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Aaaaaand Back We Go! AGAIN!!!!

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on May 4, 2008

Unless you’ve been living under a rock at the bottom of the Pacific ocean, you would notice that Labour got hammered in the recent local council elections! Labour lost control of 9 councils in total and 300 local council seats, most to the Conservative party (Tory)! Of course the Conservatives think they’ve shot up in popularity over night and everyone educated or over the age of 25 has forgotten what they did to the UK during the 1980’s and early 90’s! Well the fact is, unfortunately for the Conservatives,  is that the population just didn’t give a shit! That’s right David Cameron and the new London mayor Boris Johnson (otherwise known as BJ), everyone still laughs at you to your face and thinks you’re a joke and pair of buffoons that have no roots in or have any idea what reality is! You only won those seats because the apathy in this country is at all time high! Please do not kid yourselves, we all remember the 3 million pluse unemployed, my Dad was one of them! I certainly remember my parents arguing over whether to pay the bills or buy food! I also remember worrying if we would be kicked out of the house because we chose to pay for the food that week instead of rent! There was also the rampant inflation, poll tax, homelessness, crime etc… we didn’t forget!

We all know the problem is apathy, why is it so strong though? Well, maybe it’s because things aren’t moving forward as they should! Sure, Labour have done a lot more than the Tories, the minimum wage upped to £5,52 for 22 year olds+ and £4,60 for 18 to 21 year olds. Kept the economy healthy, up untill recently, and a whole host of benefits that you can claim. Well, anything we get on the minimum wage/ benefits is taken away with these grossly high fuel and food bills! What does the government do to help us? Sod all! They sit back and promise action or ignore the problem totally! Actually, didn’t Labour promise to stop these fat cats? You know, the ones who work as directors for big or small Companies? The ones who take the job and then run the company in to the ground insearch of fast profits then get a pension and final pay off that is sometimes higher than the whole workforce’s wages combined? Oh wait… they the fat cats! Not being content with their pay and inflation proof pensions they also claim extra expenses to save them dipping in to their own pockets! Yeah, they higher their family or some sexy secretary they wanna shag and pay them, or even use it for a holiday or even a motor bike! And obviously they don’t want people to know this so they want this info hidden now! To be honest, nearly all politicians claim expenses and hide them, not just Labour.

Oh yeah, there’s also the council tax that is constantly creeping up each year! There’s no improvement from that, even though it always goes up! I’m gonna stop going on now, the point is not a lot has changed! I don’t really see a change where I live, and it’s been a Labour heart land for decades. The politicians just aren’t doing what needs to be done! There’s no point in thinking inside the box and trying to kid yourself and the population you’re outside! Did that make sense? Well it did to me! Anyway, I’m fining the whole situation depressing… we’re basically back to where we started! The parties are just going back and forth constantly and not really achieving anything besides the status quo! What is the point in just doing that and sticking to the same old lines of governing? Well, In my opinion they don’t want it to change… They don’t want to change because they love the system the way it is! They know as soon as they’re in their government they are set for life! Why would they even bother to do anything else? Regardless of what they do, wrong or right, corrupt or sex scandal, they get paid! The ones who don’t think like that have a handicap, and that is their ideology, they think they can make a change in the system we have, that would be true if every single member of the party, other parties and houses thought the same. That just aint true. They are all so stuck in the past and for preserving the status quo… it’s just not going to happen.

As I’ve said before, the politicians need a reason to do their best, other than just losing their seat in parliament and council. They need to lose more! It should be like this, when a politician comes to power they must do their up most best to do as the electorate voted them in for. If they don’t achieve 100% of what they were voted in to do by the end of their term or earlier depending on the propels verdict, they lose all their earnings while they were in government and anything they bought with it. All pensions and houses go! They will also never again be able to enter in to politics or business at any level ever again! You same should also be applied to businesses too! Just think of the boys and girls at Shell or British Gas losing their jobs, pensions, all previous wages etc when they tried to charge us through the room prices! lol You’d soon see a difference in both politics and business!


