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‘Work For Benefits’ Plan Unveiled.

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on July 21, 2008

The Government today unveiled plans to get over one million people off benefits in the next seven years. The system advocated works like this… WORK FOR DOLE MONEY OR GET FUCK ALL!
No wait… here’s how the government put it. People who claim Jobseekers Allowance will have to work for four weeks in the community once they’ve been unemployed for over a year. You fail to do this and you don’t get any money! Now, I’m all for getting lazy bone idle scroungers off benefits, but maybe the Government should have thought of this first… Make working actually worth while! If the pay in the UK was worth working you would see many people flock to work, even to do the most menial jobs! Increase pay, that will get more people to work than forcing them to work for dole money!
The bloke that actually came up with the idea, oops wait, STOLE the idea from the Tories, was work and pensions secretary James Purnell! He had this to say…
Instead, the longer people claim, the more we will expect in return. At three months and six months, claimants will intensify their job search and have to comply with a back to work action plan“.
I got a plan for you darlin’ hows about we do the same to you! If you don’t achieve what you said you were going to do in Labour’s manifesto we force you to work for dole money while cleaning floors in the NHS, educating our children better,  stopping crime etc. After all… the longer you’re in power the more of a RETURN we expect!!!!

20 Responses to “‘Work For Benefits’ Plan Unveiled.”

  1. elizabeth said

    hey Phil,  long time no see.   hope ur doin ok.
    love, Beth. xxx

  2. jiggy said

     a well phil first thing is kick ur bahookie thats ur fk ass lol cheeky wee man and second is to comment on ur last blog ok im for all the piss takers off dhss but how do we do that ? as you know disability aint always apparent  so what to do ? cant always see someones disability and if i go back im one who contradicted back then. but as you know cant always see someones ability in life after all who are we to comment  but there is a huge amount of folk taking the piss and i hope they do get them cos this does p me off big time.  what p me off more is the n h s   i have a condition i need an op then i be right as rain but because of medical ignorance and funding i have no choice but to constantly battle with them  what you up to? hows pete doing lol say hi tc jigsta xxxxxxxx

  3. ... Angelwitch said

    Heya mate  :)it\’s fun and games all round for us both then?I should get back to the doc\’s and give them another go but i know full well they\’ll want to drug me into a zombie state for my own protection… ha! ah well rich\’s going to try a couple of alternate therapies, see if they\’ll bring things back under control again.I\’ve not had much energy for blogging either, unless it\’s poetry again, at least i missed the Olympics on the telly…well apart from what was on the news, lol it\’s our turn next…that ought to be entertaining.i sometimes do blog about my day to day stuff, anything and everything that happens..it can be a good exercise for the times i wonder if i ever do anything useful. i pick a day, write about anything and everything that happens and it usually surprises me what i do get done in a day.anyways i\’m off and away, i hope things pick up soon for you mate.take it easy and stay safe.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx-C-x

  4. Lesley said

    PhilI went on jobseekers allowance for a short period…….In that time I was having to do the fortnightly visits with my bairn in tow cos he was still in the pram. I looked around me whilst waiting to sign on as you do and most of em were male/ of possible fitness to work yet looked drugged up to the eyeballs. Don\’t you think that these folk need a kick up the arse???I agree with you that James whatsama callit hasn\’t thought it through properly! He\’s seen the view that I had saw didn\’t notice me with my willingness to work but not for less than the f*****g job seekers allowance itself.Shut off my space for now Phil cos I\’ve got personal probs. xxxx

  5. Prenin said

    Bloody hell Phil! :oO
    Talk about bad luck!!!
    Still: Knowing your luck you\’ll outlive Methusela!!! LoL!!!
    Thanks for visiting – and take care of yourself!!! :o)
    God Bless!

