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Peanuts = A BAD Idea!

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on November 30, 2008

Yesterday night I unwittingly carried out a UC test! I was planing to do something about diet and the connection of diet to the UC but I haven’t been able to for the same reasons I haven’t been on WLS’s. My sleeping pattern is all wrong and it’s making me feel tired all the time and not able to concentrate. Anyway, back on topic, I carried out a UC food test the other night without even knowing I was doing it!
I’ve had an idea that Peanuts have set off my UC since late last year and early this year after eating some salted peanuts then payin’ for it the next day with stomach pain, diarrhea and blood! Though when this did happen I was already in a slight or current flare-up anyway and couldn’t be sure if they had caused it or not! Well recently my UC has almost gone dormant again, it isn’t 100% but it’s ok. So I was reasonably well when I unwittingly went to the fridge looking for a chocolate hit!
Everyone likes a bit of chocolate now and again, dark, milk or white! Or even if you just fancy something sweet! When I went to the fridge at 9:30pm-ish, there was nothing left of what I like, no Milkyways and no Toffee Crisps! All that was left was a load of Snickers!!! For those of you who don’t know or simply don’t partake in Chocolate, the Snickers bar is not only full of chocolate but also roasted PEANUTS! D’oh! I have no idea why I didn’t remember their status as a probable UC exacerbating food didn’t enter my head, even when I thought to myself “Um… I can really taste the nuts in this!”. I don’t even like Snickers, I just wanted a Chocolate hit!
About an hour after I ate them I started to feel bloated and a little sick. This kept coming and going on and off, not that bad but ok. I was trying to think what caused it because I hadn’t eaten a lot that day, in fact I’d only ate my tea because I got up so late in the afternoon, 4:30pm I think! This carried on till 4am, yes I was still awake – and I started to feel worse! I felt sick, bloated, sweating and the feeling in my head was like when you’ve drunk too much alcohol and you’ve got a hazy head. I don’t know if that was the excessive or lack of sleeping thing I got going on or if it was the nuts! Anyway, that eventually dissipated and I went to bed around 7am.
I woke up today and was slightly bloated and I still didn’t have an idea what caused the sick feeling! Then as I walked across the landing it came to my head “Snickers have Peanuts in them you plank!”. It only took 18 hours or so to register!!! LOL!! God damn I’m a mastermind! LOL! It must be the sleeping pattern being arse backwards!
So now I’m nearly sure that Peanuts set my UC off, just to be on the safe side when I’m 100% I’ll try eating them again and see what happens! I don’t want to do tests now in case it causes me to slip backwards and back to square one again.
I will get around to you all soon, ok? With the lack of sleep, too much sleep or wanting to sleep at all times because of the UC meds and other stuff I haven’t been on top of my game again! I do have two blogs in the works I started three weeks ago but I haven’t finished them yet. Will hopefully though soon! Take care all! – Phil

9 Responses to “Peanuts = A BAD Idea!”

  1. WordsFallFromMyEyes said

    You’re hilarious. You just really make me laugh as you get about your life!! 🙂

  2. ... Angelwitch said

    Heya Mate :)i know we\’ve been keeping in touch on Myspace while MSN buggers this place up but i\’ve got a way around itRight i\’ve done a short blog on how to get around msn\’s mess up so we can at least get to each other\’s spaces easier now,http://emerald-desires.spaces.live.com/blog/cns!A8F10CF3E0F72EAD!5878.entryIt\’s so simple i\’m still sweaing at myself fo not thinkingof it sooner..hope you\’re sleeping a bit better matexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx-C-x

  3. Amanda said

    peanuts my arse !!xxxxxxxxxxxxlove ya lots !!!!

  4. Pete said

    Hey,I left a \’note\’ on your \’network\’ as at the first time of trying, I could not get near your space. Hope you find the note, if not – I will C&P onto another comment.So MSN has changed again – Welcome to Spacebook are my first thoughtsRegards and stay off the peanutsLove to you and yoursPete

  5. elizabeth said

    hiya phil,  surprising how many people are adversely affected by nuts.  i buy extra to mix with my morning cereal just knowing that i\’ll suffer for it later, how stupid am i, lol.
    take care hon.  love, beth. xx

  6. Prenin said

    I know what you mean about the weird sleeping pattern – mine has gotten crazy over the past few weeks since I came off the sleeping pills!!! :oS
    Your UC has a tag then: Better check out ALL nuts, even coconut which is found in a lot of foods these days!
    The first step in avoiding s trap is to know it exists…
    I\’m glad you liked the list my friend – now you relax and have a good day, OK?
    Christmas is coming to getcha!!! :o)
    Best Wishes!

  7. The Divine Mrs M said

    Hi Phil, me again lol
    but I forgot to add something. Peanuts are in the same family food group as Lentils, they are both "legumes"
    I\’m trying to figure out if lentils are a trigger. or even pulses generally. If i bought them loose from a grain store i think i would be ok, but if you look at the label on pre-packaged lentils, it says "can contain traces of nuts"  I steer clear of packaged yellow split peas, as i had a bad attack from them, one time.
    I hope your sleepi gets back on track soon, I\’m still not 100pc after the packet soup incident. (hugs)
    mags x

  8. penny said

    Hiya Phil.  Get your sleep pattern sorted.  You need to be fit in all other areas in order to cope with your UC.  East to say, I know, but it is important.  Only a brave man eats peanuts; disgusting things that they are.  I know what you mean about chocolate.  I had to give it up due to my diabetes and I still get terrible cravings.  I look forward to your pending blogs, Pen.

  9. The Divine Mrs M said

    Hello Phil
    Sorry to hear about your setback, I do like that word you used to define when the UC is quiet "dormant"
    ummm…ive not been to the doc\’s yet  :s   Yesterday i was talking to a friend, and her sister is a sufferer, she takes some kinda pills, and I am thinking "god why dont i just bite the bullet and go see the doc"
    but anyway, i have to tell you phil that i can\’t eat nuts or else i lose a lot of blood, and like you say, nuts get into chocolate, they get into currys and allsorts. I cant eat anything which contains even "trace of nut"
    I always thought that nuts was my only trigger, but this week ive found another one, "celery" I don\’t eat celery much, but i did use it in soup stocks. Last week my son brought home a packet soup, and I had a small portion of it, and i got a serious bleed. I checked the packet (i had already checked it for nuts) and I discovered it contained celery. So for me, celery is a no no.  Now I know why my UC always plays up when I stay with my mother-in-law,  cos I was always making soup stocks using celery. Those little mini choc eggs you get at easter time, contain nuts, and I was seriously unwell a few years ago after eating a whole bag of them.
    Back in the day when I could eat nuts, I used to love snickers, but i think they were called marathons back then…
    I hope youre feeling a lot better now phil, and enjoying a peaceful sunday.
    Today in Scotland we are celebrating our patron saint St Andrew\’s Day  woooohooo  🙂
    mags x

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