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The UK Government’s Reply to the ‘Stop Sharia Law’ Petition.

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on February 3, 2009

As you may remember I posted a blog with a petition on here about the use of Islamic Sharia law being used in the UK for some matters of ‘minor’ law in the Muslim community.

The petition read as follows: “We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to stop Islamic Sharia Law being used in Great Britain.

Details of Petition:

The most senior judge in England and Wales has said that aspects of Islamic sharia law could be used in the UK, provided they don’t conflict with existing laws. I say that Islamic sharia law should not be used in the United Kingdom and the Prime Minister should do everything within his power to stop it being introduced.”

This was the UK Government’s reply:

Shari’a law is the code of personal religious law governing the conduct of Muslims. It can extend into all aspects of people’s lives – personal, religious, family, civil and criminal.

Shari’a law is not part of the law of England and Wales. The Government does not intend to change this position in relation to the whole or part of the United Kingdom. However, provided an activity prescribed by Shari’a law does not contravene the law of England and Wales, there is nothing to prohibit it. Muslims can, for example, wear traditional dress and follow dietary rules. They are completely free to worship in the way that they want.

There can never be reliance on the fact that an act is permitted under Shari’a law as a justification for committing what is, under the law of England and Wales, a criminal act. Nor, for example, could someone expect a civil court, in reaching a decision on a contractual case under English or Scottish law, to apply the principles of Shari’a law.

Criminal matters, both small and serious, will always be heard in a Crown or Magistrate’s Court in England and Wales, and in Sheriff’s Courts in Scotland. The decisions made in an alternative court will not be recognised.”

That’s it! Is the UK Government so spineless and scared of being called “racist” if it dared to deny some Muslim men a way to legally rob their wives and rob female family members of some of their inheritance money and trap them in abusive relationships? The answer seems to be YES! Thanks to the UK Government’s spinelessness the UK now has a two tire legal system! One that DOES conflict with natural UK laws and freedoms and WILL conflict MORE in the future.

How long will it be before a muslim DEMANDS (under the human rights act) to have his/her case heard in a Sharia court, even when that case involves a NON-MUSLIM in matters that are inside and outside the Sharia court’s jurisdiction? The UK government says it WONT! I say it WILL… eventually! With the Government being spineless, the human rights act and more muslims demanding greater use of Sharia law… it’s only a matter of time.

This isn’t about eating habits, clothing, worshiping or “racism”, it’s about the law of the UK being overridden and the freedoms of people being taken away inside a supposed “democracy”, to please a minority (not all muslims) and keep cowardly politicians in their places.

These Islands have struggled SO hard over the last 1000 years of its history to gain what freedoms we now have! And with the stroke of a pen – to a appease a stone age minority – all that will be eventually undone if this continues? I’m not saying the British justice system is the best in the world, but it’s a lot better than the alternative of a sexist, controlling, stone age religious system.

I feel like my freedoms have just been sold down the river for a hand full of votes and appeasement of people who aren’t worthy of the oxygen they breath! 


13 Responses to “The UK Government’s Reply to the ‘Stop Sharia Law’ Petition.”

  1. HRH Daf said

    Hey! Just wandering about seeing whos still about spaces and it would seem your one of the many whos had enough and fugged off. Flippin shame. Hope alls well with you though!Hugs Daf xx

  2. Phil said

    Hello Mr E.Good to see you\’re still alive and kicking.Take care mate.The G Man.

  3. HRH Daf said

    hey hey!!!! I can only apologise for the shallowness of this reply but Im quite drunk and I got here to hear some really fab music which has totally distracted me from your blog.Anywho – I dont actually do yoga – I did dabble but its really hard so I tend to stick to me pilates and I looooooove weight lifting too!! I encourage anyone I can to give it a go! Hope your well enough to be having a go at the moment. Oh and I dont talk about politics or religion in public forums cos I know exactly what I think and its not exactly a crowd pleaser ;O)Big hugs Daf xxx

  4. Pete said

    Hey,You\’re more than welcome to use anything I write – as long as if you get any money, I want some!!This particular story angered me for two reasons. The school does not have any affiliation with any faith so assembly was actualy a perfuctionary affair rather than any form of worship. The school allowed the muslim kids to have their own prayers led by a parent. This woman just try to do what is sadly lacking in this country, making the muslims integrate into our culture.Secondly I am sure that Sheffield County council run a multi faith, multi race part of the world – actually what am I talking about, of course they do, been there many, many times. They should be supporting the womans efforts for inclusion not readily accepting her resignation to avoid a ridiculous claim of racism.Phil, what worries me the most is that these kids are 6,7,and 8 and what have they learned?If someone stands in the way of you imposing you religion, faith and culture on them – claim it is racism……I fear for our futureTake careLove to you and yoursPete

  5. Rosie said

    Too Right Phil,I am hibernating… oooops come in on the wrong page..see ya later my friend..xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  6. Prenin said

