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Brown A Hero?

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on October 18, 2008

I was watching ‘Have I Got News For you’ on Friday evening, and something Ian Hislop said echoed what I’ve been thinking since Gordon Brown bailed out the eight large banks with £500 billion! And that was… it is partially HIS fault!
All this nonsense about him being “Super Gord” and the “saviour” of the west because of the way he handled the economic meltdown is media crap! Media crap I bet number 10 welcomes! Gordon Brown was Chancellor of the Exchequer for over ten years and never did anything about the Deregulation mess Margaret Thatcher helped make in the 80’s! By the way, those people who advocated Free Market Capitalism, swivel on it you greedy bastards! The market will correct itself? Funny that, the tax payer seems to be correcting it, again! Anyway, back to the present, or eleven years ago to be precise. When Labour came to power and all the flag waving had stopped, Brown and Blair didn’t do anything to put some regulation in place in the city! Why? Well they were riding a positive economic up turn, they didn’t want to put regulation in place and bring down the stock value. They were also scared London would lose its place as the economic capital of the world if they started putting an end to their risky ventures and dodgy deals. I also wouldn’t be surprised if some blokes from the city were putting pretty large donations in the Labour party’s coffers.
I don’t know about you but this is just a smack in the face! It’s like thanking a man for saving you from a house fire when he was the one who set fire to it in the first place. I’m not saying he’s totally to blame, it would be wrong of me to leave the others out. I’m laying the blame at the door of Tony Blair, the Labour party and the bankers in the UK and the US! They’re all to blame and not one of them deserves an ounce of gratitude from any of us. They are the people who let this happen, they let it happen because they were to spineless and greedy to rectify the deregulation problem because it was making the bankers money and keeping the politicians elected.
You know what, I think a little blame has to go at the feet of the electorate to for not being wise enough to see this happening. You were all mad as hell in the 80’s when the deregulation happened and the rich got richer and you got sweet fa! But then when things started looking up you all cracked on with it and conveniently forgot about the ‘greed is good culture’ that was still running the economy! Well now it’s come back and bit you on the arse and the man who had the power to stop it all but let it happen is now proclaimed your saviour! Oh happy day!

7 Responses to “Brown A Hero?”

  1. Prenin said

    Thanks dude, but I avoid spending too much time in front of this thing – the eyesight ain\’t what it used to be!!! :o)
    You\’re right of course: Maggie\’s Freemarket bubble has burst and those that could have prevented it -based on historical precedent – simply didn\’t want to take the flack and now here we are, third time around, in the sh1t again for the same reason and the guy who could have stopped it and didn\’t is supposed to be a bloody hero!!! :oS
    Thanks for the visit – you certainly keep me thinking!!! :o)
    Best Wishes!

  2. Pete said

    Mornign Phil,
    I trust all is well.
    That is exactly the point I was trying to make. Only this weekend I read about a council that had \’invested\’ in a £1.5million yacht so that troublesome kids could learn some useful skills. Beggers belief doesn\’t it?
    Put them in a darkened room, get them not to like the darkened room, get them to see the darkened room as a threat. Might not work with all of them but for some, an early intervention before they drift into a life of mindless yobbery.
    If you or I had a child in a school and did not agree with a certain part of the way it was run, you would place your child somewhere else wouldn\’t you? Not this numpty, publicity all the way and i bet he is seeking legal advice too for seeking damages for the emotional torment it caused……….incidentally, enquiries at the school for next term continue to grow.
    CT is the most imbalanced and inpractical tax ever launched and fails to meet the needs of the electorate. It is unfairly distributed and the people who should actually be paying more, pay less. For example, why should childless couples with jobs and on no benefits, pay as much as single mum with no job and three kids? The first example have no educations needs, produce less waste, quite probably have no need ever to call any of the emergency services or rely on any of the other services the councils provide. Single mum with no job probably has housing benefits, CT benefit and every other known benefit going. Yes the state provide her education, naturally they generate more waste and statistically speaking, would require greater needs of council services and quite possibly the emergencty services – when you think about it, it really does stink eh?
    It was Churchill who said the welfare state should be there for people who need it and not become a way of life………
    Naturally no-one will be accountable for the losses – but watch those bills rise and the little people become more and more victimised!!
    Your words are very intertesting and whilst Brown\’s track record in charge of the treasury has been one of great debate. I would much rather have him in charge at the moment than Cameron. When new labour took over they didn\’t undo enough of the tory legacy but then it is arguable that haveing not done so is one of the reasons why the economy has been in such a constant state of upturn for the last decade or so. I am no financial expert or city analyst but any fool could have foreseen the bust that followed the boom!
    Something needed to be done but all that money!! Where did that come from – it certainly wasn\’t in a Iceland bank! All these schools, hospitals, services desperate for cash and then hey presto, here\’s £500millio for the rich banks!
    As for blame. I disagree to the extent that I believe that Brown did a lot of good things for the economy in general and made some very astute decisions managing the country\’s finances. From my perspective I have to say that around 12 months ago, I have never beeen so well off in terms of levels of taxation, benefits available to me and a good economy. I understand what you are saying and i remember reading a long piece in one of the broadsheets a couple of years ago that questioned Brown\’s track record in the treasury and in particular, why he didn\’t re-regulate. Unavoidably the de-regulation made the markets more competative and overall, made the product well priced. OK, one could argue now that is gone – and I for one am furious that the government have never stepped in on say energy prices for example – but whilst it was, people had more money to spend on other things – hence BOOM!
    I could go on for hours but I do have to work…..
    Regards and love to your family

