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Archive for April, 2009

MP’s Wages, Expenses, Special Interests And Why Your Vote Doesn’t Count

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on April 23, 2009

I saw this coming a mile off! Since certain MP’s have been claiming money they had no right to and another MP’s husband got caught with his hands in his pants while watching porn movies at the expense of the tax payer, I’ve been expecting an overhaul of MP’s expenses. Under British law MP’s can claim an allowance for a multitude of things including housing, travel, staff, food and drink, office and IT equipment, pensions and communications (I’m assuming that’s phone bills and net costs). They can claim for all of these in some way as well as having the average MP allowance of £65,000.

As usually happens with a money pot people take more than they’re supposed to. Numerous MP’s have been claiming for things they shouldn’t have. One Minister claimed an allowance for a house he hadn’t lived in for eight years, you can only claim an allowance for a second home when you stay away from your main registered place of residence. One other MP claimed money for staff working for him when he wasn’t even there, the staff member in question worked in Newcastle, miles away from the MP’s main office!

I could go on with examples but I wont. The fact is they are just taking the piss out of the system and taking tax payers money to do it! Which brings me to Prime Minister Brown’s new expenses scheme based on the Brussels-style daily allowance system. He wants to give MP’s £150 for just turning up, £174 for accommodation and £86 for meals on top of their normal wages. The thing is, that on a daily basis these costs work out at £15,000 to £20,000 more than the current system! But I think the PM thinks that because they are not getting perks for paying Council Tax on second homes and buying furnishings etc that the MP’s will dip in to their own earnings? Nope! Aint gonna happen! Also, what’s to stop the MP’s from clocking on, picking up their £150 quid then pissing off to the commons pub or their second jobs? That’s right… nothing!

Of course the leaders of the opposition parties are opposed to this because MP’s can claim more than the current system allows – and that apparently disgusts them. I think it has nothing to do with that and everything to do with looking opposed to the gravy train to win votes. Not just that, in the new scheme Ministers will be forced to declare how much they get paid in their second jobs! Tories would oppose this because they are the ones with the most to hide as regards to second jobs, working on the boards of merchant banks or businesses! That’s the real reason Tory leader David Cameron turned down the new proposal. Lib-Dem leader Nick Cleg opposed it just so someone would pay attention to him and his party, awww bless!

Now, second jobs! Doesn’t it set alarm bells ringing in anyone elses head that Minsters are allowed to have more than one job? Jobs that can conflict with their job as an MP? Members of Parliament are supposed to be elected to represent their constituents, not the numerous special interests of boards they sit on or any other MP’s special interests. The sad fact is they hold special interests because they get paid to from second jobs, they’ll say they don’t but it’s true. Party funding is another influence on any given party’s policy. Unions, Bankers, Private Business, Big business… they all buy their way in, the special interests of the funders are then made priority, thus the electorates will and voice is diluted again. Let’s not forget the back handers some MP’s receive, again they’ll swear they don’t get them but they do, from numerous sources. So that’s why your vote doesn’t count and why Brown isn’t serious about cleaning up the sleaze in Westminster.

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UC Diary: Nuts Are Still Probably A Bad Idea…

