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There’s Me Thinking I Was Original?

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on February 10, 2008

I am not a believer nor a advocator of human invented religious ideology and will forever continue to take every opportunity to decry, dispraise and dismiss it as a mentally and socially restricting way to govern a life, community or country. I hold it and the people who follow and put its teachings in to actions to be utterly and completely responsible for the past, present and future deaths, war, diseases and social suppression caused or laid down in its name. I will always maintain and put forward that human invented religious ideology is similar if not the same as human invented fascist ideology. Those similarities are, worship of a central idol or symbol; extortion of money, land or possessions from the population via fear or force; wars or restrictive social planning executed in the name of their ideology or central idol or symbol; unwarranted arrest, imprisonment or death in the name of the ideology; suppression of free speech and death of those who attempt to question the ideology. Invention or exaggerated threats to the country, central idol/symbol or ideology; flawed ideology that is not debatable;  withholding or suppression of knowledge; control and dominance in every facet of life possible. I am sure there are more similarities, but the ones listed are the most prominent in my mind at the moment.

In the last seven or six decades the western world has freed itself from the religious leader in each town or city as the main source of influence and education, thus the population is no longer poorly educated and dependent on living their lives by religious leaders or their doctrine. Even though the majority of the west now only pay lip service to their individual religions there is still a general consensus that religion is good, respectful and a valid way to live your life. I have no interest if someone wants to live their life by a religious ideology, just as long as it doesn’t affect my life or my rights to express the way I wish to. That sadly… doesn’t happen, they continuously force their religious morals on the rest of the community or country, they have TV shows banned or edited, continually complain and have a say in what is right and wrong, what you can and can’t say. So, to get my point across to people that religion is a complete load of nonsense with more in common with Adolf Hitler’s ideals than Jesus’s perceived ideals, I wanted to make something that would get that across. I wanted something that would show how I see religion and that wouldn’t need words to explain it. I came up with this:


         UPDATE: The Pic above is an Updated version of an earlier and similar work.

I called it the ‘Crucifiedswastika’. To me, it combined both religious and fascist symbology and ideology, as the majority of the western world is Christian I made it a crucifix with the arms of a swastika pointing off clockwise around it. I will be making others for different religions. I was happy with it ’till I found out it had already been done to some degree by a ‘Dadaist’ anti-Nazi called John Heartfield, hence the title of this blog. Before I continue let me explain what “DaDa” is. Dada was a cultural movement in the early nineteen hundreds in response to the Capitalists society at the time that was heading to war, the Dadaists used visual arts, or as they called it “anti-art”, literature and theatre to protest. John Heartfield was an active  member of this, and no one felt his wrath more than Hitler! Which brings me to his photomontage that beat me to it sixty years before.



The above picture of Heartfield’s is titled ‘The cross was not heavy enough’. I think Heartfield was aiming for something different from what I was. I can’t find an explanation to this picture as there is none on Heartfield’s site. I think he was appealing to the christians love for Jesus and not to let Hitler put anymore of humanity’s sins on his shoulders.

Hertfield’s second offering has an explanation. The picture is of a Protestant pastor called Dr. Ludwig Muller (the prominent man in the picture) who called for the Nazification of the church, in Germany I assume. I like the comment that came with this picture “As long as you are born again in to the right religion, you have nothing to fear.”



So all in all myself and Heartfield ended up with the same sort of symbol but with a different idea of what it was to represent. A little like the religious factions in the world today. There’s a little difference though, I’m not going to kill Heartfield or anyone else who uses the same image to convay a different idea.

So do you think it would be worth putting on a shirt with no explanation? Or do you think I’m just asking for trouble? A few people who have seen the image have thought it was a swastika, I can see how people would think that, but I think only one person has ever got it right. Maybe I should have it accompanied with the caption “Don’t do Religion kids… It’ll fuck you up worse than drugs!” Or “Religion kills!” Then again what about “Religion and Fascism are one and the same!”. I know you may think it is silly to do this but it’s the only way to get this kind of message across, most people will not sit down and read a blog like this nor will think when they see the symbol by itself. The symbol needs to be accompanied by something that will explain what it is and what it means. I don’t want people to get the wrong idea, if I do that then it’s all pointless. My aim is not really to shock it’s to educate and get people thinking! That’s been one of my primary aims while blogging and in real life. So suggestions please.

Also… tell me what you thought the ‘crucifixswstika’ (my picture not Heartfield’s) was and what you thought it represented when you first saw it. Here’s a link to John Heartfield’s site 


100 Responses to “There’s Me Thinking I Was Original?”

  1. ۞ LiCiOuZ ۞ said

    hi phil im running around with this bloody rose all day long i hope its still alive for you my dear friend.
    hope youve had a good day today, hey i was doing a you early this morning  i called x-C-x mo lmao.
                               ♥ clicky   ♥
    take care now luvs and hugs LL x

  2. Maureen said

    Hi Phill, i only have this one space i deleted the other one lol
    this is lots better, no the pics are sure me still the same mo lol
    oh ya like the off button eh lmao.
    have a great day luv n hugs mo xxxx

  3. ... Angelwitch said

    Heya Phil  🙂
    Wow you have been busy on here, it\’s amazing what you can do if the pc and MSN play ball 🙂
    Well at least in Queen Vic\’s time you were poor but we were part of an empire that spanned a quater of a globe, along with all the war crimes and exploitation.
    Today, the war crimes and so on is much the same, most of us are still pretty poor and our country right now isn\’t really anything much that we could be proud of, or even having anything that would inspire a sense of pride within us.
    My business studies teacher once said, if you\’re going to do something, do it big.
    And we had the biggest of them all back then.
    I\’m surprised we\’ve not lost a few fish to cats, but we do have a part of the pond that\’s about 2 foot deep and muddy so they can hide quite well if they need to.
    As for the future and the rut you were saying about not wanting to be sutck in, apart from upping sticks to the middle of nowhere and building a log cabin, i\’ve not got many ideas around the problem right now. I\’ve decided i don\’t really want to go back to doing anything involving retail. So that\’s a start at least.
    And Catherine Tate, i get that vibe at times as well but she also plays the element of being a fish out of water when she comes to realise just what sort of life the Doctor leads. All the hard choices he has to make, the death, terror and so on. And i actually think that\’s a good thing because it puts more emphasis that things are serious and life with the Doctor isn\’t a pleasure cruise.
    oh well I best get on, tons to do as usual.
    Have a good day mate

  4. ... Angelwitch said

    Heya Mate  🙂
    well congrats on the new pc and being able to get around on here again, haha i stil think msn\’s pig at times no matter what\’s sitting on your desktop.
    Yeah well i\’ve had plenty of time on my hands so i\’ve been doing something useful with it. Spent most of saturday out there because it was so warm, though to be honest i didn\’t get much done because i was enjoying the sun for a change.
    Yeah we\’ve got a few fish left, we\’ve lost a few down the years though. A couple to old age, a couple because they decided to stay down the shallow end on nights where the top of the pond froze over, but we\’ve got 7 of them still.We\’ve got loads of frogs in our garden because of the pond so they\’re on hand to deal with the slugs. having to doge them wile cutting the lawn\’s a price worth paying to have them keep the pests under control haha.
    Yeah, it\’s just me thinking about where i\’ve been going in life, how i still don\’t now what i want to do for a job and so on and this just popped into my head so i got scribbling.
    Well it could be worse than Queen Vic, we could have had president Blair *shudders*
    yep i\’ve been watching Dr Who but i missed last saturday\’s one because we were out. I know the Sontarans are back in it, but yeah it\’s been good so far, can\’t remember her name now but the new sidekick hasn\’t ruined it like i thought she might.
    hope you have a good week with the new pc mate. Stay safe

  5. Sarah said

    Hiya Phil,You sound very bouncy and well …. which is great….What new pic.s Phil ?… can you see summink I can\’t…I can\’t use the \’puter much at the mo. I went to the opticians last thursday and when it came to my left eye opto man said to me "read the letters" and I said "what letters ???". So I then had to wait for a very scary half hour while they put drops in my eyeballs and took photographs of them. Luckily there\’s nuffink wrong with my eyes … well nothing that some new reading gigs won\’t fix. I\’m waiting for them to be ready…Glad to hear you\’ve got a new P.C.. You deserve it after going thru those nasty op.s..Take care and long may you continue to bounce.Lots of love from Sarah XXXX

  6. elizabeth said

    hiya phil, so glad to hear ur on the mend.   re: ur comment on mine.. you got me wondering if maybe i\’d been dreaming about kamikaze hedgehogs scaling fences, only to then fling themselves from great heights,  so i looked up hedgehog info,  yes i do need to get a life, lol.   anyway i found this snippet…….
    \’\’ Keep in mind that hedgehogs like to explore, and they are great escape artists. They can climb anything they can get their claws hooked into, and by rolling into a ball and leaning forward, they can manage to get down quite safely from virtually any height. \’\’
    so there ya go then, the mystery of ur disappearing critter solved !
    take care hon.   love, beth. xxx

