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Expenses are only the tip of the Iceberg! YOU have the powers to bring CHANGE!

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on May 20, 2009

The Speaker of the House of Common-Criminals thank you Ian Hislop for that name!) will step down in June after a vote of no confidence from the same MPs that he were fiddling their expenses and wanted him to protect the expenses system and keep it out of the public eye so they could carry on milking it for all it’s worth. I find it amazing and laughable MPs can call for the Speaker of the House Michael Martin, to step down for daring to slap down numerous MPs for attacking the system. The same MP’s that fiddled it. The source(s) that leaked the details in the first place did so not because they were morally opposed to it like they may make out, but because they saw the writing on the wall or some advantage in doing so, and wanted to be seen as acting in our democracy’s best interests, as did the MPs later on. Since the freedom of information act was made law in 2004 this was bound to happen, so wanting to be placated from the future mess, or to capitalise on it, someone leaked details and MPs took advantage of it. The pure arrogance of the Speaker and most MPs in their ‘old boy clubs’ of yesteryear that think it’s some kind of right in the British Parliamentary democracy, I use the word “Democracy” very loosely, to legally and illegally milk the system is astonishing!

What was more astonishing was that all MPs were condemning what a rotten system in was, so rotten in fact that most had to take part in it before it was all exposed. My own local MP Hazel Blears was so appalled by her behaviour when she avoided paying capital gains tax when she sold her second home by ‘flipping’ her places of residence that she paid back £16,000. Oh well that makes it alright then doesn’t? If you did that wouldn’t you be done for fraud? You would also lose your job? Yet PM Brown says what she did was unacceptable and yet she still retains her job, while two other lower MPs have been suspended and another forced to step down. It’s the same with other MPs in the opposition Tory party, some MPs are more valuable than others because they’re in the shadow/opposition cabinet. I just find it amazing these MPs can call a vote of no confidence in a speaker when no one in the country has an iota of faith in any of the MPs. 

I also noticed a curious amount of MP’s and members of the Lords waiting to be interviewed by numerous TV news channels outside of Parliament to say that we need change in the system and it’s essential to the health of our democracy. As I said before this was just a political tactic to distance themselves from the situation and make them look like they’re against the old system. The fact is they were all at it to some degree, some more than others and people keep telling me; “They’re not all the same, don’t tar them with the same brush!” Well I say and ask you this, if the freedom of information act hadn’t been made law would these MPs that now currently call for change be still calling for it? The answer is no because they couldn’t score political points by exposing it and they’d most likely lose their jobs by doing so. So their sense of what’s right and moral was overridden by keeping their jobs and further shows how far up the chain of command this “old boys club” went. For those MPs that haven’t committed the worse expenses fraud, I think it was only a matter of time, if the system hadn’t been opened up then all MPs would have continued milking the system and the public purse for all it was worth.

I’ve been saying for years the British Parliamentary system is bent from top to bottom and people kept telling me it’s not and that they are not all in it to gain, well this proves they are, even the ones that haven’t claimed for much are still implicated in it because they knew what was going on and never really attempted to do anything.

You know what pisses me off the most? The fact we’re at the point of such pinnacle change and the idiots in Westminster will not change much at all! They will fix the expenses system and that’s about it, expenses are just the tip of the iceberg, what about the way parties are funded? Unions, private donations, big business donations, Bankers donations etc, all these people and organisations expect a favour or two back for their kind donations and so dictate policy to a degree. So when these other outside sources influence policy and have their interests represented before that of voters it’s a two tire democracy, those with money and influence get their’s before the winder population get their’s. People actually accept this as part of politics, it shouldn’t be accepted or tolerated! It undermines democracy itself by giving people with money and business preference, I know business and the economy is important but not to the point where the government just bends to their will like in 1998 when Labour deregulated the financial system which let bankers take excessive risks with people’s money and lead to the economy being on its knees! As a result of that millions are out of jobs and small businesses are going under, that has damaged the nation and the peoples’ lives, yet it is still accepted as part and parcel of politics. The big fact is business and bankers get preference and You don’t.

