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Stop Sharia law being used in the UK! pt2

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on October 6, 2008

The last petition to the government on Sharia law has ended and the final count of signatures was  5,543! Not bad, but the people behind the original petition have got another going and that will run till the end of the year! So get your name down on there! And repost or e-mail the link to all you friends! The current count of signatures on the new petition is 827. If you need any more incentive to sign the petition, then watch the video below.


10 Responses to “Stop Sharia law being used in the UK! pt2”

  1. Pete said

    I have done a bit of research on the whole thing and it tyrns out that the retailers are legally bound to provide the TV licensing authority the name and address of everyone who buys TV\’s and TV related equipment from them. However – and here is the interesting part – we are not obliged to give them the details. As I have nothing to hide I would have been quite happy to give my details but I wanted to write them down myself and not share them with the chavs in the queue behind me, but they would not let me and secondly the whole patronising attitude of the staff. A man of your intellect will have found the whole situation highly amusing because I managed to tie them all up in knots and it was quite clear that they did not understand whilst Asda policy applied to them – it is not actually statute law and I can actually say no! Oh, and of course I got my TV from somewhere else.
    Have a good day

  2. Adelina said

    Hello Philippos
    Thanks for writing back after so long.
    I looked around in your space a few times the past months but I wasn\’t very kin on write anything becouse I have been
    through a period of reflexion an deep thought  … I: ()
    I am back to my studies becouse I didn\’t have a good time last year,so here I am again, ready to swallow my books if
    necessary to acquire more knowledge  🙂  You can see that the ancient Greece is what I am on now,my dear Philippos !!
    Sharia law ..
    I hope that horrible law gets eradicated, not only in Uk but in the rest of the countries it comes from ,but my friend..the wall
    is too heavy.
     Adelina XXXXXX

  3. ... Angelwitch said

    Heya mate  :)I\’ve got no idea when if ever we\’ll get the mone back, if we do make a profit in the future on this i\’d love to see the money invested on re-nationalsing the utilities and public transport (yeah like this will ever happen) I can dream though eh?Well all our well known car brands are German or American, our PM answers to the guy in the white house and most of our manufaturing industry\’s been shipped to China or India, so having all our banks being run by foreigners would be the icing on te cake, though my money would be on them all being Spanish run, seeing as Santander seem to have money enough to buy up anything and everything in the banking sector over here.Ah well, i wonder how long it\’ll be before Communism starts gaining sway again.hosptial was ok, they think it\’s Cyclothymia, which is a mlder from of Bipolar disorder, i say milder, it\’s all down to the lengtho f time my varying moods last, but they\’re not quite 100% sure if it is that or Bipolar proper so i\’ll be seeing a psychotherapist at some point, i did a blog on the whole thing, but it was a bugger trying to find the place in the hospital i was meant to be going to. ONo one seemed to have any idea and tried to guide us away rom the place haha, i even said to rich at one point I was going to have a mental breakdown trying to find the place that deals with people who have mental breakdowns.Oh well weeknd\’s here, i\’m off to my parents saturday to tell them what\’s going on and sunday\’s another day down the fort.hope you\’ve got a good one plannedtake care and stay safe matexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx-C-x

  4. Pete said

    Hey Phil,
    I am still trying to wade my way through the comments I got on my first couple of posdtings – I was rather hoping it would all pass relatively unnoticed but strangely people seem to remember me and still want to listen.
    I have no idea what can possess a human being (?) to goad and encourage another human being to take their own life – particularly in the name of entertainment. Apathy, lack of intelligence, devoid of all feeling – I have tried and tried to have a taste of what it feels like to be so detached and whilst I am not the most compassionate of people, I could not bring myself to encourage my worst enemy to take a leap.
    We live in sad world Phil, one where the sufferring and despair of one, is potential for a good upload on \’you tube\’ for another……..
    Take care and will catch up soon
    Regards and love to the family

  5. The Divine Mrs M said

    Hello Phil
    How are YOU doing?   🙂
    thanks for the blog, I shudder at the very thought of sharia law, coming to Britain.
    but its great to see YOU (hugs)
    mags x

  6. ... Angelwitch said

    Heya mate  :)Hurrah, i know, i saw you and Shelly had been added as friends so i went over and left a quick hello for him.Hmm, will Brown still be in Office when January rolls around is what i\’d be asking haha.I\’m sure the Sun and the Daily Mail would kick up such a stink between them they\’d send Labour crashing out of office and onto the streets if they dared to pass such a law anyway, never mind the BNP having a field day.It\’s an idea we had thought about, but after the fiasco we had with the group, how the fort runs things in general and the fact they\’ll be extremely reluctant to let any of us helm a franchise there again I can\’t see the point of doing it ourselves. Besides Rich\’s time\’s taken up with his online business right now and an idea to make a few quid from his tailoring skills, namely making a few east to mass produce accessories for the re-enacment circle.I\’m off to the hospital tomorrow mate, and yeah you\’ll all hear about it, i\’ve told you lot everything else so far haha.Anyways i\’m off to do a bit of rabble rousing after hearing the news today. take care matexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx-C-x

  7. Prenin said

    Hi Phil! :o)
    Yeah: I hate to believe it, but there was a drama on TV and it centred on a black woman who had been raped by a village elder and was proven an adultress because she bore a child, so they were going to kill her when she fled to Britain – the rocks and bulldozer bit was described by one of the other actors – so given that there was no hue and cry by the Politically Correct Brigade I think I can safely say it\’s plausible.
    I still remember \’Death of a Princess\’ which was a documentary about a Saudi Princess who was beheaded for having an affaire out of wedlock.
    Trouble is that there are other things going on in that part of the world like Camel races where the rider is a child who has been BOUGHT (Dare we say Slavery here?) and is maybe seven years old, who is starved for a couple of days before the race to make them lose weight.
    God help the poor mites if they fall from a running Camel, or even worse, lose…
    Best Wishes:

  8. Pete said

    There you are – we\’re al;l friends again!!
    Hope you are well and thanks for the kind welcome – I am little surprised that people even remember me!!
    I do plan to stay around but ilike i said, I wont be so prolific this time. Maybe once a week or at least when I have a little time, tackling the issues of the day. I am still working hard on other writing projects and my new role doesn\’t allow for hours of blogging……………………..
    I\’ll catch up soon, just doing a quick fly-by for now although I might get some time later – wifey likes to hog the tv on a Tuesday!!
    Thanks again for the welcome – surely spaces hasn\’t been that dull without me!
    Take care

  9. ... Angelwitch said

    Righty, that\’s my squigle added to that one :)It\’s gotten to around the 1200 mark when i got on there.And as for Sahria law over here…..and some people question MY sanity at times…?  *rolls eyes*xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx-C-x

  10. Prenin said

    Just a note on stoning: From what I can gather a victim of rape (who has fewer than four male witnesses) is declared an adultress, tied hand and foot, dropped in a pit and then a bulldozer pushes a pile of fist sized rocks into the hole, slowly crushing her to death.
    As for murder: If a woman, in defending her honour, is forced to kill a man then she can expect to be hanged.
    If a man kills a woman he can expect a jail sentence – unless he kills two in which case he can expect to be hanged.
    A woman is regarded to be half the worth of a man in all things, the Qu\’ran stating that a woman can expect to inherit half her husband\’s wealth on his death for instance.
    And they want to bring Sharia Law – as practiced by Saudi Arabia – into this country?!!
    Frankly its insanity!!! :o(

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