  7. ·.♥.· Sheba's Haven ·.♥.· said

    hi again phil, yeah ive had back problems for years to.
    i cant even exercise myself, its to painful.
    haha foxy\’s hot tub eh, god she is so funny.
    lucky you getting a pc as a gift.
    thank you for your comment hugs xxxx sheila

  8. ·.♥.· Sheba's Haven ·.♥.· said

    hi phil, welcome back i hope your ok now.
    i haven\’t been very well myself, ive got a bad back.
    i had an injection in it last week, so its eased off now.
    i have been in some real pain with it.
    oh new pc eh, have you won the lottery haha.
    take care hugs xxxx sheila

  9. Lesley said

    Hello Phil
    Hope your beginning to heal now! It\’s shit being poorly ain\’t it. Has long as your getting better and not worse.
    You take care of yourself now!           Lesley xx

  10. Sarah said

    Hiya Phil,How are you … has the spitting blood stopped …. sounds really nasty and I hope you\’re beginning to feel much better..I do remember you telling me about it…One of the reasons I wanted to stop using this thing so much Phil was my leg is the same as yours when I walk … cept now it feels numb all the way down as well ……… So the idea is that I get some practice in before I can\’t walk at all ..Seeing as I\’ve spent 2 and a half years sitting on my bum doing nuffink .. in partikular… except cutting off the blood supply to me leg = Sqw\’alk !!!. and fret… \’bout being a cripple…I hope you feel much much better very soon Phil … I also think you\’re very brave… so tempting just to do a runner…Take care, Lotsa Luv Sarah XXXX

  11. ... Angelwitch said

    Heya mate  🙂
    yep, you\’ve exposed the flaw in my writing style for all the world to see lol.I get an idea into my head and i type a way so furiously i end up overlooking a ton of simple things that any other time i wouldn\’t have done. like the corruption and the spin for instace.
    i\’m not surprised about the mass apathy these days though because it\’s impossible to see through the smoke. there\’s so much lying and hearsay going on that i\’ve got no idea what policies are being pursued buy whom anymore. And it\’s not like i\’ve been deliberately hiding under a rock either. i tune in  and watch the news every day and i hear what\’s going on, but it\’s a lost cause these days.
    As for the BNP, you\’ve summed them up far better than i ever could. And again, if people get any more apathetic we\’ll end up having a scare like france did a few years ago when their equivalent of the BNP managed to get their candidate to the last run off against Chirac.
    As for the sociological element, that didn\’t even pop up into my head, but it makes a hell of a lot of sense reading it now though.The biggest thing that would stop me pursuing a career as a politition is all the bitchiness these days. I mean, PM\’s questions on the telly looks like something you\’d see in a school playground.
    I\’ll have to do a follow up to my blog sometime this week.well once the latest round with the paranormal group dies down. they don\’t like the fact that they\’ve not got a website anymore and have made noises about taking us to court over it. Good luck i say, they\’ve got no evidence to prove that the website is theirs, and besides that, rich\’s gone and deleted everything now anyway.
    i hope you\’re feeling a it better today mate.take it easy

  12. ... Angelwitch said

    Heya mate  🙂
    I was going to have a look on Myspace for you today becuase i\’d not heard from you in a while. i was thinkng MSN was getting on your nerves to much again.
    Well i\’m glad that\’s all over and done with, Sounds a bit like when I had some teeth taken out, had to have 2 done one time and the other 2 a fortnight later, that hurt like fuck so i kinda have an idea what you feel like after that.  blleurgh! lol..
    glad you liked the poem, you should give it a go sometime, sometimes it\’s easy, sometimes it\’s not. lately i\’ve not been writing as much and what i have written i\’ve not been happy with. just phases really.
    well i\’ve finally got my own pc sorted out and i finally got round to posting that long rant about politics this morning :sbloody hell did that take a while to write, neeless to say I wasn\’t writing it up on here haha.
    well take it eay and get well mate.

  13. Lesley said

    Hello Phil :O)
    Just popped by to let you know I\’m being a bleeder and sodding off too. Well, maybe I\’ll do the random pop up now and again.
    My mail box is still open to friends though so if you ever feel like having a good old debate and setting the world to rights then you know where to come. Mind you, I know someone who\’s much better at this debating thing than I am and his mail box is open to friends too.
    In your own time hun.
    Lesley xx

  14. The Divine Mrs M said

    Hiya Phil,
    How are you?  🙂
    Im really sorry ive not been round for ages, I wont bore you with the details.
    I just wanted to see how your are?
    *mothering instinct* I wont go as far as to ask you if your wearing clean socks!  ;p  LMAO!  🙂
    anyway i miss ya. I hope that everything is ok.  🙂
    mags x

  15. Sarah said

    Re the vid … good innit … I specially like the diagram of what happens to a woman\’s brain…,Weird Phil \’cos it wasn\’t so long ago that ppl really thought like that… in fact I\’m sure a lot of blokes still do think like that…Lotsa Luv Sarah XXX

  16. Sarah said

    Hiya Phil,I do exactly the same thing … go to someone\’s page … write one thing …. then I\’ve forgotten the other things I meant to say…I think it comes from not feeling relaxed … I\’m convinced that anxiety affects my memory … either that or I\’m becoming senile … more anxiety ….. more likely to forget… and so the horrible cycle goes on…Too right Phil … if ppl CAN make this amount of fuss over one issue …. why not all the other things. I can\’t understand why ppl seem to think that politics has nothing to do with them … but it doesn\’t then stop ppl boring us all silly by moaning on and on …about the situations they don\’t like.I think I\’ve pissed off some ppl … by breaking out and not just writing about the usual crap.. ie… "Big Brother is So fascinating" = PUKE !!!…You\’ve got a comment about Pete … he did say he was leaving … to concentrate on his writing.. I\’m sure he\’ll keep in touch with you..I\’m off … head\’s gone blank … speak soon,Lots of Love Sarah XXX

  17. Lesley said

    Hey up lad :o)Hope this doesn\’t get swallowed up or refuses to send again.Yeah, regards Pete…..He\’s a right bleeder ain\’t he, sodding off like that!! Looks like we\’ll just have to watch the news and try to read between the lines in future and then send our views to ceefax ,cos I don\’t think we\’ll find anybody quite like him on here! You do a good job at it though. A couple of reasons I can think of why folk respond to yours without actually discussing the content is that maybe they think your gonna bite there bleeding heads off if they say owt you don\’t agree with!!! Or maybe some just want to forget about serious issues and are just on here for the light relief (escape from it all) and have the challenge of converting an antisocial bleeder into a friendly little bunny!!lol, only kidding hun.
    My thoughts on the protests in London…….Totally fruitless! I think your spot on regarding \’why\’ the government allowed them to carry the Olympic torch (Did you notice though that Mr Brown was careful not to touch the torch?)I don\’t think he wanted them here either but like you say….Too much reliance on them. Not only with the cheap goods and labour but with even bigger issues, oil reserves comes to mind right now.It\’s been snowy over here too! but I won\’t start on the climate cos that\’s another issue altogether!!Always lovely to hear from you Phil. Don\’t you be sodding off as well!!Lesley xx

  18. ... Angelwitch said

    Heya Mate  🙂
    well we\’ve sent that group a letter to ell them what\’s going on but we\’ve not really heard anything, except from Rich\’s cousin, souds like the group are going to do things the idiot\’s way and get someone else in to do their site. Good, it\’ll take them more time and hasssle.
    I just hope they keep out of our way next time we\’re down the fort on our own business.
    don\’t talk to me about pc\’s haha. I got a new hard drive and a wireless router for my pc downstairs so I can use the net when i want rather than scramble on here when Irch isn\’t around. Two days and things still arent sorted haha, it\’s getting there though.
    Yeah, i saw the, *ahem* highlights on the news last night. I heard Brown deliberately made a point of not actually touching the torch yesterday and that someone nearly nicked it off of Connie Ray, or whatever her name is.
    That reminds me i\’ve got a blog to write about this goverenment later this week, but i\’ll say no more for now.
    take it easy mate and have a great week

  19. dunno said

    rofpmsl i just said  sheila is our phil pissed hahaahha or stoned ??? lmao, thanks for the coment on  B F**IN T dont they just suck,,
    there a law among themselfs robbing Ba****ds, that guy was here 2hours so at £99 per hour i would av been cut off in the end anyway ffs lmao… yea i wasted my charm for nout .. anyway phil hope you had a good weekend as its nearly the end of it now
    so have a good sunday evening tehehe (( sunday\’s r borieing )) think i\’ll go to church and get lashed up on the holy water and rip the roof off. bye for nw phil take care huggies foxy xxx

