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Reality TV Star Snuffs It!

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on April 1, 2009

Before I even start I just want to say this! I have NO respect for the dead if that particular dead person was a dickhead in real life! Just because a person died doesn’t automaticaly exempt them from being ridiculed. Should I hold my tongue about my feelings for Hitler or Stalin just because they’re dead? Of course not! I’m not compairing this particular reality TV star to Stalin or Hitler, but you get my drift.

A reality TV star in the UK died recently after a short battle with cancer. She was a contestant on the UK reality TV programme ‘Big Brother’ in the mid 2000’s. I can’t remember if she won or not because I never watch the show, but as a result of her being on the show and coming acorss as a completely thick cow lacking any discernable talent or intelligence, she got famous in the UK. Because of this fame and the way the public of the UK recieved her she launced her own perfume, workout video and even her own TV show! People bought the perfume, worked out to her video and watched the TV show. What pissed me off about this was the fact the UK public went out and bought this crap and worshiped this woman! Even the media, who used to slag her off in her hay day, now love her and are saying she’s the “Working class Diana”! There’s plans for a TV film of her life and even a statue of her in her home city! When she died the news channels showed her family, pictures of her and flowers being placed at her mothers home. It was like a national hero or one of the Royal family had died.

So let me lay this out for you, she was famous strictly for being painfully stupid and thick on a TV programme mostly watched by simpletons? One news paper said people liked her because they could see themselves in her! I don’t know about you but if that’s true our nation’s in big trouble! Whenever I saw her on TV or heard about her I had the thoughts “What an embarrasment!!!”, she was like a walking car crash scene, maybe that’s why people watched? Everything about her and her success makes me cringe and dispair at the future of the Country. If people my age and younger worshiped this woman and look up to her what is our future society and even government going to look like? With simpletons like this woman about it’s going to be a complete joke! I never liked what she stood for, she wasn’t a working class girl done good, she was a working class girl done nothing! That’s exactly what she did, NOTHING!

She was in her late twenties and had two children. I feel for the family and the children because their mother has died. However, I do not feel sorry for her dieing the way she did! There’s a simple reason for this, it was her own bone idle laziness that resulted in her dieing of cancer! She went for a check up like all women do, but she never went back to get the results because “I couldn’t be botherd.”. They were her words (apparently according to a news paper I read). She was so thick all modern technology couldn’t save her from dieing prematurely because of her lack of intelligence!! If that little bit of info was wrong then I take everything back in this paragraph.

The fact still remains though that’s she was a simpleton and is revered by segments of the UK population! For what? I still don’t know!


6 Responses to “Reality TV Star Snuffs It!”

  1. ✿Livvy said

    Very thoughtful article Phil! Here in the States there are just as many reality TV shows as they\’re in UK. Is this a trend of in public television or what? Most of the people portrayed in these so called reality shows are not "real" at all in my personal opinion. The plot and characters are both under heavy manipulations of the producer and director, the person himself/herself has little control over it. What\’s even worse is the problem you pointed in this entry, i.e. the public idealizes these "stars" and worship them! That\’s the power of mass media, I suppose. The media can create a public hero within 24hrs, no kidding! Recently that lady named Susan Boyle, she\’s everywhere on American TV! Now there are featured stories on whether or not she has ever been kissed?! It\’s that a topic worth discussing? Come on! If that\’s people are watching nowadays, i guess we\’re in big trouble, haha!

  2. The Divine Mrs M said

    ooooi! I watch big Bro! O_ohello phil, i still can\’t figure out this new spaces update, I didn\’t even realise you were still blogging, sorry about that. :sAnyway…Jade? Honestly Phil I think that your are taking it out on the wrong end of the stick-so to speak.Jade wisnae very bright, but f.a.o. HRH (hello…;p) It was Jade\’s Mother who came out with all the racist stuff when Jade entered the house for a 2nd time. Yeah thats how daft Jade really was, Jade had nothing to prove She had already made it, and was milking the papparazzi dry. But because a \’celeb\’s\’ life is such a fragile existance, the media promptly dumped her after the debacle involving Shilpa Shetty. All that was Jade\’s mother\’s doing but oh no Jade got dumped forthwith, and nobody wanted a bar of her again, ill she became terminally ill (!!!)So go figure Phil, Jade was who she was, no very bright we all know that, but the media loved her twice! and why should she have walked away from it? Its whoever turns the wheels of this huge grinding media machine that you really have to wonder about. And sadly threre doesn\’t seem to be any changing of the dumbing down, and glorifying simpletons policy in sight for the near futurethat REALLY is worrying! :(erm….rant over! LMAOHappy Easter Phil, I\’m, away to read another one of your blogs!mags xhttp://masloan.spaces.live.com/

  3. HRH Daf said

    Well I didnt really understand this either. Mate of mine posted something similiar to this on Facebook and got completely slated. People seem to have very quickly forgotten the woman was a racist bully. Then again I didnt really get the Diana thing either… I mean obviously any young mother dying is sad, but being a celeb makes it no sadder than when anyone else does.And if I believed in a God (which I dont) Im definitely goin to hell cos I read the bit about her bringing out a fitness vid and laughed. Parding??? ;O)Hugs Daf xx

  4. Robin said

    nuff said, she was a complete idiot why waste words. As for being a role model god help us just look what she married cant see hanging around long either.Take care Bud.robin

  5. Pete said

    Hey,Working Class Diana – she wished…….I didn\’t think that much of her either.Totally agree mate – if not so elegantly. I wrote a blog myself critisizing the way her PR was claiming she was some kind of hero and inspiration as she fought cancer but as you quite rightly say – she couldn\’t be bothered going to smear appointments and ignored early warning signs of cervical cancer. The only insiration is not what to do eh?I never really did \’get\’ jade and certainly counldn\’t understand how she became so rich and famous after her Big Brother appearance – I mean, hardly a moment to be proud of…..I believe the state funeral is tomorrow and the pictures will be in Hello magazine next week!As for Mr Brand, well I really can\’t add any more – I think the feeling is mutual there. I\’ll try and judge on something or someone we might disagree on – you might come out of your shell a little bit and say exactly what you think!Trust you are well. Seems like a bit of a reunion going on on spaces at the moment -one or two names flashing up that I haven\’t seen for a little while. I got a bit bored with spaces – again – and was about to close down then I got the idea about the Judge thing – the picture was a coincidence……. It takes a few minutes to put together and actually gets something of a response……I actually think that peoplea re so busy with having so many social network sites, that they don\’t really have time to read……Anyhoo, suits me, I am really to busy with work and stuff to do anything more.Take care and keep them comingLove to you and yoursPete

  6. Phil said

    Now don\’t old back, say what you think…Mr E. I see you are in back to business :o)Thanks for the message mate, I must admit, I\’m missing the spaces and sharing my thoughts with those who agree and disagree with me.. I think I\’ll return…soon.Take care of youself mate.The G Man.

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