  6. ·.♥.· Sheba's Haven ·.♥.· said

    hi phil, which album am i supposed to be looking at.
    hope you are well and have had a good day.
    hugs xxxx sheila

  7. Sarah said

    Hiya Phil,Sorry t\’was me who\’d deleted your comment .. but only cos I\’d just given my spaces address to my doc …. I got paranoid about the drunk comment … now you & I know it was a joke but she may not have known \’cos there was a time when I could quite possibly have got off my face and fallen off a roof. I didn\’t want her to think I was still doing that what with the tab.s n all…I took one tab yesterday .. Jeez … heart pounding … then spent most of the night having to go to the lav. I\’m wondering if they work by the person just saying .. O.K. .. I give up .. I won\’t smoke..I wrote to Pete (Judge) a couple of days ago … he wrote back and seems to be doing fine..Good for you using the boots to stomp on BNP members … Combat 18 … not many ppl know that the \’18\’ stands for Adolf H. … Spit…It\’s supposed to be the carnival here .. the weather is shite and I feel really sorry for all the children who have spent all year making their costumes. I\’m giggling as I write that \’cos I bet you don\’t feel sorry for them .. pmsl… & I\’m wondering if I really care as well…Have a good sunday .. and thanks for writing ..Take loads\’a care of your self ..,Lotsa Love Sarah XXXX

  8. Prenin said

    Good to see you again Phil! :o)
    The PS is being good at the moment. I had a mammogram and a biopsy because the medication has basically turned me into a tub of lard with tits and no sex drive.
    Next stop: Diabetes… :o(
    On the bright side the anomaly they found turned out to be a swollen gland with no cancerous tissue, so I dodged the bullet this time…
    Always check once a week for lumps in your armpits and breast tissue, give your balls a good check too – at our age the odds get a bit shorter!!! :o(
    Take care mate and I hope you get to blog more often!

  9. Sarah said

    Sorry for all the typos X

  10. Sarah said

    Hiya Phil,The pots do blow over and I sometimes I wonder if I stood up there with a packed suitcase .. would I get a free trip to Paris… ?I\’m feeling ecstatic today as i managed to get some "no smoky" tablets outta the doctor …Pete as in Judge fame told me about them and the last doc I went to see was a complete pratt.. See give someone a bit of power and they turn into bleedin\’ Hitler … he was only a young doc but boy did he love telling me how I was wasting tax payers money… you know what the word for ppl like that is so I won\’t besmirch your page with it…My blood pressure is normally v. high .. and today it was much lower .. in fact normal … could it be the cat I wonder. Seems a bit weird as I think she\’s aggro … but only as far as having white hair all over the flat… She\’s got a beautiful nature and is so affectionate I feel positively claustrophobic. She\’s be ideal for someone who really wanted company tho.I went to the local cattery the other day and they said they weren\’t taking in cats … bad time of year \’cos everyone dups their cats to go on holiday. It reminded me of all the French grannies that get dumped in August by their families…So if you\’re a French granny and you can still walk .. it\’s advisable to do a runner roundabout July…Take care and thanks for your message .. ,Lots of love from Sarah XXXXP.S. Did you get the boots .. I\’ve left them on Myspace.. X

  11. elizabeth said

    Well said Phil, as always.  Hope ur doin ok.  I\’ve been neglecting spaces recently, gotta make the most of our bit of summer weather !  Hope to catch you online one of these days.
    Love, Beth. x

  12. Sarah said

    Forgot to say …did you see Johnny Rotten on telly the other day ?.. He made as much sense as he always does .. ie A LOT !!!!.Bye for now XXXX

  13. Sarah said

    Oi Phil,I just read your notes about me .. I\’m not slightly insane … which reminds me someone once asked me if I thought I was eccentric. I could tell from the way they asked that THEY thought I was.. you wouldn\’t think I was insane if you met me – you\’d be sure .. (just kidding !!!).BRILLIANT blog … and a very clever idea to turn it round on those in so called government. It makes it sound so much more ludicrous when put like that.I heard something really daft which was if you\’re on \’incapacity benefit\’ then you have to do voluntary work. How ? … if you\’re incapacitated ????.I\’ve put words to my blog now explaining why I\’m not always around. If you get time have a read of it as it applies to you.I hope you\’re fully recovered from that horrilbe op. you had…. and that you feel MUCH better.You say you hate the summer … it\’s weird I often hear blokes say that they like the winter …. = extremely puzzled look from me.Take care and I hope you\’re hap hap happy.Lots of love from Sarah XXXX