  3. ... Angelwitch said

    Heya mate  :)Ah my sleep\’s usually all over the place, 8 hours is as rare as the Holy Grail, 5/6 hours is a good night usually.I caught a bit of Deep Space nine, but for the most part i went on bebo, having remembered i\’ve got a freind on there who\’s an insomniac and often spends nights on the thing…so we kept each other company, and had a rather smutty convo involving a pic of Billy Jo Armstrong i had in a photo album.Yeah, pretty much word for word it was, Black Adder Goes Forth i think it was anyway.I can\’t stand hearing about that junk either, I swear we hear more about their election than our own.16 days or so then it\’s all over haha…If i dodged the Olympics i think i can dodge that as well lol.It has been funny, our politics recently. Cameron having to stand shoulder to shoulder with Brown, then when he finally goes on the attack and points out that Brown had a fair hand in the mess we\’re in, he get\’s carpeted for trying to score points off of the back of a large crisis.On a tranquiliser based end, i wonder if i can sue the makers of Special k for fraudulant advertising? lol..well, I\’m glad one of us is sleeping well.take care matexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx-C-x

  4. ... Angelwitch said

    Heya mate  :)Amazing isn\’t it? A few weeks ago the world and his missus was afer Brown\’s head and teling him to stand down and now all of a sudden it\’s like the second coming of the Messiah. Whatever it is he\’s got, I want it haha.I would say if i catch any whiff that the Government are going to let the sods get their bonuses i\’ll do all within my power to lob them out of office when the elections roll round, but even if as i suspect most of the country will agree with me on that one, it won\’t make the slightest bit of difference and there\’s going to be some very fat bastards come xmas time.Going with a Black Adder theme the whole affair is \’About as funny as an arrow in the neck, only to then find there\’s a gas bill attached to it…\’ But that leads onto another story that\’s hitting the shit right now, and i\’m writing right now having not been to sleep last night.One somewhat wry thought about the American elections….It doesn\’t matter who they vote in, because chances are whoever they choose will drop down dead mid term, be it because of Father Time calling in his debts, or an FBI/KKK murder mystery.Oh and never mind them turing a blind eye to the IRA for god knows how long. America has had a habit of aiding factions and supplying them withsome serious weaponry, only to find themselves staring down the barrel a decade or so later on, Iraq and Afghanistan spring to mind. Past meddling in their affairs to topple Iran and the Soviet Union have backfired somewhat eh?Well i\’m going to track down the rare and endangered Sandman…rare and endangered because i have a bone to pick with him after last night haha.take care matexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx-C-x

  5. Robin said

    Where do you get the idea its the electorate\’s fault, are you saying all those who sat on their arses and did not would have made a difference. The blame is really down to Greed not just the city men. The property market went through the roof fed by greedy estate agents and banks willing to lend you money. "my house is worth £190,000 when they bought it, it was £95,000. lets buy a holiday in spain we can easely borrow another £100,000 then rent it off ". It could not be sustained and bubble had to burst.
    Its not a question of Brown being a saviour, he had no option but to bail the banks out had they gone to the wall so does evrything else. While on about greed it might be worth a mention the old style building society\’s that changed to banks look at all the money made by the share holders, to-day new building society\’s are starting to crop lessons learned I think not.
    The people are not sick of Labour just the GREED thats all around us and as humans we just jump on the band wagon given the chance to do so.
    see you later bud

  6. penny said

    So you think we are only a little to blame?  Complacency is a disease.  We live in a greedy society and cannot bleat when things go wrong.  Pen.

  7. Prenin said

    Oh so TRUE!!!!! ]:-<
    American greed and stupidity created the bubble, but those that could have stopped it didn\’t, so now we\’re all paying out to clean up the mess!!!
    Even Northern Rock are allegedly \’cleaning up\’ by kicking people out of homes for not paying mortgages mis-sold to them by Northern Rock!!!!
    What happened to accountability???
    Greed brought us here…
    God Bless!!!

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