  20. Bombshell said

    Hi Phil lmao @ u here , i think you did get a little mixed up
    but never mind lol. i hope you have had a good weekend
    take care hugs mo xxxx

  21. ·.♥.· Sheba's Haven ·.♥.· said

    hi phil, nice to hear from you again.
    hope you are keeping well, oh shell will have you for that lmao.
    it as been snowing here very heavy, but its stopped now and starting to bog off haha.
    take care phil, and try to remember my name pmsl.
    hugs xxxx sheila

  22. Sarah said

    It\’s only me Phil … checking out my messenger contacts..XXX

  23. Sarah said

    Hiya Phil,Sorry to hear you\’ve crashed but as you say .. I bet you know you\’re still fine …really.You\’re right .. I much preferred PIL … I rather liked the way they took the piss @ a concert @ the Rainbow Rooms on Christmas day …… they made every one wait for 3 hours in a freezing building … then came on .. played one number and left … Every one was absolutely seething except for me .. I just thought .. it was funny … only I wished .. just like them that I hadn\’t been hauled along to a cold dank building on Chrissymouse day.I\’ve still got this really nasty cold .. I\’m not even sure it is a cold Phil … I went to see some bloke in hospital about 3 weeks ago … he\’s in infectious quarantine …. I\’ve felt lousy ever since then. What\’s worse is the nurses won\’t tell me what\’s wrong with the bloke .. and he can\’t tell me as he\’s blown his mind away with that really cheap Vodka rubbish…Someone left a comment on my page saying their friend had a really bad cold .. which they couldn\’t get rid of \’cos they\’d be taking tab.s for Arthritis …eeeeek \’cos so have I \’cept I dumped \’em cos I got sooooo depressed on them … I looked them up on this and yes ..depression is a side effect… Blimey .. tabs for Arfer\’s ritis that make you feel so weird and low you couldn\’t give a damn if you ever walked again… Yup they\’ll work !. Ye Gods .. it\’s the so called professionals that need help if they\’re dishing out those to ppl…The reason I loathe Malcolm McClaren is that I used to have a caff in Beaufort Market just a few doors down from the shop he had with Vivienne Westwood . She was the one that did all the work … plus I used to have a friend … called Poly Styrene .. he was her manager & they all got ripped off summink chronik.I hate the way he(Malcolm) is always on telly saying that everything happened \’cos of him…. he\’s so me me me. He rode the back of others with talent…I just got a letter this morning from the local council … cos the Olympic flame passes right beneath my window on Sunday ….. how do I stop myself from trying to put the flame out…????. I\’m gonna find it incredibly hard to just sit back and do nothing. Especially as having a temperature can make one(me pmsl) behave without thinking straight… Once more into the cells my friend… plus I\’ve a sneaky feeling that the police are gonna come down very hard on protesters … right I\’d better go and pack….. lucky I\’ve given up smoking ..@ least the police won\’t have the pleasure of denying me a fag .. of the smoking variety… Lots of Love from Sarah XXX …. not sure where I am zone wise …

  24. ... Angelwitch said

    Heya Phil  🙂
    Richard, over the years has gotten to the point where he finds it hard to trust people,so he\’s had a few things in place just in case an event like this happened, and frankly i don\’t blame him for it. He had a feeling and he acted on it, to find out later on his intuition was bang on, as usual.
    I\’m not going to say too much more about it, I\’m going to do a follow up blog in a few days to let everyone know what\’s going on, but from what we have found out it\’s thrown the group into chaos and there\’s a fair bit of in fighting going on now. A good time to leave, methinks.
    Haha, i suppose that does make me sound like an old fart but hey. I suppose i\’m more selective with who gets a dose of my wrath. If i went on a mission everytime i had an idiot have a go at me on bebo, you\’d never see me on here again lol.
    I\’ll have to read up about the latest developments in Zimbabwe, I heard something aboutoutside powers talking about getting a deal struck and the opposition refusing point blank to entertain the idea of anything that\’ll help out Mugabe.
    two days in a row? wow, she must be trying to tell your sister something, either that or she\’s checking in to see if she\’s ok. That wouldn\’t surprise me after recent events.
    well I\’ve got to get some birthday presents for Dad and sister, it\’s their birthdays right after mine, it\’s mental, my birthday\’s on the 5th, dad\’s the 10th and Hazel the 15th…who planned that one out? haha
    well have a good day and stay safe mate

  25. Pete said

    The other night I was having a heated discussion with someone about this yob culture and I in frustration I blurted out that everyone should be chemically sterelized at birth and then when they want to have a child , would have to go through a tough set of procedures to prove they can provide support financially, emotionally and physically until the child was 18 and would be contracte to take full responsibility for the child. Then I wondered where the hell i got that idea from……….
    Short term…….longer prison sentences, more police on the streets, parents up in court for kids under 13 crimes, even more police on the streets, abolishing asbo\’s, community work if not sending to prison – basically get tough on them but we both know that aint going to happen!
    Have a good day

  26. Lesley said

    Hello you
    In ten years time my bairn will be 15 (Yeh, I know……A whole different kind of parental responsibility to deal with) but hey, you\’ll probably just be starting out on that road with the mucky nappies, sleepless nights, etc etc etc. lol
    No, seriously Phil……..If he grows up to be a decent  respectful adult then all the sacrifices would have been worth it. ;o) L xx

  27. elizabeth said

    hiya phil,  thanks as always for dropping in.  hope you get sorted with a camera soon or at least get the other one mended.
    and less of the \’lacky\’..  i\’m the supervisor/advisor !  
    as for ur toad, yuk, they are even worse than frogs.  are u sure its gone, maybe its hiding in some dark damp corner and just comes out at night ?   and btw, hedgehogs can climb fences, so it wouldnt need to wait for you to open the gate.
    hope alls good with you.
    much love, beth. xxx

  28. Sarah said

    I\’m being nosy and read the comment below mine … "America has woken up to Mugabe" ….-  someone must have ignited a brain cell over there !.I had to stop myself writing in my \’dislike\’ list …- America -…  I thought it might be undiplomatic …. Guffaw !.Love Sarah X

  29. Sarah said

    Hiya Phil,Yes I did nick it .. that\’s why I said "please don\’t kill me"…I think when I had a cold before it kinda came and went for a couple of days … this is really weird tho… I\’ve got the whole sort of febrile delirium …… not nice when you haven\’t deliberately induced it !…. . Ahhh the bad old days.Every time I go to sleep I end up having nightmares  …vivid and nasty…You\’re right tho … there\’s a great element of thinking "F*ck Off" \’bout every thing … I mean I do normally feel like that … I just don\’t vocalise it …unless push really comes to shove ..I thing John L. would hate being called J.Ro … he\’d think it made him sound *soft* … but I don\’t reckon he\’s that hard… just saying what he thinks….I didn\’t know he\’d had a childhood illness … that explains the eyes…. he\’s cultivated the sneer …Talking of wankers like Tom and too right he.. is "Tom cannot reply to your questions" …. not too keen on Malcolm McClaren either…Right .. time to head back under the duvet …. I don\’t normally … in fact never nick ppl\’s stuff … I just liked the way he looked …. if fitted the way i felt … Your Honour-Most.Lotsa Luv from Sarah XXXX

  30. Sarah said

    Please don\’t kill me .. look what I\’ve put on my page …Lotsa Love Sarah XXX

  31. ... Angelwitch said

    Morning Phil 🙂
    I was toying with the idea of deleting my guestbook, because then at least they\’ll be snookered when it came to posting anymore videos on my space.But truth be told, i just can\’t be bothered anymore, I\’m 24 at the end of the weekand my days of being a firebrand are on the wane. All the important stuff is protected anyway so i don\’t have to worry this time.
    Bebo seems to be taking up more of my time as well ( a couple of groups i moderate now) and to be honest i\’m happy with the crowd i have on here already.
    Job\’s going fine, thanks, though I\’m going to start looking this week for a second jobto keep the finances in check. Same old story really.
    Ahh work experience, I spent two weeks as a teacher\’s assistant when i was 15,Not something I chose to take up but an enlightening experience nonetheless. And i exorcised a few demons as well, the school I was posted to was the hellhole of a junior school I had to put up with as a kid, needless to say things had changed for the better since i had left.
    Good on her, Stacking shelves is hardly work experience and i\’m glad to hear she\’s not wasting her time there anymore.
    Did I see Mugabe mentioned on my travels? The world waits with baited breath on the outcome.Even America have woken up and started condemning Mugabe now.
    Anyway\’s gotta get going, I\’ve still not gotten round to reading the next part of Pete\’s story.
    hope you have a great week mate

  32. Sarah said

    Hiya Phil,I\’ve just been to Myspace and can\’t find you ..so I hope you can find me on that link … I\’m called "Sarah deMented"Good Luck.Love Mented XXX

