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Sponsor A Banker!

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on May 3, 2009


Bankers like Sir. Fred Goodwin (Pictured) have been devastated since the financial system nearly collapsed in late 2008! Through no fault of their own they have lost their jobs and all credibility.

This happened because the UK deregulated their financial system in 1998 and the US did the same in 1999. The bankers were free to do as they please. This was akin to putting a morbidly obese fat man with no self-control in charge of a cake factory! Before we knew it the Bankers were doing what Bankers do best in a deregulated system and started taking excessive risks and giving loans and mortgages out left right and centre to people who couldn’t afford to pay it back, in order to make fast, short-term profits.

Of course it wasn’t the bankers, fault, it’s not like they LOBBIED and BRIBED the Governments to deregulate the system so they could make more money fast instead of growing their profits slowly! They couldn’t help being greedy bastards, they’re bankers after all!

It’s the Governments fault for deregulating the system and the people’s fault for asking the bankers for money they couldn’t afford to pay back. What were the bankers supposed to do when confronted with this? They’re just good-hearted people who couldn’t turn them away!

So, have a heart and sport Sir. Fred and his mates a fiver when you can! Thank you!


10 Responses to “Sponsor A Banker!”

  1. The G Man said

    Hey Mr E.Those bankers are at it again, have you heard…lol!Thanks, as always, for the visit and comments.In answer to your question, I think, the background image is the thing I would change on your space.Your space loads quick especially when I use the Fox as I have security enhancements which blocks the additional things like music, I have to switch them on/allow them so I have a happier time around WLS now.That\’s it really, I have seen some funky colour schemes around (some not very easy on the eye) but yours is fine.The background images (if too strong) can cause the Blogs to be harder to read, using a more gentle \’faded\’ image helps.We have to catch up on messenger soon.Have a good week mate.

  2. HRH Daf said

    Hey hey! So your not sleeping very well are you??? Could that be a guilty concience then? Cos your aware these wbankers are still suffering in their rather posh houses, and barely enough money to put caviare on the table, and those fivers just arent rolling in fast enough despite your desperate campaigning.Tell you what Ill take on this roll for you, heavy mantle though it is and raise lots of cash for them. Although obviously I reckon they cant handle money so Ill have to give em it like pocket money and only after Ive made sure theyve cleaned their rooms and put all the dirty mugs in the sink. Hope you sleep better in this knowledge!Hugs Daf xxx

  3. Pete said

    HeyYou are more than welcome to sit it out mate – I was just astonished how gullible people have become and somehow think reality shows are actually real!!There is a MP expense blog on the way but I am just waiting for the full extent of all these revelations – I am sure there is more to come – before I cast my beady eye upon the whole matter. The Judge persona will be going soon, it was a bit of fun but has failed to fire my imagination, never mind anyone else\’s.I have been going through a few things recently so writing has not been a priority although I have been toying with the idea of a sitcom. Me and a friend wrote some notes for an idea for one a couple of years ago and I might look at it again – I have a few ideas for a TV drama too….I\’ll be getting back to work on it soon.Please send me your work, i really would enjoy reading it and seeing of I can help in anyway – I wioll look forward to that.Have to go – very busy at work, hence the lack of activity with anything at the momentyTake carePete

  4. Prenin said

    Hi dude! :o)Yep: The whole mess is down to Bankers offering nonexistent goods which they set the price for, then when the shit hit the fan a huge chunk of their assets were just paper and totally worthless!!!We have a word for that.Fraud.As for the computer games – I was a big fan of Unreal Tournament for many years and still have it on my other PC, though I haven\’t played in five years – too busy in real life!!! :o)My fave game at the moment is Motor Storm – Pacific Rift on the Playstation3.Once you get past the huge price of the PS3 – I got it on sale as a bundle for £319 and change – it really is a fantastic machine, but stressful to play because it\’s a little TOO real!!!One day we\’ll plug ourselves into the machines – and Game Addiction will become a recognised illness!!! :o>I agree about the Swine flu – at the moment the risk of a fatal dose is 1.4% per 1,000 infections and everyone who has died did so because of an underlying medical condition, or pneumonia which is a bacterial infection.These days medicine can handle such pandemics, but the way that the media have hyped this up is amazing – after all, this is not Ebola we\’re talking about!!!China has been one of the big three since the 1950\’s, but technologically speaking they relied a lot on stolen technology which they reverse engineered.Today they are developing faster than at any time since the 1970\’s and their technology is rapidly catching up with the Americans because their industrial base and economy can now support a high-tech weapons industry.Unfortunately their economy is reliant on the West buying their goods, so the collapse of the World economy is hitting them very hard!!!Sadly they lack anything approaching a welfare system, so the workers are literally starving due to a loss of income!!!Always good to end on a bright note hmmm???You get well soon my friend – and God Bless!!!Prenin.