    Oops! Sorry – I\’d just left a friend\’s blog!!! LoL!!!I\’m on Talk Talk too and despite initial teething problems it is a pretty good service!!!If you leave your modem running when you\’re not using your computer – as I have to because my PS3 is plugged into it – then Talk Talk choke off your access priority (they used to reduce bandwidth to stop peer2peer networking) so all you have to do is warm reset your modem to get it back!!!VERY IMPORTANT!!! Add eleven of your friends and families mobile numbers to your calling circle to save money and have them put you on the paperless billing system – then make sure they don\’t charge you for a paper bill because that\’s what they tried to do to me!!! :o>I\’ve not had anything from the Department of Wankers and Pillocks since the declaration that they were ending Incapacity and putting everyone on ESA because \’some disabled\’ have wanted the freedom to work instead of being written off.Sorry, but I don\’t fit the \’parapliegic young woman in a hi-tech wheelchair\’ posterchild they\’ve been using and I know bullsh1t when I see it.Not that there\’s any likelihood of me being employed given I have Paranoid Schizophrenia and am struggling just to get out of the door for food!!!Nope: I\’ll be put on ESA and punished if I don\’t find a job by having my income reduced until I\’m so hungry and desperate I\’ll do anything.Typical Thatcherite thinking – starve the underdog until they are willing to fcuk anything for the sake of grocery money.With my looks they\’ll have to put me in a Bhurka LoL!!!!Mind you: The one thing the one eyed Scottish idiot (Thank you Jeremy Clarkson) has in common with Major is that he wasn\’t voted in and he\’s an accountant.No surprise then that he\’s screwing the electorate…You can tell when a Politician tells the truth though – they call it a slip of the tongue…If Brown says it is a Depression – and anyone with one eye can see that – then you KNOW it\’s the truth!!!I\’m glad you\’re getting cold winter payments though: I\’m not eligable because I\’m 48, but I\’m saving desperately in an effort to pay what is going to be a Monster Utility Bill – in fact I SHOULD make it with a bit to spare, but then I\’ll have to save for the next one and that will be steep too!!! :o(Rising bills, British Gas raising its tariff\’s 35%, then trying to get me to sign back up because they reduced them by 10% – they must think we\’re STUPID!!! :o(Yeah you\’re right.Next year we\’ll be surrendering more of our countries rights and identity – no wonder our Local Councillors Ann and Dave Murphy moved to Spain – they seem to know more than we do… :o(Again: Sorry about the Mags thing – force of habit I\’m afraid… :o)God Bless!Prenin.

  7. Prenin said

    Hi Mags!Yeah: Yet again a gutless Government has sold its people out for a violent minority who WILL KILL ANYONE WHO DOESN\’T THINK THEIR WAY!!!Reference? Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakestan etc.Maybe a truckload of explosives detonated outside the houses of parliament will teach them what bowing to the terrorists really means…God Bless!!!Prenin.

  8. The Divine Mrs M said

    hello me lovely (((phil)))ok I have to confess <embarrassed smiley> that I had real trouble following the dark green and dark blue font in your blog. but its maybe down to my lack of sleep so I will come back and read it again later.Its lovely to know your still here Phil. I hope you have a really happy 2009 mate. *HEY? if my Hubby hadn\’ta turned up in this comment box I was gonna short leet you for my Valentine 2009! <ahem> LOLHave a great week Phil ((hugs))mags xhttp://masloan.spaces.live.com/

  9. andrew said

    as christians if we went to an islamic country and asked for a christian trial under english or scots law it would not be debated or tolerated at best you would be arrested and deported at worst well prison and a good floging for bringing islam into disreput so why are we alowing sharia law me no know

  10. ... Twisted said

    Heya mate :)Yeah they\’re still at it, mind they\’re getting a good serve of their own medicine.Well no more snow over here, what we had the other day\’s finally melted, just as well as we\’re supposedly running out of grit…what the feck is that all about?Glad to hear the Karate\’s agreeing with you mate. I did a couple of years of Jiu-Jitsu many years ago, and there\’s one of two things from that which have proven useful down the years.Sis and Mia are doing very well thanks. Like i said, they got home the same day, niquitta\’s loving being the older sister and helping out with things and they\’re all very happy.haha i\’ve got the news on and they\’ve just read out an email from someone who was caught of guard by the snow….what? Where has she been? They\’ve been carping on about the snow for well over a week now.Ah well got to get going mate, look after yourselfx X x Twisted x X x

  11. Sarah said

    Hiya Phil,I\’ve just seen the video you sent me with the girl burying her goldfish …….. Funny ? … YES Hysterically funny…Lots of love Sarah .. still decorating … or rather meant to be .. I\’m actually making sure that I keep warm …xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  12. ... Twisted said

    I see you had that E-mail response as well…I give up with this country, we\’re a laughing stock because London was closed for business becasue of the snow the other day, all the roads were screwed again in spite of a full week\’s warning about the weather, and i\’m descending into an increasingly bitter battle with my \’leccie supply because of all these damned powercuts where i am.\\if i were a bit more paranoid i\’d swear the gov\’t has done a clandestine deal with the BNP to realy screw things up so they get voted in next time round.x X x Twisted x X x

  13. Pete said

    Hey,Go back the infamour \’Rivers of Blood\’ speech my friend, over 40 years ago someone spoke vehnemently about the future of this country and freedom because of the influx of immigrants – Powell was branded a racist even then!It is very simple and that is shariah has no part to play in this society but the government are simple to compliant to the minorities. They may think having other avenues considered in these matters might be some way to intergrate the ever growing population of muslims but take the workers situation into consideration – it has taken a recession for British workers to find out that the jobs are going elsewhere and whilst they only have themselves to blame, they could have done much more to stop it happening – and of course you\’re right, British jobs british workers……..end of story.Phil, we live in a multi racial, multi faith and multi colour society and whilst people accept/tolerate this as a modern way of living, this government and ones before have let down the community by bending to the imports. I always remember and old fellah standing in the town hall staring in disbelief at the direction signs written in several different languages. He was shaking his head and he turned and said to me \’ next they will be making us all muslim\’ That was nearly 20 years ago and he wasn\’t far wrong was he.Anyhoo, must fly. I\’ll stick around spaces for a little while – see how things progressTake careLove to you and yours and good luck with TTPete

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