  33. Sarah said

    Wotcha Phil,I\’ve got it… ere wig ohttp://www.myspace.com/balletcatblueThat should get you there .. I\’ll have to look back to find the link you\’ve left for me… I\’m signing off for the night as I\’m totally cream crackered… had the screaming hab dabs last night. I\’d a terrible nightmare and was screaming my head off without even knowing it … nearly woke the whole street up but I reckon no one was quite as terrified as me…. funny thing the mind .. well it wasn\’t actually funny at all… but you know what I mean…May you long continue in the zone ..see you there,Take care .. I know I always say that but it\’s \’cos I always mean it…Lotsa Luv Sarah XXX

  34. Sarah said

    Hiya Phil,Nice to here from you … actually I\’m always pleased to hear from you ……  glad that you\’re in the zone … I know it doesn\’t last but enjoy it while you have the necessary energy.The situation … re Tibet and the Olympic torch is becoming stranger & stranger. An envoy from the Chinese embassy has been asked to carry the torch .. so  that\’s not good…!!!. Especially as it\’s the Chinese who are trying to say that politics shouldn\’t be involved .. well they would wouldn\’t they…?!.I see it as much the same as the situation in South Africa when I was a child. my dad used to go barmy if he saw fruit from there in the house… it was a criminal act in his book & he had a point as it was only sanctions that inevetably allowed Nelson Mandela to be freed… The Domestic Revolution as it was known… domestic \’cos no one would buy their produce…Quite frankly I dont really see anything happening until the same thing happens in China …. but it will …. one day .. you just have to kepp applying the pressure.Now the Olympic flame is going right past where I live … do you reckon that if I manage to put it out .. it\’s a prisonable offence …. ie the slammer and me ain\’t a particularly welcome thought … *spesh* as they won\’t be giving me the tab.s I need in order to survive…..Right I\’m off to get the link for my page .. back soon ,Lots of Love Sarah XXX

  35. Bombshell said

    Hi Phil, i will have a look see if i can get some dragons
    and stuff, i used to have lots until i formatted my pc
    anyway i will look lol, i hope you have had a great weekend.
    i see the nutters are back on your space, nothing better to do eh
    they need to get a life tossers hehehehe. luv n hugs mo xxxxx

  36. ·.♥.· Sheba's Haven ·.♥.· said

    hi phil, thanks for dropping by, hey dont worry the old bag bit.
    i thought it was quite funny, i know you wasn\’t being nasty.
    i dont get the pic either, i liked it so i put it on lol.
    hope you have a good week to hugs xxxx sheila

  37. OBAMA said

    Showing off: I have always wanted people to see me in my baby shame-it\’s always been a turn on. Even the first few pairs of baby pants-pre teen-and the shower caps….I would stand in the window of our bathroom and point my pantied ass out the window. I assumed everybody could and would see me-though I don\’t think much anyone ever did. Still, the thought of showing off-like a stripper-has always been a turn on. I would stand on our stairs in our living room-so that cars passing by maybe could see me. I don\’t think anyone ever did-but still-it was a turn on. I remember sitting in my front yard as a pantied teen-pretending like I was just sitting in the grass-only I would have my shorts pulled down, my long shirt tail covering myself, and my plastic pantied ass-touching the grass-as cars drove by! Very nasty….
    When I was in my twenties I lived in a neighborhood full of small 800 square ft houses and small families. I had always wanted to show off in my diapers and panties-as I\’ve said. At that point in my life I was home much of the daytime. I was usually in a diaper of some sort, and usually a dirty one. I showed off by actually going outside on my front porch and flashing my diapered ass to the neighborhood gals. One day after showing off in my "Bambina" lacy rubber panties-and getting a loud "hoot" from the girls-I went out for a while to get something at the store. When I came back one of them was just leaving my bushes in front of the hourse-leaving a note. It said "Thanks for the show! Next time, though-show us some meat!" Signed "the neighborhood watch committee". 🙂

  38. Lesley said

    Hey you
    And we\’ll have less of the \’Nora\’ mi laddo !! lol      Lesley xx

  39. Pete said

    You seem to be in two minds about my thoughts on taxation. It wont work but it is a good idea. I can see what you are saying but obviously I didn\’t go completely into the nuts and bolts of the idea……that would be far too boring.
    I know most people are too naive politically to make decisions like that but if faced with a choice of straightforward, simple and significant options – then it is not such a great risk.
    I actually want government departments to feel the pressure and be threatened with closure whether they are perceived as not producing value for money or are simply unpopular. In either case the government will then have to work harder to make the department work and be more cost effective and produce results and secondly if it is simply an unpopular department, then make it popular again by improving what it does, how it does it and reflect the feelings of the nation in terms of policy.
    Think about it Phil, the electorate having some kind of control over the spending of tax revenue streams might make the MP\’s realise that they actually have to work for the people, rather for themselves – look at them now – going to every extreme to prevent the voters looking at their expenditure – it is an absolute fuckin disgrace and they should  should be sacked if they refuse. With my ideas, of course they would get a salary and expenses that genuinely reflect their travelling and reasonable accomadation when representing their constituants in the house of commons, but they would then – like everyone else in every business –  only have a budget to work to and be penalised if they overspend.
    Take for example the CSA. Great idea, get absent dads paying for their kids. The outcome, decent dads killing themsleves because they are being bullied by the department because they are willing to pay and the rogue dads are still getting away with it…..oh, and the department spends £3 billion and no-one is actually better off. Imagine the changes, the effectiveness, the performance if they were told that they could well have all their funding taken away if they don\’t sort themselves out.
    In parts of america towns and communities do charge additional taxes for say improving the roads or building a new school etc…. But the residents of the town have the vote on the whether the tax can be brought in and needless to say – the work has to be done within budget, effectively and all aspects of it are under public scrutiny at all times….
    maybe that is where the plan would be more effective – localise it but then, we have that and it is called the council tax……thinking about it, there would be a great place to start.
    I believe there is some mileage in this and moreso because I believe we have to get MP\’s working harder for us, understanding our views and what effects us in our daily lives…….
    Anyhoo, whats Lesley going on about….seeing the sex pistols?? When did you see them?
    Take care and love to the family

  40. Lesley said

    Hello you :o)
    It\’s in my nature to find things out too! That\’s why I ain\’t giving up until I do be it a drafty loft or erm flatuent ghosts lol.
    Caretaker? Me? No babes but your nearly right!!
    It can\’t have been the real sex pistols you saw………I thought most of them had popped there clogs? Or have they come back to haunt us?? lol
    Hey, your alright you are no matter how anti social you like to think you are!!
    Look after yourself now.
    Lesley xx

  41. Sarah said

    Hiya Phil,Yup you\’ve got it in one re China …. but I wouldn\’t expect anything less from you …. I\’ve been to Hong Kong twice … which is only 12 miles from China … and I know a little about how the Chinese behave …. they usually *blank wall* everything. Plus money is their God ..which gave me a real shock .. I\’d daftly thought the were Buddhists until I got there.The plane landing in itself is amaZING … it\’s the most difficult landing strip in the world. You fly in and you can see into ppl\’s houses …. the landing strip itself is v. short … so It\’s a quick nose dive through the buildings = eeeeeeeeK !!!!.On April 6th … the Olympic torch passes through London … I\’m gonna rush out with a bucket of water and put the flame out…. Don\’t s\’pose you\’ve ever visited anyone in Holloway ? – me neither !.I completely understand about more friends …. means more being committed to having to write to peeps … I loathe that feeling.Yup … I did sit on my glasses which are now very fetchingly held together with gaffa tape…Look after yourself … and don\’t let yourself be put under pressure, I know easier said than done.Lots of love Sarah XXX

  42. ... Angelwitch said

    Heya Phil  🙂
    I didn\’t really say that much last time to be honest.
    As for your tiredness it wouldn\’t surprise me if the meds weren\’t playing their part in thati know when i was on antidepressants years ago no matter how many hours sleep i got i\’d still be tired,they just sapped all of what energy i did have.
    Haha, our house is notorious for losing the heat quickly, despite having double glazing and the new extensionwell that\’s old houses for you, i\’d love to see what British Gas would rate our house as on that energy efficiency test they\’re bandying about right now :(I just keep the heating down lowish, and wear a thick jumper, now and then Rich\’ll snap and stick the fire on for half an hour.
    lol…i was thinking of going down the high street and picking up a few eggs on the cheap as they always reduce the prices after Easter, i\’m sure Richard\’ll be a bad influence on me for that 🙂
    haha i\’ll have to go over and welcome him back then if he\’s returned.
    glad you liked the poem, it\’s one of my more abstract ones if i say so myself.it was about time i got my brain working and writing again.
    well take it easy and i hope you\’re sleeping gets better soon mate