11 Responses to “Aaaaaand Back We Go! AGAIN!!!!”

  1. ... Angelwitch said

    Heya mate 🙂
    yeah, here we go again haha, she\’s due around xmas time apparently.I just worry like mad after what mum told me about her losing two babies.I also worry about them getting ill or cot death and so on. That\’s just me though.
    Yeah, they\’ve had a vote on hybrid embryo\’s, my sis told me i\’d misheard, they\’ve voted for it, not agains it, and they\’ve voted not to lower the limit on abortion from 24 weeks.
    They tabled a whole list of different limits and they all got thrown out, and now the Conservaive who tabled the bill is making accusations of the government being out of touch even though it was a free vote.
    FFS it\’s 12 weeks in most of Europe, babies have been proven to feel pain before 24 weeks, and babies have been born before then who have gone on to live normal lives.
    I\’ve got a second cousin I used to go to school with who\’s living proof of that.
    It should be lowered and only available in cetain circumstances, i.e If the woman was raped, there\’s complications that\’ll mean the mother could very well die, or they find there\’s something up with the baby that\’ll make it\’s live a short and miserable one.
    I\’m sick of hearing bimbos who can\’t be bothered to keep their legs closed and using it as a quick fix. they\’ve made the mistake, this is the consequence. Deal with it, like my sister is going to for the second time.
    Both times for her it was unplanned but she\’s loving being a mother in spite of ther post-natal depression.
    Sorry about the rant, but this has got my blood boiling now.
    hope you\’re having a good week mate. Stay safe

  2. ... Angelwitch said

    Heya mate 🙂
    haha, no i haven\’t gotten myself fired yet, it\’s one of the best jobs i\’ve ever done because i\’m not tearing my hair out all day. but I needed to either find a second job, or something full time. So i\’ve got a second job in the mornings, cleaning by the looks now 🙂
    We\’ve had a scorching couple of weeks but today\’s a washout lol, i think that was summer over and done with now. Been getting loads of pics of things in my garden. It seems everything\’s in flower right now.
    Wow, a pet store, i bet she\’ll love it. It\’ll be a lot more interesting, and a lot more responsibility looking after all the animals there.
    Hmm methinks i\’ve got a blog coming. I was watching the news for the first time in 4 days and there was a story of a 96 year old WWII veteran who\’s had some bother with his local council not taking his rubbish because he put a couple of glass bottles in the wrong rubbish bin. this whole business is getting momumentally stupid now.
    anyways i\’m off before the lava flows haha, have a good day mate.take it easy

  3. Lesley said

    Hello you :o)
    I can\’t be bothered with politics today but just thought I\’d pop by to say hello and ask you if your healths getting back to some kind of normality yet?    L xx

  4. Lesley said

    You know what Phil…….I\’m bloody angry with the labour government. I was angry with the conservatives when they were in power but more so labour.I expected conservatives to throw shit at the average worker, but labour……well, they have let us down by not looking after there own! In lay mans terms…..The rich look after the rich (conservatives) The poor look after the poor (labour). Except they don\’t look after the working natives anymore. Our family is \’victim\’ to the ……oh, I\’ll put it this way……….I\’m much better at anology!!Right!…..It\’s like having your Dad being lovely and kind to the other kids on the street but beating the hell out of his own!       L xx

  5. ... Angelwitch said

    Heya mate  🙂
    More than likely Cameron want\’s him out the way and putting him right in the spotlight and waiting for him to slip up so he has a good excuse to do so is what my money\’s on.Risky though, because this is the tories first shot at making themselves look like a credible party that you can vote for without first putting a paper bag over your head and cutting out some eyeholes.
    I saw Brown making a supposedly groveling apology for the state of affairs since he took over the helm on tv the other day, well bits of it anyway, before i found a very strong urge to find a sick bucket. I\’m only going to think about accepting it if he somehow turns things around and get this country out of some of the shit it\’s in right now.
    I\’m loving the idea of the \’Have a cuppa\’ stike action. Non violoent protest as it\’s best if you ask me, and we needent worry about prison because they\’re no room and if there were it\’s on a par with the Savoy in London now, if the news is to be believed now.
    A few billion in lost taxes usually gets their attention but i can imagine everyone stocking up for a week without supermakets with all the common sense they\’ve shown with the recent fuel crisis.
    Anyway i\’ve got to get on with things, i\’m back to work today, well i can\’t spend everyday hacking armchairs apart, nice though that sounds 🙂
    take care mate

  6. The Divine Mrs M said

    Hi Phil,
    try getting your figures wrong when it comes to paying your telly license, and then listen to that Beeb growl at you…..and throw fines at ye. 
    omg im not gonna start on the BBC  lol 
    I came here to tell you that i am tagging you mate  (sorry)
    Your mission should you accept is to publish a blog revealing 6 quirky facts about yourself,
    and thanks for the laughs by the way when you commented on my tag blog! LOL
    if you accept the tag
    you should include in your blog a link back to me
    list the rules of the tag  (these is them I think)
    list 6 quirky facts about yourself! (pleeeeeese?)   ;p
    and then tag 6 other peeps.
    but I should tell you that I have only went on to tag 2 people (due to me having computer problems)
    but you was one of the lucky (?) two  harharhar  😀
    anyway I hope you are ok phil, its great seeing you around spaces again. it really is!  🙂 tc you
    mags x

