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Can someone tell me…

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on November 12, 2008

How the people who run whole financial system could wipe trillions of the world economy, lose people their jobs, housing, livelihoods and savings! Then get away with EVERYTHING and keep their ill-gotten money they were AWARE of making, while my mother, having been given a benefit over payment she WASN’T even aware of, is being chased for an amount of money bankers in the city would spend on a meal for him and his mates? Seriously, how? Because of this the rent is sky-high, Council Tax is sky-high (we pay more than a working family!). Her right to prescriptions has been revoked for some strange reason we STILL don’t know! She has been and no doubt WILL be threatened with court action again for the money! How is it she can be persecuted for such a minimal amount of money while bankers and traders of the world walk away with millions and even billions in some cases?
I know what some Capitalists will say, “It’s the nature of the financial system, it’s a gamble. Not always their fault.” Will this was the benefits system fault, not my mothers! It’s so complicated for a start, and we don’t even REMEMBER getting a letter telling her that her benefits were going up! Ignorance is no defence apparently, then why is greed and stupidity in the bankers and traders case? We’re supposed to tell the people at the Council Tax and housing that our benefits go up, how about they tell EACH OTHER what we get? The DWP should tell the Council Tax people and Housing people what we get so then that stops so many people getting in debt when and if they misplace their benefits reminder telling them their benefits are going up. It would also stop a lot of benefits cheats to if the Job Centre was connected to the DWP, CT and HB! And for those who think my mother may have done it on purpose, why would she? She KNOWS at some point you WILL have to pay it back, these people demand to know your income… you can’t get away with it forever!
So my mother was paid benefit over payments that was NOT her fault but the fault of the BENEFITS SYSTEM! It was no fault of her own! While the bankers and traders of the UK and the world lost trillions… which was a fault of their own. They all continued buying and selling combined sub-prime mortgages and normal mortgages knowing full well what they were doing and what will eventually happen! The STOPPING of banks lending to ANYONE, which in turn leads to business suffering and the following knock on effect to the rest of the economy!
So to recap: My mother was over paid money to the tune of £629; While the bankers and traders of the world lost: Mutli-trillions! And kept billions more! Have any of these men and women who lost all this money and millions of people their lively hoods, savings and homes been held accountable, have any been threatened with court/legal action or pursued for the loss of money of millions of people? The answer is not one! They got away with billions! While my mother owes £629 through no fault of her own and she’s being threatened left right and centre and struggles to pay the bills the increase in benefits has made go up!
This is yet another reason I can’t respect or vote for any of these governments! They will chase one women to the ends of th earth for a trivial amount of money while bankers and traders escape with billions! It’s juts a huge smack in the face to the common man! I fail to see why my mother should have to pay money back for a fault of the systems when bankers and traders do not have to when they KNOWINGLY dabbled in extremely risky business, a business they KNEW would result in the loss of trillions eventually. They just knew those trillions WOULDN’T be theirs so they didn’t care! As I’ve said before, dirty, stinking, lieing, spineless, robbing bastards! That’s ALL of them, the whole mass of people who run and support this massive, crooked, corrupt, festering pile of humanity!

14 Responses to “Can someone tell me…”

  1. BLOGGER said

    Cool Blog. You\’ve improved the layout here, too. I like it.

