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I Just Thought I’d Let You Know…

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on April 30, 2008

… That the price of food is going to shoot sky-high! I’m not trying to scare anyone, it think it may not be that bad here, you will have to sacrifice some of lifes little luxuries but you’ll get by. In east asia where rice is the staple of their diets there’s been food riots! In places like Indonesia and Thailand if the price of their staple diet, i.e Rice and wheat gets even higher then a lot of the population will go hungry and even starve! So there’s going to be a global shortage of food for everyone!

So… what’s the cause of this?

(1) A increase in the world’s population, with more mouths to feed the more crops that need to be grown. We could just grow more crops to keep up with demand, simple enough eh? No, remember a lot of the land is arable in the world but a lot of it has forestry or fauna on it as well as humans. If we cut this down to make more farming land the environment will get worse as there will be fewer trees to take in carbondioxide, thus helping to increase global temperatures. You don’t need to be a brain box to know that’s a bad idea!

(2) The weather. It has been a bad season for growing crops in asia this year, even though last years crops were good the price has still gone up because Africa and Asia have been buying rice up to stave off social unrest.

(3) Change in eating habits of the world population. 100 million rural migrants to the big cities in China have switched to eating rice instead of wheat because of their increased wealth. This has been happening in other parts of the globe too. Also, some people have switched to eating more meat which means more cereal will be used to feed cattle and live stock.

(4) The price of oil/fuel. Since the UK and US invaded Iraq to secure the oil there has been more civil unrest in the country and sabotage of the pipe lines that deliver the oil. The inconvenience and cost of repairing the pipe lines doesn’t help. Also, the country with the worlds largest oil reserves, Saudi arabia, will not increase oil production to help the US and the worlds flagging economy. This means as well as food costing what it does the price will increase even more because the food has to be shipped across the world and driven to its destiniation when it gets in the country.

(5) The speculators. These people are the ones who speculate how much oil, rice, wheat ect… will cost, and people usually go by what these guys say. They’ve been speculating very high recently because of all the above happening. Actually, that’s nonsense, they use that as an excuse to over speculate on goods because they’re greedy! That’s right, the same people speculating are the ones who benefit when stocks go high!

(6) Other. biofuel! Large areas of the world have now switched to growing crops souly for the use in biofuels. Biofuels are crops grown for the use as fuel with no nasty after effects when used. These crops are sugar cane, sugar beet, yeast and starch to produce ethanol. The others are plants that naturally produce oils like soy bean, oil palm and jatropha, these (once mixed right) can go straight in to a diesel engine! Or they can be processed and used as biodiesel.

All in all though there are three things that I think are to blame for this. They are: human greed, our flawed capitalist system and over population. If we continue the way we are doing it’s going to be disastrous, not just for the developing world bur for us too! In fact we’re already a quarter of the way there! Lets just see what happens and hope for us and the developing world that things get better.


6 Responses to “I Just Thought I’d Let You Know…”

  1. ✿Livvy said

    Hi Phil,
    How is life treating you recently? Glad to see you\’re back to action again ^O^! This is a very interesting article indeed.  While reading this, I was thinking about one solution that is currently underway, i.e. genetically altered foods.  As you might have already known, natural growing foods are not enough to meet the needs of the increasing population anymore.  However, inline with this new biotechnology developed over the past few years, there are also controversies over genetic foods as well, such as their influence on human health, and potential harmful effects on human fetus.  China does have a very large population base, and the government has been trying very hard all these years in an attempt to solve the problem. Well, it’s hard, but they’re trying.  
    Have a nice week, and you take care, ok? J

