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Archive for June, 2009

Pro-Democracy Groups Deny Free Speech And Pelt BNP Leader With Eggs

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on June 10, 2009

Though it’s nice to see a Nazi like Nick Griffin get egged purely for the fun of it and look on his face, I think it’s wrong for the group that egged him, ‘Unite Against Fascism’, to do that and stop him from having his right to free speech, even if he secretly wants to do away with it. Just because Unite Against Fascism doesn’t like what he says doesn’t mean they have to right to stop him from saying it full stop, I mean, where do we live?… Nazi Germany? Of course not, but who do you think is in charge of UAF? It aint just left-wingers like usual (though it is mostly left-wing), it’s right wingers too! In fact the whole organisation was helped to form by Unions, other anti-Nazi organisations, Muslim council of Great Britain and the three major political parties to stop the BNP’s rise up the political ladder.

The Chairman of UAF is ex-London Mayor Ken Livingston, there’s also numerous other political figures from other parties and Anti-Nazi orgs. The people in and followers of these anti-Nazi organisations would have you believe they support free speech and democracy, though the evidence you see is to the contrary. They would argue that Mr. Griffin of the BNP would only spout rubbish, propaganda and he doesn’t really support free speech anyway so they pelted him with eggs and shouted him down with anti-Nazi/fascist chants. Right, so to defend Democracy and free speech the UAF and other anti-Nazi groups are going to be un-democratic and limit the free speech of a man because they don’t agree with what he says? How is that any different to what the Nazi’s and other fascist groups have done? The answer is it isn’t.

You’ve probably seen these left-winger Groups like the Anti-Nazi League and others protest in your town centres, they carry banners with all sorts of political causes on them, mostly left though, and some even idolise the likes of Joseph Stalin and carry posters of him on marches! I don’t have any problem with protesting against the BNP and people like them, but stopping their free speech? Who do these people think they are? I have no doubt they’d shout me down and deny me my right to free speech, even though I’m in no way right-wing or a Nazi/Fascist. These mostly left-wing mobs will shout down what you say and cast you as a Fascist or Nazi if you don’t agree with them! I know Nazi groups are even worse for it, but these people are left-wing, they’re supposed to be the ‘good guys’ and support free speech.

The fact is its people like these that have led to the culture of living in fear of opening your mouth and having a opinion on anything that concerns a person who aint white or a situation where minorities are involved, in case you’re deemed a racist. They’ve even kiboshed Christmas in places in the UK, in case it ‘offends’ some immigrants/minorities who aint Christians but at the same time they tell us to celebrate minorities religious days and culture while dismissing our own! I’m not a fan of the Christian religion or our old British culture because I think some of it is nonsense, but if people want to celebrate it then they should have the right to do so! If you want to put a flag up on St. Georges day then do it, if you want to celebrate a historical event like Bonfire Night and other things then do it without feeling you’ve offending someone, because you’re not! The only people you’re offending are these left-wing ass holes who still cling to their multicultural dream land where everyone lives in peace.

Have you noticed how the BNP’s and you’re right to free speech has been curtailed but the rights of extremist Muslims hasn’t? How many left-wing groups do you see at a Mosque where these extremists worship and hold meetings? How many left-wing anti-Nazi/Fascist groups confront these extremists when they publicly hold meetings and call for the deaths of all non-Muslims? Where were they when moderate Muslims threatened to storm the House Of Lords for showing and debating a Dutch politician’s movie that was anti-Islam? They were at home or in University discussing what a great multicultural society we live in! Did I get it wrong or are extreme Muslims worse than the BNP? Let’s see, the extremest Muslims want all non-Muslims to convert or be killed, want our Democracy replaced with a Muslim Theocracy (ruled by Islamic law), wants women to have little or no rights to anything, no free speech and wants wicked, stone age punishments brought in to force! The left-wing gob shites are nowhere to be seen because they’re shit-bag ass holes with an ideological blind spot that doesn’t allow them to see or question the actions of non-white Fascists, Nationalists or Racists! They’d probably make some excuse like: ‘But they don’t feel they fit in, we have to help them’ Of course they don’t fit in, they want to erase everything you stand for!

I can’t help but think that if these Muslims were white the anti-Nazi/Fascist groups would jump all over them for even saying anything remotely fascist. I can’t also help but think that if the BNP threatened to storm the House Of Lords (like moderate Muslims threatened to do) because there was a film about them being shown, these left-wing gob shite, shit bag, Uni student, age-old hippy bastards would fly there while coming in their pants on the way and expect a fight. I’d also like to know what all the left-wing protectors of freedom are doing about Sharia Courts operating in the UK? Oh wait I’ll just guess. Fuck all!

So all you left-wing Anti-Nazi/Fascist groups, if you’re going to protest and deny Nick Griffin and other BNP members their right to free speech, then make sure you get down to your local extremest Mosque and do the same to them!