  5. ... Twisted said

    Heya Mate :)Sure, I\’ll spend a fiver on that twat…on petrol and matches that is…He was the sod who was given a multi million pound pension to resign wasn\’t he?It\’s just a shame the Government doesn\’t have the balls to play the banks at their own game. i.e reposess them, seize their assets, and pick them up by the ankles and shake them so all the loose change falls out onto the floor. That\’s what the banks do to the average Joe when they fall behind with their loan payments isn\’t it?Gah, I\’ve been trying to avoid the news lately, we\’ve got the continuing fallout from this, the Government\’s expenditures becoming a rather bloody affair being played out, and all the doom sayers reckoning we\’ll be dead by next tuesday from Swine flu. And unless I\’m mistaken we\’ve got the EU elections coming up.Needless to say I\’m tempted to look up the particulars of the Gunpowder plot and tweak the original plan. i.e do it without getting caught and burned.I was looking at Windows 7, all that stopped me dowloading it was the fact 9 months down the road I\’d either have to limp back to Vista or shell out a bomb for the full version of 7 when it\’s released. But yeah, I fnd it hilarious, they\’ve cocked up with Vista so bad they\’re looking on building on XP with this.Well I sit down in the living room, just me, the PC and my music, knwing there\’s a list of things I want done in the day, yet I continually find myelf being sidetracked by things and before I know it I\’ve wasted half hour looking up some curiosity on the net and still not got anything productive done.lol short tempered doesn\’t do me justice, I\’m terrible. I\’m always shouting and swearing down here, usually at my PC when it\’s not playing ball, like yesterday, when trying to upload something, and failed 5 times because the net kept cutting out.As for the Trek film, I\’m not going to say anything till you\’ve gone and seen it. I don\’twant to ruin it for you in any way mate.Right, I\’m off to start on todays adgenda.Take it easy mate and lok after yourself, giz a yell when you\’ve seen the film ;)x X x Twisted x X x

  6. The G Man said

    LOL!Well I for one will not be sponsoring any Banker…Thanks for passing by and leaving your comments…I know I can count you in for the honest feedback.I think, it\’s the Government, media (especially advertising) and the Banks to blaim as well as those who were sucked in to believing they needed "more".Like you said if individuals know they can\’t pay something back why borrow it in the first place? And if Banks know that they could have trouble getting it back why lend it?I keep getting told that there is good debt and bad debt, all I see is the fall-out of greed and materialism.Nice Blog mr E. short and sweet….lol!Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  7. HRH Daf said

    Well I would have sent him a fiver, but I cant cos sadly noone will let me borrow it anymore….Hope your well at the moment!Hugs Daf xxx

  8. Robin said

    Hi bud I was not sure were you were going with this then I read where you blamed the government again. How many times have we heard that business knows best, but when given the tools they make a right mess of it. The Tories would have you believe Nationalisation is not the answer and dually set about dismantling rail,coal, shipbuilding, steel. Now in private hands and in the main all in in a mess. We need to go back to full blooded nationalised industries that are essential to this countries needs including all the banks. I don\’t think private business or government knows best but there must be someone out there who does.I would not put my hand in my pocket for this poor destitute banker he has put many on the streets, it would be nice to think him going through life struggling

  9. Prenin said

    My £5 cheque is in the post – drawn on an Icelandic Bank Account naturally…. ;o>Nice one Phil – and so bloody true!!!!!Prenin.

  10. penny said


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