  43. ·.♥.· Sheba's Haven ·.♥.· said

    hi phil,yeah i am a silly old bag haha, well i wont  sen you pics if you dont like them.
    hey you wont get me into politics no way, not one of my subjects.
    i will look at your blogs but dont hold yoour breath for a comment lmao.
    take care hugs xxxx sheila

  44. Amanda said

    Hello fuck face !!
    Crikey, you wrote another book ( Erm, or should that be another Bible ?? LOL )….and you expect me to read it, and worse still, understand it AND leave a comment ??  Some hope my friend.  I trust you know what it\’s all about, or else you wouldn\’t say your piece LOL LOL
    Nice to hear from you via Woody. He says you are keeping well.  Would chat myself, but too busy with work.  Some basteard said it was easter ? … So guess who believed and took on the work no-one else wanted ???  Still, could be worse….could be stuffing with millions of easter eggs and getting bloated by the second !
    Phil, will talk soon on line ok, Hope you are well and your family too.
    Take care,
    Love Mandy Marie xx

  45. ... Angelwitch said

    Heya Mate 🙂
    so how\’s things on this cold and (over here, snowy) easter sunday?
    yep i\’ve been having a few moans just lately on here, anything that\’s caught my attention on the news lately anyway.
    And a good chat with Pete about how neither of us are goingto waste our time watching the olympics because of what China\’s been up to, frankly giving them the Olypics was a bad idea and sends out a very poor message to the rest of the world…i\’d almost go as far as liken it to the Appeasement phase we went through just before WWII with Germany, but hey.
    Iraq..well i\’ve lost count how many times we\’ve gone over that one now haha..needless to say it\’ll be a talking point for some years yet.
    F1…every time i watch it the guy i root for immediately spins off into the nearest wall,so i rarely watch it but when i do at least i know next year it\’ll be uninterrupted.
    As for Paisley he\’s retiring now…thank fuck haha, i reckon if it weren\’t for his downright intransigence Peace would have come around a bit sooner. Still, I saw a news report, centered on Belfast andit amazed me just how much the place has changed now it\’s peaceful…they\’re even buildings there wth massive glass roofsunthinkable when the bombers were still about.
    well if this keeps up i think i\’d better go get the snow shovel, the stuffs making a good go at settling over here.hope you have a great week mate

  46. dunno said

    Good morning phil and happy easter sunday, great to hear from you. Whisper easter eggs oh yeah where have they gone??? maybe they were to quiet lol. I\’ve been reading yr blogs very interesting. Teehee at chris\’s polly she was getting it last night lmao so im ready for chirs when he gets on line, we do have a giggle it makes blogging more fun in spaceland and we have a great space family group.
    i\’d like to invite you to my friends list if thats ok, if not its cool. must get a cuppa im gagging after all this chat lol.. bye for now phil
    huggies foxy xxx

  47. Lesley said

    Hello Phil
    Right, I know I\’ve wavered a bit from the religious thing mainly because I ain\’t into it in anyway shape or form. Oh, I tell a fib there…It\’s convienient to be able to get a bit of an holiday from work and treat the kids to pressies but thats has far as it goes.
    My issues are about the government on the whole and what could be done to enable the decent ones among us to live a peaceful life.
    Regarding your response to my comment….I agree with everything you say and think it\’s a great idea except sadley I don\’t think it\’s going to happen. It would be like the miners strike all over again and we know what happened there! plus, how the hell do you get the vast majority of the working population to stop complaining about the shit thats happening to them and actually unite and make this happen. I\’m with you 100% on this Phil and I\’d gladly sit on my arse for a week but my partner who is the breadwinner wouldn\’t be able to cos otherwise this family just wouldn\’t get fed. That\’s what makes it hard for the majority of folk to do this in the first place. Most of the working class are in debt up to there eyeballs and are just working in order to pay the debts leaving just enough pennys to buy food. I don\’t think it\’s going to happen no matter how \’ideal\’ your idea is.
    I\’ll tell you something Phil! I would love the same thing to happen as you do and although I feel negative in that things aren\’t going to change, if I can be of any help at all to you in your quest to \’do something about it\’ I will do whatever I can to help make this change.
    Lesley xx

  48. Sarah said

    Hiya Phil,I\’ve just broken my reading glasses … damn and blast … a calmer version of what I really think about it.I haven\’t been up to anything really exciting tho I did decide on St. Patrick\’s day that I was Irish … I\’m not but I don\’t mind wearing green and drinking masses so it seemed like a pretty good ploy @ the time.. I ended the evening by somehow having a huge clover hat on !.It still seemed like a good ploy the next day .. which means that the hangover wasn\’t that bad… I\’m wondering now that I\’ve broken my glasses whether to go out and do it all again… – the only thing putting me off is the snow outside…While you were away I tried to rouse some interest in other ppl about Tibet … it soon became very obvious that nobody apart from Pete gave a toss … so it was a minor domestic revolution that only took place in my room … hardly earth shattering stuff … looks like the Dalai Lama .. will have to do things without me… mind you as you\’ve already noticed I\’m the lazy one in the combo so I reckon he\’ll do fine without me…Looks like I\’m gonna have to go out … the words \’blind\’ and \’bat\’ coming to mind… so I\’m not much cop on this..Take care and don\’t let anyone with nail polish come anywhere near you…Happy Easter Phil,Lotsa Luv Sarah XXX

  49. ·.♥.· Sheba's Haven ·.♥.· said

    hi phil,thanks for dropping by again.
    i think i will pass on the skimpy stuff i haven\’t got the body for it lol.
    im glad you will be around more often, its nice to have friends.
    well if i cant make sense of your topics, i will just ignore them and do my own thing haha.
    take care hugs xxxx sheila

  50. Lesley said

    Hello You :o)
    Thanks for getting back to me, your comment was worth the wait!
    I\’m going to send you mail if you don\’t mind. Give me a few days though cos I ain\’t been too well just lately to sit at this thing too long. I\’ll just say here quickly though that your views have my backing.
    Take care you
    Lesley x

  51. dunno said

    hi phil well here i am , i saw you in shellys space  and red yr commet W/B to spaceland, great space you got here. yea they deleted me a fair few times lmao my space was toooooo HOT TO HANDLE teehee… great space you got here hunni, must fly b4 i loose my internet signal again Grrrr.  huggies foxy xxx

  52. Pete said

    The story is by no means finished – let\’s just say we have come to the end of the first act…
    I will be more than happy to help with your project…..we\’ll talk some next week.
    Take care and have a good weekend
    Love to the family

  53. Lesley said

    Hello you
    Life for the good people is shit isn\’t it? Unless you\’ve got a bit of money of course then you can live in cloud cuckoo land. All we want is to be treated the same way has we would like to be treated…..To live a peaceful life without unessassary violance, disruption, etc. etc
    I haven\’t even read this latest blog of yours Phil because I know it\’s going to be an angry one. What do YOU suggest we do about the crap thats been dished out to us?
    PS What are the \’sex pistols\’ up to now they got there message across??
    L x

  54. ·.♥.· Sheba's Haven ·.♥.· said

    hi phil, welcome to my space, i thought you was never going to visit.
    my sis kept telling me that you would.
    yeah ive seen you in quite a few spaces.
    its nice to meet you to, im glad you will be around more often now.
    sorry i dont wear anything skimpy lmao.
    im glad you like my space, visit again soon eh.
    take care hugs xxxx sheila

  55. michelle said

    Hey Phil
    Gosh I saw you on Chris\’s space and thought I would say hi
    I used to visit with my old space but was a long time ago
    Hope you are ok
    Take care
    Love and hugs
    Shelly xxx

  56. Bombshell said

    wow your still getting shite comments i see,
    anyway glad to have you back i hope your feeling better now
    lots of people av been ill including me, must be this bad weather lol.
    roll on summer lets see if we get one this year.
    take care and have a great weekend. hugs mo xxxx

  57. Sarah said

    Wotcha Phil,Just to let you know I\’ve got a cold … granted that\’s not exactly interesting … it\’s just I haven\’t been online…I\’ll get back to you when I feel a little less Fik in the head..Meanwhile take care … chillax if you can for Easter – you haven\’t got a choice seeing as it\’s so friggin\’ freezing..Lotsa Luv Sarah XXX

