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Stop Sharia Law being used in the UK!

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on October 2, 2008

If you’re familiar with Islam you’ll be familiar with their stone age law system called “Sharia Law”.

This law is patriarchal (male dominated) in nature. It practically makes rape in muslim countries impossible to prove by having to have four witnesses to have been there to see it… all male! There’s not just that, female adulterers are stoned to death, young children married off to older men, women allowed to be hit with sticks to keep them in-line. Female genital mutilation. This is just the tip of the iceberg, many places on the net will say the laws are taken out of context, well… they are not! This does happen in muslim countries and I do not want it happening here in any watered down form.

UK law my not be perfect, but it is far superior to Islamic law. The Politically Correct brigade and politicians will try to put a positive spin on Sharia law because they only care about their popularity and not being perceived as “racist”, they don’t care if ours or anyone else’s rights and values are traded for a few popularity points in the poles or for a few votes from minorities.
The Government says Sharia law will only extend to family law, finance and business in the muslim community. Firstly, in financial settlements in Islam the females of any party/family get less than the males of the party/family. So the women’s rights are being over looked because Sharia law is biased towards men.

In family law, Muslim women will be subjected to more domestic horrors as divorce is looked upon as the last resort, they will try to fix the problem with counseling and such first. Most proponents of this system will say that most couples never go back to the court afterwards, which shows the success. I have a different idea, maybe it’s because she was forced or talked out of not going back or making another application? I don’t care if there was a 100% success rate with these councilors, UK law is fairer and not biased. 

This is the UK. Our ancestors fought and died to keep our rights and laws, not give them away to appease minorities. There’s shouldn’t be a two tier legal system in the UK. If you come to the UK you live by UK law, not the other way around. You may think this does not concern you as it only affects Muslims, but how long before the influence of Sharia law grows as the Muslim population grows and more Muslims enter Parliament? Yeh, it’s out-there, but I don’t like the idea of anyone in the UK giving up their rights in such a backwards, stone age judicial system, even if it’s in a limited form. 

Future projections aside, there should not be two or more legal systems in the UK, especially when one denies women their rights!
Let’s stop this madness now before the likes of the BNP take it upon themselves and make things worse. Let’s face it, the BNP are just as much a danger to our freedoms and rights as Sharia law and the idiots that advocate it are.
So sign the petition below and put and end to this stupidity.



4 Responses to “Stop Sharia Law being used in the UK!”

  1. ... Angelwitch said

    heya mate :)Well i did the petition, it had near 4000 signatures on it when i was on there os it\’s nice to know there\’s a few more like minded people out there on this one.Truth be told i\’ve given up on Myspace, it\’s changed so much and i really can\’t be bothered with it, i\’ve not been over there for months now. I\’m actually ok at the moment, i was just having a wry look on how things work out in life, and how time seems to slow down when there\’s something you want to look forward to or just get out of the way.As for the hospital, who knows? it\’s more of an assessment, see how bad things are and then decide what the next step will be. All i know is all shall be revealed next week.Well i\’m not doing anything else Xmas wise till nearer the time, i just knew if i didn\’t get those gardening bits and bobs now i\’d have a hard time later. I\’m not going overboard anyway, i\’m just going to get a few things that are practical and fun for people this year. Hence rich\’s mum\’s going to be getting a new sofa for her house…we\’ve got a second hand shop near us who do clearances and they\’ve often got damn near brand new sofa\’s there going cheap. Basically i\’m going to be smart with what little money i\’ve got this year, call it a leson i learned from my parent in the 90\’s when the economy last went tits up.Well all i can say on this matter is i hope it\’ll be dropped when the Conservatives or Lib Dems get back into power in a couple of years time…If Labour get back in again i\’ll eat my hat. Certainly i\’m not voting for them next time.On a happier note, i was told last night my sis had her second scan and she\’s going to be having another girl in January.And from the sound of things she\’a already takign after her mum\’s stubborn streak, she was lying awkward in the womb and made it very hard for them to do a proper scan lol.anyway, you take it easy and have a good weekend matexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx-C-x

  2. Robin said

    The only way you can halt full stop sharia Law is to have forced integration of  Muslim  immigrants within the united kingdom
    and not let them congregate in a handful of our cities it is really our own fault for allowing this . People who have lived under Sharia Law do not seem to have a problem with it. you keep emphasizing women Rights its taken thousands of years to achieve that in this country and it is still not enforceable in many areas here so we should practice what we preach.
    I accept when people arrive here they should be dealt with under our legal system but you must admit if you were am immigrant Muslim you would have some apprehension not being converse with our legal system 
    I totally abhor the way Muslims treat their women and also the way our men do the same here its a human thing.
    take care bud good debating topic

  3. ... Angelwitch said

    Heya mate  :)New blog? excellent, i was thinking about you the other day. how\’s things your end?I can\’t see how this can work in the UK, first off there\’s our own raft of laws giving equal rights to women, and then there\’s the raft of junk that the EU have foisted on us that for once might come to the rescue as well.All i can say about Sharia law is this is what happens when religion enters politics, first stop lunacy, followed by madatory stomnings for anyone who doesn\’t like it.Appeasement…you would have thought we\’d learned our leson on that one, given what happened 60/70 years ago…it doesn\’t bloody work.Anyway\’s things are ticking over down this way, i\’m seeing a mental health consultant next week regarding my problems but that aside it\’s business as usual, whatever that is haha.take it easy mate and stay safexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx-C-x

  4. penny said

    You obviously feel very strongly about this, Phil.  As an English woman I don\’t agree with Sharia law but it is mixed in with their religeon and I would have to think long and hard before coming to a personal opinion on this.  I trust you are well, Pen.

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