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You Make Me Wanna…

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on October 12, 2008

Over the past couple of months you’ll notice I haven’t blogged anywhere near as much as I used to. The reason for this is because I’ve been ill and also when I find myself in state to write it depresses me. Mostly because anything I say wont solve the problem. There’s also the topics in themself, they depress me so much I don’t even read the papers or watch the news much anymore, I just don’t want to know or think about it because NOTHING will ever be done to solve them due to a ill-informed, uneducated electorate and lack of political will and spine!
There’s not only the political side of this, there’s the social/human side too! I’ve said a few times I don’t like or trust a lot of people, I pretty much don’t like a lot of the human race, you could call me Misanthropic, actually!
I see their nature, greedy, selfish, hateful, easily lead, unthinking (in a lot of cases), arrogant, devious and lying. I could go on but I wont. Because of this and our society in general which is materialistic, hollow and selfish in nature, I feel pretty isolated from everything. I know most of you are going to say: “Not everyone is like that Phil! You can’t paint everyone with the same brush”. I know that! But I can really tell what type of person someone is just by talking to them for a few minutes, and I don’t like what I see!
Anyway, what does all this have to do with blogging? Well, instead of writing a full blog I just put down a few sentences for how I felt at the time. It was easier for me that way. I still aint finished with this, I’ll be adding to it in the future. You’re all welcome to guess what news story or social/human activity caused any particular sentence.

You make me wanna…

(1) Take a Stanley knife to my face and scar it to make it unacceptable in a world where you have to be flawless and because your fake hollow beautiful face packed with too much make up and plastic surgery makes me sick!

(2) Shave my head because all your long floppy emo quifs, curly rocka mops and hip-hop brades and styles are fucking manicured and all the same! You aint individuals when you all look the same you stupid cunts!

(3) Slap the stupid, lying, corrupt, fake smilin’, bent faces of all politicians and slit their throats because they’re parasites and murderers!

(4) Remove the clothes of people who take pride and derive their personality from material possessions and leave them with zero substance!

(5) Burn the whole musical back catalogue of human history because you ALL rely on it too much!

(6) Take all BNP supporters back to 1945 Germany and let them see the rotting, gassed, hung and shot jews, gays, lesbians and Prisoners of war corpses to show them the dangers of what people peddling National Socialism can do and what they’re all about! In fact I’ll do the same for ALL political and religious ideologies!

(7) Rob the bank of England and use the loot as toilet paper because money means so much to you!

(8) Dance, piss and shit on Maggie Thatcher while she’s alive because dancin’, pissing and shitting on her grave when she’s dead aint good enough!

(9) Open up all jails… because if a politician can get away with murder and embezzlement then so can everyone else!

(10) Dig up Khalid Abdul Muhammad’s remains and kill him again because he didn’t die hard enough the first time around!

(11) Father as many children to women of different ethnic backgrounds as I can because you’re “racial” ideals are nonsensical!

(12) Break ALL your religious laws and insult your prophets, saviours and ideologies because my freedom is more important than your faith!

(13) Infect the Pope and all others who deem condoms/contraceptives a sin with AIDS/HIV with no chance of treatment and see how they take solace with just a Bible. Oh well… at least you’ll die Christians!!!!

(14) Wank, shit and piss on the Koran because, again, my freedom matters more than your faith!

(15) Want to destroy, fuck and kill in a Nihilistic orgy the likes the world has never seen!

(16) Deny the holocaust ever happened just because I CAN!

(17) Stick a used tampon up Tracy Emin’s nose and call it “art” instead of assault!

(18) Get all the corrupt businessmen that sell sub prime mortgages and dabble in the stock market and take ALL their earnings honest or not and give them to the people they helped make poor! Let them see how they feel being completely destitute!


8 Responses to “You Make Me Wanna…”

  1. ... Angelwitch said

    Heya mate  :)Good point, so a slight refinement based on something rich said ages ago…tie them down, soak them in the same pheramone they train their dogs to look for whan they\’re hunting foxes, then set their own dogs on them.Nah, that yank lot have dissappeared, quite rightly up their own arses: i\’ve not seen anything from them for ages. No this is some berk who\’s divorced from a freind of mine and is often trying to give her grief, and as he\’s trying to add me again i thought i\’d give a shot across his bow.I\’ve said a few times not CT should be scrapped and the money raised via the income tax, that way we\’ll have things centralised (so they\’s only one lot of luntics with money rather than 30 odd) and people being charged on their ability to pay, rather than conning peeps like your family and OAP\’s out of every penny.And when that happens i\’ll give up drinking lol..hope you\’re having a good weekmate, take it easyxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx-C-x

