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Archive for November, 2008

Peanuts = A BAD Idea!

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on November 30, 2008

Yesterday night I unwittingly carried out a UC test! I was planing to do something about diet and the connection of diet to the UC but I haven’t been able to for the same reasons I haven’t been on WLS’s. My sleeping pattern is all wrong and it’s making me feel tired all the time and not able to concentrate. Anyway, back on topic, I carried out a UC food test the other night without even knowing I was doing it!
I’ve had an idea that Peanuts have set off my UC since late last year and early this year after eating some salted peanuts then payin’ for it the next day with stomach pain, diarrhea and blood! Though when this did happen I was already in a slight or current flare-up anyway and couldn’t be sure if they had caused it or not! Well recently my UC has almost gone dormant again, it isn’t 100% but it’s ok. So I was reasonably well when I unwittingly went to the fridge looking for a chocolate hit!
Everyone likes a bit of chocolate now and again, dark, milk or white! Or even if you just fancy something sweet! When I went to the fridge at 9:30pm-ish, there was nothing left of what I like, no Milkyways and no Toffee Crisps! All that was left was a load of Snickers!!! For those of you who don’t know or simply don’t partake in Chocolate, the Snickers bar is not only full of chocolate but also roasted PEANUTS! D’oh! I have no idea why I didn’t remember their status as a probable UC exacerbating food didn’t enter my head, even when I thought to myself “Um… I can really taste the nuts in this!”. I don’t even like Snickers, I just wanted a Chocolate hit!
About an hour after I ate them I started to feel bloated and a little sick. This kept coming and going on and off, not that bad but ok. I was trying to think what caused it because I hadn’t eaten a lot that day, in fact I’d only ate my tea because I got up so late in the afternoon, 4:30pm I think! This carried on till 4am, yes I was still awake – and I started to feel worse! I felt sick, bloated, sweating and the feeling in my head was like when you’ve drunk too much alcohol and you’ve got a hazy head. I don’t know if that was the excessive or lack of sleeping thing I got going on or if it was the nuts! Anyway, that eventually dissipated and I went to bed around 7am.
I woke up today and was slightly bloated and I still didn’t have an idea what caused the sick feeling! Then as I walked across the landing it came to my head “Snickers have Peanuts in them you plank!”. It only took 18 hours or so to register!!! LOL!! God damn I’m a mastermind! LOL! It must be the sleeping pattern being arse backwards!
So now I’m nearly sure that Peanuts set my UC off, just to be on the safe side when I’m 100% I’ll try eating them again and see what happens! I don’t want to do tests now in case it causes me to slip backwards and back to square one again.
I will get around to you all soon, ok? With the lack of sleep, too much sleep or wanting to sleep at all times because of the UC meds and other stuff I haven’t been on top of my game again! I do have two blogs in the works I started three weeks ago but I haven’t finished them yet. Will hopefully though soon! Take care all! – Phil

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Can someone tell me…

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on November 12, 2008

How the people who run whole financial system could wipe trillions of the world economy, lose people their jobs, housing, livelihoods and savings! Then get away with EVERYTHING and keep their ill-gotten money they were AWARE of making, while my mother, having been given a benefit over payment she WASN’T even aware of, is being chased for an amount of money bankers in the city would spend on a meal for him and his mates? Seriously, how? Because of this the rent is sky-high, Council Tax is sky-high (we pay more than a working family!). Her right to prescriptions has been revoked for some strange reason we STILL don’t know! She has been and no doubt WILL be threatened with court action again for the money! How is it she can be persecuted for such a minimal amount of money while bankers and traders of the world walk away with millions and even billions in some cases?
I know what some Capitalists will say, “It’s the nature of the financial system, it’s a gamble. Not always their fault.” Will this was the benefits system fault, not my mothers! It’s so complicated for a start, and we don’t even REMEMBER getting a letter telling her that her benefits were going up! Ignorance is no defence apparently, then why is greed and stupidity in the bankers and traders case? We’re supposed to tell the people at the Council Tax and housing that our benefits go up, how about they tell EACH OTHER what we get? The DWP should tell the Council Tax people and Housing people what we get so then that stops so many people getting in debt when and if they misplace their benefits reminder telling them their benefits are going up. It would also stop a lot of benefits cheats to if the Job Centre was connected to the DWP, CT and HB! And for those who think my mother may have done it on purpose, why would she? She KNOWS at some point you WILL have to pay it back, these people demand to know your income… you can’t get away with it forever!
So my mother was paid benefit over payments that was NOT her fault but the fault of the BENEFITS SYSTEM! It was no fault of her own! While the bankers and traders of the UK and the world lost trillions… which was a fault of their own. They all continued buying and selling combined sub-prime mortgages and normal mortgages knowing full well what they were doing and what will eventually happen! The STOPPING of banks lending to ANYONE, which in turn leads to business suffering and the following knock on effect to the rest of the economy!
So to recap: My mother was over paid money to the tune of £629; While the bankers and traders of the world lost: Mutli-trillions! And kept billions more! Have any of these men and women who lost all this money and millions of people their lively hoods, savings and homes been held accountable, have any been threatened with court/legal action or pursued for the loss of money of millions of people? The answer is not one! They got away with billions! While my mother owes £629 through no fault of her own and she’s being threatened left right and centre and struggles to pay the bills the increase in benefits has made go up!
This is yet another reason I can’t respect or vote for any of these governments! They will chase one women to the ends of th earth for a trivial amount of money while bankers and traders escape with billions! It’s juts a huge smack in the face to the common man! I fail to see why my mother should have to pay money back for a fault of the systems when bankers and traders do not have to when they KNOWINGLY dabbled in extremely risky business, a business they KNEW would result in the loss of trillions eventually. They just knew those trillions WOULDN’T be theirs so they didn’t care! As I’ve said before, dirty, stinking, lieing, spineless, robbing bastards! That’s ALL of them, the whole mass of people who run and support this massive, crooked, corrupt, festering pile of humanity!