  2. Pete said

    Mrs J is fine, thanks for asking. She had a minor operation last week and is convelescing _ getting on my nerves – she\’ll be up and a round – and out – in no time.
    The wholesale condemnation of everyone involved in the BNP is a source of irritation for me simply because people should not be condemmed because of their political leanings. I voted labour in the last two general elections but that does not mean I agree with all their policies and beliefs – the same would apply to BNP members. I am sure many have just joined because they want a voice to stem the flood of immigration and make the ccountry British again. They want Britain to remain a Christian country and put an end to this ridiculous positive discrimination.
    I was listening on the radio to a bloke who who has had his house repossessed and has gone on council lists but he has figured out that immigrants  are higher up the list than he is………the BNP want to put an end to this kind of thing and I don\’t think it is racist to want that – do you.
    The BNP will always be dogged by their connections to the NF and as long as Griffin is in charge, they will always will be. I know we have talkied before about this but I still maintain new leadership, a new strategy and get rid of their facist overview and they might be a force to reckon with – but of course, if you want to stem the flow of immigrants or give a British man an opportunity – or a home – over and above a n immigrant – you should not be seen as racist, because simply put – you aren\’t!!
    Take care and hope things settle down for you a little
    Regards and love to the family

  3. jiggy said

    hows my wee pal? sorry phil but takes me ages to get back these days the minds willing but the body aint dont let that put you off pmsl joking aside i recall when my dad died and he had his pension from the railway my mum was sent a letter that said she had to pay back x amounts to them for 1  they worked all their lives for what? 2 she had dementia they dont look into individual cases she didnt think she was in the wrong infact she couldnt think duh!! makes me angry even now  hope you are keeping ok and i came in when the artistic side of your music was playing nights in white satin cool song like the mix im a bit like that like all kinds of music anyway tc be back soon jiggy xx

  4. ... Angelwitch said

    Heya mate  :)Needless to say the last week has been interesting.I\’d liken things to calling the fire brigade out to put out a fire only to find out when they get there the pumps are full of Kerosene.blah….i can add it to the list of systems i\’ve given up on over the years.Don\’t worry about the rambling, i know what you mean about them not fully apreciating what you have on the basis that they\’ve never had to suffer it. I\’ve always said i wouldn\’t wish my illness on anyone but I might make and exception and wish it on my doc simply so he can see what\’s going on and get off his arse and do something useful.As for the anxiety…it\’s far from irrational given how you\’ve told me your UC is messing up your every day life.Ah well, i might mooch off and do the housework in a bit.hope you\’re having a good day of things matetake it easyxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx-C-x

  5. Pete said

    Really good blog, I will reply in depth sometime soon but Mrs J is in hospital at the moment so I am just having a quick fly by until I get a little more time – I don\’t want you to think I am ignoring you.
    But just a quickie about your mum\’s situation. Did she at any point ever tell them she was receiving too much money or did she just provide the information and they cocked it up?
    If so, she must appeal. I was overpaid tax credit for 12 months and it was quite a lot too. I rang them a told them I thought it was too much and they said it was OK. Then I got a lertter telling them I owed them £1900. I complained telling them the information I provided was correct and I tried to advise them I felt the amount was too high and it went to an appeal which I won and I did not have to pay back the money. Always worth a try.
    I\’ll catch up soon but I have to say we seem to agree the hypochrisy in media holds no bounds doesn\’t it??Take care and love to the family

  6. Prenin said

    Hi Phil! :o)
    Spot on!!! Darrell left a suitcase, two boxes of tapes, three boxes of CD\’s and two speaker stands and keeps promising to send someone to pick them up for him, but what he REALLY wants is for me to bring them up by taxi and pay the fare!
    Anything for free hmmm? :o(
    He\’s getting NOTHING from me any more – and he knows it!!! :o(
    You sound like me – my sleep patterns are wobbly at the moment too, despite my best efforts.
    The trouble is the broken sleep and waking every couple of hours or so, which denies you proper rest.
    You take care my friend and I hope you get sorted with the meds! :o)
    Best Wishes!

