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Ay up everyone!

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on January 31, 2009

Yes I know, I’ve been gone far to long… again! Well this time I had a extremely valid reason, I had no net connection at all! I was swtiching net providers and it took two weeks! And you know what?… it was well worth the wait to get rid of BT!

My dad died in 2005 and my mam had repetedly asked them over the years to change the name on the BT Phone and Broadband account from his name to her name! Not hard a thing to do you may think? Well not for BT! They kept sending bills in my dad’s name and every time my mam would get them she’d be a little upset. No, it wasn’t the price, which was worthy of a tear or two, but the fact she was being reminded of the fact he aint there anymore. Anyway, this year she rang them and told them to change the name on the account to hers, and that she wanted to keep the same telephone number and the Broadband package! The women she was talking to said “Ok no problem!”

Five days later the net was cut off, I rang up BT, because my mam was sick of talking to them, and I asked why it had been taken off. They said (after being transdered to other people 3 times), *speaks in a broken English Indian accent* ” Er sir, there is no Broadband service in you home. (I already knew that, obviously!) It says on the system it was cancled by the customer on the 2nd of Jan.” So I said “why?! We specificaly asked to KEEP the package!” He said, “Er, it is cancled sir.” This went on for a while but what had basically happend when the account changed name the Broadband stopped apparently! They said it happend because the account name was changed and therefore the package we had stopped! If that was the case then why was the phone not cut off too?

They later said, after I got cut off twice and having to go through three people each time and explain what had happend, that I could place a NEW order for the package on a 12 month contract! Then it clicked! They did it on purpose so I would reorder the package on a 12 month contract terms! That’s when I just stopped! I rang my uncle and asked him about his Talkt Talk plan, and it was infernately better than BT’s! I get free evening calls on weekdays and free weekend calls on the weekend, as for the braodband, you get 40GB, but I added a extra 40 to bring it to 80GB’s a month! So I get 80GB’s for my net allownce, free calls on weekday evenings and all weekend, as well as a international call plan (Don’t need that but meh, tis part of the package). So I get more for less and it’s cheaper than BT! So I say to BT… FUCK YOU! I hope you go under and all your workers get jobs with Talk Talk, good bye!


4 Responses to “Ay up everyone!”

  1. ... Twisted said

    Heya mate :)this is exactly the same reason why we had a falling out with Sky years ago…The account was in the name of Rich\’s deceased Ex and they refused to change the account sop we ended up ditching them, mind what they had to offer on TV didn\’t help their case.We\’ve a similar thing with the TV licence, but we can\’t exacty throw our weight around saying we\’ll quit on that one eh?Good to see you back on here matex X x Twisted x X x

  2. HRH Daf said

    Hey hey! Thankya for popping back over. I gotta say youve set me back this afternoon. I was planning on a swift bounce round blog land and Ive ended up here for about half an hour trawling through your stuff, and I have to say Ive found it most a roller coaster ride, but very interesting. Glad your feeling a bit better now too, although if you cant misbehave at Christmas when can ya? Anyway, congrats on leaving the money grabbing bastards… Oops I mean BT (same diff) and hope your having a dandy Saturday cos I always feel theres not enough dandyness in the world.Hugs Daf xx

  3. Pete said

    Hey Phil,Good to hear from you again and glad you finally got things sorted. Changing broadband providers seems to be on a par with moving house in terms of how much stress it causes and for what? Because they could not carry out a simple administrative procedure. Even the big companies can\’t get the most simplest of things right – i left Orange because I repeatedly asked them to do something simeple, something stright forward, something that would have taken a monkey a full minute to do. In the end it cost them a loyal customer of 8 years………Hope it works out with Talk Talk although a word to the wise. TT are part of AOL uk and their technical support is probably in the same building as the BT support – certainly in the same continent.Spaces has been quiet as have I – I\’m not sure what to make of the changes but for me it isn\’t a reason for the mass migration, maybe people were just waiting for an excuse to leave but in the end i don\’t think it was all bad – but blogging seems to be something of a premium.I agree it is far too early to judge Obama and yes, just because he\’s black and all that but the thing is it has given the country if not the whole world a bit of lift and a feeling of new hope. It may be short lived and completely unfounded and barak will go the way of his predessessors but the whole election seems to have given people a lift and people need to feel good with the current climate politically, financially and otherwise.I haven\’t been blogging much. Busy, not especially motivated and a lack of interest are to blame but as long as i have somewhere to go when I feel like venting my spleen…………..Take care and love to you and yourPete

  4. penny said

    Hiya Phil. Welcome back! Well done for making a stand. I, too, am sick and tired of the machinations of large companies that are out to fleece us. I hope you are well and enjoying your new broadband, Pen.

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