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Wankers Of The Decade (so far)!

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on November 4, 2008

I know we still have a few more months left of this year and a whole twelve months after that, but this decade is nearly coming to a close, so I thought I’d pause and reflect on some of the epic wankers this decade has seen, so far, and the mark, sorry… mess they’ve made.
First is everyones’ favourite red neck dunce, George W Bush Who basically stole and rigged the US election in 2000! He invaded Iraq with false evidence saying there was *speaks in a red neck accent* W.M.Ds in dem dar hills! While he did that he also managed to alienate a lot of the worlds moderate muslims and simultaneously nick the Iraqi oil! US national debt has grown by 70%, tax cuts for the rich and the world worser place for all his actions.
Osama Bin Laden and his band of nineteen simpleton plane hijackers (15 of them from Saudi-Arabia by the way). He and the hijackers, with a little help from the US government, managed to pull off the world’s largest terrorist atrocity in September 2001 (If you ask me the US and UK support of the slaughter of nearly one million communist supporters in Indonesia was more of a terrorist atrocity, but hey… what do I know!). Osama’s plan to cause the west to hate and mistrust the muslim world worked, add this to the US/west letting Saudi-Arabia fund and teach a extreme version of Islam in mosques in the west, and you’ve got a recipe for a larf. That crazy Osama, he’ll be the death of us all! Or will that be the US government?
Tony Blair. Well the only thing I think this man will be remembered for is that stupid, fake cheesy grin, his insistence on a photo opportunity, his failure to deliver “Education, Education, Education” (amongst other things) and a ill-advised jaunt in Iraq for a laugh with his ubber bestest mate George Bush. He certainly put the SOLD in Soldier when he sent UK men and women to die for the petrodollar and bank accounts of US big business. Actually if you think about it, he and the Ministry Of Defence (MOD) didn’t, it’s obvious they don’t value their lives because they sent them off to war ill-equipped.
Those in the US electorate that voted George Bush in for a second term! Well done!
Those of the US electorate that will vote Obama or McCain in to office! Well done again! They only both belong to the same political circles. Sod all will change dramatically.
The UK electorate for having the piss taken out of them two times this decade by Labour, and also for the fourth time when they vote the next party in to take the piss out of them again, whomever it may be.
Saddam Hussein. We’re all aware of Saddam’s rise to power and how the UK and US helped arm him, but that was the 1980’s and 1990’s. I’m talking about letting the current debacle in Iraq take place! He could have let the weapons inspectors in and done a secret deal with the USA and not been done for nothing and lived in Libya the rest of his life like Ida Amin. No, not Saddam, he wanted unmitigated violence and bloodshed, then again he was insane with power wasn’t he? Who else would think they had a chance against the combined US and UK armed forces? Anyway, he died how he lived, swingin’ dangerously!
Mehatmedinnerjacket (President of Iran). Not content with mentally suppressing his fellow country men and women, pissing off the UK by seizing a boat full of solders and holding them and apparently sending fighters to Iraq, he’s building nuclear bombs! Why? Well my first thought was “Small penis!”, but no, with politicians – especially insane ones –  you have to remember they have the mentality of primary school children. If they see something a class mate has they must have it too! Mehatmedinnerjacket – just like the leadership of Iran – wants attention, and like any primary school children they get attention by doing bad things, in this case… kidnaping a boat of British soldiers, making a nuke or threatening Israel. We’ll have to put him and Iran in the naughty corner and bring Germany out, I think 63 years is enough, eh? And while we’re sticking people in the naughty corner we’ll put the UK and US there too!
Gordon Brown for NOT imposing tighter financial regulation in the UK when he had the chance! And also for this: we are, we always have been and we always will be a pro business government“.  Nice to know where he REALLY stands. Some people will think I’m taking this the wrong way, well I’m not, they are for the businessman, not the common man.
The Human rights act of 1998. Thank you for introducing this Labour! It has managed to make an even bigger mockery of the law. It has managed to make the criminals the victims if anyone dares to defend themselves or their home. Leaving the police and courts with very little power to do anything and as a result the public have lost all faith in law and order in the UK. Only in the UK can you get burgled, stop the thief, ring the police and then get arrested for assault when they finally turn up, if they do at all!
Jade Goody. I know you’re ill, but just fuck off! This woman will most likely have a CCTV camera in her coffin so people can see her decompose! She has some serious self-esteem problems.
