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Happy New Year All!

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on January 2, 2009

Hiya everyone! First of all Happy New Year! Second… sorry I aint been about but with it being busy the last three weeks and the changes WLS’s have made to the network, I haven’t felt like coming on much. But I will be chaning it that soon, I plan to write some blogs when I’m feeling better, I have the UC again, it was in remission but has come back, and having a drink on New Year didn’t help! So as you can guess I aint feeling that good, physically or mentaly. So anything I was going to do for 2009 I can’t do now! Nothing new there again then for the third year running!
So all in all 2009 is looking as bad as 2008 for me personaly! As for the political outlook… well that speaks for itself when you watch the news or open a paper! Israiel is lobbing rockets in to Gaza at Hamas and killing numerous innocents at the same time! Russia is getting more active and politicaly dominant! Russia has showed it wont stand for NATO being in their back yard by getting envolved in Georgia, while the US is tolerating Russia being in their backyward… Venezuela! Not only are the Russians trying to strategicaly dominate but they are seeking to dominate economicaly! So Obama has a lot to sort out when he gets sworn in soon! Expect some rumbling in the jungles of Africa and South Amercia!

Anyway, enough from me! Talk soon, all! Take care!


7 Responses to “Happy New Year All!”

  1. CAP'N said

    Ahoy my Peeps!!We are getting closer to final victory! Red Satin has closed her Guestbook to comments and is making a futile effort to clear comments from her Blog, PLUS closing it when she retires for the night.She losing alot of sleep, personal time and much needed rest watching and worrying over her pathetic excuse for a life.Everyday, we are moving closer to Final Victory!!Keep the heat on!VICTORY WILL BE OURS!!!!!!

  2. MochaJava said

    Hey ya! Hi everybody. Its Party Time!!We have found a new Spaces Party and CHAT Room and is it a Doozie!! It is in England, but really kewl. It will feature Live Web Cam links, XXX Videos and Pix!! and lots of moaning and groaning, too! The English Lady that owns the Space has moved to My Space, She is a 56yo Granny in Northern England. SHE TOLD US WE COULD DO WHATEVER WE WANT ON HER SPACE FOR THE NEXT 2 NITES!! (before she deletes it!)OKAY THIS LADY IS HORNY♀♀♀♀ AND REALLY INTO SEX . SHE HAS SOME SPICY BLOGS AND SLINKY UNDIE PIX! ♥♥♥ PLUS WE WILL ADD A LIVE WEBCAM LINK!! AND DON\’T WORRY!!! ♂☺☻☺☻☺☻♂THERE WILL BE THE USUAL MATTRESS POUNDING AND MOANING THAT YOU\’VE ALL COME TO EXPECT FROM OUR FAMOUS PARTY ROOMS©!!SOME REALLY HOT VIDEOS WILL BE PLAYING, TOO!…. SO, DON\’T BE SHY.OKAY! GO AHEAD KICK BACK….SMOKE SOME WEED, STRIP OFF THOSE UNDIES, POUND YER PUDDING AND SCREW YER BRAINS OUT!! ENJOY EVERYONE!**THE ORGY WILL START; FRIDAY JAN 23 AT 12 MIDNITE GREENWICH MEAN TIME which is 7pm EASTERN US TIME and 5pm PACIFIC TIME.*** SPACES PARTY ROOM = http://redsatin777.spaces.live.com/Okay, so just drop yo\’ drawers, slip off yer panties…grab a handful of Viagra, light up the ol\’ bong and lets ALL get Down n\’ Durty Friday nite!!!

  3. Jesus said

    it is a sin to use the Lords name in vain, You speak words of Blasphemy. I do hope you repent before its too late.May God bless you and yours

  4. CAP'N said

    Peeps! MegaBrad and Red Satin have just been defeated! I implore everyone to help us defeat and shutdown MSN TV Blog!!!!at http://tvfilter.spaces.live.com/*THIS SPACE MUST BE DELETED WITHIN 6 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. BLOGGER said

    I don\’t think the owner of this Space has been around for 2 weeks or so.Diane

  6. OBAMA said

    There\’s going to be new Legislation!

  7. Alien Hunter said

    Greetings,Who is responsible for this? The same political party who always courts African-American votes, which blacks have always voted for. The Democratic party is without a doubt the force behind this murder of America\’s babies, and especially African-American babies. Yet blacks seem blind to this. John Kerry, Ted Kennedy and nearly all Democrats admit they are for abortion. Who can doubt the Democrat resolve to sustain and advance abortion after watching any Supreme Court nomination proceeding? Then, why do African-American continue to vote Democrat, which means their demise?Peace & Blessings.rwc

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