  2. ... Angelwitch said

    heya mate  🙂
    Star wars? haha, that wsn\’t the look i was going for but hey lol, I\’ll have to change the font back from italics again then, it\’s something i was playing around with and i\’ve not made up my mind on it.
    It\’s not something i take any pride from either, well apart from the technological legacies anyway. I was just saying that things are as shit in the world now as they were back then but at least we were on top of the pile then. Now we don\’t even have that anymore.Our role in the world these days seems to be to play the yes man to the US and be the doormat of Europe.
    I\’ve not heard anything about David Tennant leaving, but i did hear a rumor a while ago about the series taking a break next year though. I rarely listen to the showbiz gossip and when i do hear anything i treat it with a vat of salt anyway.Be a shame if he did go though, he plays the character well.
    As for Tossco\’s as Richard calls them, i didn\’t hear about that, but all you have to do is mention something seemingly minor to spark panic buying and stupidity eh?
    The latest fuel strike in Scotland. They said they had enough reserves in Scotland for two months, and the poeple there seemed to be taking things sensibly, but down here, where there is going to be no effect, every idiot was at the pumps trying to fill ther boot space with unleaded and causing a problem.
    I read the other day Shell posted profits of around 3 billion pounds for the last three months, and then we have people turn round and say they\’re hardly making any money on petrol because of the government.
    I know the government taxes on fuel are extortionate but they havent bumped their cut up by 25 pence in the last year.
    God help us when we do have a real shortage in the next few decades.
    well on that cheery note i\’m off, hope you have a great weeknd when it gets here

  3. Lesley said

    Hello you :o)
    It\’s all my fault Phil. I\’ve been saying "Pack your rice it\’s coming" for ages. Now people are starting to listen to me. What have I done??!!!
    Just a quick hello visit for now. Will be back later to expand on this.
    Lesley xx

  4. Sarah said

    Hiya Phil,I\’ve rushed straight over here having just got my new glasses …. 1 for reading and another pair for long distance, I can\’t see anything with them !!!… \’cept maybe what\’s going on in the next borough.. I\’m sure they\’ll be v. useful when I\’m 92…Sorry to hear your pogoing has stopped .. it\’ll come back again… B\’doing B\’doing..Re your blog I\’m lumping personal greed and capitalism into one group … In the \’eighties I worked as a graphic designer for a company that was part of O.P.E.C. …. Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries … that was definitely about greed..It seems that equality, fairness … and everyone having a right to survival doesn\’t rate too high on most people\’s agendas. It\’s another case of the ignorant shouting the loudest..Oh dear I\’ve depressed myself …. I\’m off to see if I can find a gadget that dispenses drugs onto my page …. teehee … wanna parTAYYYY…Lotsa Love from Sarah XXXX

  5. The Divine Mrs M said

    Hi Phil,
    GREAT BLOG!   i dont know where to begin <ahem>  lol
    i was looking at your last point.
    Advances have been made in Science, knowledge and expertise. This should make the world a better place but one thing is missing from the equation, something which you have already identified,  and that is GREED!
    its getting in the way of greatness (many times)… people in High Office (who probably have POTS full of money right?)  get greedy, and large swathes of the global populace end up catching the cold!
    its SICKENING!  😦
    *The Speculators – oh yeah  Ive written a note to myself  "You missed your vocation THERE girl  :s"
    *The Weather  – Im in Scotland. we wrote the BOOK about the weather  -nuff said?  LMAO!!!
    its a GREAT blog Phil,
    The focus latterly in the world stage-has been about SOCIAL injustice and political incorrectness and asylum seeker issues.
    Never about poverty or greed or starvation.
    I hope you write some more blogs Phil,  raising awareness is Everything these days.
    hugs (yoou!)
    mags x

  6. Robin said

    The price of oil is a factor China and India the fastest growing developing countries need more and more oil to keep up with the growth, it can\’t last so you look elsewere Bio Fuels by changing production from cereal crops to bio crops is reducing the available feed to both human and animal for meat, milk and fats. Sugar cane is not being grown for food its been used as alternative fuel. Add them all up and your on the road food shortages. Remember the UN food agencis ahve to buy on the open market what hope is there fo feeding the hungry in the poorer country\’s. Our own food are rocketing dairy products up 60% chickens up 58% on it goes and the biggest factor of all OIL up 70% in 6 months. I wonder if they cotton on that it would be cheaper to send it by barge on the canal and river network.
    Do you fancy roast frog served with garlic grubs and seaweed. Thought not see you later mate,
    take care

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