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WLS’s does it again!

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on December 5, 2008

Right, I CAN’T get in to my home page on Internet Explorer 7! No matter which part of Windows Live network I try to sign in by I can’t get in! So, I am using Firefox at the moment! For those of you who don’t use Firefox it is crap for use with Live Spaces! I can’t tell what’s new and what’s not because Firefox doesn’t and can’t show every new update or application on Live Spaces! I think  may have to use Firefox plug-ins to see everything but I don’t like using Firefox! I want to know why I can’t use IE7 while all my friends on Live Spaces can! My IE7 is no different to anyone else’s! I like the convenience of getting in to my hotmail and Live space via MSN!

At first I thought Live Spaces had blocked me while they were over hauling and changing the network! If you think about it, blocking the IP address from connecting to the network would stop a lot of people from making new spaces from the same computer. So I thought maybe they blocked me yesterday while they were making changes! They couldn’t block me through Firefox as it isn’t their browser is it?

Anyway, I’m going to get in contact with the WLS’s team and see what they say, if they can’t fix this then I don’t think I’ll be spending a lot of time here anymore. I do not like using the Firefox browser because I can’t tell what the hell is what and I don’t like the feel of it anyway! I only had it in reserve in case IE7 stopped working and for learning to build web pages!

Hopefully this problem will be sorted soon and I can start visiting you again and finish my other two blogs off! Till then take care and I’ll be in touch! Love to all! – Phil


5 Responses to “WLS’s does it again!”

  1. JUDGE said

    THE TRIAL OF THE LAMEST BLOGGER, EVER! "CHECK RAISE " at http://checkraise.spaces.live.com/Has been INDICTED on 4 counts!! see Docket # 008-3-B

  2. Jody Lynn said

    Ohhh, i forgot.. heres the link : http://infodeskset2.spaces.live.com/

  3. Jody Lynn said

    If you are havong truoble with your IE and MSN, i would suggest going over to BloggerHelper and ask Dinae. She can help! 24/7Jody

  4. Robin said

    WLS is now a load of rubbish the changes made are a change too far WLS is not face book or myspace and trying to get the best of those and incorperatr it WLS has made it worse. Ever since the the very first changes when i had loads of vistors when we were member now its down to one or two and I like my friends as friends and not someone who is in my network. I have sent my complaint along with others and Itoo am considering giving WLS the boot .Laters bud .

  5. penny said

    Hiya Phil. That is definitely odd. I have no trouble using IE7. I do hope this is just a temporary glitch, because it would be a shame if you stopped using spaces. I enjoy reading your blogs. I know what you mean about Firefox. I used to have it once but took it off again. Let me know how you get on with your queries and I hope you have a great weekend, Pen.

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