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Don’t Vote BNP To Punish The Three Major Parties, Unless You’re A Nazi

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on June 2, 2009

With the MPs’ expenses scandal still going on the anger at the three major parties is still very much intense! Rightly so too! They deserve a good hiding and many deserve to lose their jobs for what they did! However, not much change in the system has occurred since the whole situation broke out, the reason for that is because the three major parties are saving the change as their trump card after the local elections or closer to a General election. You see, even with a situation like this one they still take the piss and use it as a tactic to win votes! They don’t take you or the situation seriously! Now they know the problem isn’t going to go away they’ll draw the situation out as long as they can so they can then apply a new coat of paint to rotten system, which is NOT what we want or deserve! We want the whole frame-work taken away and a new one put it place, not just a lick of paint! So when the changes are made I’ll blog about them and tell you if it’s REAL change or just MPs’ version of real change.

Now, with the three major parties biting each others asses like a pack of feral dogs fighting for a scrap of food (your vote, heart and mind), most people are looking else where for change and honesty. Everyone keeps on harping on about th British National Party. Now, they DO have some good policy, I think a lot of people agree on that! That policy is shutting our borders because of excessive immigration, getting rid of political correctness and putting British people on the waiting list for housing etc (please note no British born Black, east Asian or other White Europeans will be on the waiting list for a house or anything else!). They harp on about British Culture being lost and want to bring it back? As I’ve discussed before the old idea of British culture was media and upper class invention of a way of life and national stereotype that never fully existed. So don’t be drawn in by that. The only thing the British National Party have is that! They have NOTHING else, because the rest of their policy evolves only helping the white people who were born here. They say “help”, it’ll be help at the expense of others, anyone who aint white, straight and a Christian will lose their jobs, even British born east Asians, African and mixed race people. How will they do this? They will demonise the population of the country who aint white and British and get you on-side and supporting what they do! Of course, all the above would only happen IF they got a significant majority in Parliament, which isn’t likely because pretty much the rest of the country has rejected them, so they’re heading for the North West to try to squeeze out a seat or two.

So let me spell this out for you, the British National Party are NAZIS, pure and simple, the only reason they have “NATIONAL” in the title is because National Socialism (Nazism) is a banned political party/ideology in the UK! The whole leadership is made up, or comes from, extreme right-wing organisations like the National Front and Neo-Nazi groups, if you don’t believe me then google: “History of the BNP” If you don’t trust that source then look it in to it yourself. They’re Nazis parading as patriotic, freedom loving civilised people, they are not civilised, they claim they are but in reality the atrocities they’d commit would be just as bad as in WW2 when the Nazis butchered anyone that didn’t fit their political or ethnic mould! To do what the BNP wants to do they would have to breach the rights of numerous English people who were born here and even people who have a white english ancestor. Not a lot of freedom for them people is there? Also, the fact the BNP has some idiot black and asian people working for them doesn’t mean a damn thing! It’s a publicity campaign, they’re trying to make themselves look like they aint Nazis or racists, but in fact they would sack and deport those minorities that work for them in a heartbeat if they ever got full power. How these black and asian people support them beggars belief, maybe they’re paid to or they’re that stupid they believe they’d be able to stay and live comfortably here? The BNP says they’ll pay minorities to return home to their countries or their acnestors’ country of origin. Do they really think they’ll go back to some hell hole in Africa, India or South East Asia??? Why would they want to live in a third or second world country?… when they have a first world one right here? They haven’t even thought this through, or have they? If minorities wouldn’t go home by means of a cash incentive, how would the BNP get them to move? I think you all know the answer to that.

Ultimately the BNP would do nothing good for the country, in fact they’d most likely cripple it! Though some of their policies look good the fact is they’re just doing what every political party does and that is pick the issues that are relevant at the present time and says they’ll d something about it. If you remember the BNP back in the early 90s they were against Blacks and Jews, that’s been dropped now because most Blacks and Jews have mostly integrated in to our society! So they pick a new target which is currently Muslims and numerous new immigrants and touts them as bringers of terrorism, diseases and destroyers of our way of life because they refuse to integrate. Though failure to integrate in to our society is a very serious problem, I don’t think the BNP will solve it with cash incentives to move on and the restoration of a tired sham British culture that never really existed. They’ll make the problem worse, because what we need is debate and rationality about the place in British society for Islam and many other foreign cultures/systems that clash with our own. And the British Nazi Party is not know for its debating and being rational, their ultimate aim is a Britain that is white through and through and Government that is fascist in nature. The fascist says it all really, it’s counter pretty much everything they make themselves out to be! They’re Nazi hypocrites.

So if you want to punish the three major parties, then vote for the Green Party or UKIP, don’t give the BNP any credibility, because that’s what they would likely get. They would want to be seen to be doing right, so that’s what they’d do so more people would vote for them. By the time they get in full power, they’d change their ways like true National Socialists do and then you’d never get them out again, unless you shed lost of blood!

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