  7. Philip said

    I said in this blog that Labour lost 331 councils, I was wrong, they only lost 9 councils but lost a total of 300 seats in local councils. Don\’ blame me, I got my info from the BBC! 😉

  8. Robin said

    I thing most of the comments so far tell they dont like the Tories. I can never get round my head why people for what ever reason keep changing from from one major party to another. just a quick point Phil labour lost over 300 seats not council it lost only 9 councils, that aside why wait until there is an election to show your disgust. Fuel cost have gone up as much as 30/40 pence a litre sinse the the last major action.dont leave it to the truckers we have 10 million cars on our roads all they need to do is stop at a road junction, light, crossing, it this country would be grid locked. The old saying action speaks louder than words, widthdrawing of labour is a potent weapon. Back to the issue, Labour have got to using the same excuses about listening and start with some policy\’s to help the needy. Make the nom doms pay tax, close off shore banking, we have a minimum wage then why not a maximum? Take the greed out of British society and we just might start to end the apathy.
    Take care bud

  9. ... Angelwitch said

    Heya Phil  🙂
    back on fine form i see lol..I laughed when I heard Bo-Jo, as Alan Duncan MP referred to Borris Johnson on Have i got news for you, has been elected the Mayor of london. I\’m still amazed the Tories put him up as their candidate given his track record of putting his foot in it with careless comments on liverpudlians in amongst other things. Oh well it should be entertaining at least, AND we\’ll be able to see if they really have changed since the dark days of the 80\’s.
    Another point of interest is that Voter turnout for the London Elections was somewhere around 43% or so i read. i know this sounds crap, but given in the last general election voter turnout was less than a third of the population it doesn\’t sound as bad anymore.
    And for that wasteful lot i\’m still in favour of scarpping the houses of Parliament and having a dozen or so intellectuals who\’ll sit down and discuss the issues of the day, and as they\’re not of one political background or another, the biases that come with a given political philosophy souldn\’t play any part in their decision making. It\’d be a damnsight more civilised and cost effective than what we have now.I\’d do something similar with local councils as well, just a few bods in each council quietly working on the smooth running of their local areas and listening to the local population, and any major issues can be forwarded to the higher council i said would replace the parliament.
    The only thing i haven\’t worked out is how the general population will decide on who runs these councils i\’m on about. if i can get round that i think it could work.If I can\’t think of some democratic way of achieving this then i\’m only one step away from monsters such as Stalin and Hitler.
    But my pipe dreams aside, i really don\’t think the polititions will sit up and take notice unless we have the scenes that went hand in hand with the poll tax, ie rioting to make them listen to us and do something about council tax, fuel bills and so on. But as you\’ve said, people are so apethetic i\’m not sure if many people would resort to such extremes again.
    looks like the Shitters yard for our country then.
    on that note i\’m off, hope you have a good weekend, take care mate

  10. Lesley said

    Two words for now Phil until I get a bit more time…….\’Mass Immigration\’
    L xx

  11. The Divine Mrs M said

    Hi Phil
    OMG i dont know where to start with this blog.
    I wont forget the late eighties I came within a breath of losing my home, with the sky high mortgage rates, and my son wa just a baby in my arms at the time. Never will I forget it.  😦
    THEN in the nineties Tommy FRIIIIGIN Sheridan M.P. extoled us all (in Scotland) not to pay our Poll  tax.
    I got myself in so much debt over that folly I nearly lost my house all over AGAIN!
    If you dared to utter that mans name in My Mums House You would be flung out on the street! on yer ear!
    Our Labour governed Local Council Authoritys, have- by piecemeal, axed services remorselessly.
    The City that I live in doesnt even have public TOILETS anymore-bar a few in the City Centre.
    Many council jobs are vanishing. They are being given over to Agencys *Read PRIVITISATION.
    What I want to know is?  Where is all this saved revenue going?
    The taxpayer isnt getting any of it- are they?
    Theres too many layers of management.  And all their needs and wants are being catered for, at the expense of Joe Public  <who dont even have any fuggggging public toilets anymore!!!>
    omg I better quit….ive suddenly got a headache  :s
    Have a great Sunday Phil.  🙂
    mags x

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