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Archive for May, 2008

I Was Tagged By Mags! WOOP WOOP!

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on May 23, 2008

I was tagged by Mags a couple of weeks ago, sorry about the wait Mags >_<! Anyway, this tag Mags passed on to me involves listing six facts about myself… I think! Either way you’re all getting some random facts about me you never knew!
Here we go….
1) Ever since I was a kid I’ve ALWAYS wanted to do pro-wrestling! Yes the type with Hulk Hogan. I know it aint real and it’s all choreographed but I just loved it. I used to play wrestling on the school field behind my house with friends, it was great and no body ever got hurt but people did inevitably roll in dog shit! But I saw the Doctor a couple of months ago about my back pain that I’ve had for 8 or 7 years and he says it aint a good idea and I shouldn’t do it. I don’t know if I should do it or not now!
2) The weirdest dream I ever had been where I was put in side a dead fat man’s body and sewn up inside of it and walked around in his skin AND even rode a bicycle too! Oh yeah, in the same dream I was forced to watch a women have sex with a dead body! Yeah, that was fucking weirdness epitomised right there! I’ve never had such a weird dream before or after that one!
3) I used to be Obsessive Compulsive and never told anyone. In fact I wasn’t even sure at the time what I had. Everyone just used to think I was paranoid! Every day before I went to bed I’d check the doors in the house 3 times, the gas, and all the windows were closed. When I went to bed I’d take my inhalers for my asthma, not once but numerous times if I didn’t inhale right! Once I was in bed I got back up again thinking I’d not checked the gas right or that the door was just jammed and not locked and someone had broken in. It went on like this for 3 or 4 years!
4) I think and obsess over things far too much than I should, but I can’t help it! I think it was caused by being OC. Which is why my blogs are so long… because I over think nearly everything.  You may think that’s a good thing… but it aint, it’s mentally exhausting, which is why I don’t like to blog often or socialise that much.
5) I missed ALL of my high school years because of crippling anxiety.
6) One of the most frustrating things for me is my stammer. You may think it’s caused by nervousness, but it aint, though being nervous can make it worse.
That’s all ya getting! lol Here’s Mags’s space http://cid-f6c53863a0e7c367.spaces.live.com/ I’m required to give you this as part of the tag. Anyway, hope you’re all well.

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Aaaaaand Back We Go! AGAIN!!!!

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on May 4, 2008

Unless you’ve been living under a rock at the bottom of the Pacific ocean, you would notice that Labour got hammered in the recent local council elections! Labour lost control of 9 councils in total and 300 local council seats, most to the Conservative party (Tory)! Of course the Conservatives think they’ve shot up in popularity over night and everyone educated or over the age of 25 has forgotten what they did to the UK during the 1980’s and early 90’s! Well the fact is, unfortunately for the Conservatives,  is that the population just didn’t give a shit! That’s right David Cameron and the new London mayor Boris Johnson (otherwise known as BJ), everyone still laughs at you to your face and thinks you’re a joke and pair of buffoons that have no roots in or have any idea what reality is! You only won those seats because the apathy in this country is at all time high! Please do not kid yourselves, we all remember the 3 million pluse unemployed, my Dad was one of them! I certainly remember my parents arguing over whether to pay the bills or buy food! I also remember worrying if we would be kicked out of the house because we chose to pay for the food that week instead of rent! There was also the rampant inflation, poll tax, homelessness, crime etc… we didn’t forget!

We all know the problem is apathy, why is it so strong though? Well, maybe it’s because things aren’t moving forward as they should! Sure, Labour have done a lot more than the Tories, the minimum wage upped to £5,52 for 22 year olds+ and £4,60 for 18 to 21 year olds. Kept the economy healthy, up untill recently, and a whole host of benefits that you can claim. Well, anything we get on the minimum wage/ benefits is taken away with these grossly high fuel and food bills! What does the government do to help us? Sod all! They sit back and promise action or ignore the problem totally! Actually, didn’t Labour promise to stop these fat cats? You know, the ones who work as directors for big or small Companies? The ones who take the job and then run the company in to the ground insearch of fast profits then get a pension and final pay off that is sometimes higher than the whole workforce’s wages combined? Oh wait… they the fat cats! Not being content with their pay and inflation proof pensions they also claim extra expenses to save them dipping in to their own pockets! Yeah, they higher their family or some sexy secretary they wanna shag and pay them, or even use it for a holiday or even a motor bike! And obviously they don’t want people to know this so they want this info hidden now! To be honest, nearly all politicians claim expenses and hide them, not just Labour.

Oh yeah, there’s also the council tax that is constantly creeping up each year! There’s no improvement from that, even though it always goes up! I’m gonna stop going on now, the point is not a lot has changed! I don’t really see a change where I live, and it’s been a Labour heart land for decades. The politicians just aren’t doing what needs to be done! There’s no point in thinking inside the box and trying to kid yourself and the population you’re outside! Did that make sense? Well it did to me! Anyway, I’m fining the whole situation depressing… we’re basically back to where we started! The parties are just going back and forth constantly and not really achieving anything besides the status quo! What is the point in just doing that and sticking to the same old lines of governing? Well, In my opinion they don’t want it to change… They don’t want to change because they love the system the way it is! They know as soon as they’re in their government they are set for life! Why would they even bother to do anything else? Regardless of what they do, wrong or right, corrupt or sex scandal, they get paid! The ones who don’t think like that have a handicap, and that is their ideology, they think they can make a change in the system we have, that would be true if every single member of the party, other parties and houses thought the same. That just aint true. They are all so stuck in the past and for preserving the status quo… it’s just not going to happen.

As I’ve said before, the politicians need a reason to do their best, other than just losing their seat in parliament and council. They need to lose more! It should be like this, when a politician comes to power they must do their up most best to do as the electorate voted them in for. If they don’t achieve 100% of what they were voted in to do by the end of their term or earlier depending on the propels verdict, they lose all their earnings while they were in government and anything they bought with it. All pensions and houses go! They will also never again be able to enter in to politics or business at any level ever again! You same should also be applied to businesses too! Just think of the boys and girls at Shell or British Gas losing their jobs, pensions, all previous wages etc when they tried to charge us through the room prices! lol You’d soon see a difference in both politics and business!

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