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Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on May 24, 2009

I’ve noticed the MPs’ expenses story is slipping back and forth between the number one and number two slot on the news! It was three some time on Friday or Saturday! Don’t get distracted by the new current news stories like the Gurkha victory to stay in the UK or the Queen’s cars and parts of a building been opened up to be viewed for undercover reporters for cash. Forget the celebs, especially those two talentless tits who recently spit up! Listen to this and remember why you were all so pissed off:

Can you believe the arrogance? This just further proves how far removed from reality our politicians are. He thinks he did nothing wrong? Tory MP Anthony Steen claimed over £87,000 for his home and garden over four years! The man has been an MP for 34 years and a barrister before that, and he couldn’t afford the up-keep of his house and land out of his own pocket? Just imagine how much he’s claimed for during his 34 years as an MP!? Seriously, THINK ABOUT THAT FOR A SECOND! This man and other MPs like him really can’t see what they’ve done wrong, the only thing they’re sorry for is getting caught, in fact Anthony Steen seemed to be more pissed at the fact the Labour Government brought in the Freedom of Information act that lead to him being caught in the first place. And he asks what it has to do with YOU, the PUBLIC, who pay for his garden while he already has a pretty flush bank account? PEOPLE!!! We should be pulling this bastard and others like him out in the street and hangin’ the bastards! People are losing their homes and business because they can’t afford rent, Council tax and all the rest, while this man and many like him use your Tax to live a comfortable life??? And a man, I may add, who is ALREADY wealthy?

Don’t EVER forget what they’ve done! Don’t let the new news stories distract your attention away from what they’ve done and what YOU want done to the WHOLE rotten system! Just keep your eyes open and watch out for very sensational stories emerging that will try to distract you what what’s happened. They’re hoping you’ll do what you usually do, and that’s get all distracted by other TV news stories, move on to TV programmes and get bored and forget what they did. And when someone mentions the MPs expenses scandal a few months later or when you remember it for yourself you’ll see how sod all or not enough has been done because of lack of attention from the electorate! When you see this you’ll get all apathetic again and think; “What’s the point?” That’s when they’ve won! Don’t get bored and don’t get distracted!

We have a chance to actually make our system work and bring it in to the 21st century, and all you need to do is pay attention, not get bored and BOLLOCK your local MP when they have a Surgery. Just keep the public anger going by stirring it in Tescos when you shop or when you go out for the evening. Just do it till we have the system we deserve and the MPs work for us and not for themselves and their big business mates. And remember, A early General election will NOT fix the rotten system, it will just change the government and confirm a vote of little or no confidence in pretty much all MPs. That WONT bring any change, it’s most likely to just bring a hung Parliament about. And that wont help anyone.



  1. Pete said

    Phil,OK, you got me – I am little bored today. The new job is fine and keeps me busy but I have just done 9 days straight, I am off for the next 5, I just want to finish and go home.I decided to write short, sweet, to the point blogs rather than the rambling pieces of social commentary I have attempted to write in the past. I get the feeling they weren\’t always read properly or the points often missed. Not much danger of me being sacked when I spend a few minutes of my time on spaces during my breaks – and others in the office permenantly on Facebook. The last couple of blogs – and more to follow – have been written in advance and put in draft for now and those I do in my own time, of course.I bored of spaces a little while ago but I still ejoy writing blogs. It is merely a case of not investing too much time into it.Mozza will always be a hypocrite in my mind, especially when he appeared on Jonathan Ross as a guest last year!I saw a picture of the gaga woman the other day trying to \’shock\’ Seen it all before and as for her music, not something I would go out my way to buy. The line was merely a reference to a newspaper headline which implied there was some significance or importance to the announcement – must admit she does look at bit on butch side.My next \’blogette\’ does refer to the elections and the BNP – I put that up on ThursdayTake care and enjoy the sunshine – like I said, I am off for the next few days, watch it rain.Pete

  2. Pete said

    Of course none of them will canvas in Salford. Some people might just give them an idea of what this country is really like and show them just how badly they have failed the people of this country.It\’s a bit of a difficult choice now – do we vote for racists facists or do we continue keeping greedy thieves in power?? Something to think about and write about no doubt…..Take carePete

  3. Pete said

    Phil,To be honest I never watched any of the shows either – you know what I think about reality TV……As for me being responsible for causing the recession – it is not quite a ridiculous statement it may sound. Obviously not me personally but the smoking ban in general has had long reaching effects on the economy – probably far greater than imagined. It is a factor as to why pubs are closing – a factor, not the sole reason some numpties claim – so loss of revenue from alcohol duty, taxes from staff and sales, lowering demand for supplies – you see where i am going with this?Mozza is a bit of a sell out because of his views on fame and fortune, yet he hardly lives in poverty out in LA. I was a big fan of the smiths – talk of a re-union, watch this space – but couldn\’t \’get\’ Morrisey without Marr.I would like to enjoy the weather but I am sat in my office – at bloody work!!Never mind, two more days then off for a few………Take carePete