  7. Phil said

    Hi Phil!
    Thanks for visiting my space.
    I don´t understand why you say you don´t feel English or proud to be English
    What about british? Do you feel British?
    I Know about what is England individually as a country in history  , but I don´t understand what is U.K. What is that union about ?.  I believe that union makes people to doubt about their feelings  and they don´t Know where they belong to.
    For example,me. If I was living in England I wouldn\’t know wether I was English or British.
    What you talk about in your blog It happens in everywhere ,not only in England.
    Banks are not going to give back any money. In England the goverment has nationalized the banks and taken off the problem for the bankers. In Spain I think is worst because the goverment  has given money to the banks but any money for the people who really needs it.
    hope to know from you soon.
    John Philip

  8. Phil said

    Hello Phil. You may don´t know me but probably Adelina sounds to you. I am Philip, her son.I would like to comment sometimes on your blog. I think it\’s very interesting. I have been reading some things and I agree with you in many of them.Hope you understand me beacause I have an strange english ,Hehe.I have to write very slow and think well what I\’m going to say so tomorrow I\’ll make a comment.Thanks  John Philip

  9. Robin said

    Your right of course none has been so much  as  seen the inside a court room. We bailed the banks out and as a thank you went about putting up interest rates on credi card users. The 1.5% drop in the base rate by the bank of England was to be passed on to all mortgage payers, loans and credit card holders, for some it was a tripple whammy as they may have all three. Two bosses have in effect been sacked when the government nationalised some of the banks, no hardship for them okay no payoff either but still went away with a big fat pension.
    All the departments do have information regarding regarding what type of benefit people have, and this information is on a national data base. Local Councils have accsess to this as they need to check each claimeant application for benefits be it rent rebate, council tax and all the other benefits. The trouble is the department of works and pensions is so big and the staff are so badly trained. Some bebefits have been syphoned off to the private sector and that means low paid workers from india etc etc who dont have a clue what there doing.
    You and have discussed the problem of overpayment including having C.A.B look into the matter and a fat lot of good that did for you. Your right it aint fair that your mum has been hounded when all it need was for someone to take a little time what why and how to clear this mess up. As it was you made two phone calls  and took a big weight of your shoulders .
    For the benefit of people who may read these reply\’s Remember YOU have to tell them of any changes and includes every year look out for that letter that asks you if there has been any and tick that BOX and send it back.
    See you later Phil take care and dont lat the buggers grind you down.

  10. ... Angelwitch said

    Heya mate 🙂

    Well i\’m glad to hear you\’ve got something sorted out at least. I still say they should have dropped the thing,
    but at least you\’re able to pay it back little at a time rather than anything more drastic.

    I had someone on my bebo site ask me why such a question would crop up
    in a chemistry exam, but that said, i remember the Religious studies
    exams at school ending with a sports question as the two teachers were
    sports nuts haha.
    Ah well so long as you get some enjoyment out of it eh?

    Rich has caused utter chaos and now his boss i begging him to come abck
    to work on the proviso Rich had set the guy that he will take care of
    the matter of his money in person on monday.

    And as for me, i\’ve been on the arse end of an arse kicking with my dealings with the NHS this week about my illness.
    makes me wonder why i bother with them.

