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Windows Live Spacebook

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on December 15, 2008


I think that just about covers everyone’s feelings on what’s happened on here recently? Their moto should be “Windows Live Spacebook. Fucking things up so you don’t have to!”. A lot of people are really upset with what WLS’s have done, I’ve read the team blog and every comment on there is a negative one! Even one of my blog friends who’s been blogging on here since it practically started is deleting his Live Space after Christmas if they haven’t fix things! WLS’s have messed up pretty bad!

It’s not really about people rejecting change, which is what I’m sure the people at WLS’s are thinking – it’s about functionality and ease! People liked WLS’s because it was EASIER than MySpace, Facebook and all the other social networking sites! It didn’t require a lot of HTML knowledge, changing colours and layouts were simple (btw… MySpace has adopted the WLS’s way of being able to move your modules about! So MySpace were copying Windows Live spaces! And then WLS’s shoots itself in the foot by messing up completely!). Even the Windows Live Spaces home page was easy to navigate! Was easy to up-load photos and rearrange them! But now! I can’t even find myself around the home page!

To be honest I haven’t spent much time on WLS’s, not because it’s bad but because I can’t even view it in Internet Explorer 7! So I got in contact with the WLS’s team and they didn’t solve the problem and they’ve passed me on to someone else… who HASN’T got back to me like they said they would! So I checked if I could sign in with our other PC upstairs, and I could! So there’s something wrong with my browser settings? But how can that be when I rarely touch the browser and in this case I hadn’t touched it for months! I just wasn’t able to access the space since WLS’s did all the changes! I’ve reinstalled IE7, didn’t make a difference, I downloaded IE8 Beta and that didn’t work so now I’m forced to use Firefox, which I hate because it does my eyes in and I can’t do certain things I could do in IE7!

So, I aint got much idea what’s up with my browser, but I will say I’ll stay on WLS’s for the time being because some people like reading my blogs, even if it is a pain to use and navigate. I don’t think things will stay the same for long, if the WLS’s team’s plan to attract more Facebookers with the new changes fails, then I think they’ll be putting things basically back to normal or reinvent it totally. Either way a browser problem or changes wont see me off yet!


11 Responses to “Windows Live Spacebook”

  1. JUDGE said

    Yes, the new Spaces is bad. And they\’ve really mucked it up…again. But, it is up to all of us to weed out the Lame, Boring and Dumb Blogs!!CHECK RAISE HAS BEEN FOUND GUILTY ON ALL COUNTS!!!

  2. Pete said

    HeyYep – they have gone and done it again….Did you pinch the expression \’spacebook\’ from me? If so you owe me 25p for using it…..hee.It was only inevitable that WLS tried to up the ante and only inevitable – given their history – the WLS would fuck it up. No wonder people are leaving in their droves.To be honest it does not worry me so much because after a few teething problems, it seems OK but I know so many people appear to be having major, major issues – there wont be anyone left soon.I saw the spaces team blog myself and to be honest, I was surprised it hadn\’t been edited ot maybe someone hadn\’t gotten around to reading it or even better still, no-one could access it!!I don\’t know, as things have turned out I am not nearly the blogger I used to be – I just don\’t have the time to be prolific any more and anything I do write barely raises an eyebrow any more – but then my expectations have lowered considerably, so I wont get disappointed.I could name a few dozen housing estates Karen Matthews could easily have come from – people are shocked at her lifestyle but don\’t seem to realise how widespread the benefits culture actually is. I wont say no more at the moment, every time i think of Karen Matthews i want to vomit!!Take care and keep clamCatch up soonRegardsPete

  3. jiggy said

    ps your e mail address is at the bottom of this comment box for all to see lol dont worry i wont stalk you just yet lol

  4. jiggy said

    hi phil just a quick note to say had it with windows my issues are with privacy which no one seems to have mentioned i dont want all on the net to have access to my e mail especialy if you dont know them very well and if you add to friends list they automaticly have access to your personal e mail address which is to me out of order so i dont think i will be using this untill they sort it out take care and have a great xmas jiggy xx

  5. HRH Daf said

    Hey! Was reading through the comments on the Spacecraft and saw your logo – had to pop over to say I laughed my ass off cos its so true! I think out of hundreds of comments there are about 3 saying the changes are good, and theyre still trying to pat themselves on the back and say its been a resounding success! (Deluded much?) Been blogging for about four years myself and have myspace and facebook, but Spaces always had my heart and I agree – I aint prepared to leave or lose the friends Ive made here, but jeeeez theyre all leaving anyway cos of this! If we\’d wanted a maze for a blog we woulda asked!Hugs Daf xx

  6. Marcelino said

    LOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLL Hi Phil and greetings from Spain Your logo is here http://mmadrigal.spaces.live.com/blog/cns!1989B873A580CA12!56295.entry

  7. Amanda said

    HI Phil,WTF ? I hate what WLS have done. I feel like they have raped me of my freedom and choices here. WLS was unique, but now it\’s a mess, leaving its consumers gobbled up and spat out afterwards !!!! Why can\’t they just things alone, or at least give us what we want and not what they want ? It seems to me like they are trying too hard to compete with other social networks, but they forget, WLS is not a meat market for singletons, is not a friends re-united space, and is not a teenagers stomping ground ! WLS was a place for like minded bloggers and sharers of thoughts, inspirations, opinions, laughter, sadness and good old fashion gossip, jokes, trend setting, music and expression of the human race.Oh well, we have no choice what they get up to, we either stay or go. Not sure what i will do yet, lets see how this all pans out over the next few months.Talk on msn soon my crazy in the head larger than life friend !Love ya lots too, wench ! LOLMandy Marie xx

  8. ... Angelwitch said

    Heya mate :)The only thing that\’s so far eluded me on Firefox is getting my videos to play on Bebo, mind, having media player permanently on i suppose this quirk saves me from forever having to turn the video off because it\’s interfering with the player. Apart from adding a button that lets me open new tabs, i\’ve done nothing to firefox apart from a couple of updates they sent my way.As for this rubbish that\’s been foisted on us, all my friend\’s SPACE pages are saved in a folder so it\’s simply a matter of opening a new tab and selecting who i want to cisit from the folder. Oh and leaving a link back to my space to save them getting lost on here. Basically it\’s bypassed this profile nonsense.Now if MSN had given us the ability to block individual users, like every other system has, then they\’d have done something useful for a change.But like you\’ve said, we\’ve at least got Myspace to bail us out of this mess if all else failstake care matexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx-C-x

  9. penny said

    Hiya Phil. Yes, it is one big mess. I find it is becoming a chore, not a pleasure. I am in two minds about staying, myself, sigh. Pen.

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