  4. HRH Daf said

    Youve brainwashed me you have! There was something on the news about this the other day and my mate went \’Im sick of hearing about this\’ and I went \’well dont be til they bloody do something about it\’… Thats your influence that is. Dammit I didnt realize I was so maleable!! ;O)Hope your having a great weekend!Hugs Daf xxx

  5. The Divine Mrs M said

    my dearest philip <grin>awww how are you chook? ive been hidin innit cos ive still not been to the docs yet <sheephish grin>I met a friend today and as we were speaking her mum was in a nearby hospital gettin the wotsits, the camera probe done, and i was inwardly thinking "that should be me getting that done"anyhooooo (changes subject quickly)Ive been catching up on your blogs. On my \’to do list\’ (apart from seeing the doc) is to visit another kind of surgery…my local m.p. Yes that is one rally call of yours that I have heard. Its collective apathy from the people that has got our country in this sorry mess. We should be bugging our local parliament representives sooo much, that they would be spitting feathers by end of their shifts. But I don\’t think we do that, well not enough of us do it. So I am planning on visiting my M.P. in the near future. wish me luck hahaha.HERE? if our M.P.\’S are banned from doin 2 jobs then my porgy, (G.G.) would have to give up his radio slot wouldnt he? 😦 There\’s One M.P. who wasn\’t caught up in the expenses scandle.The only thing I don\’t think youve addressed in the past 2 blogs, is what we should all do come the next general election? should we vote? I still don\’t think its a good idea to Not vote. i know who i think i\’m gonna go for in the end…but i take your point…the system is flawed from the top down and the bottom back up again…. what are we to do-re: polling day that is?Anyway Phil, I hope that you and all your loved ones are well….t.c. pal :)mags xhttp://masloan.spaces.live.com/

  6. Pete said

    Hey,It\’s probably a number of things. How people were brought up, where they live, apathy…..Well I don\’t want to be one of them – one day I might find my manners rewarding.Just a thought. Did you see the sad lot who gathered outside Salford lads club the other day to commemorate Morrisey\’s birthday? He\’s a miserable sell out and has been. But then again when they get to 50, aren\’t they all?Take care and get out in the sunshine…….I\’ve got an excuse, i am at work!Take carePete

  7. Pete said

    HeyTo be honest with you mate, the apathy I now feel towards the MP expenses scandal even bothers me. I cannot bring myself to even be annoyed about it. Why? Because there is absolutely no surprise about anything. Each and every day over the last couple of weeks more and more revelations about what our elected representatives do with our cash and most disgustingly of all – most of it is acceptable in the rules they set up for themselves. Even now, sitting writing words like disgusting, appalling, disgraceful – I cannot even nudge my pulse up a beat, I am simply so indifferent to learn about the scandal because there was never any doubt that these bastards are robbing us for every penny they can get their hands on. I daresay next will be local government and the expenses rip off of the councillors. Democracy at work. My Arse!I feel very deflated because I know the labour party are on their way out – and rightly so – but a Tory government? please no…………Anthony Steen says all we need to know about the Tories. Now where is that BNP pamphlet again?What Gord is planning to do to punish the offenders is not nearly enough. Any MP who has illegitimately claimed one penny of expenses should be kicked out of office and replaced by an upstanding citizen who actually lives in the consituancy.Funnily enough i was watching David Icke – remember him – on a DVD yesterday talking about the Vibration theory – for example, play an identical note on three violins, the next one will vibrate in key. An analogy of government, they do it because everyone else does……….I am off for a lie downTake carePete

  8. HRH Daf said

    Well Im in complete agreement with the arrogant tit. How very dare we think we have a right to know what hes spending the tax payers money on? Us mere mortals cant possibley understand that he\’s not corrupt at all and obviously it is blatant jealousy, specially on my part as I have always aspired to have a house that looked like Balmoral (but not really, just on that photo??? I mean that part wtf? Even when he was under fire he couldnt stop himself bragging).The one thing I would say is…. all that money, personally id have spent a wee bit of it on elocution lessons, cos he really reminded me caesar in this…. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FdaIZSeoRBg&feature=fvst ;O)Have a good oneHugs Daf xx

  9. penny said

    Well said, Phil! I was really shocked by the blatant arrogance of that *****M.P. Anthony Steen. I shall heed your words, my friend, Pen.

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