    ah well, hope you have a good weekend mate


  11. Prenin said

    Oh Phil.
    Yeah: I agree with everything you say mate – and I have a Secretary at the T&RA who is 78, 4\’5" tall, skinny as a rake and runs rings round me!!! :o)
    As for who ripped me off?
    Darrell pulled the \’sick old man\’ trick too often to count and when he moved I had to cough up £126 to pay for his move because he hired conning B*stards because – he thought – they were cheap!!!
    While he was here he was always borrowing and paying \’some\’ of what he owed – while he had £600 in the Bank – from me, Mark and John while claiming he was on emergency Income Support and was starving!
    Once he got ALL his benefits he then took his Son and family on a two week holiday and blew the lot.
    As I have Paranoid Schizophrenia I don\’t go out after dark, but Darrell ran out of electricity.
    How to get Ian to help him? Simple!!!
    He sat down on the floor outside my flat and knocked on my door: "My legs have gone – can you get me some electric?"
    He wouldn\’t go back to his own flat – he had no TV – so he sat in mine.
    I was lucky though: I met Big Dave\’s wife (her sister used to live in the flat above mine) and she escorted to and from the shop.
    I put Darrell\’s electricity on – and he walked home unassisted.
    I\’ve lost count of the number of times he came home drunk and phoned me to meet him \’because my leg\’s stopped working\’…
    When he finally moved he had me slave away putting his stuff in bags while he sat there and watched, then when the guys came to move his stuff he asked me to go up to the bungalow with him, but I told him I had things to do – in this case I\’d been invited to a party.
    I got him in the van and off to his bungalow, helped the lads with the second van to move the last of his stuff – I\’d had to shell out £120 for the purpose because Darrell was suddenly the \’poor old man\’ – when he phoned me: "I\’ve left my medication in your flat – can you bring it up?"
    Knowing he only wanted me up at the bungalow I sent it up by taxi (£6) and concentrated on finishing the packing before I got bathed and waved to go out.
    Then he phoned me: "I\’ve fallen and cut myself CAN YOU HELP!!!"
    I asked him how bad it was and he said: "Well I don\’t think it\’ll need stitches." SO I pressed him on exactly how bad was it and he said he was running out of credit so I said I\’d phone him back.
    I tried – but he\’d turned off his phone!
    Knowing I was being conned I was fuming as I changed back into my scruffs and went by taxi to see to him.
    I get there and, sure enough, there was no blood, no wound, \’but he had fallen – honest!\’.
    I had to make his bed, put in his bulbs, plug in and fill his freezer and then fix his heater and TV, then suddenly he was fit enough to go collect a chippie dinner.
    As I write he\’s left a bunch of stuff at my place as well as his spare keys – because he loves me like a brother.
    Yeah. Sure. Like a MUG more like!!! :o(
    Now you can see why I\’m so pissed off at being ripped off, because without me he\’d have been dead – I literally saved the conniving old bastards life when he had a stroke!!!
    You take care my friend – and I hope you guys get sorted out soon because this business smells wrong.
    Have you considered asking your MP or local councillors for help???
    Love to everyone!

  12. ... Angelwitch said

    Heya mate :)600 quid….that pennies to a council when you think of how many millions of quid most of them have lost in Iclandic banks that they by and large don\’t seem to be to bothered about getting back in any realy hurry.All this non communications between departments sounds very much like a company rich works for, though at least he\’s gone on a one man strike for the last 3 days because he hasn\’t been paind for 2 months because of someone in accounts being stupid and becasue of him the company has had to call an emergency meeting between all the different areas that aren\’t talking to each other. So they\’re now actually paying attention to what he\’s been telling them.In the land of common sense, what\’s happened to your family should be chalked up as a clerical error and leave it as that.But this is a country where nothing works, nothing makes sense, good people get screwed over through no fault of their own and you can\’t get a doc\’s appointment when you really need one.I would suggest sticking to your guns and mot pay the money back on the basis that you can\’t aford to, but i\’ve seen pensioners go to jail for being unable to pay for council tax and people being jailed because most of their customers don\’t want metric measurements.And on that note, i\’m off before my blood pressure goes stratospheric again.take it easy matexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx-C-x

  13. penny said

    Hiya Phil.  I am so sorry your mother has been put in this position, through no fault of her own.  A long time ago I was in a similar position.  There was no arguing with these people; I had to pay the money back.  Fortunately, I was allowed to pay in small installments, but it took a long time and put me bang on the poverty line.  See if citizens advice can help.  Yes, it is an unfair system; it always has been, Pen.

  14. Prenin said

    I\’m so sorry your mum is having problems dude.
    I\’ve had my problems in the past and saw incompetence and lies covered up by the DH SS far too often, but the difference is that the people with the Power can do a lot of damage, but a little old lady is essentially defenceless!!!
    I really wish I could help dude, but unfortunately I got ripped off by a so-called friend and now I\’m broke until March 2009!!! :oS
    My hopes and best wishes for a decent solution!
    Love and best wishes to ya both!

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