  58. Pete said

    You are right Phil and I am as guilty as anyone. I sitin front of my PC day after day and read and write about how unhappy people are with this country, its society, the culture and in particular, the way it is managed.
    But the point I feel is not really whether you do anything , the question should be really what can you do?
    Let\’s take anti-social behaviour as an example. About three years ago was about the worse I have personally experienced anti social behaviour in the area I live. Kids were hanging around a passage way near where I live and you could garantee at some point in the night they would spill out into the rear of my house. It was usually a case of noise and mindless damage which during the summer went on until quite late. First I asked the kids to move o and needless to say I just got a load of abuse. So I just called the police every time they were there……I think the police came out once but they were long gone. What else could I do? I didn\’t feel safe going out to them, the police did nothing and it has only stopped because those kids have grown up a little and have either got jobs, kids or can get into pubs. But since we have had gates installed in the passageways and now there is relatively no problems – but the kids that might well have been hanging around there are only doing it somewhere else.
    I have been out on a number of occasions to ask kids to move on – it not a pleasant experience having all these kids abusing you and threatening you so confronting the issue head on is difficult becasue of the threat to your safety and well being and secondly, if things were to spill over a little and you did manage to whack one or two of them…..you know exactly what happens next – you get prosecuted regardless of what the kids did.
    The police do nothing, you could call them time after time, they give you a number, ask you to maintain a record of whats happening and no-one comes – unless of course you have whacked a kid.
    The council do nothing, you call them, they send you a nice little information pack which advises you not to confront them and to make a record of what happens, write down descriptions and then only call the police if you feel your safety is at risk. They also offered to make sure Community Patrollers patrol my area.
    I have actually spoken to my MP and all I got was the standard labour spin about lower crime levels, more police, more community involvement yadda yadda….
    I looked at the possibility of getting more of the local residents involved in protecting our area but it seems that most groups fail simply because what they can do within the law to deal with this is practically nothing and you get no support or help from the police or the local council.
    You could change who you vote for but who can you really trust to actually do something about it?
    You could rely on the judicial system to dish out a few stiff penalties to repeat offenders to serve as a deterrent for others…..I know, I am getting silly now!
    Short of putting on a mask and grabbing a baseball bat and inflicting your own kind of justice – there is simply nothing you can do except hope that they go away. We are OK at the moment, it is relatively quiet and the gates seem to be doing their job but I know that many many people around the country are having major problems and the truth of the matter is some will snap and kill or be killed – it seems like in some cases that is the only way it is going to stop.
    People are apathetic because there is simply nothing you can do. Anti Social behaviour, immigration, high levels of taxation, welfare state, education, healthcare……..what can an individual hope to possibly do to make the slightest bit of difference? Even as a collective…..we can vote out this current government but for what….conservative? Liberal? BNP? We cannot stop paying tax because it is taken at source, protests acheive nothing and too many MP\’s are interested in their own well being to actually care about the people who voted for them……..
    You can only do something about it if there is something you can do……..don\’ think I haven\’t tried Phil. I have explored the options and erecting two gates, at pretty much my own expense because whilst most of my neighbours were bothered about the problems, no-one wanted to put a few quid towards a practical solution……was about all I could do.
    Have a good day mate
    Love to the family

  59. elizabeth said

    hi phil,  did you ever get sorted with a new camera ?
    hope ur doin ok.  take care hon.  love, beth. x

  60. Pete said

    I see those ridiculous yanks are still around. One of those left me a couple of comments – funny thing, I ignored him/her/it and they haven\’t been back. Sad little losers down in mom\’s basement on the PC………..
    Funny you should mention Dave – remember I said it was almost as if I wasn\’t good enough for him so he was patronising and pompous……maybe he thinks a lad from salford isn\’t good enough too!!
    I wrote before that i looked at the other sites but truth be known, I am really more interested in the discussion of topics and sharing of views than making friends. I have what I need in that department and I am note really interested in having tons of requests every day…….and to wade through the shit you see to get on my space…all those bands following in the footsteps of the artic monkeys….etc…etc
    I am happy enough where I am………….but the focus now really needs to be on real paid writing and the novel is going very well.
    In terms of writing a novel I\’ll discuss that with you when I get a chance to chat…….I have been doing a writing course as you know and there is a lot of helpful advice I can pass on to you….
    Take care now

  61. Sarah said

    Wotcha Phil,How goes it ? … and what are those comments below mine … they look horrible … twunts !!!.Lotsa Luv and Solidarity from Sarah XXXX

  62. GO BRONCOS said




  64. OBAMA said


  65. Gena said

    Oh darin, what\’s up here, I readed some shit comment, you got some fuckin idiots again, sadness they had nothing to do, just sit on they fuckin ass, write shit comment on ppl spaces.
    Well many thanks for droppin mine, always love to see you there, have a lovely weekend, big hugs & much love, take care…Gena xxx
    P.S. will send you email recipe today, talk to you tonight ….xxxxxx

  66. Pete said

    But Phil….the head of MI6 said at the inquest, under oath – that they do not have anyone killed ………so it means it was just an accident – surely???? We\’ll never know Phil and that\’s why they call them the secret service….actually, thinking about it – al Fayed might have made a bit of a smart move. Being so overtly critical of the royals might just make something happen – even if he is just leant on to stay quiet – he knows if anything happens to him – the wave of public opinion will rise dramatically…….let\’s see what happens but in the main I am with you – we will simply never find out.
    Take care and have a good day

  67. Sarah said

    Wotcha Phil,Just completed my new blog … actually I\’m really tired … that\’s why there\’s nothing there…Did you see the pic. of me with the swiveling eyes in the blog below the fascinating new one ???.I think you\’ll find that equally as interesting…. if you\’ve only got 2 brain cell that aren\’t into procreating…It\’s really \’cos I\’ve been in a lot of pain recently .. I\’ve just been to the doc.s who after X-Rays say I\’ve got summink called \’Scoliosis\’, they\’ve given me some sort of tab.s for it…The other reason is I spend too much of the day replying to other ppl …. rather than concentrating…..Also I\’m very FIK and lazy….Stupid of me \’cos I do have a lot to say … but my grammar is really bad .. and I\’ve kinda got frightened of writing and lost my confidence..I promise to try a bit harder….. >>> tomorrow….I hope you\’re well…Lots of Love Sarah XXX

  68. Sarah said

    Hiya Phil,ROFLLL @ you saying "strong content", one day I\’ll publish a blog that\’s completely VAY CANT. I actually You\’ve just given me an idea… back later…Lots of Love Sarah XXX

  69. Bombshell said

    Hi Phil, your showing up in my friends list now
    i didn\’t want to shut you out of my space.
    am lmao@ the comment to Glenda hahahah
    well said. anyway have a great rest of the week and take care.
    luv n hugs mo xxxx

  70. Philip said

    Seeing as Glenda is a hit and run commentor and lacks any testicular fortitude to make her LiveSpace public I\’ll leave my reply for him/her here.
    "Are you Blending your Budgies to make a master race of Nazi Birds?" You Americans and your raceissues eh? I\’ll leave the Nazi race stuff up to your friends the KKK and the rest of the "Race"obsessed population of the states.
    "Or is Blending some British Slang for Doing it with your Birds? Your Disgusting!" No I don\’t doit with birds, but I\’ll tell to you something now Glenda, darlin\’, I\’d rather shag a budgie any day of the week than shag you! I wouldn\’t  shag you for a laugh, not even with a bag on your head.

  71. ... Angelwitch said

    Heya Phil  🙂
    Yeah, i know full well they\’re snooping around trying to gather \’evidence\’ against me…
    fact of the matter is, i\’ve said all i fancy saying to them and if they want to spend until the end of time
    cutting and pasting…(oops, sorry that\’s \’electronicly intercepted\’ in their book) then fine.
    they never deleted me and they never will.
    Breeding a flock of Nazi budgies? that\’s nice, i can trump that though, our charming little parrot who i
    swear is Satan Incarnate hahaha
    you know who i\’m on about 🙂
    As for Maddie? A friend of mine spent a lot of time putting that blog together and he asked me to
    put it up as well, I know there probably isn\’t a cat in hell\’s chance she\’ll ever be found again.
    I know there\’s many a theory afoot as to what\’s happened and i know that any sane parent would know better than to leave their kids unattended in a foreign place, but Maddie isn\’t to blame for that and as such is often the way, the innocent end up paying for the mistakes of others with their lives.
    well i best be out of here, i\’ve got better things to do than pursuing shadows or making court appearences lol..
    take care and have a good evening mate

  72. Glenda said

    Are you Blending your Budgies to make a master race of Nazi Birds?
    Or is Blending some British Slang for Doing it with your Birds?
    Your Disgusting!

  73. ... Angelwitch said

    i stand correced in what i said earlier, Nomad told me that site was open again,
    it wasn\’t, they\’ve just made an exeption for him, needless to say it doesn\’t matter either way for you anymore.