  14. ... Angelwitch said

    Heya mate  😀
    I bring good news… Labour got it\’s arse kicked in yet another by election, they lost Glascow to the SNP lol… this might be stating the obvious but i really do think he writings on the wall for them now..
    I\’m hoping the Physio finds something more to my knees than just weak knee ligaments. I\’m convinced there\’s more going on than that and just to drive the point home my knee kept me up most of last night with a sensation that someone was drilling into the bone…nice!!I really haven\’t got much faith in doctors anymore after the last 7 or 8 years to be honest, but we\’ll see.
    well the guitar turned up about 2 hours after posting my blog yesterday so i\’ve lobbed a few pics up now. She sounds wonderful, just a shame i won\’t need it for re-enacting till next year now haha.
    Ah i get you, I have to watch what i\’m putting up because i know my sister drops by once in a while and some of the things i write about would frankly terrify her, and i don\’t want that. I could see where they are coming from, from what you have written though.
    Thats the shit thing with working full time again, the greedy buggers who run this country start helping themselves to my hard earned pennies once again @&*""!^$£"% haha. Ah well at least it\’s something that doesn\’t clash with my health too much, well apart from my knees anyway, but i usually find 5 minutes to sloop off and sit down so I\’m fine.
    Glad to hear your family\’s ok. have a good weekend mate, and take it easy

  15. penny said

    Hiya Phil.  I could not agree more with you on this one especially concerning people on disability benefit.  There may be a small percentage of scroungers manipulating the system but the majority of people receiving this benefit need the support of their country.  Once again this is a case of blanket legislation not considering the needs of the individual.  Stay well my friend, Pen.

  16. Prenin said

    Thanks for visiting Phil. I hadn\’t heard of Ulcerative Colitis, but I have a friend with Irriatble Bowel Syndrome so she\’s often ill and can\’t go far from the plumbing!!! :o(
    Hope you get better soon mate, it sounds horrible.
    As for what you said on my blog: I couldn\’t agree with you more!!!
    God bless and be well my friend.

  17. Robin said

    hi bud.
    first Labour did not nick this idea from the cons, frank field was asked some years ago now to think the untinkable, and  have just  is revamped it. Lets look at working for dole, there are many countries in the world who dont pay a sinlge penny if you lose your job or have a welfare system. At least we have a system to help people. With an aging population whose in work are the ones who through their taxes pay for our welfare system. May be we need to look at the tax system and make the very rich pay more and close off shore accounts.
    I am not apposed to the green paper and lets be honest there are plenty out there who cheat and lie so as not to work. same apply\’s to incapacity and mobility even you agree with that.what worries me is someone who is border line which way are they going err to, it would be wrong for those people to lose out . We do have a system to rid those that do not do what is in the manifesto it\’s called a general election and vote them out, however if you don\’t vote one can\’t really complain.
    Take care bud

  18. ... Angelwitch said

    Heya Mate  🙂
    short, sweet and to the point I see here.
    Credit to Gordon Brown on achieving what i swore was impossible a year ago: Do an even worse job than what Blair had ended up doing in the latter days of his reign.
    Half arsed, badly thought out knee jerk reaction, and i\’m afraid to say, because it is utter crap, expect it to be enforced within the year.
    I know what Prein\’s on about, it took me a fair while to find something that would sit quite nicely with my problems rahter than agrvate them. And i dare say you\’re thinking along the same lines as him on things.
    How is the family now mate?
    hope things are ok for you all.
    take it easy

  19. Amanda said

    Hello Shit head,
    See it is ones like Prenin who may suffer the most at the hands of our government.  While i agree, there are those who are fucking lazy ponces and need a kick up their jacksy to get them motivated, but what about the genuine ones.   It is true, the world really has gone crazy !
    Hope all is well with you and your family,
    Much love to you,
    Mandy Marie xx

  20. Prenin said

    As a Paranoid Schizophrenic I am terrified what they are going to do to me, because I already do voluntary work which is shaped around my problems.
    If they throw me on the Job Market who would employ me???
    There ARE those who cheat the system – there\’s a \’disabled\’ guy lives near me who was seen working on his roof – and there are those who lie and cheat to get more money than they deserve, but I am a genuine case and I am terrified of what these \’heroes\’ are going to pull on me!!!
    God alone knows where this will lead… :o(

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