t find an explanation to this picture as there is none on Heartfield’s site. I think he was appealing to the christians love for Jesus and not to let Hitler put anymore of humanity’s sins on his shoulders.

Hertfield’s second offering has an explanation. The picture is of a Protestant pastor called Dr. Ludwig Muller (the prominent man in the picture) who called for the Nazification of the church, in Germany I assume. I like the comment that came with this picture “As long as you are born again in to the right religion, you have nothing to fear.”



So all in all myself and Heartfield ended up with the same sort of symbol but with a different idea of what it was to represent. A little like the religious factions in the world today. There’s a little difference though, I’m not going to kill Heartfield or anyone else who uses the same image to convay a different idea.

So do you think it would be worth putting on a shirt with no explanation? Or do you think I’m just asking for trouble? A few people who have seen the image have thought it was a swastika, I can see how people would think that, but I think only one person has ever got it right. Maybe I should have it accompanied with the caption “Don’t do Religion kids… It’ll fuck you up worse than drugs!” Or “Religion kills!” Then again what about “Religion and Fascism are one and the same!”. I know you may think it is silly to do this but it’s the only way to get this kind of message across, most people will not sit down and read a blog like this nor will think when they see the symbol by itself. The symbol needs to be accompanied by something that will explain what it is and what it means. I don’t want people to get the wrong idea, if I do that then it’s all pointless. My aim is not really to shock it’s to educate and get people thinking! That’s been one of my primary aims while blogging and in real life. So suggestions please.

Also… tell me what you thought the ‘crucifixswstika’ (my picture not Heartfield’s) was and what you thought it represented when you first saw it. Here’s a link to John Heartfield’s site 

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The Archbishiop Of Canterbury Is A wanker! [UPDATED]

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on February 7, 2008

Absolutely unbelievable! Will somebody give the Archbishop of Canterbury a pat on the back followed by a kick up the arse with a steel toe cap boot extremely fucking hard?! What is this man on? I think it’s a good hefty dose of political correctness, religious morality and arse licking! I mean come on! Is the country not bad enough with the flawed laws we’ve already adopted from the Christian model of law… now we want to add the Islamic law to that? Actually in all fairness we already have Jewish law courts operating in the U.K. why not add Sharia law to it? It’ll be great! We can read about and watch Muslims stone other Muslims to death, force women to wear veils etc… Christ on a bike with a dildo up his arse when will these idiots stop?

Why did he even mention it? Oh wait… to make the muslims feel at home. Wake up! Sharia Law is one of the reasons why they fled their original countries in the first place! You all know I aint a fan of religion and I aint writing this out of hate for it but it’s just ludicrous! The Archbishop actually thinks it will make the system better and be good for integration. Who’s integrating for who? It’s us accommodating them… They should be adjusting to our system not the other way around. The law in this country’s already an ass adding another load of nonsense to it wont help! The Archbishop advocates adding some aspects of Islamic Sharia law to, or run along side, our system, i.e divorce, inheritance and child custody. How could Sharia law make the present divorce system any better? The answer is it can’t! It’s just some moralistic religious wanker dabbling in Political Correctness and trying to make things better! Well it aint gonna make things better! In fact he’s opened the door to making things worse!

All you need to change the law is a high-profile figure (The Archbishop of Canterbury), a willing group who want the law, (some Muslims), and a pressure group with the help of the civil liberties brigade and PC brigade and you’ve got it made! Oh wait… I forgot the ‘R’ word.. RACISM! Anybody who disagrees with this group will automatically be branded a racist and member of the BNP! The rest of the population will soon follow such is their stupidity! All the advocators have to do is argue that some forms of Jewish law are allowed in the system so in order of fairness and equality aspects of Islamic Sharia law should be adopted, even if it takes away the rights of Muslim women. Once this is achieved it opens the door to more and more laws being adopted not just from Islam but from other ethnic/minority groups religions and ways of life. And we all know our politicians are completely spineless they will eventually cave in to it so as the ‘R’ word is mentioned so not to be seen as ‘racists’. Gordon Brown has already said this: “there were areas where small concessions had and could be made” but insisted: “Our general position is that Sharia cannot be used as a justification for committing breaches of English law.” I thought he just said it had?

I’m not a fan of our law system but allowing one law for one person and a different for another or adopting another to appease a minority is not going to end well for the country as whole! especially if the far right benefits from it! So thank you Archbishop of Canterbury… you are a true inspiration for PC lovers and wankers everywhere! Then again if he hadn’t had mentioned it some other idiot would’ve done! You wanna taste of that kind of law? And a taste of the BNP in government? Then you got it! You brought it all on yourselves!

UPDATE: Well thanks to The Archbishop of Canterbury’s comments, lack of opposition from anyone but the far-right groups and a complete lack of Political spine, we now have elements of Sharia Law being used in the UK via the Arbitration Act of 1996.I keep hearing: “This doesn’t affect you, why are you bothered?”. I’m bothered because in a modern-day British secular Democracy, Muslim women will be denied Rights under a Sharia Law Court that they would get mandatory under a British Court!

In Islamic Law women are lesser than Men, this includes their side of any story. They receive less money from inheritance just because they’re women, nearly always told to go back to their husbands because divorce is a last option under Sharia law based Arbitration courts. Which means a woman in an abusive relationship will be subjected to the Horror of it even longer, and Male Children will always go to their father at the age of twelve. The whole religion is Male dominated and biased for Men in any case. And if Women agree to be bound by these laws, which I’m sure a lot will through Community, cultural and family pressure, they will lose those rights they have in a British court.

I don’t buy the argument that: “They agree to be bound by it, they do it by choice, they limit their own rights and will respect the court’s ruling”. As I said, they can be forced, shamed of pressured in to it.

It isn’t right in modern-day Britain, that a woman can agree to limit her rights under a court, when she could keep them in a British court. We have no need for pieces of Sharia Law in any court in the UK, we already have a law system, albeit not perfect, but it’s much better than a blatantly biased court that wont give women a fair hearing, just because of the simple fact they’re Women.

It’s wrong and backwards, and anyone that says it’s not is ignorant or ignoring reality and is an idiot who is fostering the limiting of Women’s rights within a modern secular state.

This position is indefendable!

Visit: One Law For All to understand and read more for opposition against these Arbitration tribunals.

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