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on April 8, 2009

That’s right, yours truly ate Nuts again! These wasn’t peanuts though, they were nuts from a breakfast cereal I been eating for about two weeks! They are Hazelnuts! Now, I know peanuts are a type of pea, but Hazelnuts are a true nut… so I can’t blame that for my recent minor flare-up of UC. But I’ll be cutting them outa my diet anyway just in case they have caused this recent upset.
The recent flare started about two weeks ago, maybe even before, as the UC is only ever around the 90% dormant mark I usually do get some discomfort and a feeling of being ill, so I can’t tell. Anyway, I still don’t know what caused it, I know being stressed out does make the UC worse, I was stressed out badly a few weeks ago over one thing or another. Seven days after that stress I lose some blood for the first time since early January. That’s normal to me, happens now and again, but I started getting increased cramps and now I have that tired ill feeling I get with the UC! So yesterday after an episode of UC I ended up having a long  warm shower, as that’s the only cure to the pain and feeling of wanting to go to the toilet. I think the heat and the sensation of the water helps a lot with relieving the symptoms.
There maybe another cause! I don’t know if I mentioned it before but when I exercised before I have had flare-ups! This year I started to lift weights and go on my treadmill again to lose some weight and improve my cardio. The first three weeks went fine, I didn’t have much pain and went okay, then I stopped… I went to Karate one night and I came back feeling ill, like I was going to vomit. It wasn’t the physical exercise I did there because I do a more vigorous workouts a home! So I gave it a break. The little pain I had went away in a few days, but after this I found it hard to get back in to the right frame of mind to exercise again. I did eventually do it again after a six-week break. I started off low and worked my way up to doing longer and lifting heavier weights, and then I get hit with the UC pain… again! This happened since I got the UC, on and off all the time, sometimes I can exercise for months without a problem, other times I can only manage a few days.
So, I don’t know what’s caused the recent minor flare, the exercise, the stress or maybe even Hazelnuts? Maybe it was a combination of the three? I don’t know, I just know I got to stop exercise and eating hazelnuts, as for not getting stressed?… I really can’t in my situation. It would be nice to hear from anyone with UC and if eating hazelnuts made them ill or if exercise causes a flare-up of UC.

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Reality TV Star Snuffs It!

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on April 1, 2009

Before I even start I just want to say this! I have NO respect for the dead if that particular dead person was a dickhead in real life! Just because a person died doesn’t automaticaly exempt them from being ridiculed. Should I hold my tongue about my feelings for Hitler or Stalin just because they’re dead? Of course not! I’m not compairing this particular reality TV star to Stalin or Hitler, but you get my drift.

A reality TV star in the UK died recently after a short battle with cancer. She was a contestant on the UK reality TV programme ‘Big Brother’ in the mid 2000’s. I can’t remember if she won or not because I never watch the show, but as a result of her being on the show and coming acorss as a completely thick cow lacking any discernable talent or intelligence, she got famous in the UK. Because of this fame and the way the public of the UK recieved her she launced her own perfume, workout video and even her own TV show! People bought the perfume, worked out to her video and watched the TV show. What pissed me off about this was the fact the UK public went out and bought this crap and worshiped this woman! Even the media, who used to slag her off in her hay day, now love her and are saying she’s the “Working class Diana”! There’s plans for a TV film of her life and even a statue of her in her home city! When she died the news channels showed her family, pictures of her and flowers being placed at her mothers home. It was like a national hero or one of the Royal family had died.

So let me lay this out for you, she was famous strictly for being painfully stupid and thick on a TV programme mostly watched by simpletons? One news paper said people liked her because they could see themselves in her! I don’t know about you but if that’s true our nation’s in big trouble! Whenever I saw her on TV or heard about her I had the thoughts “What an embarrasment!!!”, she was like a walking car crash scene, maybe that’s why people watched? Everything about her and her success makes me cringe and dispair at the future of the Country. If people my age and younger worshiped this woman and look up to her what is our future society and even government going to look like? With simpletons like this woman about it’s going to be a complete joke! I never liked what she stood for, she wasn’t a working class girl done good, she was a working class girl done nothing! That’s exactly what she did, NOTHING!

She was in her late twenties and had two children. I feel for the family and the children because their mother has died. However, I do not feel sorry for her dieing the way she did! There’s a simple reason for this, it was her own bone idle laziness that resulted in her dieing of cancer! She went for a check up like all women do, but she never went back to get the results because “I couldn’t be botherd.”. They were her words (apparently according to a news paper I read). She was so thick all modern technology couldn’t save her from dieing prematurely because of her lack of intelligence!! If that little bit of info was wrong then I take everything back in this paragraph.

The fact still remains though that’s she was a simpleton and is revered by segments of the UK population! For what? I still don’t know!

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