We also have the highly politicised civil service which will pretty much kibosh anything it deems not right for their right-wing upper class Tory agenda. I’m talking about the permanent secretaries, the ones that stay regardless of which party wins office. I’m not saying they completely stop everything they don’t like but they can bog it down and slow its approach in to law. These people are another influence on policy in the UK.

MPs’ second jobs. I personally think MPs should have one job and one job alone, and that’s an MP representing their constituents. They shouldn’t have another two jobs or more as well as being an MP! This is another avenue of influence over policy, MP’s are supposed to declare their interests in second jobs so they don’t enter in to a debate and votes where they could be biased. I think many MPs don’t declare their interests and even if they did they call still push/influence other MPs to vote a certain way.

So as you can see, the MPs’ expenses pale in comparison to the true rotten pillars in our house of democracy. What the government and most MPs are hoping to do is change the expenses system and hope you will accept that as “radical” change and also hope you don’t notice the other rotten pillars in the House. They’re also hoping no one is going to print the corporate and banking donations they got and that no one connects the policy to the organisations donations. I really do hope they do, so the shit wont just hit the fan but it’ll break it and send shit flying all around the room so they’ll have no choice but to radically change the whole system and not one minor fragment of it.

What I’d like to see done is this:

(1) I want party donations to all parties stopped! That way we remove the influence from that source, if the heads of them businesses, unions and banks want to be represented then they better get out and vote like everyone else. Instead of using vast amounts of money from people who donate it to bombard the electorate with billboards, tour busses, PR and spin; there would just be a booklet campaign (which would be paid for by government for all parties), TV debates on major issues and policy and a extended version of party political broadcasts instead of the 5 to 10 minute slots we currently have. A lot of politicians wont like the 5 to 10 minute Party Political Broadcasts changed because it wont fit the 5 to 10 min attention span of the average voter, well that’s just tough, if they don’t get it without you throwing buzzwords, sound bites and slogans at them then they don’t deserve to vote. By funding the party this way and limiting the canvasing to TV and booklets we save on cost and cut out the business and other influences. Fewer people may not vote, but they’re stupid people who need someone or something to tell them to go and vote anyway, it’ll be a loss for most parties, but that’s the price to pay for a better system. All TV and radio work will be done by the BBC because they’re a publicly funded org anyway.

(2) Remove the politicised civil service and replace with an unbiased one that is monitored by an independent body and re-elected along with the government every 5 years. Also no more permanent secretaries.

(3) MPs having any other job besides that of an MP is to be banned. Also, no ex-leaders of businesses to be allowed to stand as an MP, become a member of the judiciary or the Bank of England.

(4) Government should only have anything to do with the financial system when it’s to make sure banks are not taking excessive risks, paying unfair interest rates on customers and or damage the economy. Furthermore there should be law that forbids the deregulation of the system under any circumstances.

(5) All bankers and politicians should be held directly accountable for what they do in government or as leaders in the financial sector or businesses. If they have found to have lost peoples’ money and jobs through negligence they are striped of any earnings made while in office, be it bank or politics, and banned from entering politics or any level of a business or banking ever again. Politicians and leaders of business and banks pay should be connected with their progress in their jobs, if they’re found to be lacking or not delivering what they said they would at the time of their election or appointment at the end of their term – or because of a vote of no confidence by the people – then they are removed.

I think that would do for a start. There are other areas that need work, but that should pretty much get the ball rolling. I know a lot of people are going to think that politicians/bankers/business leaders can’t work under that pressure. Well I think with the prospect of losing their lively hoods and chances of getting their money taken off them would make them do their hardest to not fuck up or be corrupt. Why should they be exempt from the reality of losing their job and lively hood like the rest of the population is? This is why they don’t do their hardest to change things and keep things in order, because they’re not really bothered if they fuck up or not, because they have a pension and future job doing something else. So basically their future is secured, I want to take that security away and make them do what they’re meant to do instead of doing it half-arsed like they usually do because there’s no repercussions if they don’t.

