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UC Diary: Nuts Are Still Probably A Bad Idea…

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on April 8, 2009

That’s right, yours truly ate Nuts again! These wasn’t peanuts though, they were nuts from a breakfast cereal I been eating for about two weeks! They are Hazelnuts! Now, I know peanuts are a type of pea, but Hazelnuts are a true nut… so I can’t blame that for my recent minor flare-up of UC. But I’ll be cutting them outa my diet anyway just in case they have caused this recent upset.
The recent flare started about two weeks ago, maybe even before, as the UC is only ever around the 90% dormant mark I usually do get some discomfort and a feeling of being ill, so I can’t tell. Anyway, I still don’t know what caused it, I know being stressed out does make the UC worse, I was stressed out badly a few weeks ago over one thing or another. Seven days after that stress I lose some blood for the first time since early January. That’s normal to me, happens now and again, but I started getting increased cramps and now I have that tired ill feeling I get with the UC! So yesterday after an episode of UC I ended up having a long  warm shower, as that’s the only cure to the pain and feeling of wanting to go to the toilet. I think the heat and the sensation of the water helps a lot with relieving the symptoms.
There maybe another cause! I don’t know if I mentioned it before but when I exercised before I have had flare-ups! This year I started to lift weights and go on my treadmill again to lose some weight and improve my cardio. The first three weeks went fine, I didn’t have much pain and went okay, then I stopped… I went to Karate one night and I came back feeling ill, like I was going to vomit. It wasn’t the physical exercise I did there because I do a more vigorous workouts a home! So I gave it a break. The little pain I had went away in a few days, but after this I found it hard to get back in to the right frame of mind to exercise again. I did eventually do it again after a six-week break. I started off low and worked my way up to doing longer and lifting heavier weights, and then I get hit with the UC pain… again! This happened since I got the UC, on and off all the time, sometimes I can exercise for months without a problem, other times I can only manage a few days.
So, I don’t know what’s caused the recent minor flare, the exercise, the stress or maybe even Hazelnuts? Maybe it was a combination of the three? I don’t know, I just know I got to stop exercise and eating hazelnuts, as for not getting stressed?… I really can’t in my situation. It would be nice to hear from anyone with UC and if eating hazelnuts made them ill or if exercise causes a flare-up of UC.

9 Responses to “UC Diary: Nuts Are Still Probably A Bad Idea…”

  1. ... Twisted said

    Heya mate :)Well my last year there I hardly turned up so I could say it had gotten the better of me for the large part.mind that wound my year heads up like no one\’s business because I knew I was skiving, they knew I was skivin, but because they couldn\’t catch me in the act (because I was smart and used my local knowledge to spend days in trucker\’s cafe\’s rather than obvious places like Mc\’D\’s and so on) they couldn\’t do much about it.Well I\’ve had a fair share of anxiety attacks, so I\’ve some idea on how bad they affect your days.Just getting anything done is an acheivment in itself if you ask me if you\’re having attacks day in, day out.Mind as far as missing out on school, truth be told I don\’t think you really missed out on much. They don\’t teach you useful life skills like managing finances and so on, and with me anyway, I\’ve two languages I\’ll probably never use again because I don\’t fancy travelling anywhere, much less move away from family in amongst the other junk I cobbled a pass for.Swimming, leaving the problem of kids aside (mind a midweek trip while they\’re supposedly in school wound largely get round this) I find uses all my muscles without having to worry about stressing my back or knees out. Works for Ledley king anyway ( a footballer I read up about because I wanted to know how he can still play with the knee injury he suffers from)Weren\’t most of the plots for Red Dwarf daft? Or did I just have a habit of remembering to tune into the ones that were? Ah well, it gave me a laugh and as you said there was sweet FA else that weekend.Ah well, i\’d better mooch off and get this week started loltake it easy matex X x Twisted x X x

  2. ... Twisted said

    Heya Mate :)Bout time I called round on here for once.Oh more nut troubles, all I know about them is that Rich\’s allergic to Macademia nuts ( they make him violently ill for some reason, he\’s fine with other nuts though)As for exercise though, it sounds to me some forms are agreeing with you and others aren\’t. I suppose trial and error will figure that one out though. What about swimming, come to think of it?I\’ve been figuring out what\’s good for my various aliments when it comes to exercise.Cycling seems to de-stress and un-tense my knees when they\’re bad. Not sure how but it does and i\’ve been building up my arms a little so I\’m using my back and my knees less when getting up and doing things.I don\’t know about you but I very much enjoyed that Red Dwarf special they had on over the weekend.anyway, here\’s hoping you\’re not being overly stressed out mate.take care *hugs*x X x Twisted x X x

  3. The Divine Mrs M said

    Hello Phil,I can\’t eat any kind of nut. or else I bleed-profusely, if i keep eating nuts or nut products unchecked. I just cant eat them, and i have to check every single food label, I have even seen nuts been quoted in cartons of dried milk. But if i manage to avoid nuts I effectively control my UC. peanuts are part of the \’legume\’ family and lentils are part of that group, so i dont eat lentils either. It\’s a pure bind Phil but the outcome is that I am controlling my UC so it is worth it. I recently discovered that \’celery\’ triggers my UC, so celery is now off the menu too.I don\’t know about excercise. its a long time since ive done any tummy scrunches LOL but i don\’t know if it would affect me, but if you find out any more about that would you let me know?I hope you feel better very soon Phil, and watch out for all your easter chocolate because a lot of it contains nuts or \’trace of nut\’this is for you….to say Happy Easterhttp://www.fileden.com/files/2007/4/28/1024442/bunny.jpg it\’s really great seeing your here philmags xhttp://masloan.spaces.live.com/

  4. The G Man said

    I hope you get the right balance to get to a level of fitness, some foodstuffs I was able to eat/drink in the past are now out of bounds for me.I get some severe reactions at times so I have an idea how you must have felt.Hope you all is well now.