The neo L.A celebrity non-entities and movie stars! Complete waste of time, money, space, skin, organs and oxygen. You can’t open a news paper without seeing a picture of one falling out of a car with their legs open or having made a sex tape that wasn’t meant to be released but really was. Some times on the front page, sells a lot of papers. I think that alone says a lot about our society.
The mimics and followers of non-entities and celebrities. You are brainless sheep devoid of intelligence, individuality and sense. You all deserve to be sterilized at the least and shot at the worse, depending on which level of stupidity you’re at.
Celebrity culture. Calling what these pointless numbskulls get up to, do or wear “culture” is like calling a pile of shit pure gold. It isn’t culture, it’s just people with low self-esteem wearing or doing materialistic, extravagant things and soaking up attention from idiots who have no idea about anything but popular culture because that’s all they’ve been fed from the media and society.
Scallys and Chavs. Pete pointed something out about my “you make me wanna” blog, there was no mention of Scallys and Chavs. So here it is now. Seeing as Scallys and Chavs of this decade are different bread from the last, I think they’ll fit in just fine! The scruffy wankers that have no respect for anything or anyone should have all their possessions taken away from them, including their clothes and burned in front of them while the rest of the community spit at them and call them names. Once that’s done they should be put in wheelie bins and rolled down a very high hill in to a river! Sod the human rights brigade, we’ll do the same to them too!
Robert Mugabe. This wanker is epic in proportions, he started off well in the 80’s, doing well for his country and people. Then he went insane with power and since then he’s killed many of his own countrymen, moved white farmers off their land and resettled people on them that had no clue about agriculture. He’s intimidated the Opposition party and has been involved in numerous wars in Africa. Ran the economy of Zimbabwe in to the ground. All this wasn’t his fault of course, it was the UK’s he says. I can see where the UK’s economic warfare on Africa could piss him off but his economy was stable till he messed it up! He’s the actual scar on Africa, not colonialism! Same goes for all the bent African leaders! You are ALL adding to and ARE the instruments of your own continents and countries suffering.
Ida Amin (ex-president of Uganda). Died in 2003. GOOD! Why’s he a wanker? He literally got away with murder.
The British National Party. Racial purists Nazis parading as patriotic freedom loving citizens! Bullshit! To undertake most of their policies they’d have to break many laws and revoke the rights of certain people who aint white and straight. If you are going to vote for a party where most of the leadership, who am I kidding, ALL of the leadership idolize Adolf Hitler and Oswald Mosley and still think you’re going to get freedom and fairness in return, then you deserve to be taken for a ride! Why are they wankers? Well they’re Nazis, they’ll deny it till the cows come home because they want to attract more of the voting population, they wont make things any better in this country.
The guys and gals who thought it was a great idea to take advantage of Bill Clinton’s deregulation of the US financial system in 1999, and give people loans who can’t afford to pay them back. Then get all those bad loans and lump them in to a big package of loans where the negative loans would be canceled out by the majority of good loans and then trade them world-wide! You all truly are a credit to human kind, the way you wiped trillions of pounds of the world economy and made people jobless, lose their homes, livelihoods and savings was the pinnacle of human achievement in recent times! Well done you smart bastards ye, you truly are the greatest generation!
The Conservative (Tory) Party. You have been nothing but a Joke since the mid 80’s really and rendered obsolete by New Labour who have played you at your own game. Just give up and stop annoying me by having photo ops with David Cameron acting like Tony Blair. It’s just painful! The two main faces of popularity you have are Anne Widecomb and Boris “the fool” Johnson, when they are your main faces you may as will give up and just join the BNP.
That’s all for today, if you can think of any bigger wankers then tell me, I’ll add them to the list! By the way, you can’t add me to the list before any smart arse starts saying I belong on it. Why? Because I’m a tosser!
Suggestion by Chris: Local councils and officers. Not content with earning 2% of their income illegally, they are always making cock-ups in their calculations. Over paying this, over paying that and then demanding the over payment which was their fault of YOU!. Not collecting bins on time, not making repairs on time etc etc… the list is endless! How could we forget these lot?
Suggestion by Pete: AOL. The internet provider, like all net providers, insists on saving money by sighting their help and technical support centres in India somewhere! The people they higher then proceed to tell you in broken english to go out and buy a new keyboard, mouse, router, filter (in my case) when the cause of it was unrelated to none of that. Or in Pete’s case, un-plugging literally everything connected to the PC when he had a connection problem that seems to be pretty much their service or a simple set of sockets? So yeh, AOL, wankers indeed… oh and BT!

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