  2. Pete said

    Nothing like a good rant to cleanse the soul and no-one can ever doubt you say it exactly how it is.
    First of all your response to my quickie. CT is unjust, unfair and I would argue, completely unenforcable. It is too unbalanced in particular areas where there are high levels of unemployment and immigration and others on benefits – and you know this isn\’t an insult to your family because everyone has their reasons, unfortunately too many people are on benefits because they are lazy bastards who break out into a sweat if you mention the word \’work\’. Still, it is an interesting thought – I heard on the radio 120 councils could lose 850million between them. Thats still over 7million each stashed away and that is just the Icelandic banks. Councils may well be legally obliged to charge us tax but shouldn\’t they be more accountable with what they actuallydo with the money? Sad thing is, next April CT will go up 10% and the global markets will be blamed and not them!
    I sense the anger and venom as I have done many times before when I have read your words. I probably have more of an insight because of some of the long mails we have exchanged in the past and know how anger you feel at so many things and quite rightly too, there is so much in the world that is wrong.
    NO big surprises that religion plays a large part in your anger and I am particularly struck by the line you use twice \’my freedoom is more important than your faith\’ How much of the worlds problems are down to misguided beliefs and faiths and worse still, the kind of faiths and beliefs that are continual rammed down our thoats under the pretence of integration. Whilst the radical factions within muslim beliefs are rightly slaughtered, even the humble catholics deserve your wrath – out in africa spreading the word \’recruiting\’ but no condoms, no sir-ee. Religion is far more of a danger to the world than any chemical weapon.
    Nice to see Mrs Thatch get a mention, time has passed and it is only now people can begin to imagine what life was like for the average working family under her leadership, I was young but I remember.
    Part of the reason I stopped writing for a while is because it changes nothing. But taking a step back and making myself understand that whilst it was fine to have a view on all these and more issues, there is no value in getting angry about it all. What matters most is family and once all the doors are closed, everything about your family home. I admire your viewpoint and articulate and intelligent views as much as anyone else who reads them but don\’t let it get into your veins, perhaps woring on a long piece of fiction like I have been doing might just cleanse the soul a little?
    By the way, you failed to mention getting all those little hoodie shits in a disused warehouse and watching it – and them – burn!!!
    Take care Phil, love to you and yours

  3. Prenin said

    WoW!!!! :o)
    Sounds like a baaad day!!! :oO
    Thanks for visiting!
    PJ\’s family are all retarded; Simon and Tracey\’s family are thick and deformed while Simon also has mental problems and the morals of a shithouse rat, but his sister Tracy \’loves\’ the thieving SOB!!!!
    He steals everything from everyone and is in court almost every month for one crime or another, but all they do is put a tag on him which he cuts off as soon as it\’s convenient!!!
    Yes, he deserves being put in a secure unit, but his problems are more moral than mental…
    God I want to puke…
    Best Wishes Mate! :o)

  4. ... Angelwitch said

    Heya mate  :)i\’ve come up with a good one for al those who like foxhunting, bullfighting or generally have no qualms about animal cruelty: tie them down and then have some rabid foxes chew their genetalia up.Anyway, cruel and unusual punishments aside, how are you?well my sisters both know, and i\’m sick of hiding what\’s going on from my parents so i will let them know.Niquitta will be 3 in March,m it still doesn\’t seem so long ago i was holding her in my arms, though that said i\’ll be doing that all over again in 3 months time when her sister arrives.So just how have they justified that hike? or haven\’t they bothered? Our blasted energy company decided to put the prices up then send us a letter imforming us about it and the date the new charges come into force a month after the date they started with the new rate…and just about every week i get some bozo from one company or another wanting to speak to \’the homeowner\’ about our supplier. I tell them he isn\’t in and they always say they\’ll come back…never do though haha.thinking about it, why am i bothering with a pick axe? i\’ve got a cannon to bring to bear haha, set it up in the back of the car and fire a few broadsides at them hehe.hope you\’re having a good day matexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx-C-x

  5. ... Angelwitch said

    Heya Mate  :)Some interesting proposals you have in mind to mete out to those who get on your wick.Particulary agree on the one about the Pope, and the one for the BNP.As for news being too depressing to bear these days, i couldn\’t agree more, in fact i was so desperate to find some news that wasn\’t depressing tracked down Joe Kinnear\’s foul monthed interview/rant at a with a Daily Mirror journalist for amusement. That said, it\’s nice to see someone call out these suposed Journo\’s for what most of them really are.As for my diagnosis taking so long, that ould probably be down to my old doctor diagnosing things as depression many years ago and the resulting damage from that putting me off from seeking help for years until recently. Important thing is i\’ve taken a couple of steps now as to getting this under control again.Ah screw the private companies, their shareholders will be lucky that i don\’t put the other part of the plan into action and do them for embezzlement of the money they have sponged off of the government for the last few years.But you\’re right, short of me going down the Stalin/Hitler route of grabbing power and putting my plans into place it\’ll never happen because no one who has the power right now have the balls to do it.Besides i\’ve got my sights set on the wozza who\’s running Kent County Council at the moment. He went on the national news and said that the 50 million they had tied up in the Iclandic banks wasn\’t that important as it was loose change they had knocking around just in case they needed cash in a hurry for unforseen events. Now all of a sudden it turns out the 50 mill is a part of their pension scheme and a very good friend of mine who\’s a curator at a local museum\’s worried because he\’s got a pension with the council.And on that note, i\’m off to sharpen a pick axe and then flag down the No 22 bus.hope you\’ve had a god weekend matetake carexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx-C-x

  6. elizabeth said

    love the way u tell it how u see it Phil.  always lots to think about on here.
    hope you feel better soon hon.  take care.
    love, Beth. xxx

  7. Robin said

    Well I did say to you this blog would be a long one and it is. Now first of all you being you never hold back on how you explain your points, However bad language does not make the any statement stronger. I would like to have gone through your list and made a comment but time and space does not permit, so I have made a choice to say something on 2 or 3.
    statement 3 once again you put them all in one group and call  them names yet having never met them face to face. I dont know of one politician who has commited murder by his/her own hands
    statement 4 Nothing wrong in being "materialistic" so your tv, computor mobile phone etc etc won\’t be needed then. 
    statement 7 money allows you to the ability to pay  evry day bills . Even the poorest have money your wanna does not stand up.
    I would love to go on budas you know already we do not agree on many issues dut are still friends one final point i agree 100% on the statement 18
    See you to- morrow bud  your place

  8. penny said

    Wow, Phil, you have got to feel better after that little tirade.  Sorry you have not been well.  I am a bit of a misanthrope myself, which is why I love spaces;  I get the chance to communicate with my fellow man but one step removed.  I agree with most of what you have written, though I may have phrased it with less enthusiasm.  Keep your chin up, don\’t let the basta*ds grind you down, Pen.

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