  5. Pete said

    Hey,not a big fan of parky myself but there is a lot of truth in what hesays and kudos for him for having the balls to do it when he did.Tony Parsons? I was so incensed that he supported Jade Goody that I emailed him and said I will never buy any of his books again – fucking prick……nobody wanted her to die, they are just appalled for everything she stands for – not difficult to understand is it!Been watching the dwarf. I think series 7 had no laughter track either but I don\’t mind, I have always enjoyed the Grant/Naylor comedy style. I think all your questions will be answered tonight, i think I know what is coming but I wont say it. Good to see it again though. I was in the studio audience for two episodes of red dwarf – 9 nine hours recording for less than an hour of TV, great day though!Take carePete

  6. Prenin said

    Hi Phil! :o)Yes, it was Darrell who took ill – I\’ve put a You Tube link on my blog of Torpedoes and Bullets which is one where he was singing.It was an original work and Darrell HAS HAIR!!!!! LoL!!! :o>The funeral was PACKED!!!There were a third more people outside that couldn\’t get in which shows just how popular he was!I had four of the folks who I knew round me, most of my friends and neighbours (ex-neighbour and good friend Mark too) were there as were the Folk groups, Roy Costigan played us in and played us out on his guitar – he has a great voice – and everyone had a damned good time!After Simon had greeted everyone that wanted to talk to him I gave him a bag with Darrell\’s box of 3.5" disks, the DVD\’s I\’d made for them and Darrell\’s spare keys.I had them in case Darrell needed me, but the call never came…Next stop was the \’Cotton Tree\’ pub where I bought Mark and Charles a drink, got a kiss and hug off Donna (Darrell\’s daughter-in-law), had a double JD and headed home, Mark keeping me company outside until the taxi arrived and took me home.The driver was new, but he\’d taken us from the crematorium to the pub so I knew him by sight.Now I\’m waiting for the guys to get in touch with their addresses so I can send them copies of the DVD\’s I made of the last gig Darrell played.I\’m good at what I do… :o>As for why things are so quiet – I agree wholeheartedly!!!I\’ve seen what the parents were like 20 years ago, but the local kids aren\’t a problem.In both cases where there\’s been trouble families, they were moved to the estate after being evicted from their previous homes and we had all Hell to put up with until ASBO\’s and Behaviour Contracts were applied.Yes, I agree – and I remember Thompson and Venables all too well – what they did to Jamie Bulger was beyond anything remotely human – they should never have been released…The only other thing I might consider as a source of your UC is maybe a pesticide link, but with everything happening over Monsanto GM crops and Roundup at the moment it\’s only a suggestion.Could it be a triggered immune response do you think?It wouldn\’t need much to trigger it – peanut oil in the manufacturing process of the cereal for instance – it may even be an analogue protein, but that\’s best guess.Yep the Squirrel is being sold as a delicacy – amazing hmmm? :oPTake care mate and I hope you get better soon!!! :o)God Bless!Prenin.

  7. Pete said

    HeyMaybe it was a little stress or anxiety that prompted the flare up but if you have been told to lay off the nuts, you should. Hope you are feeling better anyway.I\’ve always had a bit of a soft spot for the lohan – as the last bit of my blog implies – but only because curvy red heads tend to do it for me. But yep, a product of the pushy parent society in the good ol\’ US. Truthfully it\’s probably all she knows and hinks that is the way life works. I read somewhere she is flat broke but no studio will hire her because she is something of a diva – she has had offers for porn though – that would be interesting. Hey……despite the serious exterior of social commentry, I am still a man!!Have a good easter – not that you will be celebrating the death and subsequent rising of a carpenters son in Jeruselum 2000 years ago – but there are 3 brand new Red Dwarf\’s to watch!!!Love to you and yoursPete

  8. Prenin said

    Hi dude! :o)I\’m glad to see you\’re still with us even if the Ulcerative Colitis is still making you suffer so much my friend.It may not be the nuts themselves that are causing the irritation – nuts are a pretty uncomfortable thing in themselves when you take a dump (The phrase \’Rat tail file\’ has been used in the past!) so it could be the sore areas of your bowel getting irritated physically by the roughage, but I\’m no doctor!!!It is also possible that the cereal was being produced in a part of the factory where peanuts were also being processed, but that\’s just a guess!!!Squirrel is being sold in the UK as a delicacy, but the disclaimer on the package warns: \’May contain traces of nuts\’.Says it all really!!!! LoL!!! :o)Be well my friend and God Bless!!!Prenin.

  9. penny said

    Hiya stranger. Sorry to hear about the recent flare up. If I were you, I would give up eating any kind of nut, just to be safe. Take care, Pen.

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