I know a lot of you reading this are thinking that this can’t be achieved? Well it can! You are more powerful than you think, without any riots or voting you have the MPs shitting themselves, scarred shitless and willing to change the system! You just have to keep pushing them and keep the public anger and outrage going so they change everything from top to bottom and not leave X, Y and Z unchanged because you all got bored and apathetic again. You are the key to stop voting being a mere formality for politicians and the businessmen men that back them and actually make your vote matter instead of it being an illusion of control.


6 Responses to “Expenses are only the tip of the Iceberg! YOU have the powers to bring CHANGE!”

  1. HRH Daf said

    Yes I have the power to change things.. with my miiiiiind. And move them actually. I recently discovered I have the powers of telekinesis. Have a few beers, wake up in the morning and nothings where I remember leaving it (sometimes including myself). Spooky eh?Apathetic?? The great British public. I find that very difficult to believe and would debate it heartily but I cant be bothered ;O)Have a great bank holiday weekend!Hugs Daf xx

  2. Prenin said

    Yep: Couldn\’t agree with you more – this hasn\’t happened all of a sudden, it\’s a creeping poison that only now they\’re admitting to because the newspapers got hold of the proof!!!The Speaker was just a scapegoat thrown to the baying proletariat so the rest of that stinking mess of \’dishonourable members\’ could shift the blame!If you or I fiddled our benefits and got caught then we would be expected to pay it back and do jail time for our hanus crime, but MP\’s???"It WAS within the rules" seems to be the excuse most often used by shifty characters who were clearly milking the system for all it was worth.One labour MP (I forget who, though I\’d vote for him!) only claimed for a B&W TV licence while a Conservative put in claim of over £1,500 for a floating home for his ducks!!!And they want us to vote THEM into power next election???The whole rotten mess needs cleaning out and a fresh start made, because right now it is NOT fit for purpose and we have far too many who should never stand for office ever again…God Bless my friend and be well!!!Prenin.

  3. Prenin said

    I think I have found another allergy you have my friend – Politicians irritate the sh*t out of both of us!!! ROFL!!!After seeing how local politics works I wasn\’t surprised when it became obvious just how many MP\’s were milking the system and the two Lords who were found guilty of peddling influence just adds petrol to the fire!!!One thought though: In many countries corrupt Politicians would just be laughing as they direct as much of their Nations wealth into overseas accounts as they can lay their hands on – here the Politicians are sh*tting bricks over expenses claims that would see us common folk jailed for theft and fraud.Our system isn\’t perfect, but we WILL see changes for the better – and maybe a few clean handed MP\’s in Parliament for a change.THAT my friend is what makes US better than an awful lot of THEM…God Bless my friend and be well!!!Prenin.

  4. penny said

    Hiya Philip. Your post has provided much food for thought, as has Robins comments. It was an interesting read. I hope your health is alright and you are no longer experimenting with nuts. Get those stress levels down and I hope your week is going well, Pen.

  5. Philip said

    Thank for reminding us about the way to pay for the party funding for the ellection campiagns I\’ll reply to you soon, mate! 🙂

  6. Robin said

    There is an area in the blog that needs some work on(what I would like to see done) First political parties have to have funding to exist, you rightly point out how it is funded to date. Take that away that and, you have to replace it and the only other alternative is direct funding from the state this in it\’s self opens up a can of worms example the state funding BNP and other extreme groups, so how would you fund it? and how would you allocate funds, on an even value or size of each membership of the parties, how would you qualify that value The real reason for having permanent secretaries is continuity of government. Whitehall has many massive departments to run you just can\’t replace heads like what you envisage true it is an old boy network and the need for reform is obvious but new governments do need guidance. I cant see anything that could replace it. Don\’t forget secretary of state come and go all the time, the wheels of government need a big engine to to make it move.There is nothing wrong in MP\’s having experience of industry and finance and law indeed it is beneficial to the working of parliament. The act of bringing a bill into law requires knowledge and research it not not for the man in the street stuff, experience brings many rewards.I will end by saying the current incumbents have milk the system but i would hate to see many a hard working MP lose his job as a result of others, we may well see a far different parliament after the election whether it will be better remains to be seen Cheers bud have a good day

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