  74. Bombshell said

    Hi Phil, looks like they have been busy on your space
    stupid idiots have nothing better to do, i have had lots of friends adds from them
    but am not that stupid lol. have a great day hugs mo xxx

  75. ... Angelwitch said

    Heya Phil  🙂
    moonlighting in spreading propoganda now then? that\’s a new one on me mate. I would have thought some people would apreciate freedom of speech and expression when they see it, though we both know this is far too highbrow for them and will have gone over thieir heads haha.
    If you haven\’t guessed, that pathetic court is back open again,
    (Yeah Qwaylood i know you\’re reading this: deal with it you nosey bastard)
    i used to be a skeptic about the paranormal myself until I had someone I knew who had recently died, come to pay me a visit, so you could say i was scred into believing lol. well i hope it\’s not your gran\’s time to go yet mate.
    tell me, you haven\’t still got those pics about the dangers of smoking on still?
    they might offend those who don\’t apreciate free speech haha.
    take it easy mate

  76. OBAMA said

    fuck you i am not gay   all of you can suck the big one i have reported you to msn  my support ticket: 105930455

  77. ... Angelwitch said

    Heya Phil  🙂
    for a kickoff ignore that denver site, it\’s a fake, set up to defame someone.
    I think we can make an educated guess as to who might be behind it.
    Needless to say sending me endless friends requests is an idiotic and friutless task on their part.
    I agree with every word you have said mate, it is a funny paradox, how people strive for something like free speech only to end up morphing into the thing they were initially trying to defeat. in effect they\’ve only gone and defeated themselves.
    Tell you something else, you think you\’re missing anything by not being on Bebo? you\’re looking at what\’s an everyday occurence over there…maybe i should set up an MSN division of the Renegades?
    anyway take it easy mate and take care

  78. Unknown said

    Uh, ohhh  looks like Denver Dan has found yer site!@

  79. Unknown said


  80. Jody Lynn said

    More pompous poo-poo from the british bozos i see!

  81. Philip said

    To the boring and painfuly unfunny knobend below… make your Live Space public so Ican piss and shit all over your blog.

  82. Hanging Judge said


  83. Aimee said

    love this song…and by the way i agree that religion is a load of crap…
    *~*   :o) if you don’t have a smile to give today…  :o) I will give you one of mine…  :o)   *~*

  84. ... Angelwitch said

    Hey Phil  🙂
    Thanks for the warning but even if i did decide to do anything about that guy, because of my space settings he was unable to send a copy my way, so in short i would have been lacking on the evidence front. Academic anyway seeing as i\’ve noticed he has gone now. I have a shrewd idea who was responsible for his downfall because he too has vanished as well…some old guy who was a thorn in their side i\’ve noticed.
    you should have a look on their little clique sometime mate, they\’ve gotten it into theit tiny little brains that you are a Nazi.
    hilarious if it weren\’t for the fact that they genuinely believe that. no doubt you\’re quaking in your boots about the fact you might have an injunction served upon you.
    anyway take it easy and try not to give the yanks too big a headache haha

  85. Pete said

    Thanks for your kind words and I am glad you are enjoying it…
    I do have plans for the story but it will take re-developing. At the moment I am writing in little segments for a cuppa time red for friends on spaces….obviously will have to work on it for whether I do submit for TV or as a novel…..but for now I am enjoying making the story unfold….
    The place on deansgate? The pub is a hybrid of some of the dives I have been in manchester over the years……you always have to be carefully what you write you know!!
    You are maore than welcome to use my reply to fun dip for this judge creature as well…….do they not realise how ridiculous and unfunny they are??
    Have a good weekend my friend
    Take care and love to the family

  86. Hanging Judge said

    I may have to issue an INJUNCTION..

  87. Bombshell said

    Hi phil, thanks for your message, it just got me so angry
    i had to say something, i will just ignore them from now on
    that will hurt them more lol. have a great night and thanks again mo xxx

  88. ... Angelwitch said

    hey Phil  🙂
    well this heap of junk\’s let me get on here at last, msn can never leave things alone can they?
    Another day another idiot i see then… the irony being they won\’t last long with content like that..
    righty, I was feeling better today till i was told i didn\’t get the job i had gone for but hey, no surprises there eh?
    yep that was my own doing that poem, i might keep a copy on me so if i do feel myself slipping it\’ll scare me out of it again.
    enough of that anyway.
    well they do say you either love or hate Clarkson, he makes me laugh and he does have an interesting way of looking at things in the world and what his solutions would be. i don\’t really care for his car antics but his colum in the Sunday times gives me a chuckle usualy. it\’s nice to see someone in the public spotlight actually speak his mind and not worry about who he upsets along the way.
    My granddad broke the handbrake clean off, he never got back in the car to teach his kids after that.
    Nah my mum\’s a safe driver, she\’s not one of these idiots you see putting their lipstick on instead of watching where they\’re going.
    besides if you did have a dig at her with those women driver jokes she\’d likely swing for you haha.
    Well i\’ve got an overnight ghost tour to keep me busy on saturday, call me morbid but being around the spirits of the
    dead usually calms me down. i\’ll be knackered on sunday though haha.
    take it easy and have a good weekend if i don\’t hear from you before then

  89. The Divine Mrs M said

    Hi Phil
    good morning.  Ive just realised this is my second visit to this particular blog of yours and i still cant put down a proper response yet  OMG im really sorry about this,  im rushing about  First day back at work after my holiday
    but i promise i will be back again.
    thanks for coming visiting my space and for your comments phil they are much appreciated
    i got a bit worried about you this morning, ive just seen the shortest ever comment from you over at pete judges page.
    Mind you it was a very sore subject re: sorton? and I think that your "silence" or near silence was more eloquent than many words.
    anyway phil on a lighter note? Ive only gone and written a second Valentines Day Blog…  ;p
    I know I know ….. hahahahaha
    so this is from me to wish you a very happy valentines day   😀


    mags x

  90. Ian said

    hi \’Am 26 and had sex with 50 yr old lady.But had fast ejaculation .And ,after some time ,it erected again but soon before ejaculate,it became short(semierect and cannot enter her vagina).And ,later tried much but no erection.She was very upset and was complaining that i hurried up and told me to foreplay with oil on her back but i didn\’t know how to do it .i never saw foreplay in porn movies.I tried to finger ,kiss,lick her vagina which i use to watch in movies but she turned it down.later i came home and tried to erect my penies by masturburating ,but it only became semierect but not completely firm.Is it because she didn\’t have atractive breast ,i didn\’t get aroused or i have a problem in erection or i need to use pills …Am totally confused …help me … Next time ,i want to make her or any girl happy besides enjoying my self by fucking atleast 4 times at night…Also,is there any way to increase the length and width of my  3.5 inch long penis..also,am mostly vegitarian and what food intake might help to gain strength during intercourse.Do i have to do some workout at gym …

  91. jiggy said

    here you!!  im after you pmsl i been to mags space talk about abuse a strangled duck indeed lol ill smack yer bahchookie young man pmsl anyway down to buisness i was going to add you to my fave five and make it my saucy six but i didnt want to offend you but know what your going up there with a cross lmao im pushed for time at the min but will be back to comment on your blogs  oh and yes i use same music site but i put players in html box no sandbox  i can give you that other address agian when i come back ok dokey thanks for the laugh and phil jesus loves you man lol have a nice day jiggy xx

  92. Sarah said

    Hi Phil,I seemed to have spent the whole day on this … yet not actually achieving anything.. I was gonna add a guestbook so ppl can add their mug shots … but maybe \’tis better if they don\’t. …fact is I don\’t know how to do it.I\’m only mentioning this cos I did the same thing yesterday on myspace too… – nuffink !.You\’re right re Dadism .. it is now an accepted art form but @ the time it was radical and NOT art so the establishment said.I guess that\’s the nature of history tho .. it\’s not now… and therefore not *edgy*.I\’m using patches to come off the fags .. don\’t think I could\’ve done it without ..well it would\’ve been more difficult …  unless you\’re really determined. In my life I\’ve come off loads of things which i won\’t mention here… it\’s none of Jesus\’s beeswax !!!.I think we\’re all twats too … just some of us less so .I say ! ….. OF COURSE pmsl..Phil stay away from the fumes … I haven\’t even got Asthma .. and I hate the stuff …. have you ever been in a room when someone uses fly spray …. the only thing it assassinates is humans… the flies are fine..Mind you it\’s nice to have women around so you may have to suffer ….- Not the fly spray but the varnish.T.C. Lots of Love Sarah XXXP.S.. I\’m using a new browser called Flock … I\’ve been on here too long … if I think it\’s that funny X

  93. ... Angelwitch said

    Heya Phil  🙂
    I wonder what God makes of a person who goes round, claiming to be his Son? i wouldn\’t be too happy about it…
    like I suppose he wouldn\’t be too happy with a lot of things people claim to do in his name.
    Besides, hell is a Christian invention anyway, a form of cosmic blackmail for anyone silly enough to believe in it
    anyway tragic sideshows aside, Your Dad sounded like a hell of a character, My granddad, was a good man, he\’d never say a bad word abut anything or anyone, i\’d remember his philosophy about doing a good deed each day, he was devoutly Catholic but he never once tried to impose any of it upon me or my sisters, he\’d be a good example to a lot of people who claim to be religious, and i remember all the long summer days down on his allotment and the silly litte rhymes he\’d sing for us before digging up his potatoes and so on. Mum told me a funny story about when he was teaching her ho to drive, she\’d done something wrong for the umpteenth time and he snapped and yanked the handbrake up so hard he broke it haha.
    I suppose it depends on where you\’d go Phil, fortunately over here people generally are sensible enough not to be driven to violence over religion, but Stateside, that\’s a different story, I saw Clarkson drive through Alabama with \’Hillary for President\’ daubed on the side of his car and was chased out of state by a load of bible bashing nutters hurling rocks at him.
    Even with either of those sayings, you\’d still get a lot of people come up to you and ask about what you mean.
    anyway\’s i\’ve got to get on, my mind\’s not at it\’s sharpest at the moment
    take it easy and have a good week mate

  94. Sarah said

    I\’ve just read that comment from "Jesus"… is he for real or is it his idea of a joke ?.Ye GODS !!! and nope of course I don\’t mean the traditional ones .. I was thinking more of Johnny Rotten. X

  95. Sarah said

    God Morning Phil,It\’s early … very early … 7:45am … So I thought I\’d come and read your blog properly.There\’s a church .. Eeek I know Phil, but try and sit for a minute before reaching for the biggest box of matches you can find !. ….Back to this church … just down the road from me, It\’s called "The United Redeemers" – I Goggled it and found out that they\’re protestants. I\’m v. keen on PROTESTants just not of the churchey variety !!!. Anyway apparently they\’re descendants of the Lutheran way of thinking … and they hate Jewish peeps.It\’s this particular church that\’s been blamed for Hitler\’s propaganda machine …. he liked their views… – batty old ball-less moustache wearing slime ball of a man.I\’m glad someone else hate Xenophobes  … that makes just you and me then …. hollow lol.Back to the cig.s or rather talking about them … I\’m still not inhaling them. I haven\’t gone cold turkey .. I\’ve got a Niquitine patch on my bum … well one buttock, I don\’t want to close off useful channels… pmslI was supposed to go the doc.s today for more patches … they did say "wednesday". They\’re bankers \’tho cos I\’ve just looked @ the date and it\’s says the 20th … Boo Hiss and SPIT \’cos that\’s NEXT week.Hang on whie I get my ruler … No this blog isn\’t a foot long but I don\’t wanna bore you for too long….So I shall wish you a brilliant happy day …. and piss off.Lots of Love from Sarah XXX

  96. Sarah said

    Hiya My Budgie blendin pal,I\’m well into Dadaism … isn\’t every one ?…Do you know where the swastika came from …  I\’m sure you do so I won\’t bore you..On my page in \’My dislikes\’ – I\’ve written "Religion = simply another form of control".Do you know that there are more ppl in unfunny farms due to religion rather than any other reason… It has fucked up their heads..The only reason I\’m not writing long, mind searching and lucid blogs @ the mo is cos I\’m lazy … and I can\’t sit still for too long as I\’ve given up smoking…But that aside .. I hope you\’re very very well.Lots uv Sarah XXX

  97. Robin said

    I have to accept that as you are a none believer, fascism and religion are both man made in your thinking, but you can apply that concept to all human ideology. Religion gives us guidance, something to cling to in life and what lies ahead in the afterlife. Fascism was a political ideology that will come and go as people take up that mantle, Hitler, Mosley in the UK  Mussolini in Italy that\’s one ideology that will never stand the test of time,
    You say we in the west have been freed from the religious leaders, I think that\’s questionable they still play a major part in UK politics they sit in the commons and the house of lords and help with legislation and also appose it therefore keeps it in the forefront whether we accept it or not.
    I think you are wrong to say your symbol is not to shock but to educate, educate who those who are believers or those that may follow your path. As adults we can make up our own  minds, but to say don\’t do religion to the younger generation (it will do your head in) is wrong they will have a view at some stage in their young lives after all it\’s their choice
    Good read phil interesting points one don\’t have to agree with it but what the hell if you can\’t express ones point of view then it\’s a sad day indeed

  98. Pete said

    Jesus has visited you again!! Ask him how Mary Magdelene is for me will you??  What an absolute tosser……!!
    Anyhoo, thanks for your quick comment and yes, yes, no, yes and no……..  Thank you and goodnight!
    Perhaps I am a little naive to believe that some MP\’s are not screwing this gig for every penny they can….I do have faith that there are decent human beings out there…….well there is you and me for a start.
    I simply can\’t see past the seduction of the power, the expenses and the wealth. Being an MP is not now about doing some good….that changed the moment it became unecessary to have been born in your constituancy….its tactical and of course if you tow the party line – the richess are endless. I thought to myself how I would react in the situation…if I had got myself elected into a seat to serve the constituent??   The interesting thing is that I would certainly utilise the resources available to me but does that mean I am abusing them? I think the big bone of contention – and one I completely forgot to mention – is that of course they vote all these generous salary/pension/expenses for the themselves. Perhaps a panel of their constituents should make the final decision!!??
    I like art?? You would be surprised………I probably saw it in one of those coffee table books somewhere – I don\’t really do galleries but sometimes an image sticks in your mind – hence my regard for the image.
    Religion brings the best and the worst out of people. My mum for example — she is a devout catholic and I am sure deep down she feels she has failed because none of her children have any real belief in what we were brought up to believe. She goes to church and prays for us and she is a good decent and very selfless person. She\’s not very good at arguing any points about her beliefs – she is single minded and although there is science and fact on my side – she would rather believe one man and one woman started the population of this planet…..but I will not ever knock her for it not because she is my mum, but because she keeps herself to herself…doesn\’t try to spread the word and would rather dedicate her time doing good things like shopping for old people. All things considered, religion has been good for her – it has given her an outlet, somewhere for her to turn in the dark times and apositive focus for her life in retirement. I sometimes tease her about her beliefs and as I wrote in the past, gave her some difficult questions to try and answer……I even bought her a copy of the da vinci code although I suspect it is unread somewhere. 
    I have very strong views about religion, much like yours and simply I feel there is no place for it in modern society..it is outmoded and very much in the dark ages in terms of the expectations of its followers, by its leaders – but still people persist.
    I had a fanciful notion about religions needing to evolve but I realise that in order for religion to play a positive role in people\’s lives – like my mum – but you are right…it wont happen. When I was thinking about it I kept remembering words from sermons I went to as a kid…god, almighty, creator, supreme, first,…….all implying there is only one god and he is the best….except there are thousands of other religions and there gods are the best too…..yet they all proclaim there is only one. OK, its all about interpretation, culture……..so one religion has to prove it is better than the other – religion loses its meaning and every thing it stands for.
    You are right. Jesus could have been just like David Koresh….we will never know. He might have been to visit us many times….He might well be a woman…..we don\’t know and we wont ever know and that is why to me, religion is a bucket load of shit!
    I think it would do you no harm in reading the da vinci code – you might even find it an interesting read….it explores the possibility of a blood line but some of the other factors it also covers are interesting too…..don\’t watch the film though!!
    Take care and thanks for taking the time to write such a thorough comment
    Regards to you and allPete

  99. Jesus said

    QUOTE FROM YOU:  I\’d rather spend my time in hell with the gays, Jesus, Mohammod and be fucked up the arse for all
    eternity than be stuck in heaven with bunch of boring religious wankers.

  100. ... Angelwitch said

    Heya Phil  🙂
    Well as we said over on myspcae a while ago, how you came up with the crucifixswastika, only to later find it\’s been done already and how i come up with what sounds like great guitar riffs only to find out later tha someone\’s already done it and made a few bob with a song is quite funny.
    i could see where you were going with it though but i had to ask in case it was something else, or if it was something you had seen along the way somewhere. what many people forget though, because of hitler, what we call a swastika today was in fact an innocuous symbol found in hindu and buddist beliefs. 
    well i\’ve known people to go around wearing shirts with slogans such as \’Jesus is a c**t\’ and they haven\’t been stoned to death or anything yet, but yeah you would raise a few eyebrows if you did go ahead and do a shirt of your own, i\’d be careful though because you know how terminally ignorant some people are and how ignorance and violence never seem to be far from each other.
    Yep i know i\’m guilty but if i\’m guilty for geing a decent friend to a few people then so be it.
    it won\’t deter me from doing the same thing again. it\’s hilarious to see they can\’t grasp that idea though.
    As for the MSN? I\’ve got my setings so only friends and MSN contacts can see my space at the moment, and yep you did give me your MSN a while ago, when you weren\’t feeling too clever and had that check up at the hospital.
    anyway\’s i\’ve got to go i\’ve got a big day ahead and i\’ve got a few things to sort out first.
    take it easy and i\’ll see you later
    take care mate

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